Zoom is a necessity during COVID-19. This information is for students taking a class with me. When we get together for meetings on the zoom.us platform, I will first post an invitation for you to register for the meeting. At that time, you will be asked to provide an email address.

I prefer that you provide your uregina.ca address, because I have access to that information from UR Courses. Knowing who is associated with an email address allows for quick and easy set up of breakout rooms inside the zoom meeting. If you use another email address (or addresses) to register for my zoom meetings, please email it (or them) to me ahead of the next meeting so that no meeting time is wasted on this. If you register for the meeting and I haven’t gotten your email information by the time that the meeting starts, please “rename” yourself in the zoom meeting to include your group number (e.g. ‘Daryl (9)’ or ‘9. Daryl’ to indicate that Daryl is a member of group 9)