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    Zoom Audio Transcript

    • Good afternoon. Okay, so let's begin by me sharing screen. how's everyone doing today. Very good, thanks for the update rp. made a couple edits and then hasn't come up yet, so let me just. let's do our attendance first. OK, so the password is on the screen and in the chat as well. So I got a message from Sebastian. Both. recruiting participants for his study so boss talked about his. His class so Sebastian. is also not using the participant well as I recall. So. So, like, I told the boss, in future, you should specify a proven method of the computer science participant pool that would make it they'll give you more options for recruiting people. To go ahead and take a couple minutes and tell us what you're doing.
    • Thank you so much for allowing me to talk about my study, so I am a Grad student, my name is Sebastian Gomez and i'm working under the supervision of Dr olin Haber. And we are actually doing a study on how students how Grad students conduct cross session cross device study in academic digital library, where they continue. started tasks on a device, and then, after some time they pick up their task on a different device and how they how their behavior various in these activities so. We are recruiting Grad students PhD and doctoral students and masters students who. Were from the computer science department so that's why I wanted to come in here and talk about it, so if you want to participate in this study, a semester, students and if there are any PhD students, please. You can email me, and I can schedule a study session based on your availability and.
    • So, can you put your email in the chat please.
    • yeah sure, and you will also get a $30 TIM hortons gift card for participating so i'm just providing my email here. So there you go that's it Thank you again, Professor for. Allowing me yeah.
    • So any questions. In the class. or Sebastian.
    • So actually what we have to do in this task.
    • So, if you agree to participate, I will I will meet over in a zoom session, and then I will assign you a task, and you will search on that task in a given. search interface digital library search interface similar to how you how the digital library of our university works, so you will. enter your query, you will have a list of documents you will collect some of the documents and then. It will expand into sessions in the first session, you will do the task on your mobile device, and then on the second session, you will do the task and in your computer and later, you will answer to some question, yes, about how your how your experience was. Whether you liked it or if you. didn't like some of the features all of those.
    • Okay, I got it. Thank you, so how to like how to participate to like you, you only provide us a link.
    • I have provided my email address. If you can email me, I will. send you the all the details okay.
    • Thank you, thanks.
    • Okay, thank you Sebastian okay. bye bye. Okay. Okay, so then attendance so here i've posted on your courses an incomplete list of project groups based on the emails I received. So i'm going to click on that and then have a look at it. And then and. Then we'll. Add any other groups today. That that have come up but I didn't. retreat from my email. and we'll make sure everyone's in a in a group for after today okay. Now post, the link on your questions. So I think iPhone arrived late, so this post. Your tenants password once more. So remember. The helpful renaming of. Your zoom window ID username you'd like to be called and then your China. ID. here. The ID from the your email account.
    • And
    • Okay, so I know there were some discussions. In the project discussion group from and Martin was involved in one of them it's Martin here today. Okay, so without singling anyone out. The people who are posting in the group discussion. Can you write in the chat. or use the microphone. To tell me about your group. Okay, so. If you haven't had luck in finding a group. we'll make sure you get assigned to a group today. Change the groups are to add a group. I go to the users. So click on the gear sign here. And then go to users. And then groups. So i'm going to add another i'm going to add members to group eight. OK, so now. Okay. Okay. So. Kevin and. tn will get you sorted out in minute. So if we're doing think about. The interface that i'm using here to make groups. If you're doing this. What if well if you're looking at me. and listening to what i'm saying isn't doing this. What kinds of things, would you write on an empathy map.
    • My first word Ruby it's pretty convenient. For the same part. Being able to choose the grill then. assign yourself.
    • Okay.
    • So you're not assigning yourself i'm assigning. The is teacher mean you don't have. The chance to do this for yourself. As students but. yeah it's. So flexible interface. But is it quick.
    • can be quicker, but still I don't think it's that bad so. Because we are, I think the morn new interfaces are like more quick modern in the sense, like the other platforms, that we are used to create a group let's say discourse and stuff like okay let's add it quickly and stuff but. I think, given the circumstance of our institutional based and. All the other functionality, as I say, it's pretty quick.
    • So. Is it helpful to. So I mean it seems like some reasons so i'd like other people to get involved the conversation as well. um. Not that bad and. You know, for the institutional interface or the sounds. So sound like reasons to lower our expectations about. The interface.
    • My. perspective was just taking an example of that said this quarter is only built for that purpose, so just to communicate and then share and make groups and channels. But I think your of courses is not like just focused on that particular thing, so it is also focus on so many other things as well, so that was my intention of saying institutional. Not lowering the standard but saying that it is just not focused on making groups and discussion, but also other things, and it is actually heavily focused on the other things more I guess so. That was the reason why i'm here.
    • Okay. anyone else, want to chime in about this.
    • As prefer, for I do put my comments in the chat box. i'm just wondering why the search bar below instead of on top. of one of the comments I made then I don't know if there's an option to select multiple to death, at the same time.
    • I think there is actually the multiple selections Okay, but I mean, so you can experience this interface. From the experiment, you are courses. Where you're all teachers.
    • I heard a thought on this so other than what Peter mentioned usually in the interfaces when you add someone it goes to the right side of the screen, whilst here it's inverted goes to the left, so if i'm used to putting things on the right side, this might confuse me as a user.
    • yeah so there's also the extra step of going through. You have to go to the bottom of the screen okay now let's go back. yeah anyway so. The fact that you might have the list on the left and then the new. That we've swapped the columns here from the usual. interfaces can be problematic. I agree. When the search bar is at the bottom, which makes people scroll. This hard to fit everything on the one screen so we're scrolling and clicking a lot.
    • Also, what is the order of the usernames presented.
    • I think it's alphabetical.
    • starts with K. yeah.
    • yeah and the fact that the columns are so narrow. We have to scroll sideways to. see all the information. Okay, so. So I think so. Many of these have been. Many of the groups. You typed in the chatter are listed there, I think. yeah so I agree with justin's comment that if i'm making if my goal is to assign students to one group. We can make better use of groupings here, so I could say i'm working on the project grouping. But they don't. Have a way to use the grouping. In the assigned groups. So if I wanted to say. Let me. fill out the project, the project grouping. So here I am adding another one, I have to go down to add and remove users. Okay, so we should have. So for 49 students, we should have 10 groups of four and three groups of three. That works out nicely, I think. So if we go back. Okay, so. Go back to groups. and check on our progress here. Three 711-711-1519 20 320-731-3538 41. So we need two more groups of four. So be nice if I could just say fill in the rest. But that doesn't work. Here I can I can auto create groups, but I can't. just say make two more groups of eight two more groups of four. There is a way here too. So i'm going to pick. four people here who are in two groups. i'm doing this. command. click here, so I can make a selection of. Several people the time. So they should be four people left with two wearing only two groups. So let's go to overview. let's do the project grin. So the first eight groups or start with group eight so jeffrey's Ikea harpreet Singh and sandy. you're in project eight Abraham on you, Michael and Martin or a group project nine. And project 10 is Amish. cattle and Smith. There you're in 10 and 11 is nima as well and have us. 12 his progeny. We go up and Wilson. Project 13 is precious mix mix in. Our knee minjun. You can. Take me to task for my pronunciation later. well. I apologize, but please help me to do better. So. If n G and arm, Mr deep. Projects 13. Okay, so how did that go. So question about the columns so let's. So columns change there but. I don't think they change. Maybe a bit. We can't drag them out to be any bigger they're not controllable. Make the window bigger than they can go bigger. yeah so it'd be not a bad thing to be able to close down the other column to just have the main window. That would be a helpful thing. Okay, so. You see if I can just update this. will take out. I just leave names. In the final version for analyse, you can know which group you're in. Okay, so there's that. Okay, can everybody see that.
    • Yes, sure okay.
    • So we do a breakout room with the project groups. I didn't say that everybody. So i'm going to create 13 breakout rooms and then. And then pick them from the list of. What project group list. let's get that back up. Okay. Does that make sense, what i'm asking you to do.
    • Just joining your assignment group I mean if i'm 11 I turn number.
    • record from.
    • Thanks for today have a good day and we'll see you Wednesday.
    • Thank you, Professor.
    • Thank you.
    • you're welcome Professor. Well i've seen more people. The first time today. The cameras on that's nice to see. All right, we'll take care, have a good day.
    • Thank you so much for.
    • Having me Professor. Thank you.
    • Thank you.
    • Thank you for cooperating to make two groups.
    • Sam do you have a question.

    Zoom Chat Transcript

    • Gd afternoon guys
    • Good Afternoon
    • Good Afternoon
    • goodafternoon
    • prof
    • not to bad
    • not bad
    • wbu?
    • Student password
    • participating in the study:
    • Hey everyone, Could someone share the password please
    • Student password
    • Thank you
    • Zakiyyah, Sandeep, Jeffrey and Harpreet
    • Sahil, Harsh, Prerak, Rushi
    • our group is also there and its correct…thnx
    • Rahila
    • Lakshmi, Tejal, Peter, Shreyans
    • Ibrahim adogba, Martian Yadkoo, Michel Elkerton, Hongyu Chen.
    • I still need a group.
    • Amish, Ketul, Smith
    • I am looking for a group. if your group is not full please contact me
    • Thanks :)
    • Thank you.
    • Rahila
    • why is the search below
    • search bar
    • option to select multiple users?
    • Abbas (
    • Usually added members are on the right so this might confuse people
    • For the thinking part: Why do students show up, if they are already apart of another group? Once they are selected, the should be dropped from the list.
    • Also for thinking: Drag and Drop between lists would be a better user experience.
    • Abbas (, Nima Dehmirahmadi(, Nazmul (
    • Does the columns increase in size when you close the drop down menu on the left hand side?
    • yes
    • let’s do a breakout wth project groups…
    • project group list
    • thank u
    • Thank you professor
    • thanks
    • Thanks for today. Take care. See you Wednesday.


    The most important thing that I encountered:

    • discussed about group project
    • Thanks for separating us into groups.. can you make sure the marks are awarded appropriately so that we can all get a decent score.
    • In today's meeting, we discussed the group project and assigned team members。
    • We discussed what improvements could be made when new groups are added on UR courses by selecting students individually.
    • Today we talked anout UR course ( moodle) group and grouping interface. I did mot like this interface very much. Later project groups were formed for students left oit. Lecture was ended by breakout rooms (project group)
    • We made group for the project and talked about the design of adding member to the group on UR Courses.
    • In today's class, professor created 13 groups for project in the UR courses and he also discussed about the redesign opportunities regarding the group creation interface in the UR courses.
    • Forming groups. empathy map of UoR courses for assigning groups.
    • It was good to see the UR Courses interface of making groups and from today, my group members and I will be discussing on the group project
    • Clarity on project group
    • In today class Dr. Hepting talked about the group project and some of the functionalities on UR Cources and in the breakout room we discussed about that we will do for our project
    • In todays lecture, we have discussed about the project groups and project assignment.
    • The most important thing that I learned was my group project partners. I finally had my group decided and we are excited to start working on our project.
    • The talk about the adding students to groups UI for courses was intriguing. I feel like a lot more design improvement could be done which would make it easier for the professor to use.
    • Today we talked about the design interface of creating groups for project in UR Courses. We get to know about some idea how to improve the interface and lastly we had a breakout rooms for our project groups.
    • We looked at making groups in urcourses
    • URCourses groups creating interface and discussion about the group project.
    • In this meeting, the professor allot the project groups to students.
    • We were assigned groups in the class.
    • Today we have separated by the project groups and discussed in breakout e
    • In Todays we discussed about how Grouping activity in URCources or Moodle works and discussed about Redesign point on it can be improved and also discussed about Empathy map on that
    • Today we learned that our groups have been finalized, and some people got added to their own group. We can finally begin our project work.
    • In this meeting, Dr, Hepting Assigned our projects group which is a great way to build teams and share knowledge among peers. Communication as a team is very beneficial to build and gather new and strong ideas.

    The thing about which I would most like to know more:

    • Today we met with Sebastian gomes and he shared with us about the research and encouraged us to part in it. So I would like to more about it.
    • In today’s meeting, groups were assigned by professor for the project assignment .We also did a little discussion about our project in the breakout room at the end
    • In today’s class, there was just group assigned activity by professor . And also a little Discussion about project assignment in breakout room.
    • In this session, we made our groups and we talked about our group projects.
    • For today meeting we talked about how we can cerate empathy map for the class project. I like to choose our target interface soon and extract empathy map for that.
    • How many empathy maps are required for a group of three?
    • We had a breakout out room discussion where we discussed about the group assignment that we have to do. We spoke about the empathy maps, the activities that we can add, problems about the websites. We still have few doubts from the assignment so would like to know more about the assignment and solve our doubts.


    Link to the UR Courses wiki page for this meeting