A User-Driven Interface for Exploring Visualizations (2007)


  • SPIE Proceedings, Visualization and Data Analysis 2007


  • Daryl H. Hepting
  • Paul Schmiedge


There is presently a variety of methods by which to create visualizations, and many of these require a great deal of manual intervention. Even with those methods by which it is easy to create a single visual representation, understanding the range of possible visual representations and exploring amongst them is difficult. We present a generalized interface, called cogito, that permits the user to control exploration of the visualization output of various manual tools, all without the requirement to modify the original tool. Programming within the cogito API is required to connect to each tool, but it is not onerous. We consider that the exploratory experience or activity is valuable, and that it is possible to easily create this experience for standard tools that do not normally permit exploration. We illustrate this approach with several examples from different kinds of manual interfaces and discuss the requirements of each.


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