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  • Hello. Okay, so. Last class meeting but. I will still be available, between now. And the exam on the 19th. So we can see how that works out. If you want to schedule particular. Meeting times. or just. To have me available for office. office hours and. so on. So let's get going here. So, first of all happy Thursday everyone. So here's our attendance. Excuse me. Please. So I think the problem was because. I have. I have the list of meetings as index. file in. Meetings directory. And they also. Reference it. For my side of the meetings directory. So that's why I think. I ran into problems there. So I just want to. highlight a few things here so. We talked about sharp at all. The chapters there. And the don Norman book design of everyday things. So these are the links. For this specific chapters selected chapters in the interaction design encyclopedia. That can be. helped helpful for some more context. And then the psychology reference book, there are two chapters 10. And then. add a couple. A few interesting links, so one is. The first one is about the palm pilot. Remember the palm pilot. or heard about it. vidyo video maybe we can. Have a peek at that. it's. Okay, let me make sure that I. optimized for sound and video.
  • I think we should explore new solutions grammarly suggestions catch when your tone might undermine your message and it offers.undergraduate research team in Guatemala just checking in.Robert Jordan, a second semester junior requesting a second extension on this term paper.and your mother reminding you about your father surprise birthday party next Sunday.Today you have a faculty lunch at 12 o'clock you need to take Kathy to the airport by to.You have a lecture at 415 on deforestation and the Amazon rainforest right.The lecture notes from last semester.No that's not enough, I need to review more recent literature pull up all the new articles I haven't read yet journal articles only.Fine, your friend Joel Gilbert has published an article about deforestation in the Amazon.and its effects on rainfall in the sub Sahara, it also covers droughts effect on food production in Africa and increasing importance of food contact Joe.i'm sorry she's not available right now I left a message that you would call.Okay.let's say there's an article about five years ago, Dr clemson or something he really disagreed with the direction of jails research.john Fleming of absolute university he published in the journal of earth science of July 20 of 2006 yes that's it.He was challenging jill's projection and amount of carbon dioxide being released to the atmosphere through deforestation i'd like to recheck is figures here's the rate of deforestation, he predicted.What happened.He was really off give me the university research network.Show only universities with geography notes.Brazil.copy the last 30 years at this location at one month intervals.Excuse me, Joe gilder is calling back great put her through hi Mike what's up Jill thanks for getting back to me.I guess that new grant of yours, as in depth and your literary abilities rumor has it that you've just put out the definitive article on deforestation haha is this one of your typical last minute panics for lecture material, no, no that's not until i'm.For 15 it's about the effects that reducing the size of the Amazon rainforest can have outside of Brazil, I was wondering um it's not really necessary, but.Yes.It would be great if you were available to make a few comments nothing formal after my talk, you will come up on the big screen discuss your article and then answer some questions from the class and bail you out again.Well, I think I could squeeze that in you know, I have a simulation that shows the spread of the Sahara over the last 20 years here, let me show you.Nice very nice and good some maps of the Amazon area during the same time let's put these together.Great i'd like to have a copy of that for myself.What happens.If we bring down the logging rate 200,000 acres per year.Interesting I can definitely use this.thanks for your time, Joe I really appreciate it no problem, but next time i'm in Berkeley you're buying the dinner dinner right.away.While you were busy your mother called again to remind you, to pick up the birthday cake.Now printing.Okay i'm going to lunch down.Because i'll be there at two o'clock also find out if I can set up a meeting tomorrow morning your lunch.hello, Professor Bradford is away at the moment, would you like to leave a message Michael this is your mother, I know that you're.Just calling to remind you.You can easily train yourself to listen fast.
  • So I think what's interesting there is. That we. create an imagined future where. This technology is working. and In this way. I presented these design fictions, so to speak. And it gives us a way to. explore ideas more or completely. struggling keyboard here. So. I was thinking butter discussion last day. And I wanted to bring up. So many tabs open here. right because I want to show you another class. So this goes to our discussion about. Sorry. goes to conceptual models and. Sunday ideas and metaphors are talking about last day. So instead of looking at. Another class let's set up an assignment here. Okay. activity. assignment. So let's say. let's say, these are all okay don't need to remind me to great it needs some law submissions from. And that's imagines a file submission that's okay. So this is an interesting one. So selecting offline grading worksheet is important. If one wants to. Work in a spreadsheet and then fill in the spreadsheet at home off the campus network and then uploaded and register the marks. Feedback comments just happened to be a column in the spreadsheet that we get downloaded. But in order for the column to appear, you have to select this just doesn't appear by itself. Okay let's check submission settings. require us to submit the but click the submit button, no. required require that students, except the summit save some mission statement. During an additional temps are set to never. So now let's make us a group assignment by saying yes submit in groups. Quiet group make submission. Yes. require all group Smith know. grouping for students. skews that classwork grouping.
  • well.
  • can set how students are notified. And then. Create is set to summit mount. tam. Simple direct grading okay doesn't matter. So if you want to use marking allocation. You have to use the workflow. So then, when you said yes to workflow you can see us to marketing allocation. Now here's. An interesting point here. So, remember, we said. Use the classwork group in student groups okay. So what is this group setting doing let's find out if we can. So. I feel like this is. A bit confusing. I. Think. Separate groups, is what we need. But the hell doesn't really clarify so let's say. Separate groups. check on the classwork group. So i'm not sure of a case where. It would make sense to not have. The grouping set in both areas. Okay, so don't need to restrict access. Okay. OK. OK OK OK. So now we have the sample group assignment. want to do is. Sign markers. So, can you see my screen okay. So you've set it up to be a group assignment. So. conceptually you want to. Think about. Signing markers to groups. So we have a list of everyone in class. So here's the groups. For groups. But there's no way to sort on the groups, so it can't just say. class work one was. The five people in class. Work one, and then the five people in class work. Two then three then four. So you can do is select. Group. So you see. four people in that group. So we can select. The selection. You can set allocated mark. Then why isn't doing anything. And you are courses, you are courses that you thought you were a child at CAA says set marketing allocation for all selected submissions. So it's not really a submission yet because we're just setting up ahead of time. So that wording is misleading. Yes, you want to set. So now we have a marker assigned. classwork one. To do the next assignment, let me. This at myself as a marker for this one. So. select the group members of the group. allocated marker. She will do this, yes i'm sure. And set myself as the marker. see changes. Okay, so let's take a few minutes to think about. That interface. So in the other class where I had 24 groups, instead of four groups. It took me a little, a. setup. To marker assignments per group. So how could we. conceptualize. Of them of signing markers. For group assignments. That would give us a bit. work more satisfactory, we have a way of making those allocations for markers. The question makes sense. Would you say that. The process I just went through wasn't so bad or process through which to which i'm halfway through. i'm halfway through yeah that's right. Am I lucky to just be able to do this. Oh, be obeyed, in a convoluted way. What. What changes can make in the interface. That would make. My. Allocation of markers to the assignment. simpler. and less time consuming. Because it's a lot of clicking. In when I have it for the 24 groups. It did not. I couldn't say that I was having a great user experience with them. So. let's talk about the features of this interface, so what. What would happen if. If I could sort the list of participants. So if I looked at all the participants again. What would happen if I could sort by group. That. Give me some relief from my tedious process. clicking. So if somehow we could make. Use of the concept of a group assignment. But it seems to me like it would be a big help. So if it's not yet clear. With the things that i've made this is a group assignment. Maybe. Maybe there's a way to add that make that information explicit, so I can say this is a group assignment. So even if we couldn't. Make selections. Make to them embark if we had the concept. That we just need to assign the market to a group. Instead of all the individuals in a group. That will be making. Some substantial progress, I think. So this could be a possible interface. So it can imagine. Instead of groups and Members of. Your face like marker one marker two. And then the list of groups here. So the idea. would be to make marking marker allocations or assignments. Using. concepts that are already present in the interface. and The Auto create groups. may be an interesting. way to. allow this feature. So instead of naming scheme further. So we'd indicate. Here first step would be who, who are the markers who are going to be marking. This assignment. And then. i'm not sure.
  • How.
  • To do a bit more taking about this, but. I have two markers saying that in my other classes 24 groups. So, I imagine, I could use an interface click one call. here's. To this marker i'm going to assign the following groups and then make a selection from the right column. So we have. away some ways to think about the interface. So we can think about. The the concepts involve the conceptual models. and So we can do some evaluation. More from an analytic perspective or from an empirical perspective. So if we. are doing an empirical evaluation. Then we get. people to use the interface and collect data. So we may collect. subjective. impressions both the interface might collect. times to complete tasks or errors made the interface, and so on. So we can. So we're good we can work with data. To make. empirical evaluation. If we don't have data we don't have people. Who could test the interface for us. Then. We could do an analytic. We might. Do. A walkthrough. We can have an expert look at the interface. and highlight some issues. problem. With looking at an interface so actually using it. Is that things. aspects of the information design and the interface. May. seem more prominent. Someone observing the whole interface rather than. That to someone who's using it to complete a task. So we might flag some issues. which seemed to be there in theory but in practice. not really. Such a big concern. So another way to do analysis. or one other way to do analysis is to think about. Different. keystrokes and mouse presses, and so forth. That are involved in completing a task in the interface. So when I was setting up. Okay. markers two groups. Are there as a lot of clicking so. I might be doing some typing. Actually I wasn't doing typing so it's just a matter of. navigating with the most to different parts of the screen clicking. Making selections and so on. So there's something called the guns goals operators methods and selections. A keystroke level mom. provides a way for us to describe. ways to describe different actions we perform. Like if if we're always on the mouse the track that so we're not incurring a penalty. Switching between the keyboard and the monks. But there's. still some. Well, there you can. Live last minute amount of time it takes. For a person to go between to click where they need to click. into those different operations. soon. So then, if we have let's say two different interfaces we can compare. The two interfaces. To get an idea of how much time each would take or how much an average person might take. to complete a task, and both interfaces. So. From my perspective, it's not so important, the numbers. Say forget a result of two seconds one interface and 10 seconds for another interface design. The actual values of the number of those numbers. are less important than. The magnitude of the difference between them. Just because one is five times faster than the other doesn't mean. That that will hold up and practice. Because the very quick interface might. be very error prone if somebody is not good at the keyboard let's say. So two very different data points that we can get. We can help to understand. And all those data points help us to understand. The interface. Issues.
  • Work lately.
  • Thanks. Getting back to the car courses interface. So it's not. so much about. Making. Well, one could save us make some some minor improvements. To the marker. assignment. interface. To me it seems like. The way to make a real improvement there is. To make central the concept of a group assignment. So any thoughts about. How we might approach that. So I got a direct message so i'm replying to the direct message about assignment, but the assignment. So getting back to our discussion about. The. map Apps. And the differences between well, so the maps on your smartphone and on a piece of paper. How do they impact our understanding of. The world around us. Because the paper map. Encourage. An understanding of. special relationship with different parts of the city. More so than an APP. That says here i'll give you directions turn. Turn left in 500 meters then go one kilometer. and turn right. So direction by distances is not. A useful. a useful way to go about. Making your way in in a city. Or is it better to say. directions like. At the next stop light turn right. So i've been encouraged to hear some of those kinds of directions. And Google maps or. not always the other discouraging thing is. street names that get mispronounced when giving directions. So it's not a matter of. The computer generated voice. Having good pronunciation and. To local residents, having. A poor pronunciation. Syria, for example. doesn't say Regina saskatchewan. It says Regina. which never fails to upset me. And there are other examples of. mispronounced. So. Getting another direct message. Can I decrease material for the final exam. I would say. To focus on. What. we've done in class in our discussions. As I said before, I. am looking forward to your suggestions for exam questions and answers. That will. be a fair assessment of learning. This semester. So between. The sharp at all book. chapters one through seven and don Norman book chapters one through six. Take those. and fine. Fine, questions. With particular wording and the answers you. would expect to give. So.
  • Thank you.
  • you're welcome. Okay, so I have to run to some other things. At this time and it's probably also fairly late for some of you. So i'm serious. About. The final exam being a collaborative effort. And so let's. make some progress towards that every day, between now and the 19th. and And i'd be very happy if everyone does very well. Okay. Thanks for today. I appreciate your engagement. and talk to you again soon. Whether in zoom or new our courses. Take care see you soon.

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  • Good afternoon! 🙂
  • Good afternoon!
  • hi sir good afternoon
  • Student password
  • Bomb pilot?
  • No!
  • Palm Pilot :-)
  • ah
  • 😄
  • Obsessed with bomb? @ayon
  • Don’t even make jokes about bombs. especially if you are near an airport!
  • 😀
  • volume ok?
  • yes
  • that’s not exactly PalmPIlot stuff, but it is in the ballparl
  • ballpark
  • Even Siri today is not that smart! 😛
  • thoughts?
  • 😃
  • 😁
  • When was it published? The video?
  • Not yet there with technology but it is less fiction now than when it was created. I think that our collective
  • 1987
  • experience with zoom over the pandemic has made it more relateable
  • Any thoughts to share?
  • It almost seems like the system has a mind of its own. I think this technology is achievable
  • But we still can’t make hoverboards and flying cars 😄
  • Sorry for the off topic
  • I think it is acheivable but in how many years? Yes, flying cars — they were supposed to be ready in 2000!
  • yes
  • It lacks the feature to bulk assign the markers
  • Not convenient
  • Certain features should be bulk editable
  • Its a tedious process
  • complex
  • still with me?
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • using react+node+bootstrap to replicate components on a sample page that I provided. Focus first on the Carousel and add others as you able. Use the ARIA features as indicated in the WAI-ARIA guides and the WCAG standard… (that is assignment 2)
  • 😆
  • It seems like now we have very less time to prepare for every chapters. Course is quite lengthy...and deep too.
  • Approx. 514 pages in these 13 chapters 🙁
  • If we assume that we can read out a page in half an hour...then it will be like 257 hrs. 😐
  • That’s an interesting perspective!
  • Important, too.
  • These chapters are very interesting to read. But there’s just too much information.
  • I am learning a lot from them. But still it’d be great if you’d reconsider.
  • I am not going to ask you about things that we did not touch on in any way.
  • Sir, how Many questions should we expect in the exam
  • I know that there are lots of topics that in 500+ pages, but there is also lots of repetition.
  • Was the number of questions on the midterm appropriate for 75 minutes?
  • Yes, it was
  • The final will be 180 minutes…
  • There were more questions.
  • Will be more? yes
  • I couldn't write it in well mannered way.
  • Will there be any break during the exam?
  • the midterm?
  • I will set it up to include a break.
  • configure the final exam wth a break.
  • Thank you
  • Any onboarding quiz?
  • I suggest you start with the midterm exam questions and make suggestions of how to rephrase them and write what you think would be good answers
  • The onboarding should be done…
  • And I am sorry if I have upset you taking about the pages.
  • I am not trying to have you do poorly in this class :-)
  • talking*
  • Let’s work together to create an exam that will be a fair assessment of our learning this semester.
  • I'm worry about this exam because it is very difficult to score good in it.
  • Thanks. I’m not upset. I appreciate your comments
  • It doesn’t have to be difficult to score well on the exam! This is why I am asking for your involvement in ensuring that it is fair assessment of your learning.
  • Anyone feeling better now?
  • Yes, thank you
  • 🙂
  • I am trying my best to cover up every topics for the exam.
  • If possible, can you upload transcript for some previous meetings
  • Transcripts are available on the website.
  • Let us stay in touch over the next 12 days as we prepare (for) the final.
  • You have been very understanding throughout the course. Thank you.
  • I will make sure that everything is up to date… I am caught up to meeting 20 at this time. I will get the responses up to date as well.
  • Thank you ^^
  • Thank you
  • Bye for now?
  • thanks
  • Thank you
  • thank you
  • thank you
  • Thanks and take care
  • thank you sir bye
  • Thank you so much sir!


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • metaphors, exam reviews, palmpilot was a very interesting topic today
  • The most important thing that i learned are about using interface ,information design on interface.also paper map encourage on understanding different parts of city ,useful way in a city.
  • It was our last meeting. We talked about the PalmPilot project and also briefly about the assignment. However, in today's meeting, our primary focus was the final exam.
  • In this session we discussed about PalmPIlot, Design related issues in the working of moodle and how to generalize the sample assignment group for larger number of groups.
  • I have learned about important topics related to user experience.
  • About how to tackle the final exam and secure good marks.

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • Is to get through the syllabus of final exam.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • To prepare for the final exam on April 19th.


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