Mtg 13/24: Tue-01-Mar-2022

Outline for Today



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Zoom Audio Transcript

  • sorry about that. I thought I was closing a different application than before I realized that. You disconnected zoom.
  • So I have a dolt, can I ask that. Sure yeah actually when i'm using. Dr trachsel it is closing man and media and media container and my system is based on nvidia GT X, so it should not be closed, otherwise I will not be able to screen see the screen like my display will be like blue.
  • hmm.
  • And it also closed. My zoom and. zoom is manageable but nvidia container that cannot be managed for closed at forcefully, then I will not be able to see my screen and along.
  • So there's one comment on reddit about. Having to temporarily uninstalled driver. So i'm looking. i'm. not sure looking for an answer. i'm not. I will investigate i'll talk to. Remote learning support people here and see what they say. So basically proctor track wants to. Close your nvidia container. And without if you close that and you don't get the. You can see on screen.
  • Hello. hello, Sir, Sir, there is a problem in the prop prop tractor because we are unable to like closing the media is showing that the video is also running so it's not going further from that step, and in my laptop if i'm unable to like open like closed and media so it's the.
  • same same I also told you about the same issue. yeah if I if I try to quit it so close it so my display like will be blue, and I will not be able to see my display unknown.
  • And in my case, I cannot like close it it's system, it can close.
  • Okay, so. In both cases it's. The nvidia container.
  • yeah nvidia container have a web helper and share three applications.
  • web web helper and what's the third one.
  • share all other media.
  • Okay. Oh, look into it. And i'll write to you this afternoon. Okay.
  • Okay, so.
  • Okay, so.
  • So, keeping.
  • One more question, Sir, what can we expect from the exam like what kind of questions there will be.
  • Well, I just offered in the chat reminder that i'm still open to receiving questions exam questions suggestions from. So. questions that need. Okay, so i've made a. forum post to which she can reply. With suggestions for exam questions. Okay. And the exam you'll have 75 minutes. will be during. Our meeting. or regular meeting on Thursday. Okay, so some success here. So remember in the assignment i'm asking to reflect on your experience doing the onboarding activity. So we'll think again about implications of. interface design. and usability and user experience. So the forum. So should be under class discussions. Sorry. me see if i've missed any. Questions here. anyway. thanks for that reminder. The structure to. give you that. Attendance password. Okay, any other questions. jury and a few minutes early today. Okay, take care.
  • Thank you.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • My apologies!
  • Do I need to use Chrome?
  • Because on Safari it’s not giving me any download link!
  • sir passport would be fine for ID! right ?
  • Use chrome
  • Safari ah
  • Has restrictions
  • I use Chrome on Mac
  • Yes that’s best
  • Exam question suggestions are also welcome (before midnight CST)
  • Exam duration?
  • Do we send suggestions via email?
  • sir it is asking for ID scan
  • Ok sir
  • Will the questions be MCQ ?
  • Exam duration: 75 minutes
  • They might be — suggest some that you would like to see and that you think will provide a fair assessment of your learning thus far.
  • sir I cant see the suggested option in forums sir
  • suggestion*
  • Where to submit suggestions?
  • yes got it
  • Can you see the “Midterm Exam question suggestions” in the Class Discussions forum?
  • Yes sir
  • yes
  • Yes Sir
  • yes
  • Sir, is there any attendance for today?
  • Student password
  • End a bit early today?
  • Ok Sir
  • Anyone have questions?
  • yes sir
  • what for us
  • nvidia thing
  • what for us?
  • I will check into the nvidia issue and reply as soon as possible
  • Ok sir Thanks
  • have a great rest of your day!
  • ok thanks
  • Thank you.
  • thank you sir
  • thank you
  • you too sir
  • Thank You sir
  • thank you sir
  • take care.
  • see you Thursday


The most important thing that I encountered:

  • hi sir the most important thing that i learned is about is very amazing.
  • In today’s class we went through the process of onboarding quiz on proctor track which is required for completing the mid term and final exam
  • It was great learning how to use the proctor platform for the exam .
  • I learned to start using Proctortrack for exams during remote learning.
  • In today's class, we were asked to install the Proctortrack software on our machine. In addition, we participated in the onboarding quiz. Afterward, we briefly discussed the question pattern for the mid-term exam. Also, we were given our first assignment. In summary, I got familiar with the exam process.
  • The steps that you need to undertake in order to perform the “Proctor-track On-boarding and Practice Exam"
  • I learned the steps that you undertake to perform the “Proctortrack Onboarding and Practice Exam” and “Onboarding Quiz” activities and disccuss about the midterm exam.
  • In last lecture we learn about how to use proctortrack for exam. The layout and design of that website which is necessary for students in exam. As well as learn about how to use and how to report bugs and inquires of that website
  • I have learned about how to use Proctortrack for the exams and various associated steps for the onboarding quiz through it.
  • How to use proctor track
  • today there were so many discussions happened. It was very much resourceful . I came to know about proctortrack an exam integrity and online quiz .
  • I was unable to fix proctortrack in my system... Still trying to let it run smoothly.


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