Getting Started with WEKA

From any workstation, open a secure shell to grendel:

chiron[1]% ssh grendel

From here, weka is found in /usr/local/weka. You merely have to type "weka" to begin your session:

grendel[1]% weka

A java window will pop up, called the Weka GUI Chooser. From there, select the Simple CLI (a command line version), Explorer or Experimenter (java GUI based versions).

Weka can also be run from any PC that has SSH and X-window clients (such as TeraTerm and X-Win32). Ensure that TeraTerm has X Forwarding on by checking the box in setup -> SSH Forwarding.

To close any window in Weka, press Alt-Q. You should maximize the size of the GUI window to get the best effects of the software's visualization.

Examples and Documentation

Sample data sets can be found on grendel in


There is an excellent tutorial in PDF format on how to use weka. It can be found at


The weka homepage provides great documentation, including tips and tricks, GUI, CLI, and more:


There should not be any problems in getting the window to pop up on your workstation by using SSH. If it is not working, you may need to use an xhost command (see the man pages), or the display might be incorrectly set.

grendel[1]% xhost +
grendel[1]% setenv DISPLAY $workstation:0

where $workstation = castor, pollux, etc.


grendel[1]% setenv DISPLAY castor:0

If problems persist, contact the system administrator by sending mail to