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    • hear you.
    • better now.
    • Yes.
    • Oh. So let's do our attendance first human issues. Okay. After some setbacks and got my checklist and i've turned on the audio didn't work, but I turned it on. The thought is I guess i'll see them doing a little bit better if my checklist that share screen yes. Thank you. So I have. If you had submitted a blog entry before. edition of the fourth thing that line or. Anyway, so I reverted them to draft So if you would like to make changes, you can. and If you forget to hit submit again. don't do it afterwards. Because. We can see your draft submissions. So if you say today's afterwards do oh I forgot to submit it and click submit those can be marked two days late. So. Okay, so that makes sense. Can everybody see their copy the comments for their project proposal, yes, so it's your final thought you don't have to do anything. that's right.
    • We can resubmit.
    • yeah I was just gonna. I was going to take a picture of this and then right there on the next board. let's go through it right away. Those two things right now. Okay, so I should. Do this like that are ready. Go worse. The selected. submission to draft status. OK. So this should do it for everybody. still working. change anything here, but if I can i'll make a note here. sure that makes. Okay, so there we have. The updated. course webpage So if you have any problems. Let me know but should be clear they're. sort of talking about human interfaces so. How he mean is this interface. Would you say. Any concerns you have about it, watching me interact with it.
    • it's relatively straightforward.
    • yeah so. don Norman said, the two biggest two most important things in designer. discover ability and understanding. So things are are. fairly well fairly easy to discover. It may not behave as well as just as i'd like and it may be hard to find out, I can confirm my understanding of what the different controls will do. But. it's all there. The issue that I have is maybe. There are things that the interface could do. Like when i'm setting dates. If I have, if I have available from and until if I said. The first date. For today and I don't want to have the due date is yesterday. You know so maybe the second date could start after the first one. Things like that. So there's. That. interaction. between schools. This. keystroke level model is a way to. get a. analyze the interface in terms of how long it will take to perform tasks. Thanks. Thanks for sharing that I. was in the habit of sharing it once for Class if required. Sentences so everything gets. i'm. Time so keystroke eating a key is a certain amount of time. Moving between the keyboard and the mouse certain amount of time playing the mouse a certain amount of time. and mental effort to decide what to do as a certain amount of time as well. So fastest things to do in the interface or. Using the keyboard. So whenever you're switching to the keyboard and a mouse currently that's really adding a lot of time. So what I want to say people. consider that. alright. Things. that's accessible for people who do things infrequently so they don't have to remember commands and. You don't have to remember the the more efficient ways to use the keyboard to complete different tasks. So it can provide a low barrier of entry. But then I. can also think about the. it's the ceiling. not have a low ceiling. So that means that, as people get more familiar, they can do things more quickly and efficiently. Is computer professionals, that we have to consider say i'm designing software that. is really considered the making things easy or efficient. or satisfying for the user.
    • it's.
    • My choice, the software works. I don't need to worry about the bells and whistles it's hard for me to write 300 people use. That argument before. it's a badge of honor to install. This version of Linux or something else right. is enough to say that. I wrote the code for the. does everything it's was asked to do. I don't need to be concerned about healthy how well, people are satisfied with the interface.
    • You like by making it accessible, I think that adheres people from wanting to use it and that there's someone else for to kind of the same program but it's easier to use.
    • yeah, so I think the idea of. usability is the question of accessibility. So if we say we provide this capability and software, but it's very hard to to use effectively than our, is it really being provided. Not in a practical sense so as computer professionals need to take the responsibility to. So we're acknowledging we understand the impact that our software. Has on society and so. We need to. Think about people being able to. access. functionality in a meaningful way. there's a comment in the chat I see. So pressing tab doesn't make a tab character. It doesn't. Think on windows it's. done something other than in depth. So i'm not sure. If it's just. it's everything on windows are. If that's a particularly you, our courses problem or whether it's the larger issue of how the tab key works and for text input. And know if you have other experience with that. Okay. So.
    • Would it be possible for you to shift the camera towards your life right because, like we can see the. Sure last part of the second.
    • Much better.
    • So do you think so, do you think the. website is an example of that interface design. So. Any thoughts about that in your experience so. we're talking about the website assignment. So i'm not asking you to. Do this kind of analysis for keystrokes and long it takes to do different things. In the assignment but. Just to look at the content and see whether you can find. If the content, the content available on the website is thing Earth is valuable to you, and you can access it in a way that that makes sense to you. So my concern with the old website. Is that it's not responsive design. And it isn't. that's that's a big thing. yeah yeah it's a website was not as intuitive as needed information was much less than it is now so any new student going to do, return at see would have to go through. different options for us to find out what he is what he wants her to actually see what programs artists, the university offering. As affected, right now, where there is a clear option of programs where you can go select the field, you want. So that's. So, in case. it's not see in the. So I was the whiteboard looking at the back of the room so okay or not so much. Okay.
    • Okay.
    • So as a web page and feel comfortable about how the access to information you watch, so if it would have the homepage can I find the programs or study, can I find the contact information that I want to use. So I suspect that there are many parts of the web page of the University of the giant that. haven't gone through a careful consideration. What information do you want to what what integration to students or do people visiting the website want to find. And how can we organize it so that people can discover what's the integration that we have available for them. Not a single Grad studies, but I was trying to find some information about some of the rules that they have for. for students and. it's. it's not it's not necessarily very easy to find. it's like they have. You know, maybe it's people, some people might consider it a feature instead of a bug that. Some information is not. not easy to locate. sort of like that it's a badge of honor if you find out information or how to apply for an award so. let's say you want to make an application or something. or make a change or. Do something together find the right person so part of. The test is for you to find the right person to get in touch with. So we were talking about the coven 19 data for saskatchewan so. i'm in the process of suggesting, I made a pull request on the repository. to update the data all share the link with ocean sure, along with the two that was kind of waiting to see how. It was going to be accepted or not. So in the meeting, so I found. Data from the from the public health agency of Canada. which is close to the data that I. know is I had an iPhone mistake on what's on the date and the data that is on the john is on the github repository for the sketch from so i'm hoping to. Look favorably upon my suggestions. it's not. So. In our case it's. Providing. Sorry zoom people. So in the in the case of. You know, say, we have the repository on github but then, if it's not clear how to make how to submit changes. it's not other things aren't very clear. That it's up to the user. To piece things together. And so. Dedicated people who are going to make her going to take that on. that's, not that this they understand that. requirement. But it doesn't. doesn't necessarily. encourage people to look at the data. there's a there's an encourage people to become familiar with it and understand how it's set up. So it's not necessarily providing meaningful access to the. data. But at the same time you're not going to be at the point of. Getting do start out without doing everything correctly or in the best possible way. So there's a process, maybe. know so. If we continue the. Free make something available that's a good thing, but we can always keep in mind how to make it more accessible. How we how we can provide a better interface. And so, that means. clarifying structure. and processes and so on, so we understand the tasks that people want to complete. So what I find in your courses, for example, is. Going back to your courses. Setting up groups. that's an interface I don't want to pull well because I could show you the interface. To. So here all the groups. That are set up. In class. I want to change it. Already. Then, save those changes. Then, if I want to add remove users. there's too many users to list here. It says. Let me add myself. workers. So I said, well, I really didn't add hunter all right on that border myself in this. I have to scroll down to get to the point where I can see the buttons. So i'm also trying to click on these names here right that doesn't do anything. Until I. get to the screen with Adam abusers. example. Long example I apologize for that. This home screen of the new website. Because other places let's see. So science doesn't anything what future students. This future students mentioned there that needs to be a big thing that they come to the webpage. As their information about. To.
    • Be.
    • So you want to be a student of view of our How does that. How do you get there. anyway. So we're out of time for today. So any questions or concerns.
    • Okay, so Sir for the website assessment, you are asking us to comment on this website or, like the previous website of the university.
    • Well i'm really talking about. computer science web page. Is that clear.
    • Yes, sir.
    • To this, but i'm not asking and focus on. The University of Regina web page we just want you to focus on the new computer science web page and it's not brand new but it's within the last couple of years. Anyway, I resolved to not get stuck on Tuesday so i'll be here and where to go and play very. So we'll have a. Good meeting. We had a bad meeting today but. Anyway, thank you very much for coming and sticking around. Waiting for me to arrive and have a great weekend and we'll see you Tuesday. And i'll be around if you need. Thanks take care, everyone.
    • So you'll still be available at your office hour to the right. yeah okay Thank you, Sir, see you bye bye.
    • I wanted to ask you if it is if you're the. meeting for tomorrow around three or four do sure never be doing to send an email or because I cannot make it into the opposite ours, because I have either classes are work at both the time so i'm just so nervous.

    Zoom Chat Transcript

    • can you hear me?
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    • better?
    • are you talking?
    • we can hear you now
    • great!
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    • Blog entry submissions received have been reverted to draft (so you can make changes)
    • I don't believe mine has been reverted to a draft, it's not showing anywhere I can edit my submission.
    • It is fine to leave it as a draft, but if you hit submit after the due date it will appear to be late
    • Dr. Hepting is going to check if the blog entry submissions have been reverted
    • For the project proposal, if you would like to improve your grade based on feedback received, you have until March 14 at 11:59pm
    • The submissions should be reverted now, please check
    • Works for me!
    • code for attendance?
    • c58hld
    • Dr. Hepting is currently discussing whether the UR Courses interface is humane, from an instructor’s point of view
    • can you move the camera a bit right?
    • The time to switch between keyboard and mouse is significant. This is something to consider when building an interface
    • Are human interfaces an ethical requirement?
    • I noticed that the text box on UR Courses that are used in larger text inputs are horrible when writing code, as pressing tab will cause the page to scroll to the bottom instead of making an indent
    • do you think old is an example of bad interface design?
    • it’s not looking good in mobile device
    • yes very possible, there's certain ways to organize information that suits how the human brain works and looks first
    • Would someone be able to send attendance, it seems I missed it. Thanks!
    • attendance code: c58hld
    • c58hld
    • Thankyou
    • Student password


    The most important thing that I encountered:

    • the most important thing that I learned about interface is that an interface that's not humane does not provide meaningful access to the functionality of the software
    • The most important things that I learned in the lecture today are what make an interface humane, such as how long does it take to switch between keyboard and mouse when interacting with the interface, how much clicking is required when navigating the interface etc.
    • Humaine interfaces are useful to help bring usability to the program
    • Urcourses is designed poorly
    • Today We have discuss about the trusted source. Wikipedia is not trusted source because it can easily edit. It is good platform if you want a start to learn a topic. Mostly people are looking for good answer for their question rather than going for deep information.
    • Today we learned a lot about analyzing websites and how humane they are. We learned that because of some people's setups, changing between mouse and keyboard can take a lot of time so we should try to minimize this. We learned that websites should be discoverable and intuitive. Displays should work in a variety of settings (phones, computers, etc).
    • I learned how user unfriendly urcourses can be for professors
    • Today we talked about Designing Efficient Human Interfaces. Easy Interaction and proper development are the key factors when it comes to designing User-Friendly Websites/ Programs especially when it comes to reducing interaction time between keyboard and Mouse. Example: University of Regina UR Courses
    • A interface that is not humane does not provide meaningful access to the functionality of software. The time to switch between keyboard and mouse is significant. This is something to consider when building an interface.
    • Our discussion about how humane interfaces are an ethical requirement helped me immensely. I learned a key thing about how usability is based on the accessibility. As a humane interface, it does not provide meaningful access to the software's functionality. Hence, computer professionals should take charge of society's access functionality in a more meaningful way.
    • Blog entry
    • OMS is a specialized human information processor model for human-computer interaction observation that describes a user's cognitive structure on four components.
    • Today's class was informative in terms of our website assessment as the professor gave more information on it. Detailed discussion about the humanness of the UR courses computer science department website was done. Professor discussed various aspects of the website which would argue its humanness.
    • The most important thing I learned is that it is very important to have a humane interface. I had never thought about it in the way that if the functionality of an interface is bad that it is similar to not even having access to the information.
    • In today's class, We talked about our blog entry assignment and previous assignment also, we discussed whether the ur course was well organized or human-friendly. I think the ur course is still easy to use.
    • I learned that it is possible rate the visual comfortness of a webpage
    • The time it takes for each action on a website (time moving between keyboard and mouse, time clicking and selecting something, and time to think about how to approach a task) all affect the user's experience. By minimizing this time, the user will be able to use the website more efficiently. It takes a lot of investigating to improve the flow of a website and reorganizing each link and where to find them.
    • The most important thing I've learned today is that an interface that is not humane does not provide meaningful access to the functionality of the software. I would like to learn more about inferface and how it works in the computing world
    • I learnt more about humane interfaces, particularly how one measures a well-designed one. Information should be accessible for the user, and so it should be intuitive. Otherwise, a service that is difficult to use can’t be considered a service at all. Computing professionals should
    • Providing a software capability is not good enough if it is not easily accessible. It is important to understand the impact software has on society and we need to think about people being able to access functionality in a meaningful way. Also I would be interested in knowing more about some of the ways/strategies through which the capabilities provided by a software can be made easily accessible.
    • Today I have learned about GOMS ( Goals Operation Method Selection), it is a human performance and we can use it to improve human & computer interaction efficient. It is based on research phase with end users and used to eliminate developing unnecessary actions, so its time and cost saving. we discussed about UOR website as an example as the interface is not much humane and requires lots of clicks and scrolling from the users.
    • human design in computer science and its implications
    • As professionals, it's our duty to ensure UI functionalities are well thought out and are perfectly humane
    • Learning the importance of making software's easily accessible to the society because it is the responsibility of computer professionals. Making a website means that one is responsible for making the information on the website clear to its users rather than making them put one and two together before it makes sense. This sort of information is good and helps computer professionals to make good work habits and and keep in mind the importance of their roles.
    • We had a discussion about the time to switch between keyboard and mouse is significant. And also discussed about the human interfaces an ethical requirements.
    • In todays lecture we discussed about the submission of Project proposal and Blog entry. Professor also discussed about the new University website, he discussed if the website is Humane or not. He also added that the time to switch between mouse and keyboard is significant, from that he concluded that when you are building a website one has to keep this things in mind and should try to make a simple but impressive website which user feel ease to access and navigate. That's the important thing I learned.
    • The importance of good web designing. It is the responsibility of the web designer to make sure that the website they are designing is accessible and has a good interface. Websites can get confusing to use if they are not designed properly. The interface of websites should be humane.
    • We discussed the importance of a website being humane, and it is developer's duty to make website as humane as possible. Dr Daryl considered our current university website, and discussed the humanness of the website from a instructor's point of view. Our current university website is better than the former ones.
    • In today's lecture I got to know about different interfaces about University of Regina's Page as well as interfaces faces by professor of our university.
    • Interface is very important to users. A bad interface can be somewhat unethical. As computer scientists, we should consider every aspect of designing a good interface, including accessibility and usability to maintain a pure product. After all, computer science is for serving society and creating values
    • The user-friendliness of the interface of the UR course was discussed. As professionals, it is our responsibility to consider the functionality of the interface. The interface needs to be manipulated by us
    • The time to switch between keyboard and mouse is significant. This is something to consider when building an interface.
    • Today, the class begun late like some ten to fifteen minutes. Actually it’s better as we need more time to get fresh early in the morning. The most important thing that we learnt today was discussions on the upcoming website assessment and related topics.
    • A web developer should strive to design their site in a way that minimizes the number of times a user has to switch from keyboard to mouse and vise versa.
    • Today class started with attendance and after that he told us about re submission of project proposal, that it has to submitted before 14 march. After that there was a discussion on the topic “Are human interfaces an ethical requirement”.
    • a good design would have a good balancing on keyboard and mouse input
    • the most important thing that i learned is time to switch between keyboard and mouse can be significant and something to be consider while building an interface
    • That a humane interface is one that provides meaningful access to the functionality of the software. It makes a lot of sense as to why this would be important. It's hard to imagine it mattering if your program does what it's supposed to if no one can use it!
    • i think because of the pyton, the website can know what we most view or search , and show the information we want to us, i think it is good for the user, it make users quick to find the information we want. IF the website can show all the information, it will take much longer time to find the infomration
    • Humanized design is a human-centered design, the humanized design of cell phone APP interface needs to conform to all aspects of human habits, operating habits, psychological thinking and even human structure. In general, it is to make users use it conveniently, use it comfortably, make people like it and look comfortable.

    The most difficult thing for me to understand:

    • Why more clicks is such a bad thing. For example, if everything were clearly labelled in many categories, I'd rather have something like that instead of where there's a lot going on on a single page where I might be able to get less clicks. I feel like there's a tradeoff of efficiency versus organized.
    • It would be better if professor would take time to explain about the topic.
    • Everything
    • In class, the question was brought up if user interfaces are ethical and I am having a tough time understanding when a GUI would be unethical.

    The thing about which I would most like to know more:

    • That the interface of the school website is not perfect even with having experts in the university, I would like to know how they come up with the design of the urcourses and why it's still like such when many professors struggle with it.
    • Is there an objectively better or ideal way to lay out information in a website, or is it subjective?
    • I find the studies Professor Hepting was talking about in which people save and waste time while completing tasks while working on a computer. I would love to know more about that.
    • Today's class was very important I learned a lot but m little bit confused about the format of blog entry.
    • I would like to know more about the GOMS (Goals, Operators, Methods, Selection) model which is useful in real world design situations. This technique provides a four-step solution towards building a humane interface. First, the interface designer needs to establish what goals to achieve the final product. Then operator is an action performed to accomplish the goal. Methods are the steps following an operator to reach the end. Selection rules are needed when there is more than one way to reach the end goal.
    • I would like to know more about what makes a website or interface humane. The examples in class with UR courses was very interesting and I had never considered it before
    • Can too much accesibility in human interfaces be a weakness? There is what can be considered a standard when it comes to accesibility when it comes to interfaces. There needs to be some useability otherwise how would a person wouldn't use a website? Many websites implement ways to accomidate certain disabilities such as color blindness. Too much accesibility might take time away from new features to accomidate everyone. Do websites need to be acessible to everyone and if not what is aceptible accesibility?
    • Why hasn't the university updated their self-service website? It seems very outdated and I always have troubles finding information.
    • controlling the spread of misinformation
    • For the one we talked about in class, "is it possible to look at a webpage and feel comfortable about how to access the information you want?". What i do to make sure a webpage is safe is at the top there will a padlock logo to make sure it safe, a triangle if it is a suspicious website. Other than that, I'm not too sure what are the sign th
    • Today we discussed about whether the UR Courses interface is humane, from an instructor’s point of view ~Is it interface humane? -Dots for clicking -GOMS (Goals Operator, Methods, Selection) Keys ~analytical approach to evaluating an interface ~models the time to execute/complete tasks -Time to switch between keyboard + mouse can be significant. Something to consider building an interface. -Are human interfaces an ethical requirement?
    • I would like to know more about the instructor point of view about urcourses or our university website
    • I want to know and learn more about humane interfaces as this is an important topic to go through and interesting things can be learned from it
    • I would like to know more about webpage and human interfaces and how we can make them more humane to work with while keeping them functional.
    • I find the user interface design aspect of today's meeting pretty interesting.
    • I would like to know more about the GOMS.


    Link to the UR Courses wiki page for this meeting