David Gerhard QTVR Panoramas

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Quicktime VR Tours

Cottage tour - Gerhard Cottage tour, Sioux Narrows, Ontario (9 nodes, 8.7 MB)

Cubic Panoramas

See more of my work at my World Wide Panorama website

ellisboro ellisboro - Ellisboro in the seasons: Fall, Winter (Spring and Summer to apper)
quappellesummer quappellesummer - Sun exposed versus sun behind a cloud. Qu'appelle valley near Ellisboro
equinox sunrise equinox sunrise - Prairie sunrise and Wolseley sunset
- My office as an ant on the table
Church Const 2 church priming - Sunset United Church Construction
Prairie riverRogers Coquahalla - Driving to the Rocky Mountains
Before After - Challenging Bodies performance in the Shubox Theater, before and after