Web Resources for CS 833

Columbia Network Bibliography
This link provides access to a queryable bibliography of about 29,000 papers related to performance evaluation, computer networks, computer supported cooperative work, network security, digital signal processing, and operating systems in general. It used to be at AT&T and it is now at Columbia University.

Some Locally Available Papers This link provides access to the file os.bib in the handouts directory. It lists many papers available in the Math. reference room. The entries are in standard bibtex format. If you include a reference to this bibliography in your latex file, you do not have to retype these entries.

Darrell Long's bibliography, obtained in 1993 This link provides access to a much larger bibliography file. The entries are in the older refer format.

Bibliography on Mach, obtained in 1993 This bibliography shows detailed information on Mach papers.

How to use CARL, the Colorado archive of research literature This link provides access to an on-line search facility, which allows you to look up (and then optionally order and pay for) research papers on-line. It is fairly slow but some students have succeeded in using it.

List of relevant journals A file that lists relevant research journals for the course. Journals available in our library are indicated.

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