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                  Zoom Audio Transcript

                  • Good afternoon, everyone. My. Little laptop from. 2017 it's. Not very happy with me today it's. The fan is running. And it's well, maybe it's just not my laptop it's also Internet cuz he things are. seem to be not working great quickly. Okay, so i'm gonna mute everybody, for now, and you can. turn your souls on. See. there's a microphone on summer. Yes, happy election day we'll talk about that as well. well. it's. Finding where we need polling places. And I believe. was open for 7pm. So i'm going to be going out this afternoon to the former costco to place my vote. I don't know how many. polling places are being put into that one building. Imagine it's quite a few. Okay, so. Any questions from last day. Let me first get to our. Meeting. number nine today minus 38.
                  • I have a quick question regarding the assignment I one.
                  • sure.
                  • So it's the last section I already submitted it last night so last section was like opportunities for redesign So are we supposed to like. Like. Correct those opportunities first or like implement those opportunities and then say that we, we have changed is this this because we felt like this was. Not a good option, or are we supposed to leave that, as it is and then say, these are the opportunities are these are the new things that can be implemented and that, in my opinion, is going to be better than the. One we have right now, because what I did was like I changed those first and then I said okay Previously, it was that but I changed it in this this section and this this way. And then I said Okay, this was the problem, and now it is better in this way, and then I said okay now as a measuring it with the latest version and latest modification.
                  • Okay.
                  • So.
                  • i'm not sure how you can change your courses. You can contribute to moodle and there's a whole process of making changes. Yes, so i'm not asking for solutions at this point i'm asking for you to identify issues. So not not even here's the issue, and this is sound effects it. But here's the issue. it's enough just to talk about the issues that you find.
                  • Okay. Okay now.
                  • Sorry, I didn't hear your response.
                  • said okay now I get it first I was thinking about like. What I made in that activity and what I needed to change and in terms of make it even better or a better experience right, but now I think like it's more about what I can do to change my activity, as well as what your, of course, is limited to maybe.
                  • Okay, so we'll talk about that. again. i'll add some qualifications to sign. sessions.
                  • Okay, thank you.
                  • you're welcome. So I made myself a student. So that wow. not giving too much time too. Much to look at here. So i'm going to share my screen and I didn't. I didn't give you much OK. So now. So we've got the attendance taken care of. I must say that i'm impressed with the attendance module. Because it. reacts. To my current role so when I was a student. I can record my attendance and when i'm the teacher. That I can. show you the password. doesn't give me any permission problems in between. There, there are other modules that. don't work so smoothly between the different views. Okay. Any thoughts from last days discussion so last day we looked at. Look at the marvel answering machine. breakout room selection interface. Any questions or concerns. me. Okay, so let's. Look at the election in Canada would say. you're not sure if you've got. Voter information card. tells me where to go. and His phone number. Oh, I said. Oh, I said. Okay, but let's say I didn't know. I didn't have a voter information card. let's see let's see university political. Okay, so anyone worried about that response. Let me see if I can. fix it. Okay anyone. Just by raising their hand. who thinks that air is a. nationally and. well. i'm curious, if you want to explain your choice of the movie then for your reaction. don't be shy, this is a safe space. And i'm not trying to make light of anything. So I know I know that.
                  • it's not easy to speak.
                  • In front of the group.
                  • Was that the error, because of entered a. Different pin code or something like that.
                  • I didn't know the air was. I. didn't capitalize the most of. The letters of the postal code. So here's. The correct one. We don't necessarily know it's correctly try it so i'm going to try one. Okay. I want to just see if it needs the space as well. let's try. It so it's happy with space. let's see if it's happy with. You space. Well, I can't put one in one space. And if I hit tab. Just advanced the next field. So it doesn't let me put more more than one space, and so let me go back to the lowercase. I wonder if now it's just. it's correct. it's do it well. So, if you look at the script. If you look at the URL that's invoking the script. So there's okay there's. there's the pasta. let's see. If I change it to the aspirants. Can you see. The address bar where a lot of fun very well.
                  • Yes.
                  • So now I can't get the error message again. Let me try it. I can't recreate that air. So I guess that's good news. bad news, maybe the first time i'm going to that web page I might get. something unexpected. Okay, so. let's look at the title here. So let's go back to our. Okay. So. It seems to be working okay. i'm not sure what caused the air in the first place. So what you need to vote. So. This heading says it's going to give you information which need to vote. Is is there. Are those buttons answers to. This the at the buttons below those four buttons they describe what you need to vote. So I guess it's indirectly. Saying. So I guess I need to know where i'm supposed to go. Okay, so let me try. Okay, so here is the instructions. So we're. Working on both it depends on whether it's election day. I can go into the location, the law, I can go to the polls. which are no longer. it's no longer the case because it's fast. Fast September, for your team, which was last Monday. and vote now. So what is vote now. I have a guest with that is. going to save my man. So is it helpful to. To have this information clickable. Even though it's. One could cast. Today today's date. and make these unavailable. Okay, so I know where to vote. And I know the poll number. Okay So what do I need to vote so. So I need to know where where to vote. three options to prove your identity and address. So one of these pieces of ID your driver's license any other car addition by Canadian Government with your photo name current address. Option two. Okay, so I just need to show one piece of that i'd be. Option two is. So option one. Show one show one piece of photo ID one piece of government issued photo ID. option to. Voter card plus another. that's a bank statement or utility statement. Option three if you don't have a game and still vote. If you declare your identity and an address and writing as someone who knows you who's assigned to your polling station both true. person doing about you must be able to prove their identity and address person converge, only one person. Okay, so here. I know what pieces of idea I need to vote, so I need to have Government issued photo ID on my voter card plus another. thing that shows my address. Okay i'm gonna see if i'm. registered. Okay next. Yes, Okay, yes i'm 18 years of age or older. So manage my. specify my address type on my address. Okay, so i'm okay to vote. that's good news I guess. So I want you to think about. How easy or. Difficult that processes and what kind of. opportunities. or unmet needs, there are. The voters in seeking out some information. About. How they how they may vote in the election. Okay, so. here's the first part of the project so two weeks from today. that's an extension. of your. empathy individual assignment. it's. The same. same kind of activity. would like to bind them for the group members. So. let's say said, you can you can pick any website, except for mine. Is i'd like to. have some class discussions about issues with my website. So, remember that design thinking process. So. So, to understand we'd like. To empathize. That research develop an understanding of our.
                  • users.
                  • So. In order to make this more tractable in a semester. Like like you. To do. That look for a website that you use. So something for which your users. within your group or. Maybe they're within your group your represent more than one. category of user, but so to understand. From the users perspective, what. can be done with the website or application study. So we're not. getting into something we're going to make changes to the code and. we're going to focus on the interface. and we're going to look. For issues on that needs. Which there are large bolts of execution and evaluation. So we're going to look at the interface design. And we're going to present.
                  • we're going.
                  • to explore. possible improvements to the interface over the course the project. So you want to think about. The characteristics. of yourself as a user. Doing like activity. On the interface. So, each one of the group can do this. And then create an empathy map each activity. So we're a group of four. So each person does. allow for each activity on user. So four times four so 16 portal. And then, as a group. defined specific aspect identify specific aspects, the current interface that cause problems for the users and look. For example, the roots of those problems identify whatever user needs making a mess. So we're not. looking for solutions, this will focus on the problems.
                  • Okay.
                  • I just want to go over something about group assignments group work. So. i'm going to provide you with the opportunity to reach your group members, including yourselves. As a way to give you some feedback about how well the groups are working. So we start with 100 points. For your group and then. We assign points sort of together total of 100. So if all group members contribute equally. So the Google, for then each group member will get from five. If you feel that you have not contributing equally okay points unequally explain live than this. So please be thoughtful. Please be thoughtful in your rating. So not not. don't do it in a careless well. So if you don't provide a rating. Is if you made an application, so we have a group of four it's like you're giving everybody 25 months. So. Based on the calculate based on the inputs, so if everybody. did a rating. So then. The highest point total get gets a way to one. And the lowest point total. Yes, Sir, if they're different so we get a point well that's less than one. account. not going to sign away less than 0.5 so. So that this is her own. person events one. That means 100% of your mark for your assignment. So if somebody has a point five. The group is indicating that group member. should get 50% of you. So these are suggestions for me. and give me information so. it's not. taking them as. This is. Something which i'm required to act. So I just have a couple of examples here three examples I guess. So if everybody. Say Thomas. The rates Thomas is 2025 minutes, and the other three members of this group. 25 so everything works out so they gets remarks or 100% of the earned mark. In this case. A new goal allocation so Thomas. says he deserves 9700 points. So Richard doesn't agree that Thomas. is done. Your share of work so. makes this allocation, so it gives Richard three that gives Thomas three he says. He deserves 2015. Other points. So we get these all. Its weight so Thomas would still get. Get all of the urn mark and then Richard would get sick or two thirds of your mark. And, Harold and saw you would get afternoon. Little calculator here. i'm just giving you a color coded. So if it turns up red, then you haven't made the call came up to. 100. So, how did I do explaining that.
                  • I had a question about the group members um do we have any rules about who are not or we could just choose any one.
                  • You can choose anyone.
                  • Okay, and it should be a maximum or or by.
                  • i'm suggesting for.
                  • Okay, great Thank you.
                  • Welcome
                  • And the minimum sizes three. Or we could do it by ourselves.
                  • For undergraduates.
                  • Okay.
                  • So yeah.
                  • Minimum three. Thank you welcome.
                  • So we're out of time again. So this is. i'm finding. With my. camera on the second screen or video on the second screen. And just looking at my. browser window that i'm sharing on my main laptop screen. You that's not. The best way to do it. No one's. asking me questions yeah audio. So. Maybe it's better to have a column. A column of. of your smiling faces. on the screen. With me online. laptop screen. So there. So we can think about that in terms of. Another example. What advantage.
                  • Over.
                  • Experience you get from your courses into. Your courses is one thing, but soon as another thing. They kind of experience you get these. different tools. want to put to find a partner. But we can look in so many places. for areas that.
                  • could be improved.
                  • The same okay. Next up here comes up. It should let you go. Enough on Wednesday okay.
                  • I have thing I have one last question so are I know you said we could choose any one but can we have groups with both undergrad and graduate students together okay awesome. Thank you.
                  • you're welcome.
                  • So for Wednesday let's try and have an idea both groups. And then. At the end of Wednesday i'll make sure the groups are set up. hi that was your audio was terrible can you repeat, please.
                  • This.
                  • is also. Can you type it in the chat I will maybe try once more, maybe the third time's a charm.
                  • He was asking for reading list from the textbook. Earlier in the chat.
                  • Okay.
                  • yeah.
                  • So. he's we've touched. indicated chapters one through four so far. So that. that's where we're at. till now and i'll. indicate some others for our next meeting. Okay.
                  • sounds good. Okay.
                  • Thanks.
                  • hey we'll take care of everyone, have a good day and. For those who are eligible please make sure you vote. See on Wednesday.
                  • witness to.
                  • me.
                  • If you already created a group, then, do we have to mail you regarding the members of the group or anything.
                  • yeah sure if you can do that.
                  • Okay, so. So we have been glued our student ID.
                  • If you just include your. Your Regina user ID. Like i've asked like you've done in your name here this the tps nine or nine is.
                  • OK.
                  • Sufficient.
                  • Okay.
                  • Oh.
                  • you're welcome. You have a question or boss.
                  • Hello.
                  • hi.
                  • boss young questions.
                  • i'm a bus i'm actually you are in my research come to this is a media posts are working on a project thats related to evaluating. Our search interfaces for like in. Exploratory browsing digital academic libraries, we want to publish a paper in October, but now we start with the point that we are not have been you know, like enough participation for our study, so I already sent you an email in the cigar in order to allow me like you five minutes pitch. before or after the class to the students and tell them like I have the study and ask them if they you know they want, they can participate into my study.
                  • yeah well.
                  • it's possible not to do it.
                  • yeah, so I would say. You could also. Use the participant pool.
                  • yeah.
                  • Oh you're like in all your course.
                  • yeah.
                  • I see.
                  • I know I know you're just you're you have gift cards and things.
                  • Yes, exactly yeah.
                  • If you. amanda tunes food or recruitment strategies here amend your ra ra be application to food.
                  • yeah my.
                  • participant pool.
                  • yeah I already changed my RDP application in order to get like. Five and speaking classes in this trigger so. And also, they also have teammates you know that he wants to do it, as well as me like in our class now i'm asking about your permission industry leader.
                  • So.
                  • Like can I do like later in this week or something.
                  • So. So you're asking only about recruiting participants.
                  • Yes, exactly.
                  • yeah so I. You can do that. you're going to do it with your. fellow students.
                  • I will be grateful if you can do it like. In Wednesday or Friday right. You for. Acting class.
                  • yeah. So. So this so that's fine.
                  • Okay, thank you.
                  • So I would encourage you in future. Yes, include. The computer science participant for as a recruitment option. Yes, your studies so.
                  • Yes, what should I do.
                  • and
                  • Also, my friend asked when you can you know give it is like speech and our class, is it possible for him if you don't, mind you asking about his request.
                  • So why are you asking.
                  • me.
                  • Because we are timid, we already sent one email to you because we both of us are stuck in this part and parcel have so just as to like send an email to you and asked for this request.
                  • So I. view my email today.
                  • yeah for sure, which I will send that email, again, I will turn to my teammate that to listen that email again. I appreciate your time and consideration.
                  • Okay, so. sure.
                  • Okay okay Thank you so much, have a good day.

                  Zoom Chat Transcript

                  • Good afternoon prof
                  • afternoon
                  • Fair, happy Monday
                  • Good
                  • good
                  • absolutely perfect
                  • Happy election day*
                  • Good professor, How about you?
                  • Good
                  • Student password
                  • It's just kind of funny, the error is very easy to fix on their part
                  • true, this error should have been accounted for
                  • what happens if you do not put the space
                  • 🤔
                  • vote now == vote by mail?
                  • Very well
                  • Thoroughly well
                  • can you provide a reading list/schedule to follow in ht etexbook?
                  • can we have groups with both undergraduate and graduate students?
                  • I’ve set up a class Discord to assemble groups:
                  • Thank you
                  • reading list?
                  • Chap 1 to 4
                  • Thank you


                  The most important thing that I encountered:

                  • In today's lecture we discussed regarding the Canada's official election website interface. Further we discussed about the group project and its requirements.
                  • In this meeting, professor showed us voting information and operations on election day.
                  • In today’s lecture we had a bit of discussion on assignment 1 project and project group evaluation and for the rest we discussed on election Canada ( voter information services) website- it’s usability and its familiarity.
                  • Website evaluation using the election website for demonstration
                  • Today we have discussed more about the assignment and explain what are the things need to done in the project.
                  • We talked about the first part of group assignment and the rules of grading group members.
                  • The professor asked our opinion about how easy or difficult the vote registration interface is to interact. There is also an important discussion on how the project will be conducted and graded.
                  • Some entry fields are not ready for error handling, like when we were filling out the voting page
                  • Learned about the Project and groups. How Contributions are calculated.
                  • How to show errors in User interface
                  • I learned very important topic of elections of Canada. How we can done the registration for voting and other information such as nearest location, time, etc. from the official site. It was also interesting to get the thorough idea of the group project and assignment.
                  • Professor talked about the validation of the Election Canada website and how interface is important to land into next page. We also got to know about details of the groupwork and their mark distribution.
                  • Election and project
                  • More than 27 million people were eligible to cast their ballots, according to Elections Canada, which administers the vote.
                  • In today's meeting we discussed about the election day in Canada. We saw how the site works and what we need to have, where we need to vote, am I registered or not and who are the candidates we also talked about some benefits and drawbacks of the features. After that we talked about the first part of the project which includes understanding your project comprising of describe, empathize and define and how to rate our groups.
                  • in this meeting, i learned about the design thinking.
                  • In class today, we discussed the first part of the assignment. We also discussed the user interface and user experience issues of the Government of Canada Elections website.
                  • How to do voting.
                  • In todays class the most important things we discussed was about the Canadian Election and who are eligible and where we can vote. Also we discussed about Group projects for 3/4/5 members in one group and Class Page

                  The most difficult thing for me to understand:

                  • Hey, don't you think rather than us finding our own groups it would be better for use to just use our break out room as our groups for the project assignment
                  • My main concern with this session is about the voting system. Why they do not reconsider their design and remove these weaknesses of their work?
                  • I would like to understand the project one more time.
                  • It is still a little difficult for me to understand empathy maps

                  The thing about which I would most like to know more:

                  • In today’s lecture we discussed about the group assignment and how to assign the grades to each other. But that was somewhat confusing too so I would like to know more about it.
                  • We continued talking about the gulf of evaluation and execution. Also we discussed design interface.
                  • Does the website for the project has to be a social media site or can it be of any kind?
                  • The project assignment i..e. "Understand Your Project" has some aspects that are not completely clear to me. For example if each team member has to create 4 empathy maps (in a group of 4), do they also need to create one for themselves?


                  Link to the UR Courses wiki page for this meeting