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          Zoom Audio Transcript

          • All right, for the camera new and zoom.
          • Yes, sir.
          • testing. Maybe I don't need to add on for this size. person, but anyway. Here we go. So, generally, I, like my my macbook air very much but. It gave me a lot of problems over the weekend. So I went I finally upgraded. To Monterey. MAC os 12 point. Point three so latest version. So, usually i'm skeptical. upgrade before information services tells me that the still build print and so forth, but. I just. needed to do something for my computer and that seems to be helping a bit. Although it's not quite as doesn't seem to be working just as soon as i'd like it yet. Anyway, so that put me behind on. The blood critique promises that I made on Thursday. That was we'll talk about that briefly here. Today I think i've got audio sharing screen. turn on the projector. Anything missing. class. Okay, so this should be a sample for teeth. that's Another thing I noticed after upgrading Microsoft word which I don't like. So my favorite, but it will do. It will print will make a PDF copy from the. Word document, so I had to. Take a screenshot. that's why it's such a poor resolution but gets you the ideas there. So as soon as two parts evaluating according to the rubric for a blog entry so there's four criteria there. And then. Okay, for a critique this is sort of an outline. You can add some more detail but that's the general form of what i'm. Looking for for critique so. Tell me how tell us or explain. evaluate the blog entry, according to the rubric for blog entries and then top of. What was written.
          • inside.Like to do attendance.
          • thanks for the reminder said in the chat. Okay, thanks. Okay, so. So some of you may have. interpreted the layout of the blog entries in the class blog. and come to a different result and I can't because. This to me they weren't necessarily clearly in chronological order. But, so I left and I. find your order for. 43 blog entries that were in the past blog. So. If you if you didn't share your blog entry with the class blog. one. If you have like we don't have. A blog that you looked at already. picked one from this list. And in communication with somebody else trying to think differently from the other people in class. And if your name is on the list. But I am Australian before was going from if you're in. First position. And you look at the person in the second position here at the end is less than 43rd entry then you're lucky, the first one. If you haven't already. Take to a blog entry look at. That make sense. So early. we're not sharing people's work we don't want to have the work shared. It still gives you the opportunity to critique. To look at other examples and. Okay, so that's what's on there and I set the due date for. A week from Monday, a week from yesterday. So let's look further mission behind that. Okay, so here's our attendance. question the chat saying our law marks, based on the critique. Now this 16 marks for the blog or not based on the key to receive. And then fats. it's not so much about giving feedback to the author as getting experience. Thinking about. ideas. critiquing someone else's work. yeah. works to. So. let's see comments from our seal so i'll try and address that. Or else we'll start the conversation on that. And then. A little bit later. So the. assignment. is to think about. How well the website supports you in. answering questions you might have. So, as the content valuable if you think of the questions you'd like to answer. you've got you think you should be able to answer from a web page. Can you do that, or is there something missing. sense. So for the final. there's a question in the chat asked me if you could provide a sample for the assessment. Okay, oh. That line. So before. The end of the Semester mentioned that it did look at the form of the feedback that was provided. And I think he can all see the answers now. Because it's closed.
          • here.yeah.
          • See you can see all the responses. So 59 so let's ask the people in class bye. The comments. are reasonable. There are some things which. are not easy for me to do and so Those are the things that. are less easy to do for me. So I keep. Working on them. So I know we spend a lot of time talking about assignments. we're also engaging in some useful discussions as well. So if you have any thoughts about that. i'll do this again at the end of the Semester. So they're also the the falcon of science student experience warm you'll receive an email about that. At some point. So keep an eye out for that. So i'm thinking. question. i'm not sure exactly is how to manage.
          • The.
          • situation. If we have. The people who are registered in 01 F section. Section. Come to class and write. The quiz far. Sir. People here on paper. People come here also do it on your courses. So they're just a few technical issues that I have to. Get sorted out. And then i'm gonna be all right sal next class no. So there were two parts, so you'd have 24 hours or some length of time to do yesterday. And then there are also be a portion. Of the black Sir. Name design contest. that's a good point. Learning model iphones a tiny screen, or maybe a flip phone or something like that. If we're going to do it that way, would it make more sense to let people read. Well, so i'm just wondering if I can. If I can let people right online from home for the whole thing. I just want to make sure that i'm not breaking any rules. Right now okay so there's lots of work. Think we're pretty good. impression that there are rules. there's a lot of rules that don't get that for weird reasons. Okay well. So i'm always interested in having sounds that are fair assessment of our. progress during the Semester. So. Be maybe get everybody. got sides, they can see the board that i'm writing on that's being jacketed zoom. anyway. So that is so i'm just going to figure out some of these details about between the face to face sections of the requirements for those. and So you have questions for justin question questions. With answers that you like to propose for the exam. I would happily accept those. If you don't submit questions and answers i'm not going to have an exam. So that's not a way out. But. My idea is to get to involve you in. The discussion about what makes a fair assessment of your larynx. Okay. Where would those be submitted. We can do the. Question and fine. This. Online con dash close very close friends. This is that still makes. People understood oh it's not it's not Nice. At all crafted to the launch. Then. These. People who put. This. This was not a serious article that.
          • said.
          • The people who did this had some issues. So this will be the preferred form.
          • Extra space.
          • Okay. yeah. Any questions or concerns. Come all things. News here Center. The prank videos. protections against. videos that are things that are not to pick reality in a certain way that's not real. How can we. Can we decide. with lots of things going on around us. there. Are. sources of which are hard to identify. How do we. maintain our footing in reality. So, again with this cookies announcement. i'll try yet, so let me review my settings before I continue my visit here. settings. that's. misleading. box, I think. So it's not. promise they're both separate cookie. The link good to go anywhere near a place like that. So other websites do other websites are compliant with the gdpr. Regulations. They let you say I like strictly necessary cookies are functional cookies are I mean they have is a. well established interface for adults. But we don't have that recording legal requirement and Canada. would be nice, though. So this is another one that is going to find out what is your initial post viral. So this is an example of how. Diplomatic unorthodox diplomatic move. So that having the title of the article doesn't. Even worse is that sensational than the article itself and then. So the intent of the tree was to retrieve the cannons product of diplomacy and rushes invasion of the Korean and provide transparency, this information being spent by the Russian mission to. Would you say this as a. SAS possibilities for. Deployment as a means for. and supporting our diplomatic efforts and policy. Just. like this. i'm gonna. i'm going to turn off microphones and then, if you want to. You can unmute yourself again. didn't sound like. A comment as much as the microphone turned on by state. or there's a question asking what do you mean by effects, I can send people down there.
          • For.
          • Their videos in this case. represent the truth are fabricated. But they're done in a very convincing way, so people who look at them uncritically might say. wow. St Louis happened there. In they may contribute to the. To the evidence that people refer to, and support, are there any conspiracy theories, for example. That makes sense in terms of an explanation. Comments for that.
          • Just like to mention, though they're not always used with a malicious intent, I guess, like they're using movies. To. Show like the aging of the actors and stuff like in Star Wars I think they use the PICs.
          • Right so, is it a deep thing isn't a deep fake if it's. done transparently so say that. The. way they act actor Yang again to play. to play a role so in Star Wars and. Star Wars movies, are finished. So one of the actor, the actor, who played princess leia passed away, so I think. They had to rely on footage they had available but also. I think they generate a few seeing a few looks. From archive images to. Just one example, and then. there's a new movie on netflix called the Irishman, I think, with. This is done a couple years ago, I think. But they had. These characters who are. are getting old now so but they had a lot of footage where they were shown to be younger. And now it's done with computer graphics. So anything so it's not a thing if it's clear if we're clear about using. technology to simulate a. Come. The things I noticed in the news that were relevant to our class discussions here. I wanted to just point out a link to the problem that I mentioned last week. So. Firstly, came from the social, this is. written in the second during the Second World War, or shortly after. by German pastor. version Harris First they came for the Socialists I didn't speak up because I was not a socialist and they came from the trade unionist and I didn't speak up because I was not three units and they came for the Jews and did not speak up because I was not a Jew. And they came from me and there's no one left speak for me. So there are lots of different versions of that that's. Maybe a starting point, if you're interested in looking for. So following. The top I mentioned the idea of using artificial intelligence to. evaluate. logical structure and argument. see whether we can detect fallacies. And I realized that I had a few things. I found a few things but. I have to find them again. discussion because. well. Essentially, because of my computer problems I have again. But. So there is some work in using artificial intelligence to. violate fake news. Back to be free to work with us online set up, I can do that. So. These are. Things that seem reasonable. But they don't have a firm logical foundation. So there's another names for as well, but I think this is. Ideas so it's a fallacy of misplaced concreteness. And what that does. So if we have a model. That something. And we say that the model. We reason about the. The real thing, based on the law so we we assert we. treat the Bible as being a real thing. So it misplaced concreteness with the model, instead of actual phenomena. What seems to be a. Good one for computer scientists to be aware of. Since we often talk about. abstraction and. modeling a system or simplifying a system in terms of its. Some a few key attributes and. We try and model behavior based on that which we can code. And so. about an object oriented approach, for example. My think of things would be the printing. Think of a better example, or maybe not.
          • So.
          • excited to be here. So maybe this is. The reason I brought it up is because we have this model. Time here so. it's a way to. Think about this place, concreteness if we. Think about our design system. that's being. We treat that as a real thing instead of. A model that we've created what's limitations Anyway, thank you very much for today. Thank you for those of you on zoom. Take care have a good day. So have office hours today. From time to time from noon to three to 330. Otherwise, see you on Thursday take care, have a. Great day.

          Zoom Chat Transcript

          • camera looks good
          • I cannot find my name
          • That means that you haven’t posted your blog in the class blog, so pick one from the list to critique and make sure to mention in your critique which one you picked.
          • Oh I understand! Thanks!
          • Due date for the critique is now Monday, March 28
          • is our blog marks based on the critique
          • Blog marks are not based on the critique you receive
          • It’s more about the experience of thinking and critiquing someone else’s woek
          • *work
          • Student password
          • will you be able to talk about the assessment assignment? and how will the final be formed and delivered?
          • For the assessment, think about how well the website answers questions that you may have. Is there something missing?
          • Due date for the website assessment is April 4
          • is it possible to provide a sample for the assessment as well?
          • Dr. Hepting may put up on outline
          • *an
          • Blog entries are in the process of being marked
          • Just a reminder for everyone, if you direct message Dr. Hepting a question/comment during zoom, chances are that he will not see it.
          • For the final exam, it will be on April 19 @ 9am-noon. The tentative plan for the format will be a take-home essay question and a quiz on URCourses or in class.
          • There are still a few technical things to sort out.
          • is the in person class doing it in class or at home too?
          • Suggestions for questions for the final are welcome
          • Submit these questions to the Discussion Forum as a reply to Dr. Hepting’s post about the final
          • Dr hepting is now discussing how the smiley face emoji has no nose
          • Phew, I do the second one.
          • use an extra space to avoid the auto correct :- ) should work
          • Thanks
          • Do we have any protections against deepfakes?
          • what did prof refer to by the deep fakes?
          • 'Deep' Learning + fake
          • Involves use of machine learning for altering digital media
          • Deep fakes are videos (in this case) that are fabricated but look convincing
          • The case that Dr. Hepting showed in class was that someone modified/created a video of Ukraine’s president surrendering even though he never said that
          • Can someone send attendance password? That would be very appreciated. I must have missed it.
          • You as well!
          • b08c27
          • attendance code
          • Thank you Hitesh
          • Thank you.
          • could you please repeat the time for office hour?
          • no problem


          The most important thing that I encountered:

          • we need to understand how to organize things so that it doesnt get over complicated
          • What deepfakes truly are
          • deep fake and final suggestion.
          • I really liked the poem "First they came …" and like the message behind it
          • todays class was very interesting as the professor explained the crutique and extended its due date and the prof also discussed about the deep fake as well as viral news regarding war between Russia and Ukraine and how Canada is involved in it.
          • Today we practiced critical thinking. Deep fake videos may seem convincing but that only underlines the importance of careful fact checking. Only by fact checking such as looking for broad agreeance from other sources can we detect these kinds of things.
          • Today we talked about Deep Fakes, the video that has been manipulated to spread false information. I think it is very important to differentiate the fake videos from real as we see it has been widely using in Ukraine Conflict.
          • Videos that are fabricated (fake) but looks very convincing. For example, someone modified/created a video of Ukraine’s president surrendering even though he never said that.
          • The most important thing I learned was more about deep fakes and how they can be used. I think the topic is very important to society today
          • Today, we discussed about the final test in this class, and we are willing to recommend the type of questions on the final.
          • about the next assignment
          • Today's technological advancements never cease to amaze me. Especially we now have access to AI's to portray people and produce something fake. For instance, the CBC article that our professor showed us in class today. Someone created and modified a video of Ukraine's president allegedly surrendering when he did not. People could easily believe that and might cause opinions to rise. Pretty sure it is hard to figure out if a video is deep fake.
          • deep fake videos are fabricated video that look very real
          • In today's class, the professor told us more about the final exam. He gave information about the format and pattern of the exam and that it will be a take-home exam. There was also an interesting discussion today about deep fakes. People using deep fakes to spread misinformation throughout social media is an alarming sign. We discussed how AI should be upgraded to detect these types of deep fakes and stop the spreading of misinformation.
          • I liked learning about and think about what are fallacies. It was important to be able to connect it to computer programming as well.
          • We talked about deepfake. And we talked about whether it is practical to select fake news through AI. And we talked about the dangers of errors.
          • According to our discussion, I think that deep fakes could be potentially dangerous in our society. Like, sure, we can use them for entertainment purposes and such. But if more people are creating false advertisement in the world, then it will be harder to distinguish real from fake. It can cause harmful controversy like the how to fake Zelensky video showing that he was surrendering. Was the intention to satisfy the public good?
          • We learned about how to write blog critique submissions and also got some guidance on how we can start working on the website assessment assignment. We also briefly discussed about the Final exam. Apart from this, I am interested in learning more about the ‘Deep Fakes’ and the technology used to create such content. The discussion on the Fallacy of Misplaced "concreteness" was something new to me and I found it interesting.
          • Today I have learned about deep fakes, how fake video's looks very convincing and we discussed about the Dr hepting's class, how a student modified/created a video of Ukraine's president surrendering even though he never said. we discussed about using AI to evaluate fake news.
          • Use of deep fakes had been used for a long time. I got to know that these deep fakes are basically used from previous footage to recreate a fake one. It was used for Obama, Hillary Clinton and recently it was used to imitate President Zelensky to influence the war with Ukraine. As I learned from today's lecture that AI us used to recreate a fake face speaking fake news.
          • Today I learned the term "Deep Fake". I would like to know more about how often deep fakes are used and how often I night see it without recognizing it
          • Today I learned about deepfake. They are videos, images or audio that are fabricated but look very convincing. The deepfake technology is used transparently in movies. However, it could be used with malicious intent by parties looking to promote their self-interest. There are technologies and methods used in detecting deepfakes, but they are not common practice. An example of deepfake used recently is the war between Russia and Ukraine. There was a video being circulated In mass-media that supposedly showed
          • In Today's meeting, we have discussed blog critique and web assessment. Later on prof has discussed about Finale exam tentative plan. We also discussed about Deep Fakes like what protection we have against them and how we maintain our connection to reality.
          • In todays lecture professor discussed about the Blog Critique writing and also provided the list of the people who wrote the blogs and told mark one of those. Also he mentioned about the Web assessment assignment and told that he will discuss about that further. Also professor discussed what is Humane and wanted the critiques to based on it. In todays lecture main topic was Deep fakes. He explained what are deep fakes and what we measures we can take to save ourselves from that.
          • There has been a lot of discussions in the groups about the topic given in the meeting. However, the most important thing that I would give more importance to learn is to understand that the research into the topic has a depth. To carry on studies on it and prove various aspects right about internet is well appreciated. Moreover, the main aim is to understand that the thing to note more on
          • I just check out some deep fake videos and they are so real. Is there any tech/method we can use to find out a video is fake or not? Nowadays, younger people posts selfie of themselves on social media without worrying about the protential risk. It's a good recourses for people who want to use deep fake technology to harm other.
          • Today the due date of blog critique was extended. We discussed about videos that looks convincing but are actually fake. Many examples were given for it, and need to establish necessary measures to tackle this problem was also demanded. Criteria for website assessment was also given.
          • The meeting started with attendance and professor told us that the submission date for critique extended to 28 March. Their was also some discussions on AI are limited. After that we discussed on a page about digital currency donations for freedom convoy evading seizure by authorities.
          • the way to against deep fake is to find source or references of presented video
          • The most important thing that I learned will be about deep fakes ( videos that are fake but looks very convincing) and after going through in internet it mostly used in porn industry and ad agency . In ad agency it is very good form the point of small business you get promotion from the actor ? and this will also lead into misinformation and issue of copyrights etc..
          • In todays class, we discussed about deep fakes. Professor has also showed us an example that someone has created Ukrainians president requesting to surrender even though he never said that.
          • the most important thing that I learned is about the drawbacks of AI, Deep Fake, is used when a AI program has been coded the person's face with another video. This can cause many fake, misleading and unethical information's that will Causes harm or destroy the reputation of someone.
          • learning about the final was good to know
          • It is impossible to use AI to check the news is fake or not, because human still can find a way to make Ai to believe the news is truth. Human as the controller of the AI, is much clever than the AI, and more possibllity

          The most difficult thing for me to understand:

          • if deep fake technology continuelly is being aboused and used for negative purposes much more than postive, why has it not been banned and removed from people being able to use it.
          • I don't seem to understand the reason people decide to commit unethical actions such as giving out private information on either random citizens or people in some sort of power or so. Being a software professional, one should have the ethical code they stand by when performing the duties of a professional both during working hours and off. I am learning a good amount of information in this class relating to this and I am looking forward to the rest of the class.
          • Still, I'm not able to understand what to do in critique.
          • The most difficult thing for me that I learned about risk and reward in IT

          The thing about which I would most like to know more:

          • Do younger people trust videos less, given that they've grown up where deepfakes are somewhat common?
          • The thing that I want to know more about from today's lecture is Ukraine's president being deep faked and made to look like he surrendered. How does someone go about deep faking? How was behind this incident of deep faking? What is the punishment for this kind of thing?
          • Reification (also known as concretism, hypostatization, or the fallacy of misplaced concreteness) is a fallacy of ambiguity, when an abstraction (abstract belief or hypothetical construct) is treated as if it were a concrete real event or physical entity.
          • Can deep fakes be used for positive benefit? The usage behind deep fakes seems malicious. It's used to defraud people's images and damage others' reputations based upon fabricated evidence. Even in cases where there isn't any political motivation behind such as with use in the film industry, you still distort what is there. The entertainment in films using it disassembles the boundaries between what is fake and what is real. Is the entertainment value really positive when you are degrading people's truth?
          • What other technology is the Russian military using to sabotage president Zelensky?
          • How UN decision impacts developing countires
          • How to ethically combat deepfakes. With machine learning approaches to deepfakes, by creating better methods to find deepfakes, the quality of the deepfakes directly improve. Is it necessary for researchers to make their research more difficult for others to implement? Is there some sort of watermark that needs to be included? What is the best way to combat deepfakes?
          • The issues, and the arguements for and against deep fake
          • How wide spread are deep fakes going to be in the near future with more advancements of machine learning and AI? Soon videos are going to be something that we will have to consistently fact check just like any other information online. The saying "seeing is believing" won't apply anymore if the deep fakes are get good enough.
          • I would like to know more about how AI is used to elevate the progression of technology
          • Impact of deepfakes in pre-recorded political videos.
          • The Misplaced Concreteness fallacy we learnt about today sounded very interesting. I think we didn't get to explore its connection to AI as much because we ran short of time, but I'd love to know more about it. Additionally, I'd like to know more about other hypothetical solutions to the misinformation problem, especially stuff related to an actual software that a person could use. It's interesting to think about a software that could somehow evaluate its level of truthfullness or fallaciousness.
          • I would most like to know more about the structure of the Final exam and how it's going to work.
          • In todays lecture we talked about programming a computer an AI to identify human bias in writing essentially means teaching it how to read. But reading itself is a complex mental process that scientists don’t fully understand, and artificial intelligence is only as smart as the programming and data that supports it.
          • I want to know more about deep fakes and how AI can be used to detect fallacies.
          • We talked about the deep fake videos, and how harmful and misleading they can be. We also considered how we can we use AI to analyze and track down this deep fake videos. This topic seemed interesting to me; I would like to know more about it.
          • What would be the right way to develop technology?
          • What does a template for the web critique look like?
          • I would like to know more about deep fakes especially what sort of things they are being used for and what things they can do. I also want to know what methods we have that can be used to identify these deep fakes and tell them apart from actual images.
          • I want to know more about the final exam .
          • I found our discussion on cryptocurrency assets being seized to be quite interesting and something I would like to discuss further as this technology is quite foreign to me and knowing the risks and rewards of this would be quite beneficial in the long run. As to my knowledge, trying to claim your cryptocurrency debt has been quite a struggle for collectors and that is something that we could potentially discuss further.
          • How do we control deep fake technology? It has a lot of positives going for it, especially for use in things like movies and TV shows. However when the audience isn't aware of the 'deception' it could be used for a lot of very bad things. How do we make it so the public is aware/can spot these fakes before they cause some real damage?


          Link to the UR Courses wiki page for this meeting