Web-based Support Systems (WSS)

Web-based Support Systems (WSS) is viewed as a multidisciplinary research that focuses on supporting human activities in specific domains or fields based on computer science, information technology, and Web technology. Research on WSS is motivated by the challenges and opportunities of the Web and the recent advancements of computer and Web technologies which make the implementation of WSS feasible.

WSS can be understood as extensions of existing research in two dimensions. In the application dimension, WSS cover support systems in many different domains. For example, decision support, research support, financial management, etc. In the technology dimension, WSS use the Web as a new platform for the delivery of support. They can be viewed as natural extensions of computerized support systems. Along the application dimension, the lessons and experiences from decision support systems can be easily applied to other domains. Along the technology dimension, the new advances in technology can lead to further innovations in support systems.

The International Workshop on Web-based Support Systems has been held in Halifax, Canada (2003), Beijing, China (2004), and Hong Kong, China (2006).