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  • be producing more stuff like something related outside or, or doesn't have to be like a base in my lobby point to have. So if it's like, for example, giving people access to cell doesn't have to be like sending like a friend request on Facebook, where does it have to be something basic like sending well,
  • so it could be it could be both, I guess, if you're the group you're working with, is familiar with Facebook and then they can take they can transfer their interactions with Facebook into this new interface. I think that's appropriate to do during
  • the break so you will so we just had this discussion about the due dates seven zero for the seventh option after break just forget about the project. Okay, so I'm okay as making the seven.
  • extremely generous
  • So, in the first part we are each one of us have specific activities. So now the second topic only focuses on activity.
  • Yes. Focus on one activity and one user so if you had more than one user, okay, yes. Okay, so I want you to think of two different two metaphors two different metaphors to address the issue.
  • So you have this activity that say well so the example we just had, this is like sending a friend request on Facebook. Okay, so based on sending a friend request on Facebook, that comes up as one one interface and how the steps so the way the screen through our controls are organized with supports metaphor. Then I'm asking you for a second metaphor and I might be moving sending an RSVP and
  • sending some sort of physical invitation
  • so there's, that's a different process. So then the interface design, the paper and pencil sketch to the interface design is going to be different because what's involved in the other metaphor the sending physical invitations in the mail and
  • so you have two different metaphors. And so you want to express them in the face and see how to interface design carries through with those metaphors that help?
  • Can there be a lot of users? I think every or any application will realistically have enough activities to have a distinct activity, but I can select from my group. I think there's only two users we have. So we have different activities with the same user.
  • Focus on one I suppose the wind ematic activity. Certainly there may be a little there might be a couple of steps involved in that. So I just want you to focus on one one area the interface so you're not doing read theater face but vertical slice Oh,
  • maybe I misunderstood. I thought that each group member had to do a different activity for different users. So we're all doing the same.
  • Yes,
  • just because the first group assignment had us laying out
  • I know what the first group assignment sorry. So I'm asking you to come together as a group and say so think about what each did individually together and say let's focus on this activity with this user.
  • So fluorophores are gonna focus on only one activity and are like, for separately for
  • That's correct. Order
  • to building the interface, should we stay away from functional or functional requirements to the website? Or are like part of our solution and that sort of functional thing? Or is it just we're focusing on improving with the functionality bits?
  • So I would say the idea is to think about what the user wants to accomplish. So if the user wants to invite friends are set to set up dates in the calendar or register for a course or whatever the case is, think about what they'd like to do and then so what supports that. So the interface so if we take up a metaphor and maybe in that metaphor to realize that metaphor then we get
  • I realized what it's missing. I don't have a microphone. I mean, people cannot hear me at all in the back.
  • Well, you're not in the back. They can't hear you. They can't answer your questions. That's true.
  • Some people commented at the mic doesn't work anyway. I think I think it does pretty well. Testing testing. Now that front row can hear me so it's not a question of I guess we want to take follower the metaphor leads you sort of get involved in a post structuring things a different way now application that's fine.
  • So for like, for example, on a desktop, or Windows, let's say on a file and dragging, sort of metaphor, but if it but it's a new functionality, so if the interface doesn't happen, we can suggest because I help
  • Well, I would say, I mean, you just you don't have to write code to support it. So just say your and you can drag so we can set things up. So it looks like you can drag and drop things on the interface that likely that's what these are going to do with it. So at this stage, that would be fine. To do. Does that make sense? Everyone?
  • Hello So this part doesn't require any years of HTML, CSS, right?
  • That's correct. So the idea of designing the interface is well, we don't want to keep our options open for a while anyway.
  • generate some ideas and get some feedback from people. So that's why it's useful to have to show people and say, you know, ask them what what do they want to say? Is this something that could help you accomplish your tasks? No, that's not at all what? I don't understand this. Because they don't like Facebook. I don't like Facebook after every time I try and post something there. The interface has changed since the last time I've done it. And it gets more difficult so so I wanted to post something. And then in a public spot where I could share the link to it. Well, Facebook could do it. So let me do the whole document of all. So a few other places I tried. It said Oh 2000 characters, that's the maximum. So that was it was longer than 2000 characters you might want to sound so Facebook living put them all in but then I couldn't generate a URL to share with anybody.
  • or so. That's not true. I could find out a way to get the Facebook interface to show up the content but then it was a URL that was like this long and replace posting and I couldn't add HTML to hide the link. So leaving leaving this mesh text on the page is not a good solution. So anyway, I digress a little bit. So these are the things that people might you ask people. So this is what you get if you ask people what they want or what you might hear what they don't like, and be able to tease out some things they want from their stories about what they don't like buggy interface. At present.
  • Anyway so Posties I think I did yeah. So, and these two two metaphors that I'd like you to start exploring with
  • in the interface that they should be different. Maybe not like environments like inviting somebody by calling them on the phone, or it's like inviting them by sending them an invitation in the mail. That might be a little bit too close. So like he
  • points for caveman themed analogies.
  • I wouldn't say bonus points. You get, I would say you get rewarded for applicable metaphors that maybe aren't obvious so I just encourage you to think about it to brainstorm some ideas or different ways to present the interface. So brainstorm two different metaphors that lead to different fidelity prototypes. So the idea of doing this starting out with paper and pencil pro thanks. Guess if you can't draw straight lines any other way. You might use a sketch program but the more you do things in a formal more formalized way, or more presentable way the more attachment you have. The comment is going to make about designing. You want to spend an appropriate amount of time and beginning to generate ideas and to be okay with it. We okay with pursuing wacky ideas a little bit. They seem to have some payoff. So the idea is that once you if you do this phase with low fidelity prototypes and you do sketches and conversations about those sketches, then you have a very much better idea about how to proceed. And then as you proceed further along in terms of describing interface components and making them more making higher fidelity prototypes and maybe writing some code along the way, the class to make changes. As you get further down that path is going to increase substantially. So the time to generate ideas is the beginning. When you're just dealing with erasing pencil marks on a page and trying again. Does that make sense? Okay. So we want to illustrate just like to say. She might have different paid if it's a website, you might have different pages on the website to show them the first page and say you log in
  • or imagine you're here and then you give them the same one. This isn't this assignment. It's next assignment. We'll do some testing.
  • You won't have to configure the activity in terms of some details like you're going to register for classes in winter, or sell your car or something. So a particular car imagine you have this car I have a car so you make it specific but then you go through the steps and so it's not just one screen you're doing but so that depending on where they press where they say they would press, press that button goes to another screen to show their sketch. Does that make sense?
  • So, they may not be just a single a single drive you have to represent each interface there might be a series that is illustrates the flow. of the interaction. So like a storyboard and that's not a bad way to think about it. But as you're letting the user build their own adventure, it's not like you're mapping everything out. So here's a choice. At the screen, here's a choice and they can do this or that they choose this one, then we'll follow this path and story
  • together then we'll do that I'd say if you're designing if you're thinking about to operate in a certain way, then you can cut off some of those branches.
  • Say oh, this could be a given a secure I mean you don't I'm saying so I said vertical slice.
  • So it means following it from first screen to the goal completion. So it makes sense okay. Sounds let's go back to our discussion. of the Gulf of execution and evaluation.
  • So are designing an interface What are how can we think about design? How can you label this diagram with a focus on design?
  • Yes, the two words that start with I interaction Have you remember to try and find fifth slot in the index textbook. It's you I won't forget what your question Did anyone luckily index actually.
  • I spent all my working class
  • Okay, so we have one textbook. So until we were looking through the index so let me know if you find Fitts Law by the end of class. require a password Okay, I'll fix that. That's not what I did a spelling error like I said, What? No
  • TTS Yeah. Okay, I'm less concerned about where it is in the textbook.
  • Okay. So do you see the index in your in your PDF version? So how do you it's not it isn't the index subtitle Yeah. So the index is that yeah, so that's a way it's it's not not not. Not organized. I think it should be organized. Because it's not under f. It's under some have a sub turret. Cultural affiliation. Yeah. So if you're looking for fifth slot, the index is not going to help you. Unless you'd like to read the index of attack. of the textbook from front to back.
  • Next 16
  • Okay, so how I'll let you maybe make notes about your discoveries in in the wiki page
  • just calculating sets
  • well, you can so I guess what I'm interested in discussing is is it is the index tool to help you find that term. And maybe, where would you put it? How would you class how would you write the index? So that you could find Fitts Law more easily? My two factor authentication request was not Oh, I didn't even put this on. So has the option to send me a push. The first time around it didn't. I didn't answer it quickly enough. So I asked them to push me again. Okay, so that should be set now. All right so just have to go to if you just go there and pick the highest available standards.
  • You don't even have to know that explains a lot
  • okay so whereas fits a lot in in our diagram which have presented
  • so information design was about so, we'll talk about this more mundane but it's like crystal so for organizing things so we can use things like proximity this also relates a little bit Phitsanulok in the sense that they want to put controls the better doors in a window so we're not going to hit slide says. Before we started here interacting over here, and then we wanted to do we have the button to click on the target to click over here.
  • Not so good. But then if we're interacting over here again. Then maybe our target is here and it's bigger. And it's part of the
  • similar things that we'd like to do, which we'd like to refer, when you're interacting are grouped together and target and we need to hit based on their interaction here is close by. So there's also an element of proximity there.
  • Okay. See, we're almost out of time here. Any questions or concerns?
  • One of the things is like the time to move the planet to target
  • was looking to be impacted by this.
  • Yeah, I guess that's an additional concern, but this one just talking about the placement of it starting point to retarget. So the time it takes to do now depends on the distance and the size of the target. So if its target is close, and it's large, we'll be able to get that more quickly than if it's far away and small
  • and under other combinations there. That make sense. Okay, so continue with this on Friday. On Friday, when we have a good weekend. Thank you. Yes, we do. So thanks you I didn't remember
  • that earlier today.
  • source where the game coming talking about dream mapping anyway, thanks for the reminder Have a great weekend. See you Monday.
  • I've been doing a Girls CODE thing for the Science Center. We just started a new session on Monday. And it's for girls 11 through 16. But I used for your binary number guessing game thing I noticed that the one that I used was actually published by you, which was quite fun. Oh, good. But they all looked at, oh, they thought that was magic. And then I taught them about binary numbers.
  • Great. It's a good one. So there we had to do the exam for freshmen Robert de fer for high school computer science teachers.
  • Great. It's a good one. So there we had to do the exam for freshmen Robert de fer for high school computer science teachers.


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