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Zoom Audio Transcript

  • Good afternoon. In Regina anyway. how's everyone doing today. Good so I apologize. I didn't give you notice. about my office hours this morning for. wasn't available for them excited dentist appointment. And I survived. Okay, and have you available for an office hour after our meeting now. In case you're interested in doing that. So what what's the local time where you are. Here it's 1pm in the afternoon.
  • In India, and that is 30 am it is midnight.
  • it's 8pm here. In Nigeria is 8pm.
  • Okay.
  • Okay, Nice. Oh alright. Thank you for. Staying up late. we're getting up early. anyway. So let me share my screen. and Here you can see. Your courses page. i'm still. Doing bit of work on this, I apologize for the delay. But. A few problems so. They didn't put in the right path here. i'll fix that up. sure that I updated these things. quickly here. And then we'll get into our. i'm curious to know how the discussion went on last day. breakout rooms. In trying to. figure out what happened here. So. candid sorted out. So if everyone can record your attendance i'd appreciate that. Because we're. gonna have 27 students. In the class, but we. just want to make sure everyone's. Connected here. I haven't done this yet so encourage you sound you have done this. last day about renaming yourself in zoom. So the name you'd like me to me and other students in class to call you. Well, by your you China email ID. So don't don't need the whole email address that you but that's. Your ID. For the email. So I see vitamin D is posted about discord server. i'm not sure. Well, you can certainly do what you like i'm not sure the. value of having that as an additional communications channel for the class, but I appreciate your. your input on that. New class. So they find their class group. is working on last day. here's a listing with everyone's. names. So i've added it oh I didn't edit completely. Remove student numbers. I missed one or two. They fix that right now.
  • hey.
  • Okay, so ricky the meetings. indicated here.
  • hey.
  • So. This one should be. Okay. Okay, let me try new share. Is that continue, can you see my screen now. basis. Okay, so. Just a comment, please don't send me direct messages in the chat because then i'm. Then I get i'm stuck in the default Dennis for me to reply to you, and then I have to reset it to everyone in the meeting. Okay, so, while we're on. let's go back to the meeting here. Page for the meeting for last day. Okay, so. I invite. For groups, we have. To fill in the details of their own discussion for the breakout rooms. From last day. Another page here. Create that page. And then, I have a link here from from moodle that is maybe a good starting point for using the wiki. Okay. So it gives you a little bit of an idea of how he is working in moodle. Only people have used a wiki before. But some do some reactions. or hands up how's that. ends up her easy for me to see you and on my relatively small screen. Okay, so this is kind of where I thought we'd be. No earlier. But here's the transcript from last meeting. They can go to the responses as well, so there were four responses. So this can be. sort of raw materials for editing the wiki page. Okay, so. So know the transcript is done. With zoom it's automatic it's using. Its a company called otter And it does a pretty good job with the transcript so. So I get recordings so i'm recording the meetings and then I get. The audio transcript and the chat transcript and then I. Have a little script to process them so that everybody aside for me. Who makes a contribution to the meeting. gets their own. It like. Certified and then. ooh excuse me i'm. So you can tell who are 60 minutes here, I should add, Edit this. So I don't want to give away your details. I don't want to. it's not on the public website, yet this is only on my laptop right now. But i'll get it fixed up and. Anyway, so the ideas i'm going to. and give everyone. Some I will appear as D H h. And then everyone else. will be an. S, followed by a number. So I process them and then I. And then I. Then have this template that gets filled in so i'm using. A static website generated called jackal. it's written in Ruby. Does anyone have familiar Is anyone familiar with jackal.
  • Okay.
  • So one person anyone else. I see no. So I noticed that bootstrap so i've got bootstrap and i've updated to version 5.02. And I see that in bootstrap five they've updated. From. From jacko for their documentation to Hugo. So is it worth switching to you go. So the thing that happened over the holidays was. You know, keep that in mind. we've got to get. This working in on. i'm gonna fix up my version and juggle before maybe have migrated to something else over the summer. So what happened over this over the break was. It became clear that shows doing. is using travis ci. To to run a test and deploy the website. But then I. ran to the fine print word said. They had switched over to a commercial website commercial. Paid account and they given a given me a certain number of credits. And so the fine print was that I ran out of the credits and now. I was good. So that was interesting situation, I was. thinking that I could get around it. By issuing some commands myself instead of. uncoordinated. By the service and so. So I can do it myself. Excuse me again. I can. can do the deployment myself. But there are occasionally times when I might break it. The past couple days I broken in a few times. So keep working on. Adapting a new process to make this little easier. Okay. So here we are, for meeting to and. When it is. No, so no I don't mind visit a on my saying that. Okay. It. Okay, thanks. So i'm just thinking.
  • About.
  • What we've discussed what comes up in class our class discussions, so we have a record and. a place where we can add. And all add things as well. So. What we've done what was covered in the class was came up in breakout discussions. and so on. So. it's based on. On what we do so just. Creating a shared copy of notes about our discussion for the day does that make sense. So I had a screenshot from the whiteboard leading into our breakout room. From last day, but now I. misplaced it. So I wanted to just show you this other link here. Oh, I didn't put. It in create another. respond to meetings. So I can show i'll show you the detail that. Interesting or the peculiarities of the interface and moodle. or your courses. So it's a lot of. clicking with the mouse. So now i'm sending it to. be available after our meeting today until midnight. Local time for me. So now, the response. is available, we will be available for you to complete once it gets. into our meeting is finished here. So an interesting thing about the interface. So I can specify for today. And if you can see. The the URL with the arguments here. So the course. Number here is. Pretty pretty. main course the instance of the. For CS 730 class in 2022 winter semester. But then the time. Is. A little bit confusing. So how many people recognize. This number as number of seconds since January 1 1970. until January 13 2022. So yeah so it's a unix timestamp. who's. it's not. Immediately I can't. At least I can't do this and I don't know who can maybe there are people who can do this and. create a timestamp. it's in the right. range. For. January 13th or January. 18 and so on. So. So now, I have a script to do this. and create this link, so that each day is correct. So regarding the wiki. Falling and question. So yeah. To the group assign to the wiki page is going to take the lead on editing as they don't have to. Do all of it. And, especially in the case where we have a breakout activity. than the individual groups for the breakout. In the. classroom groups which correspond to the breakout rooms. So. For meeting one. group one was doing the wiki so that still use the opportunity for groups. two, three and four. To post about their breakout room discussion. Does that make sense. Is that clear. Okay well. If it's not clear. We can. Well we'll discuss it until then we'll work out work on it till. yeah. Some clarity or something that works for us okay. So I wanted to go to the class or to. The text. website here. So. i'm not complete this website. But it has some. As some good stuff in here, I think. Okay, so if.
  • you're.
  • gonna paste this. Welcome To core. So if you're still working on getting access to. A copy of the book. Let me add this. link here. We can access PowerPoint. presentation. So I believe there's a PDF. version available as well. So in addition to looking at materials for Chapter one. here's another link to review. For our next meeting. So. And i've been having some computer problems. Today, and if you can hear the fan running. And just. just put me behind. So I haven't quite got all the details. For the syllabus sorted out yet. But I will post them this week by the end of tomorrow. And i'll send a note. To the. announced announcements forum. When that's available. So one thing about good and poor design with zoom is. Sometimes it works to Double Click on something to start it. Other times. Because. Well, I have to go to the more menu to hide name is Anna taters. So you can. annotate. annotate the whiteboard screen. But for now. Okay, so breakout rooms are open now. So remember if you're in group class work group one. Join breakout Room one. Is group class work group to break over to last work group three rooms three. password group for breakout room Paco room for. And if you have any problems. Let me know. If you have trouble getting of the main room. Let me know and all. I can't help. Okay, so for those who come back.
  • So we only had like two people there. Because a short discussion.
  • Okay. Now let me bring everybody else back. And then we can discuss the results. getting into your breakout room was okay.
  • um I just lived the meeting altogether then just.
  • No, but when you started.
  • yeah it was just okay okay.
  • Oh so together the breakout room. You you left the meeting and came back in that.
  • job.
  • Okay.
  • I thought it was possible to leave the breakout room without.
  • Probably. Probably there must be a button, but I see that, so another example of design it gets.
  • yeah so. that'd be something to. takes maybe take some. Pictures screenshots and. I mean soon, so we can document what's going on and. document our frustrations with poor design. Because what I think what happens in in zoom is that the different clients have quite different interfaces. And they have maybe have different capabilities and it's difficult to. You give one. suggestion on how to do a certain thing without knowing the client. you're in. And they. Also update. The clients get updated periodically and maybe not everybody is checking for updates and so. Even within the same client, then there might be a number of variations, based on the version number. I know I have to just updated so. A few things who different. Anyway, so I guess anyone who's who's coming back has come back. Gemma good discussion. So I encourage each of the four groups. To add a bit about their breakout room. Discussion discussions to the wiki. So we're out of time today. So. i'll say goodbye and wish you. A good weekend. and see you on Tuesday. And if you have questions i've got an office hour, starting in a few minutes. it's a different zoom coordinate but it's on the web on the your courses webpage. and Thank you for today and look forward to. Continuing our class on Tuesday. And please have a look at those links. Chapter one in a textbook and. Other Chapter one and. encyclopedia. Okay, and we'll. go on from there on Tuesday thanks again take care. bye.
  • bye Thank you.
  • you're welcome. Have a good weekend.
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you.
  • Okay.
  • i'm gonna.
  • say goodbye unless time and thanks again.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • 1:04 AM in Bangladesh
  • 1:04 in Vietnam
  • 00:35 am (India)
  • 8:05pm Nigeria
  • its 12 in the morning here in india
  • 2:04 in Vietnam
  • Sir,todays attendance password ?
  • Student password
  • Done sir
  • Hello classmates join the discord server
  • I can not see your screen of computer
  • YUP
  • It is visible
  • yes
  • yes
  • Used wiki before
  • Is the transcript auto-generated? Or someone wrote it?
  • yes
  • Love it. Nowadays I Use Hugo.
  • yes
  • It’s faster than Jekyll
  • Hope you don’t mind me asking this, if you could tell us again what you want us to write in the wiki apart from break out room discussion that’d be great. I understand you want us to add images, links that come up in the meeting.
  • yes
  • One more question regarding the wiki. I can see meeting 1 is assigned to group 1. Do you want other groups to add their break out discussion notes to meeting 1 as well?
  • Unix timestamp
  • yes
  • I think so
  • Breakout: discuss the difference between good and poor interaction design.
  • If it's not too much asking, can you please increase the meeting response deadline to 12 more hours? Because in the morning we don't have enough time to respond to that unless we submit it right after the class.
  • Yes
  • thank you
  • thanks
  • thank you


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • The most important thing i learned today was what makes up a good interaction design, i learnt this during the break out session. Which are smooth use, ease of use, user experience, colour, flow, interaction with the application must be seamless to the user.
  • i learnt what a good interaction design should be like
  • I came to know about wiki and How to work with wiki.
  • The most important thing that I learned today was the working of wiki.
  • I have learned about UR Courses, Wiki & Interaction Design Introduction.

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • The things need to be done like { what to write on wiki and the discussion we do in breakout room need to be write somewhere}. It becomes a bit confusing.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • FOR FIRST Section Iam very interested in this lesson. The most main thing is that about HTML.It was very excellent subject .I try to learn it so much. The most hard thing for me is about programming .it is very difficult for me.programming is very important for mthe main thing is that about web site design .the hard thing is that about navigation .last part i would learn about the differeces between good and poor interaction.I think good design is very easy to navigate and simple .
  • I would want to dive deep into WIKI, I haven't used it before so still find it little difficult to understand.
  • The meeting was excellent and the best part was discussion with the fellow ones in the meeting itself.
  • Thank you for the class meeting 2.
  • Today we get to discuss the difference between good and poor interaction design. Also, we discussed how inconsistency could result in poor interaction design. I would like to know more about the differences between good and poor interaction design in future meetings.
  • it was indeed a informative session. I am very engaged to designing part and was so curious at the last part when you introduced us with the interaction design and a book. it would be great for us if we have some extra session for the same .
  • I was unfamiliar with wiki earlier, but in today's session, I understood a few basics of it which will definitely help me improve my skills and knowledge towards wiki.


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