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  • Good day. So, today I went to a vending machine together drink. And enough, is a feature of bug but. The bottle came out and it was warm to the touch. I don't know if that's a selling point. Warm soft drinks. dispensed here. that's why they charge extra for that I guess. Hello everyone how are you today. Oh, thank you, I got this in Hawaii some years ago. i'd like to go back and get another one I guess. Oh, not just through the. Election to go back the shirt is but another matter. anyway. Post a picture. Okay. I was looking how long i've. been. posting just around Ben. Ben. So I did take a picture of the machine, because it has a phone number i'm going to call and ask her my. money back or equivalent thereof. But that's not. me that's not part of the interface, so I guess it is part the interface. in the sense that it's. Whether it's easy to get a. satisfactory response by calling them here all. I will share my. picture of the. phone number for service. And sale quickly, I can do this. it's our meeting 16 today so. going to. look to adjust the size here the picture. And I will put it on. i'm just going to give you a sharing link to this picture. share this with us. see that either the shared screen or by clicking on the link that I posted in chat. Okay, so Karen. Please not send me direct messages, so that was an issue earlier. So don't get stuck. between us. anyway. Let me try a full year. Oh. I should share with you something else about. The event coming up. So add another choice based on that. So I have a poll open, if you want to reply to that. Please. we're gonna get some more participation here i'll give another 30 seconds. Okay, one more person. seemed like everybody. Okay i'll end up. So. Much more than happy to certainly more than half, you are about after you are very cynical. And then. The ones, you said of Mandela people. They have a positive outlook. Once he said discouraged, I think, have a slightly negative outlook, but then the ones that are saying it's just about the company. You have a more cynical view. But how can something like that be made easier. By come up there, so the other experience that I had. To try to use my credit card, so I tapped it and it seemed to work. I used to I used my apple pay on my phone. And as far as apple pay was concerned, it was happy. Then the vending machine said. Try another card. And I thought this would be. i've had that problem before and I thought, maybe it would be fixed by now. Anyway, so I happen to have some change my block so. I use coins. So I typed and. Excuse me, they were very few. I would like to get I want to get a coke. But I got a coke zero instead because there weren't any coke machine. So I typed in the number 25. that's what I believe I typed them and he gave me a bottle from number 26 these are just different spots and machine. So I was upset about that. Well, I noticed it anyway, I wasn't saying I was upset by it. But then when it came out, it was what it felt most we want to my touch, then I took a picture of the screen of the of that sign. need to call them later. So. Report on my experience calling that number. Where some. In this age of. Mobile phones and Internet connectivity. What might be some approaches that we could use to. Make it so smart more clearly. helpful to people so. My feeling is that most people would say yeah. i'm not going I can't be bothered to call them. and say that happens, a lot, but what. What could make. Calling the. The support number or the contacting the company, we can make that easier. Here, let me get on our whiteboard going to share whiteboard here. So should we do a breakout room breakout rooms for this. i'll say yes let's give it a try for 10 minutes and see what we come up with for ideas okay. we're gonna see ideas, but what are the issues involved and. Why am I not be a good idea. is not a great idea to make it so accessible that everybody would complain and try and get something. From the company, but. anyway. i'll start up our breakout rooms here and we'll come back in 10 minutes okay. So verse 14 have you. let's try now do you want to do two or three breakout rooms. let's do three. And you can assign yourselves to them. Okay. And i'll. allow you to share your screen. So I clicked on the link. Does that work for you this dropbox link. Anyway, by the time I got to share I just thought i'd share the the image being application, the preview window here. Excuse me. So I was going to have an 830 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. And I was leaving my house so just before eight. and we've had so much snow this year it's more than. Like it's more than we've had since i've been back in Regina so I I was born and raised here. And I left for about 10 years. And then I came back. Just over 20 years ago anyway, so I think we've had. No snow. In that 20 years so. When I was shoveling the driveway. I didn't shovel. The whole drag out fight. Like. The snowbank was encroaching on the driveway little bit. Anyway, so and I backed out this morning. I was. jumping into the snowbank and I got hung up on it snow drift and. It took me a. Good 10 minutes of. exercise to get myself out of there. So I got my Cardio exercise for the day I guess. And I was a little bit late for class. Anyway, that's why I need some extra thing. anyway. So. What came out of the discussions. So let me go back to our whiteboard and then invite you to. annotate here if you'd like. You get this way. Okay, so. If we have buttons on. Excuse me. If you have buttons on the vending machine. So. If I want to. try and get. A coupon. or a gift card or something out of them for my warm coke zero. I need to have a way to. share my share some of my information with them so maybe that's more do you think that might be more difficult if. there's a but a contact button on. On the vending machine. So buttons might be good. to indicate. That something happened. But if there's no way for people to be rewarded for reporting on their experience with the machine. You think they might be less likely to. give an honest report. And maybe. The people there might be people who. were happy with. The drink they got. didn't have any issues with the credit card and the shoes. With. The drink they wanted to consume being in stock and it not being warm. All those things, so they could pay for it. And they were happy with everything. That saved those people what were some of those people who. want. to stir things up a little bit make a little trouble so they might. press the complete button. I think I finished my thought I was looking at the next comment about. yeah so if there's a button money machine anyway, I guess. So. For just letting people. Report, their experience with the machine and the troublemakers want to. Make trouble they might. Say that there's something wrong with the machine and there isn't really a problem. yeah okay so time. Time is important. We don't have time to complete the process. like to be able to. handle it later on. So this is why I took the picture of the label. so that I could call them later today and. ask why. New vending machines are heating. seemed like they were heating. The contents of the vending machine. So I just noticed the 10 written on the. upper left corner of the. coke Coca Cola label. Do you think that's significant. Are there other to the other machines on campus. Of the same equipment number. But maybe. A nine or 11 or. or. I don't know how many there are in campus. Oh, excuse me please. Warm coke service a poor substitute coffee. yeah so. I was thinking about qr codes as well. yeah I. Think location of the machines are important, so if they're just in public people might not take the time to report, or they might. Try and abuse the system. today. Maybe that's true most days. receipts. Take care.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • Good Morning Sir..
  • Good morning sir
  • hi sir good morning
  • Fine, thank you. Nice shirt print sir
  • Hello! Happy Thursday!
  • I should post a picture of the interface to the particular vending machine that I used. I will do that before next meeting.
  • yes sir
  • Yes
  • yes
  • yes sir
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • It is completely unintentional that I have started with “OR DEATH” at the top of the image!
  • 😃
  • Do you think that this sign is meant to help people to report or discourage them?
  • It's not for helping people but helping company for not losing any products without making benifit. (my POV) 😬
  • They just want to discourage only those who wants to take it for free of cost..
  • yes sir
  • Contact the company for restocking is that the question?
  • to express concerns - in my case the warm bottle of coke zero
  • How was that?
  • sir can we have that picture again . I want to see
  • does the dropbox link that I posted earlier today work for you?
  • Yes sir
  • yes
  • Yes
  • I was also able to save that picture
  • yes
  • yes
  • There could be some buttons that represent issues that users face frequently. E.g. 1: Drinks are not chilled 2: Broken Candy Bar etc. Users will only press these buttons and it will then inform the company.
  • Any ideas? about calling the phone number? About sharing the asset number?
  • It is difficult to call and register any queries if the person is running out of time. A feedback button should be there... by which we can put our queries on that interface without calling anywhere
  • Feedbacks/complaint button
  • The machine could have a label with a QR code that contains a link to a webpage to report.
  • I also think where these machines are installed matter. For instance if it's in front of a workplace or inside a campus, people might feel inclined to inform the company. But if these are in public places such as airport people may not feel inclined to report as there's a chance they are not going to use it again anytime soon.
  • QR code can save a lot of time and it can be taken within a few seconds.
  • Is it feasible to put a QR code on the machine…
  • I think the QR code is a good way of giving feedback
  • QR will have more % of feedback than giving them a call I think
  • that encodes the website and the asset #? Maybe the QR code be labelled as “Feedback” and scanning the QR code…
  • I think yes .It is a best way
  • Yes, the QR code clearly signifying its for feedback
  • will populate a form about their experience and maybe a link to a phone number?
  • Everytime a new QR code should be generated in which the performed operation should be mentioned (automatically). So it will be easy for the customer/user to identify and after that providing some feedback with minimum input values . i.e what do you want from us.
  • And scan of course. To the website where very short and precise questions are asked.
  • I think this 10 has significance. It probably means the 10th machine in that area. So it's easier for the people who maintains or restocks these machines to simply refer by these numbers instead of those long hardware serial number.
  • Because very less number of people can guess the exact time when they use the machine.
  • I will have a look at other labels on campus :-)
  • True
  • yus sir
  • yes
  • It's easy to call a machine #10 instead of #RY69696162****
  • Do you get a receipt when you use these vending machines?
  • Totally agree
  • is attendance done ?
  • Not sure, never used one. But I will make sure to use one this week soon
  • *This week
  • Do we need to have the QR code regenerated (on a screen)? Or a static label is sufficient? My Costco app seems to generate the QR code that it provides for my membership a few times while it is open…
  • No receipt
  • I don't remember getting a receipt. Don't know how's it in Canada.
  • A static label is sufficient
  • Scanning a QR code could capture the time of the scan for later reference (?)
  • **By the static label the product information will not be there like units, price and time.
  • Yes, aside time it could also capture the reference or machine number
  • Machine number and other information can be encoded in the QR code
  • Or they can provide some drop-down after scanning QR code to identify our product. but QR code should be unique on every dispensing/vending machine
  • Because then it would have been easier to generate an unique QR code for each purchase. And people could've scan and submit the report in their free time.
  • But since there's no receipt, i think the QR code screen will have to do.
  • But I would say that if the code is scanned in close proximity to the vending transaction, that report associated wth the scan could be cross referenced with the logs from the vending machine…
  • That’s an interesting idea
  • But the problem with this form of feedback is that, people mostly participate only when they're extremely happy or unhappy with a purchase. So i think most issues will never be reported.
  • It should be dedicated for the customers who are extremely unhappy.
  • (generate a new QR code per vending transaction)
  • Only then, they will report some issues that can be fixed or resolved.
  • Interesting discussion! I started this with the idea of talking about accessibility… we’ll look at that in more depth next meeting. Have a great weekend!
  • attendance for today
  • Take care! You have another 13 minutes to use password
  • Any last thoughts
  • ?
  • no sir
  • see you Tuesday
  • bye
  • thank sir bye
  • thank you
  • thank you


The most important thing that I encountered:

  • Hi we are talking about vending mashin.The machine could have a label with QR code .
  • In today's session there was an interesting discussion on accessibility and some new ideas on the vending machine reference
  • Discussions on the topic of user comfortability and review about the product. Along with that, it was also discussed that how easy customer can reach the company for feedback or complain.
  • We discussed about different methods to encourage people to report to Coca Cola company include QR code solution.
  • the importance of providing an avenue for customers to provide feedback.
  • How to get feedback from customers using the vending machine by using QR code and we had an great discussion in the breakout room about it. It was good meeting to discuss this points.
  • In this meeting we discussed the possible ways to encourage the feedback to a vending machine.
  • In this meeting, I learned about how we can improve the design interface of machines from feedback by users.

The thing about which I would most like to know more:

  • Today, we discussed how to make people feel more inclined to contact vending machine companies to report issues. Some suggested that frequent problems can be listed as buttons for the customers to interact with and inform the company. Others suggested putting a QR code sticker on the machine pointing to a feedback form. We will continue this discussion in our next meeting.


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