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    Apple Knowledge Navigator video (1987)

    HP Cool Town (2000)

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  • Professor.
  • afternoon. and welcome day. for reflection yesterday. And or. it's a little bit confusing to come back for one day. on a Friday. And realizing that this is Friday today, instead of like some maybe Monday or Tuesday. There wasn't a very concise question. First, national day for truth and.
  • reconciliation.
  • So watched a couple programs on CBC last night. And I. was working through my list of the calls to action from the 2015 report. And I had a headache yesterday and then sleep very well. So that didn't. So today hasn't been off to a good start. we'll see if we can change that. Mother mother i'm here with all of you. Okay, so. We had a meeting 13 last day. And so I. made a change here that I added the outline. The summary of the meeting well. was working in. was working before, not to figure out. That problem is. Okay, so there's. This responses to the meeting. So how many people. were able to look at the video and the. link. That morning detail. So. Why did I give you a video about spaghetti sauce. Okay, not everybody all lines, please. has chosen weakens it. As I understand it, because it. orange shirt day it's been around for a few years. Was it. was a more meaningful. date. Then I guess the original idea was June 21 which is. Indigenous peoples day. live. So I read that. That September 30 day was. To be more appropriate. And it has a stronger connection to. The Indian residential school. And day schools.
  • Right.
  • Thanks Ashley for that more detailed answer. Any more discussion about yesterday. You can turn your microphone on, if you like, you don't have to type in the chat. Maybe just put your hand up, and I can. I realized, I was navigating around web page and I didn't have my screen share turned on. or don't have a screen share turned on, so let me do that. Okay. So the question, so how many people. Can I see a show of hands for people who. Looked at the Malcolm gladwell video. Some people responses said Okay, thank you, Peter. I know somebody watched it. Based on their responses. Okay. So. Why did I ask you to watch a spaghetti sauce with you say really about spaghetti sauce or can you think of some connections. Some. Some other connections between the video and our course topics. OK, so the problems can be viewed from different lenses. Yes, so we have different perspectives. So. I know he talked in the video about sort of the classic Italian or. I guess Italian tomato sauce. which do not contain visible solids. So the perspective that people. People had in making spaghetti sauces. was to adhere to the this idea ideal of the Italian tomato sauce. So there might. There could be other perspectives other ways to look at it. And it's hard to get from. The classic Italian sauce. To one that's. features. visible solids. If you don't have. The ability to look at different take on different perspectives. So it's one thing.
  • hey.
  • yeah that's right, so another comment of people have different preferences for sauces so this will. lead them to have different preferences redesigns. that's true. And what about. The people making the sauces for the. For the focus group testers to try. People at times don't know what they need that that's also very true. So it's not clear whether people need. To have. A tracking spaghetti sauce or visible salts I hope i'm remembering remembering that turn a phrase from the video correctly. But it's about. So. it's not it's less about needs necessarily the preferences and. And the that's your happiness comes in, and we have. We can have a better user experience when we're happy with eating chunky spaghetti sauce. or taking that back to the interface case. But what I want to also point out was the role of designer. ness. So it's not like in the bread crispy example from the David Kelly interview Chapter eight of the reading designed to software book. So the designer designers job isn't just to say. To ask the client what they want. and And then do that they want more curlicues on the side of the toaster. And that's just what we give them. So there's room for. Maybe or correctly there's a need for designers to. provide. Some critical input to. To be critical of. The customers interests, I mean not to be dismissive of them, but say Okay, this is what you need this is what you would like. understand the client's perspective. But then. Look at other alternatives look at different ways to. Consider in. different ways to think about the design for the. What could meet those. desired elements. So. The designer is. In deciding which combinations of ingredients to put together for the focus group to try. Their. they're not just making all possible combinations they're. using their judgments and judgment and expertise. To create. Meaningful alternatives. For the. focus group participants to try. Some make sense. So the the comment. During. The different sauces are different alternatives. might be targeted for some particular group. that's true as well, we have to understand who the audience is. And then. If our target group is. it's a cohesive well defined part of the population. Then we can. Have. A better chance at creating things that that group will respond to. Okay. Okay, so let's go to today's meeting. let's do our administration. attendance. Any. issues with the groups. Please. So I have a couple videos for you to look at. i've walked myself over now my office. will happen. Sorry for the interruption. So there's a couple of videos one is. An imagined knowledge navigator system from apple in done in 1987 and then there's another one. From Hewlett Packard called cool cool cool town from the year 2000. So let's you look at those over the weekend and we'll talk about them on Monday. What. If we talk about metaphors for in face. Does anyone have an idea an explanation for that. Is that something come to mind when I say. here's a metaphor for interaction system. Okay, so. Can you elaborate a bit more Peter.
  • So, like when we're looking for websites on the Internet and we use the metaphor browser. that's what I mean by browsing so like searching the web.
  • Okay. So searching the Web can be like. can be like browsing Angus yeah. So are there other alternative for for searching the web.
  • surfing the web.
  • yeah okay. So browsing is maybe more like. Looking through. pages in a catalog or. photo album. And surfing is maybe. it's a bit more like following the wave. If you see a link that's interesting and you follow it, and then see here. Where I can I can't see myself here but. My camera on your on pertained to be surfing, I once. I once took the surfing lesson from in Hawaii and I looked like I anyway, I didn't look very coordinated. very much like a surfer. But I imagine being a surfer like this. riding the waves, so are those two different ways to think about searching the web. nobody's nobody's gonna dare to comment on that one okay. So the idea of a metaphor is. Something that's. helps to. develop an intuition about an interface. So got some trade offs with metaphors. So, on the one hand, if the metaphors too detailed. Then. We might. give to the user. Some overly specific assumptions are. that the person using the metaphor might interpret it to literally and therefore not be able to generalize it to the new capabilities that are presented in the interface. So that's. So maybe a good. starting point for an example is that of online shopping. So if people. Imagine you were in 99 and you hadn't done any online shopping. And I say well it's just like going to. Just think of going to store and picking up a cart. And going through. The aisles of the store and finding what you'd like to buy put in the cart and you go the checkout so it's it's in that way it's. very similar to. shopping at the store. So we don't want to make the connections. To precise because there are things about online shopping experience. That are.
  • The.
  • Then, give us much more capability than if you were in a store pushing a cart around. So we want to strike a balance between. Having enough specific so that. People can make the connection, so the important things for online shopping are a card or a basket. In the checkout. But. See the layout of the store isn't. Important. We don't have to. Look, for things in a particular location, we can do a search for them. make sense. You can just give me a reaction. Okay, I got one thumbs up there. So I noticed if I don't have a couple more Thank you. notice we don't have the gallery view. So here's an example with zoom. So some expectation that I have. Is it I bet if I have a column of rectangles. One for each of you. Well, so i'm only seeing so i'm only seeing a portion of them on my one screen. So if somebody wants to speak. It used to be the raising your hand. would put you up further on the list, so I could see was their hands raised. But I realized that just reacting to something. doesn't alter the display so I have to. Try and stretch out my. display window to get more people. So my metaphor of how this works is that. The people in the column. So I see myself at the top and then harpreet nima and Peter. Innovation rv. So, my understanding is that. My men were understand that display is that. nobody's putting up their hand.
  • Because.
  • If somebody to. replace the people on on the screen right now. That makes sense. will say. Okay i'll take the original silence as in. there's no questions about them. Okay, so. let's take. example of a vending machine. or a parking meter. So not. will leave out the latest iteration where they just have to. enter a code from the parking meter. into your phone to get to buy a ticket. let's say that there's you go to the airport or go to a shopping Center in the park a to get a ticket, in the end. We leave you scan it. And then. You pay for it in cash or credit card or debit card. So let's. Think about this, the slot for the coins, or the money. Now, if you have pictures of certain coins. Like a quarter, if you have a picture the chosen quarters. which you only have dimes. So it's not quite clear whether. The machine will accept dimes or whether only accepts quarters. So you. So we get to the point of having. So we have to try it out see whether or not. Or the dimes that we have work to pay for parking. If you had just. Maybe a cent sign like a see with a stroke through. Maybe. that's too general, because maybe people don't. understand. That. That symbol. Many people understand that symbol. So if I just said coins. But then. I really don't accept quarters and loonies let's say, these are two Nice. So. So the graph the picture that goes with with the. Over the slot. You want to try and. Make that as clear as possible, so they can see you can insert coins, but not all coins. If that's the case. So I think likely. arcade machines don't take nickels and dimes. anymore. It could be wrong, I haven't. I haven't used coins. Since I think. Right, so that is that trade off makes sense. Did you want to have a metaphor. or a picture a representation of a metaphor. In the case we're. describing what can go into the coin slot. we're looking at how to present the information. in a consistent way. But the metaphor. You want to. find the balance between being too specific, so that we don't exclude. Reasonable alternatives. So another another example it Sam talking, I want to. illustrate we were thinking about driving a car. So if I show. The red. mustang. Were red corvette or. blue. Porsche I saw a good portion ring road today. He spent by me and my as I drove in my Ford fusion. So we might have. Particular cars, like. like that, but if I don't have a sports car. Then. I might think. This doesn't apply to me. So you don't want to exclude. You to make it overly specific or overly. General. So that. So that the key concepts are trying to convey or not. available to the person, looking at the interface. to feel like i'm rambling a little bit today. You might say that I do that more than just today. or you may not say anything at all. Anyone want to chat or. Okay, so there's a comment about surfing. So maybe surfing. surfing surfing for people who serve a lot. it's a different set of. connotations than sort of the popular view surfing that. People who watch surfing on TV or. The movies. Those two. People who understands between those two groups would be quite different. Perhaps. so nice about this, since these days are getting a little cooler now, these are just good to have the air conditioner running and Sundays it's good to have the furnace running. So, whether you have the air conditioner cool the House or. Your residence. or furnace to heat your residence. So. So we have a thermostat. As a common way to control the temperature. So I have a thermostat in my office. Which doesn't seem to do much of anything it hisses if I turn the knob quite a lot of hisses. But i'm not feeling in control of the temperature, Sir, I can serve make broad hints. But I I can't. make a direct connection between. The setting I have on the dial and the temperature that. The room. becomes later on. So. No, I don't know, so there are two controls on my thermostat. So I have to set the system to like system can be off so it's not heating or cooling. can be on heating, so that it's going to only going to think about for only going to provide heat in certain circumstances. When the temperature gets too low. or. If it's in the cooling system, then. It will only cool if required, so it doesn't matter how hot it oh. If it gets too cold it's not going to start heating. it's only going to start cooling if it gets too hot. So, then the question. is so if I come home and. it's been a record breaking Dan. Hot day in October. And my thermostat is not my system isn't set up to. To cool it's only set up to heat. That point then. If I switch it to cold or cooling. And I turn the temperature way down because i'm very hot. And I want. The room to cool off very quickly. So to. A quick question is. So i'm making and I have a model of how the thermostat works if I to say that if I turn it down very low. That the cooling is going to happen, much more quickly than if I just say I wanted to be. Instead of 22 I want to be 19. In the room. That makes sense. Okay. We got one comes up anyway. I apologize. If there are more sums up the name. Okay, thanks. Very good. yeah okay. So. So we want to have a metaphor. Think about having a metaphor that. helps. The user develop. an accurate understanding of how the system is working. And so that goes. towards creating. A mental model that helps these are navigate. The system. Anyway, we're 20 after one now. So I don't want to keep you any longer on a Friday, especially. So thanks for today. Have a good weekend we'll see you on Monday. Welcome bye so anyone who's still on about you turn your camera on for a second and wave. And if your microphones on.
  • Thank you.
  • Thanks.
  • Have a good weekend.
  • We should.
  • say.
  • Thank you, Sir.
  • This is what the Dean visit our faculty of science meetings, he says, once you just turn your cameras on the end and wave. So maybe that's not too. that's good. that's a good trade off it's a good balance between. Being on camera and. Yes, having your privacy.
  • Okay Thank you so much. Okay.
  • bye.
  • Thank you, Louis can.
  • Thanks.
  • Do you have a question me. Okay. Saying. goodbye have a good weekend take care.

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  • Good afternoon
  • Good afternoon.
  • Good afternoon
  • hello
  • How are you
  • gd realization that its friday
  • rather than monday
  • Was there a particular reason they chose September 30?
  • It was originally orange shirt day, which started in 2013, "The day honours residential school survivor Phyllis Webstad, who had her orange shirt taken away on the first day of school."
  • So that problems can be viewed from different lenses?
  • to understand that not one universal 'spaghetti' sauce will not work for everyone
  • people have different preference for sauces
  • and this translates to having preference for different designs in our case
  • People at times don't know what they need
  • May targeted for some particular group
  • Yes
  • yes
  • Student password
  • Browsing
  • surfing
  • i have very less experience in that area as well
  • its the same case
  • Thermostat is sensing device to maintain a heat at a certain level, and heating of a room start slowly and go up,
  • The same is with the cooling
  • for the electric tops
  • u just turn it to high to get to the temp quick then
  • turn it down a bit
  • hahaha
  • So if turn it to too high it won’t help, it will not heat the room quickly
  • It will take its time
  • thank you, take care
  • Thank you
  • Thank you prof
  • thank you professor
  • Thank you professor
  • Thank you
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  • Thank you Professor


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • In today's lecture I learned about how technology can impact your life and how it can save your life too. The videos on the website about Metaphors and HP Cool town was a demonstration of that.
  • In today’s meeting, we looked and discussed about the spaghetti sauce video as how metaphor can be used or applied to browsing
  • Today we learned about metaphors, and how a metaphor can be applied to browsing.
  • In today's meeting, I learned we need to cater to different customers and give different designs.
  • the most interesting to me from this session lecture was design attributes and designers skills and abilities
  • Most important thing I learned today was about metaphor and some examples related to it. We also have discussion about coins for wending machine or parking stations.
  • In Today's class, we have discuss few points on creative design and later on talked about metaphors. There was couple of video on it we have discussed about it as well.
  • We talked about Malcolm Gladwell's video -- Choice, happiness, and spaghetti sauce.
  • metaphor
  • The use of the spaghetti example to describe people's preferences for different designs was a really interesting discussion.
  • Using metaphors in interface design and clarification on the message in the spaghetti sauce video
  • In today's meeting we had a discussion about the design perspective we talked about it by taking an example of spaghetti sauce.
  • Spaghetti video
  • metaphors and designer choice example with spaghetti video
  • Through watching the video, I know that everyone has their own preferences, and it is difficult for one design to satisfy everyone.We can only find the most suitable design method to satisfy everyone's preferences.
  • Is about metaphor. We also had a spaghetti sauce video to learn about the designer choice and perspective.
  • Discussed the importance of the ideas presented in the spaghetti video and how the relate to human centred design.
  • In today's lecture we discussed about lot of things and also about thermostats and all.
  • The most important thing we discussed is about How dr. Daryl used the Italian Spagattie video as metaphor to link with our CS 428 Class. Also we discussed about yesterdays indigenous day reason of celebration and its importance.
  • Interfaces need to be diverse and specialized depending on the needs of the user, not everyone will benefit from the exact same interface design
  • The term Internet of Things is an evolving concept of the Internet that expresses the idea of ​​various physical devices connected to the Internet, in addition to the ability of each device to identify itself to other devices and perform specific functions via Internet protocols. It is also the embodiment of smart services that resulted from the transformation of things into smart, connected and able to interact with their surroundings. The most prominent real-world examples of this field are the central h

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • Today I learnt and understood the concept of the designer's perspective from the example how the spaghetti sauce become very famous and most favorite among the Americans. I also have learnt the metaphor in design thinking process.
  • How we can find interesting target in the internet about our team project that perfectly cover all related redesign suggestions.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • Good meetings today, can you suggest and website you think need adjustment or website for our project. Can we also use applications like discord and so on ?
  • I would like to know more about metaphors.


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