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  • hi can you hear my voice now. that's good to good to know. Okay, so. What me share my screen. So i'm. let's let's do our attendance first. Anyone happy that's the end of March today. I suppose it's already Friday, for some of us. Many of you. were taking practical jokes for April fool's day. side of things. So what I will say is. would turn. So I noticed that some people. Salter. Thanks, so much the posting links, so I would I brought that up here. On my shared screen. So any comments on my last post there but. Whether there are some issues with the technology and reading the exam. material that. made it difficult to clarify some questions I have given you. So i'm looking at the participation forum. And I believe that I have it set. incorrectly, from my perspective. So here's a strange thing about the forum that I realized from my other class. So it's a subscription mode but doesn't indicate which of the subscription modes. is currently in force. So there's no feedback, here, about which ones. which ones are active which one is active part me. Little little message here about. Aaron is not subscribed. doesn't. Do much now there's for subscription. So feedback in an interface is useful. But. Even better, if it's feedback that's comprehensible. it's using the same terms that we. expect. And we're consistent. So it says everyone's now subscribe, going back to that screen. Oh that's the wrong one sorry. subscription mode. Again, so there's no indication here. what's that So if I do this. Then it doesn't give you the message that everyone's now subscribed. So it must have been that it wasn't set up properly begin with. And the other thing is that. Everyone is not subscribed doesn't mean doesn't connect with one of those for subscription options either. So. Good on many fronts. Was. here. So fair enough to have more theoretical questions. So don Norman said two two most important features of good design our discover ability and understanding. So discover ability comes to mind when I look at this URL for the discussion. I know that some of you are courses because that's the first part, and I know it's a forum post. Because that's also. clearly visible, but the rest of it i'm not so sure don't know which class I don't know. Anything else about it. And said uh. Is that a good way to do things or could it be improved. i'll type it out here. So that's interesting comment about that I could change the Premier League settings. I don't know that I have that ability, let me check if I can. see what I can, what I can do here. see if I can edit settings. Like what gives me. moodle documentation. So it seems to be not available. So let me spend a couple minutes talking about the assignment. again. So I wanted to. give you this meeting page is an example for inspiration for the assignment. Because I want you to think about image carousel. And then. So, if you look at this page, you can. See there's a number of images here. You can access. Because you in a loop. So there are some options are dealing with image carousels. You can explore that. So what I. say for the assignment. it's free to use this page as inspiration and start with the carousel an add on some other things, if you like, as you're able. Using the react bootstrap. The react and node and react bootstrap environment that we looked at last week. just finishing up. Revision of the assignment here but. over to the call. there's a preliminary version here that i'm working on. We can make it. Maybe do after you find other final exam what have you said, maybe. 16th is Friday, so your exams on Thursday 14. We can say, make it due on Friday, the 15th okay so i'll do that. And so the idea is. To doing the APP. The eight marks and then doing the report setting up your repository and your github account. marks and then. Really. So that others might have a great ux user experience. So reflecting on what you went through to do the assignment and then making it. smoothing out the rough spots for other people. Your descriptions. So let me change that right. Now. help me get to where I want to go. When we duplicate the other ones. i'm quite pleased with myself about innovation. took me a long time to. Have a design way of doing things that. The links didn't break between semesters. it's also Good Friday. So universities closed. Whether that's that's neither here nor there. For our purposes. Make sure I hit return. Okay, so. Let me show you my screen. Well, that was the answer I talked to them discover ability. and understanding. here's the answer here's a bit of tech said inspired the question to most important characteristic good designer discover goulding understanding. discover ability asks what actions are possible, the product, where and how to perform them understanding asks how the products supposed to be used. Okay. But. We can measure usability and user experience, even on. That designs. yeah okay so. I would rephrase. That question I would say. Why our discover ability and understanding. The two most important characteristics of good design according to john Martin. Despite my best intentions, I end up with questions. make sense to me that are hard to decipher a guarantee exam. So that's an issue of of testing. So I can't really test the exam questions with you. Because that would. defeat the purpose of writing the exam in some ways. I can test them with other people, and I can. it's it's weighing. issues about designing interfaces we can't. We. can't take on the role of the user as a designer because we understand. things about the design the user may not. So that makes sense. Anyway, so just to finish the thought about usability user experience so. Even that designs of. You can rate, we can rate the usability and user experience. Of that design so it's not just. One just characteristics of a good design. The characteristics of design. Users will be able to use it to some degree on their have some kind of user experience. That makes sense. Okay anything else, before we go see what I see ran out of time.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • I’ll be right with you…
  • Hi sir I couldnot hear your voice
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Loud and clear 🙂
  • yeah ... it's audible
  • How are you today?
  • good and how about you?
  • sir when we will get the marks for mid term?
  • Student password
  • Midterm: my sincere apologies that I have not returned it to you yet. I am almost finished marking it.
  • That is not a good answer :-(
  • What I will say is that the midterm is formative feedback for you (just as I asked you for formative feedback about my teaching). If you do not receive the mark you would have liked, there is still the opportunity to do well on the final exam and with that to do well in the course!
  • and what is the date of final exam sir?
  • Thanks for that question. The exam has been confirmed to be on April 19 @ 9am - noon CST (online in UR Courses with proctortrack)
  • That was the date and time to which we agreed unanimously
  • Yes Thank you sir
  • I noticed that some people left questions unanswered on the midterm - was that a result of being unable to ask me questions during the exam or other problems with the technology?
  • Any other comments or concerns about writing the midterm?
  • Things to be aware of — or change — for the final?
  • When is your other exam?
  • 14th April
  • I didn’t notice the marks assigned for each questions. If I had seen it during the exam, I could have prepared my answers better. Also experienced some issues as I was using the dark theme. So next time I am not taking any chances. Switched back to the light one.
  • OK.
  • Between the 14th and the 19th I can schedule some review sessions if you like — would that be helpful?
  • Yes please.
  • yes
  • Thanks for sharing these, Ayon
  • No problem
  • yes... feedback is pretty good idea before final exam!
  • feedback?
  • from me or you?
  • review session
  • And what about feedforward (Norman)? :-)
  • Do we have to read chapter 2 for our final exam? We skipped that one for the mid.
  • Yes and also are we expecting anything on bootstrap and the likes?
  • Yes… I will give you a list of sources before Tuesday.
  • yes, it would be great if we know what can we expect for final exam
  • That would be great, thank you
  • Bootstrap: in the assignment, not so much on the exam I would say. Perhaps something in general about the benefits of responsive design?
  • Again, I would like to engage you in shaping the final exam so that it is a fair assessment of what we’ve done over the semester.
  • Sir! our exam should have more theoretical questions. Because if it would not be there then, it has more chances to hit wrong button in MCQs
  • Fair enough to have theoretical questions. I challenge you to each write a question (with an answer) that would be an example of a fair evaluation of the material we’ve covered and what we’ve learned over the semester :-) OK?
  • Interesting idea. 👏🏻
  • Could you please repeat the question?
  • The link to the post that I just posted is clearly for a forum post on UR Courses - is anything else discoverable about it from the link? What else might be beneficial for users deciding whether to click on it?
  • Maybe change the permalink settings and include the title
  • I am not sure if it’s available on Moodle
  • That would be great
  • Yes That would be great
  • What are the 2 most important characteristics of good design? — It’s one of questions from our mid term. Could you please tell me what’s the correct answer? I didn’t get it right.
  • Anyone knows the answer? 🙂
  • Even I got that wrong
  • I wrote visibility and feedback
  • 😄
  • I don't remember what I wrote... 😊
  • I thought it was Usability and user experience
  • Same!!!
  • Thank you
  • Sir! please don't include these kind of questions.. It's possible to forget them.
  • Ha ha
  • Yes, of course
  • Yes. Thank you very much.
  • My pleasure. Have a good weekend!
  • Take care everyone!
  • Thank you...
  • Thank you so much sir!
  • Thank you
  • Thank you sir
  • You’re very welcome. Bye for now.


The most important thing that I encountered:

  • Hi sir. we are talking about final exam date.i learn Discoverability and underatanding two characteristics of good design.also about moodle form and permalinks. I Learn about editting on webpage for assignment.thanks so much.
  • In today's meeting, we used the UR Courses portal as an example to explore the two most important characteristics of good design — discoverability and understanding. We also briefly talked about the next assignment and some of the issues we encountered during our midterm exam.
  • discuss how to work with node js and react with git
  • In todays session I learnt about the discoverability and understanding in design. Also, we discussed about assignments and final exam.

The most difficult thing for me to understand:

  • understanding how to create a react bootstrap application

The thing about which I would most like to know more:

  • I'd like to know the scope for the final exam.
  • Sir! Kindly discuss more about exam pattern.


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