CS872: Formal Software Engineering - Fall 2002

Dr Samira Sadaoui
Time of Lectures: Monday 2:30-5:20
Room:  LB 205
Office Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 3:30 -5:00  or by appointment Course Overview
This course introduces formal methods,  such as algebraic specifications and process algebra. It includes: LOTOS  (Language of Temporal Ordering Specifications) is an international formal specification technique for specifying concurrent and distributed systems.  It models parallel execution of processes and process communication. LOTOS has been applied extensively in academia and industry. Students will undertake several projects. Tools are used to structure, verify and animate specifications, and to translate designs into code.

Prerequisites: CS372
Course Notes
    Course Overview
   Software Engineering Overview
   Introduction to Formal Specifications
   Introduction to LOTOS
   Syntax of LOTOS
Semantics of LOTOS
   Process Algebra (Team LOT'O'Spec)
   Algebraic Specifications (Team2)
   Full LOTOS


      - Introduction to the ISO Specification language LOTOS

      - The Formal Specification Language LOTOS: A Course For Users

      - LOTOS Tutorial

      - ISO Catalogue (optional)

    CADP (Cæsar Aldébaran Development Package)


Links for LOTOS
    World-wide Environment for Learning LOTOS (WELL)