Current Graduate Students

Name Year Subject Area Degree
Yimeng Zhang Feburary 9, 2018- Three-way decisions PhD (visiting)
Junfang Luo November 39, 2017- Three-way decisions PhD (visiting)
Xi'ao Ma January 2017- Bayesian Confirmation Rough Sets PostDoc Fellow
Kai Zhang August 2016- Learning Analysis, Granular Computing, and Rough Sets PostDoc Fellow
Cong Gao January 2014- Statistical Three-way Decisions PhD
Mengjun Hu January 2015- Rough Sets with Incomplete Information PhD
Liquan Zhao September 2016- Rough Sets PhD
Farial Syed January 2017- Granular Computing PhD
Xin Cui May 2017- TBA MSc
Chengjun Shi September 2017- TBA MSc
Ruisi Ren November 2015- November 9, 2017 Formal Concept Analysis, Granular Computing, and Three-way Decisions PhD (Visiting)
Xin Yang September 2016- September 26, 2017 Granular Computing, Rough Sets, and Three-way Decisions PhD (Visiting)

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