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Gulfs of Execution and Evaluation

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    • Hello. How you doing today. When the here going in the room, I men, and it was just a little bit too much. not sure where that is the noise i'm not sure what's coming from one of you. or. From something i'm doing here anyway. Okay, so. we're a Tuesday again or. There abouts. So let's do our attendance. First of all. I realized not sharing my screen yet. So. So we talked a little bit of mental models last day. So this is a figure it's on page 126 of. sharp at all. So I thought this was. A good example. of how we might get the wrong. Mental model of. An interface. So, first in the article, the person is. Here, actually, let me. send to our chat. So the figure on the left. is the one that. cause problems for the person so it's the windows. 10 I believe. So they've been talking about. How everything seemed to be. Fine, and the interface so looking at the screen on the left. What can you observe about. display there. Or how do you understand the display on the left. Can you understand that this plan left as. Being. is indicating everything's fine that should should be set up to work. So question makes sense. So is this is. This is the way the screen looks now and. If you're using windows 10 or even windows 11. yeah that's interesting. So the common the chat I wish I could remember how I felt when I first. encountered this. user. Let me try it, let me not try. Because service. There is no try. or. As you would it says do or do not, there is no try. Let me share my whiteboard with you. i'm doing this as my trackpad so. it's either going to be better or worse, and I did it on the whiteboard it's a pen. Thank you. Much. So, at the moment i'm. I have the floating menu at the bottom of the screen and it doesn't. leave me enough space to see all the options here. just go. Okay, so. We can think of. The user, on one hand, giving commands to the computer. On the other hand. perceiving what's going on in the computer. and making sense of the current current state. Of the system. So you might also think about. This direction. we're talking about how. You might design the interaction. What kinds of things people will. You yeah people will do when using the computer to achieve their goals. And then. To facilitate. Examination of the computer screen. and evaluating it so we understand them present state. Then we can be concerned with the information design of the display. Let me see if I can switch back to. You know their screen, but so when I went. The purpose of storing this diagram was to. Think about how. We feel using an interface. If we run into problems and we're not having luck configuring. The software to do. To do what's required. So when we're having problems we're not often. we're not encouraged to think about this is. A bad piece of software, this is a bad design. We think of the problem being with us. So I mean the basis of. The of our interfaces. Why way we talk about. Human centered design. Is we're not. interested in. Somebody has your MIC on that's. that's okay. comments are welcome. i'm just gonna. Get everyone's MIC off. You can. turn it back on when, if you want to say something, but. seemed like that was on inadvertently. So you're let me okay. So, then, the idea of. Human centered design of interfaces. is to get around. Well it's the focus on how people are using it. So when people have problems. they're not for no reason. So we need to understand that and overcome. That even still there are lots of examples of interfaces that. are not well designed. So let's look at. let's focus again on the left one. So this is the displaying the settings. So. prone to add a bluetooth or other device. And click the plus sign that seems to be clear. So the label on on the plus sign indicates. What will happen if we activate the control. Okay, so here's an example of how so we're displaying the system status so. So what is going. So we interpret this label as. What will happen. So if we come down to the next item. there's a switch for bluetooth and it says off. The front interpret the label the same way. We realize to interpret the bluetooth or other device label. Then. flicking the switch. will turn it off. So. If. The interface is. Consistent between these two labels here. If I move into switch i'll turn bluetooth off. So that must mean that bluetooth is on. So one thing I observe now. Excuse me. Is what happened. If the bluetooth is off. Should I be able to add. A bluetooth or other device. So to me the plus sign looks active. So. My behavior isn't being constrained. So maybe we can think of. The interface well. Maybe that would help to put it up put the bluetooth above the other one. But what's another way, we could. enforce that if that. If we could enforce the constraint. That the bluetooth has to be turned on. In order to add the device. So oh try and do a live example with my computer, which is a MAC. macbook air. With. fairly recent version of MAC os. So the question is. As bluetooth needs to be turned on to add a bluetooth device. And if it's not turned on could we disable it as a selection. yeah so that. So from reading the problem. To get the person writing the author of this article. has gone to this screen situation and they're interpreting it as a bluetooth is on. So if they click. bluetooth to add a device and that enabled bluetooth. That seems like that would have solved the problem, maybe, maybe the automatic. If it automatically enables bluetooth. that's a.
    • and
    • A refinement or an improvement since this example was published. In 2018. So if. If we think about things in terms of. These controllers being abstract. elements. individual elements that can be. configured differently. Then again, situation where the display is. Presenting some. Some strange combinations. So we might even think about. settings okay. So does it make sense in windows here to. To group bluetooth with other kinds of devices. So in on the left hand screen. We might. may have a heading for bluetooth. And then maybe we have. Believe instead of most keyboard and pen. Have wired devices. So it's it seems a little bit more involved. To me. And just saying that the the label for the button. is not accurate. Because. On the right hand picture we see. The change if we slide. The switch from bluetooth to from. from left to right. You can see the change. In the color. And the change in the label So then, it makes sense. That that the switch is now in the on position in the right hand. side of the picture. So, then, the question is. So now discoverable it's desktop is Fr cl. So that that's, then the computer that's. discoverable s. Is that. Is that name. So it still doesn't say anything about the headphones that start out on this journey. Okay, so now i'm gonna. switch to sharing my desktop and then we'll go look to take a look at. What options, I have for bluetooth. Do I have a bluetooth device, it is impaired. just a minute i'll get a device, I think I know we're one is close by. that's not paired with. Well, I was mistaken I don't have on this. super handy but let's go through the. So those of you with windows 11 can you. Can you create a screenshot that looks like. The one in this post. Okay, anyway, so you should be able to see my whole screen now. So my bluetooth is on. So. users. ED three is a robot. So, like a robot jpl go to is the one that I was. looking for. I didn't think it was still connected here. And so speaker. And i'm not sure what the other one is the first one is headphones yeah okay. So if I turn bluetooth off. Okay. So when I click bluetooth preferences, it opens this. Okay, so I turn bluetooth on. The button says turn bluetooth off. i'm now discoverable is this is now my computer. Now. So in the window here doesn't say anything about the status. In in the. Systems preference menu here. So when I have both things open here they're not showing the same thing. So I might be a little. confusing. So switching bluetooth on or off. In the system preferences. doesn't seem to have as big an effect, as I would expect.
    • let's try that again.
    • So i'm getting an air. Trying to access that the. So this is windows 11 okay. yeah so that's. So here my screen is similar to yours, except for the dark theme. I know where those headphones are they're not in here so just give me a minute i'll try and. see if they have some power we can try to connect them and see what happens okay just give me a man. Okay. Here I am back again.
    • And I have my headphones.So i'm turning them on now.
    • connected.
    • Oh no it's disconnected.
    • me i'm gonna say London client. I wouldn't say that. it's clearly connected.
    • To me.anyway.
    • So does somebody have. You have a windows 11 computer and if you can. send a screenshot that would be nice as well. Whatever flavor of windows or Linux Sir. What else is there. Between MAC windows and Linux. booties and devices still. Have a broken it down a bit more. Most appears. Are the settings that i'm setting for the mouse.
    • The.
    • mouse is listed up here under devices and again. Down below. Anyway, so a son, do you find that this is a better setup these now. i'm not sure what version of. i'm going to show you another picture or not another picture sure. I didn't. Put the link to it. i'll put this up. No more public place in the. Later today. that's not. Okay, here it is. So this is taken seven years ago. I think it's. Well, was that zachary last time I was there, but this is the cafeteria in one of the buildings at the university. So. This is the self serve coffee station. Okay, I don't need to have the headphone on. Better again.
    • Okay.
    • So you can imagine, on the right. there's some comps. So you can see step one if you want to. add some sugar. step to add creamer milk step three is poor and enjoy, so the coffee for step three coffee or tea or whatever it is. Is is over to the left. They put the step three and to.
    • have them close by, I gather.that's what I understand this.
    • Is anyone seen something like just before. So please put your cup underneath. And let's say I want to get. So in Canada, we say often order from TIM hortons a double double.
    • Which means.
    • To sugar into to cream. So what. what's done here is the very the amount of suspense, based on the size of the Cup.
    • So.
    • If I have a large cups and I, and I want to double doubles and i'm going to press. This button the button under l. know me do I press him more than once, do you think. So in double sugar for a large cup then i'm going to press this button twice. Okay, so that seems straightforward. Now I move over here now, how do I. get to dispense two shots of cream, for a large Cup. So is it this kind of do the same thing is with the sugar. yeah so there's a button called double. Or you can even do triple. So I can select the coffee's the cup size in the first line, the second line, I can say. I want double or triple or single. And then i'm gonna have to select cream or milk. And then, it says press dispense. or cancel the start over. So you can't read dispense very much anymore, because people. No matter what kind of. order you have you're going to press that dispense button. And step four. So the other thing about the sugar that's not like the. Like the cream dispenser is. there's no label and extra small. So you're not getting creamer milk at the stage when you press cream or milk you're getting it you're just. Setting up the the system machine. And then it stopped for when you press the spence that's when something's being dispensed. Now, if you haven't had any coffee for the day. what's the chances of putting your cup under milk and pressing cream. And, and having selected cream. purchase a couple hundred cream and then set up to dispense milk. And in either case, you might end up with. A tray full. Day dairy. And I know it's this has happened to me and it's happened to other people and people working there when I asked about this it's it does happen fairly frequently. So is the sugar control, because only got one row buttons. That.
    • Is up.
    • Possibly a better interface, then the cream cream walk to Spencer here. So I understand why they're under. They have to separate tabs because. This is likely, a big bag of. ice cream, the big bag of milk that's in the cooler behind this panel. And the electronics here are centralized they don't have to duplicate so that makes it less expensive. Perhaps. So these are issues of. This is my mental model of how it. works. So I. Part i'm not sure about is what the mechanism. To do the dispensing. If there's a lot of wear and tear on the system. Maybe, as indicated by the press. dispenser Council. So don't think you're going to cancel. You can do steps 123 until you're satisfied. And then just press the buttons and stuff for. But I wonder whether. The Spencer for the cream in the milk is. more complicated or as some requirements.
    • We.
    • The goal is to only other. dispense once per Cup. So that's Why can set these different things about.
    • yeah so.
    • need to make it more clear. was in this configuration. Maybe step four could be. removed, so you press cream or milk. That does the dispensing.
    • And then, if you.
    • Left cream on the left hand side. and milk, as you move it over to the right hand side. That would be close to. be much closer to the things so if you're pressing the cream button. If you less likely to hold your cup under the milks about. If you press the milk button. In that case. you'd be less likely to be holding your cup under the cream spot.
    • I think.
    • they'll alternative would be if you make it like the sugar.
    • We have these buttons dispensing.
    • You have you don't need the display save some money there. just have a wrong buttons over cream or rural buttons over milk. And then it's pretty clear that if you press. These if you set up the labels, just like sugar the cup size underneath. That you that you're going to be even more clear about what happens. You can see how you have the consistency from the sugar dispenser to the milk and cream dispenser. And then you know much less electronics here to worry work. And maybe inserting a square you can just have a rectangle.
    • So these could be connected in the buttons.
    • Well i'm just i'm not sure what what the reason would be but. He needed to just make this one piece, you could just have a long strip here somewhere. And then the cup sizes.
    • For each milk and cream.
    • So I think the question being sure of a longer cream is difficult.
    • And so trips up some people.
    • Anyway, to me, this seems a bit like the on off switch for bluetooth.
    • let's see wrote a time.
    • Okay. So, was that a productive discussion today. i'll share the pictures well I guess the link, so you could see them directly, will.
    • try and put them under our media for today.And then.there's they will talk about the second more detail and.we'll go over some.
    • Some housekeeping things before we have our break so next week, we will have meetings.
    • So our next Tuesday meeting is march 1.So in two weeks from today.
    • Okay, thank you for your attention, take care stay well have a good day we'll see you on Thursday.
    • All the best.
    • office hour coming up in 10 minutes.
    • Anyone.Come visit okay bye.

    Zoom Chat Transcript

    • Hi sir.good morning
    • Good Morning....
    • good morning 🙂
    • Good morning ^^
    • good afternoon sir
    • Student password
    • i understand what you mean. but at this point i am kinda used to it.
    • i wish i could remember how i felt when i encountered it the first time.
    • Nice
    • i like Apple
    • i like Apple’s implementation of this toggle radio button. it doesn’t say on or off. They use the color green to represent “on” status rather than putting a label next to it.
    • Guess it will make more sense , If the on and off button is above the plus sign.
    • The “Add Bluetooth or other device” should be disabled when Bluetooth is Off.
    • When we click Add Bluetooth automatically enables Bluetooth.. what if this option is available only if Bluetooth is turned ON
    • Rather than providing 2 different options, It should be in single thread..
    • The WINDOWS 11 turns on the Bluetooth when adding a new device if its off, and the old devices show bluetooth turned off, this change is more clear now
    • There are a label for state and a button for Bluetooth, In System Preferences on Mac OS.
    • In Windows 11, they just added a note about the current status. like "Bluetooth is turned off"
    • it’s working on my machine
    • macOS
    • if it’s connected it should be highlighted
    • student password??
    • Student password
    • is that a strong indication that it is connected?
    • They introduced these designs when they released Windows 8. Windows 8 was designed having touch screens in mind. In Windows 10 they kept some of these elements even though it's no longer a touch first UI. Not sure how it looks on Windows 11 though.
    • its the general settings for mouse (touchpad included), yes it is improved than the previous versions. Windows 11
    • windows 11 is very strong than windows10
    • yeah, evolution of UIs. 🙂
    • you are breaking up. i think it was better without the headset. 🙁
    • Yes
    • yes
    • yes
    • yes it is
    • No
    • no
    • no
    • Not yet, the order is strange
    • there’s a button called double
    • In sugar... same button is not available
    • how do you move to step 3. we are selecting all our preferences at once. which nozzle it’s going to come out?
    • sugar is smaller than milk or pour
    • oh, i get it
    • i thought the nozzle in the left is for coffee. even though it says cream in all caps! 😄
    • I don't know how to be sure about milk or cream 😕
    • Thanks sir
    • Thank you sir
    • Thank you.
    • Thank you
    • Take care. Stay well.
    • Thank you.sir
    • Thank you
    • thank you


    The most important thing that I encountered:

    • Enjoyed and understand at lot of things
    • I learnt that how a small things can create a confusion or paint a clear picture in interface design and how important it is, we looked at the image of bluetooth settings from Windows 10 for reference.
    • The meeting was great,where it was discussed about the naming convention and the design of the components.
    • I learned that some big brands (like Microsoft) can have some poor design in their products and make confusions to users.
    • Today, I learned about the two UX gulfs, known as the gulf of execution and evaluation. They define the two challenges that the user must overcome to interact with a system successfully. We were shown some designs where the distance between these two was significant. Finally, I realized why it is essential to bridge these gaps with mental models.
    • the WINDOWS 11 turns on the Bluetooth when adding a new device if its off, and the old devices show bluetooth turned off, and they introduced these designs when they released Windows 8. Windows 8 was designed having touch screens in mind. In Windows 10 they kept some of these elements even though it's no longer a touch first UI.
    • Learn about interface through any website and guessing other way of design about that interface make people more creative.
    • We discussed the importance of User Experience (UX) and the process of evaluation and execution.
    • I have learned about the gulf of evaluation and execution also with mental models.
    • There are a lot of things to be seen in different POV(Design) like tim Hortons system professor were showing


    Link to the UR Courses wiki page for this meeting