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  • SaskPower presentation


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • In this meeting we had two speakers from SaskPower who discussed about their interface design and how they use user-centered model to develop their design. It was interesting to know about their Digital Design Lab and also that they handle all of the production and distribution of electricity in Saskatchewan.
  • Today I have learned about saskpower 's Digital testing lab and their testing techniques for different users and employees. Users are able to take a survey and share experience, so that based on their data, the authority can take measures to improve the user interface of their website so that they can provide a useful and user friendly interface.
  • Todays lecture was interesting as we had a seminar from Saskpower people and also came to know how important a customer feedback is. Also came to know how the design of an application is important.
  • It was interesting to see that SaskPower used the same accessibility site and resources I did for the lab pages. I did not know about Hemmingway, which is a shame since it seemed useful. The most interesting thing I learned was the click test, and the format of the click tree. I have never seen how this test was actually formatted before.
  • I thought the SaskPower presentation today was quite interesting. I thought it was especially interesting to see how important incorporating user feedback was to designing a good interface. As an interface will be used by many people, it should be easy to use for people of all education backgrounds.
  • SaskPower's structure is vastly different than the structure in the US. It is interesting that SaskPower covers all parts of the power process from generation to delivery to the final consumer
  • Today we have presentation from “SaskPower” that to guys talked about it. They talked about how/what we test,open card sort,help us build better.
  • Todays Class taught me to prioritize customer experience in terms of the W3C criteria and general enhancements to edify the experience of the general audience, by simplifying the displayed content as well. More importantly, feedback from users is required in terms of minor fixes, additional features, etc. However, certain downsides to acting on the basis of customer feedback also exist as customers don’t always know what they want and might have unrealistic expectations that’s managed by democratic decision
  • Today we had gue
  • The most important thing I learned today is that some of the customers’ feedback might not be good for us, or at least should not be implemented. Firstly, the customer does not always know what he wants. Secondly, the practicality of a suggestion might not always work, and we must keep that in mind. Lastly, user interface principles can sometimes produce an outcome that is more satisfactory than what the customer originally asked for.
  • The people from SaskPower showed us how their Design digital lab is completely based on customer feedback. They showed us how they send our questions to the users and taken in their feedback in order to make important design choices for their website. This shows how much customer interaction and feedback is necessary for website design interface in the real world.
  • The Digital Data Lab from sask power explained their user testing that they do to improve usability and accessibility. I enjoyed that Casey uses colour filters on her laptop to look through “different eyes” at their work.
  • Today we learnt about the Digital Design Lab, where two Representatives from SaskPower performed a presentation on why and how the Digital Design Lab has helped them Digitally to interact and understand their customer. From their needs to their preferences over the SaskPower website as well as different examples and prove that the DDL has been a success which they started back in 2019 during Covid-19.
  • The importance of unit testing. Today's class had a presentation from SaskPower with the digital design lab. One of the most intresting things I took from the presentation was learning new unit tests I wasn't familar with. They touched on color-blind test, click test, and tree test. When doing tests i've always concerned purely based on the what side of logic of "what am I trying to achieve" and not on the "who" or "why" one is trying to achieve something which the presentation opened my eyes too.
  • Today we had a guest presentation from Sask Power. The most interesting thing I learned is that instead of using the engineering/business model to develop their interface, they use a User-centered model instead. It was also interesting to note that Sask Power handles almost all of the production and distribution of electricity in Saskatchewan.
  • Lecture of Saskapower
  • Saskpower presentation was good...learned about the designing concepts and how to make website interactive. I will be using this technique for my project.
  • The most important thing that I learned today was about the Digital Design Lab presentation from the Saskpower team. They have covered some topics that are relevant in class like the process the designing and incorporating that according to customer's reaction and opinions by doing some tests with users.
  • Saskpower presenters explained us how digital labs works. They send emails to their subscribers to test their websites In terms of UI/UX and get their views on positives and negatives. Then based on the reviews, the right changes are made to the website to get the ultimate customer satisfaction.
  • It was interesting to see how materials learned in the classroom are applied in real life job settings such as usability and accessbility. It was interesting to learn about data protection as well like securing customer email list and contact information from ads and spam. Different tests such as tree test, closed card sort, and open card sort used in restructuring of the menu were helpful in demonstrating what kind of proceses are involved in redesign of interfaces.
  • Presentation about Sask power
  • Two Saskpower representatives were present at this meeting to explain the user interface design process and how it is carried out. They discussed how they work, how they test in user interface design and the importance of details during this meeting. They concluded the meeting by responding to the student's questions.
  • Today I learned usability, accessibilty, customer feedback and how saskpower digital lab takes into account for UX and its' branding. It encourages me to dive into UXD and HCI in the future.
  • We learned about DDL (Disign Digital Lab). Chad and Casey talked about why feedback and testing is so important. It helps to improve customer satisfaction and also user's feedback helps to improve satisfaction as well. It is perfect to test with customers and improve after that more and more. Tree test and Click test that indicate how people to do things to be successful and they could find them easily. They categorized the information in their website to be more user friendly.
  • Today we had guest speaker from Saskpower. We learnt about the importance of user feedback on websites. I would like to learn mire how web interfaces can be more improved.
  • Todays presentation gave me a new ideas, that could be included in project.
  • I learned today related to digital lab in Saskpower
  • Today I pleasure listening to guest speaker from saskpower and learnt importance of how much important it is to take client or customers feedback or suggestion and how much it could help to make our website user friendly
  • Today we had a guest lecture. We learned about how big companies test their model and use their customer’s comment to enhance their webpage and services.
  • The most important thing I learned was about Sask Power, and we had two guests from Sask Power present well all key points about it, including how power is produced from various sources, how they design website for easier user communication, how many people work there, and the number of ways there are to test it.
  • Dear Prof. Hepting. Today we had people from SaskTel and they talked about their interface design and the things they have done to improve their users experience.
  • Today it was a good session delivered by the guests from SaskPower. I got to understand how businesses have to focus on User interface (on their websites) and provide good user experience. Also, they are taking into account all the feedbacks from users so that they can improve their services towards them. I also liked their Digital Design Lab implementation and purpose behind it.
  • Today we listened to a presentation on saskpower
  • representatives of saskpower came and described their company and descibed how customer experience and feedback could be imprived on their website using serveys and user actions.
  • About Saskpower's functionality, how it creates and interacts with its users and also the testing methods that are being used by big companies. And how data from user and their feedback is is being empowered in generating better website designs.
  • The SaskPower is a better company then expected.
  • The most important thing I learned about digital design lab today is when they do a survey the users who participate are anonymous and they consider their feedback if they are positive and also the once that are related to survey only. Doing this will enhance the experience of developers and knowing what they could do.
  • In this class, we continued to discuss relevant knowledge points and discussed the completion of homework in our group

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • Today saskpower employees gives a brief explanation about their company. They share their experiences about the company and also give chance to students to ask question. I would like to attend more presentations of other companies like this so that I came to know more about that company.
  • In todays meeting we had a guest from Saskpower who talked about the Design Lab where they take valuable feedback from their customers and then implement the changes based on that. Some of the method that they discussed are Closed Card Shorts and Ipen Card Shorts, Tree tests, Click Tests and also shared some industrial information of using "Second proof" for viewing where they stand in comparison to other websites.
  • Today saskpower representative present slide shows about their organization.
  • I found interesting about how the team from Saskpower to evaluate their website, also the idea of how they design their website gives me inspirations which we can use different types of forms to display the interface, such as buttons, images to make our website more diverse.
  • I would love to learn more in details about Saskpower's digital media
  • Today's class was about Digital Design Lab, and I must admit that it was really interesting, getting to know the insights of how it actually operates. The thing that interested me the most was how Saskpower is taking the concept of color blindness into consideration by paying attention towards to customer feedback and making the required amendments. I also like that way Chad at the end of the presentation asked us to apply for jobs in the near future as it as tons of opportunities and is a great place.
  • Saskpower careers for the future
  • It was intersting to know how Saskpower does their testing of UI. I also enrolled in their DDL Program for testing.
  • About attendance efficiency
  • Today, we had guest speakers come in from SaskPower and talk about their Design Lab, where they take feedback from their customers and see if there are some changes worth implementing. They also talked about different types of tests and mentioned about "Second Proof" which is used for comparing their website with other websites and see where they stand. I would like to know more about the Closed and Open Card Shorts that they mentioned today.


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