“One Look is Worth a Thousand Words”

So said a famous Japanese philosopher, and he was right — nearly everyone likes to “read” pictures.

“Buttersweet is Good to Eat” is a very short phrase but it will sell more goods if presented, with an appetizing picture of the product, to many people morning, noon and night, every day in the year than a thousand word advertisement placed before the same number of people only a limited number of times during the year.

Good advertising for a trade marked product is nothing more nor less than the delivery of favorable impressions for it, and it does not make any difference whether they are delivered through newspaper, magazine or street car advertising.

No man or woman ever picks up a newspaper or magazine or enters a street car wondering what Heinz, Postum, Campbell, or Cream of Wheat is offering — all the national advertiser can hope for is that his advertisement will be bumped into accidentally.

It is simply the preponderance of favorable impressions for a meritorious product that reminds the consumer to buy it again and again.

We deliver many millions of advertising impressions every day. The cars on our list carry more than 10,000,000,000 passengers a year.

F. R. Barnard
National Advertising Manager
Central Office: Borland Building, Chicago
Home Office: Candler Building, New York
Wester Office: Monadnock Building, San Francisco

1921 advertisement