Projects of Rough Sets Research

  1. Shang Fulian: Application of probabilistic decision tables acquired from data to trainable automated control of a racing car simulator.
  2. Peng Yao: Application of rough set-based machine learning to control animation of complex graphical objects in multithreaded Java environment.
  3. Kwei Aryeetey: Using car insurance company data to develop predictive model for better assessment of chances of an accident and more accurate insurance premium calculation.
  4. Xue Fei: Application of variable precision rough set model to WEB searching.
  5. David Brindle: Speaker-independent recognition of isolated words based on rough set theory.
  6. Lan Meng: Adaptive classifier for context-based recognition of homonyms in English language.
  7. D. Slezak and W. Ziarko: Investigation of the Bayesian rough set model.
  8. A. Siromoney and W. Ziarko: Trainable control of autonomous vehicle.