Augmented Reality Technology for People Living

with Dementia and their Care Partners


Matthew A. Hamilton, Anthony Beug, Howard J. Hamilton, Wil J. Norton

Department of Computer Science

University of Regina




We designed and implemented an Augmented Reality system, called the My Daily Routine (MDR) system, to demonstrate technology that may aid people living with dementia and their care partners. Although people with dementia are often dependent on their care partners in their daily lives, their independence may be enhanced using Augmented Reality. The MDR system consists of a website and a HoloLens Augmented Reality (AR) application. The care partner can display and customize reminder content using the website.


When wearing a Microsoft HoloLens AR device running MDR, a person with dementia will be able to receive personalized reminders in the form of text, images, videos, displayed three dimensional models, voice messages, or music. Customization controls the choice of reminders and their timing; for example, reminders can be issued when an object is detected, at a certain time, or when a command is voiced. MDR can also display the names of common objects and navigation instructions. Through use of the HoloLens' powerful spatial mapping capabilities and Microsoft's experimental World Locking Tools, the indoor navigation system in MDR is accurate and easy to set up.




This paper was presented at the Fifth International Conference on Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulations, Melbourne, Australia, March 20-22, 2021.