Prospective students (please read before emailing!)

I am currently recruiting self-motivated and hard-working graduate students. My primary research interest is in knowledge representation and reasoning (KRR). Thus if you are mainly interested in machine learning, computer vision, data mining, big data, data science, or some other field, I am *not* interested in supervising you and I will not respond to your emails.

M.Sc. students: If you are comfortable working with formal logic, have performed very well in related undergraduate courses, and like my research area, please consider emailing me/applying.

Ph.D. students: I am only interested in taking on new Ph.D. students who have previous experience in logic, and in particular, who have completed their Master's work on some topic in the KRR field. Also, please have a look at my recent publications, and in your email, let me know where exactly you think you can contribute. Please be very specific and not vague.

All candidates: In your email, please include your CV, transcripts, and a 1-2 pages summary of your past research experience and research interests. In the latter, address how your past experience might align with my interests and current projects. Due to a high volume of applicants, I will only reply to potentially eligible candidates. For more details, please see our admission requirements here.

Please give me a week or so to respond to your email.

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Last modified: December 2021