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Interface Affordances

Responses to Responses

  • How we can find interesting target in the internet about our team project that perfectly cover all related redesign suggestions?
  • By browsing or surfing the web, by talking within your group and discussing the applications and interfaces that you use and your experiences with them
  • Can you suggest a website you think need adjustment or website for our project?
  • UR Courses, SaskTel, MySaskHealthRecord
  • Can we also use applications like discord and so on?
  • true

Zoom Audio Transcript

  • Good afternoon, everyone. nice day today seems. Start so cool that gets warmer. it's a nice way to start October. So what kind of issues. well. interesting. So my son who's in Europe. likes to use whatsapp to communicate. And I have an iPhone eight presently although i'm. going to upgrade to a newer version too. But I. I have trouble. Getting the notifications to work, so I don't. I don't see when i've gotten a message from him, even though I go through. and turn on every possible notification. The only thing that seemed to help was when I upgrade to ios 15. Then, then I started to get notifications more regularly it's still a little bit hit and miss. Any one of those kinds of issues with whatsapp and. The social media platforms.
  • I think various for every other devices and every other version of, though, is. Like forever seven and shall we didn't have any problem, the notification and stuff but sometime the Facebook and the oculus it does give some of the problem. And also because of the new current ios and its privacy prediction things it is like somewhat contradicting maybe that also has to do a little bit of that things, maybe I don't know I don't use iPhone seven.
  • yeah well. It makes me feel good in some ways to say prefer to not. Allow the APP to track that's one of the. And i'm not sure. How much money, therefore, there we're going by creating such a feature but. Good PR anyway.
  • yeah it's a long list of debate that's been going on for the past one or two year Facebook and apples.
  • Okay, so. we're going to talk, so I think i'm sharing my screen now. Right.
  • yep.
  • Okay.
  • But a little bottle that is like cut out from the screen from the left side haggis.
  • yeah.
  • Oh Nice.
  • Okay. So when I have all the windows up like video gallery or whatever participants list. And the chat window I can't put my shared screen over top of those so that's why I had to do a little bit of moving around and get the right size to coexist with the. The list of participants. So I made a list of things to look at. The question about some suggestions and. websites to look out for the project and I didn't include zoom certainly zoom will be in. Another one to look at think. I don't have particular things in mind, but. Okay, so anyway. I haven't published this to my website yet. I was fiddling with a little bit. So. i'm gonna send out shortly to the website. So here's my so let's look at attendance first. So I put in a password and the direct link to the password. You can let me know. If you're able to click on that as well. Once I get it onto the website here let's get that started. Like send you the correct password for today's attendance. The benefit of doing this is, I don't have to. click through to another window. But the nice thing about this could be one less attendance link. Instead of it just goes to the right week. it'd be better if it just gave me the right day. It gives me the right week and it gives you something to click on as well. So just. just want you to keep that interface. issue in mind certainly there are things in your courses like like this feature showing attendance password to you. and they're doing the group assignments that interface Those are some ones that come to mind. So. Leave those two questions you have any well. So I put again the list of link to the list of project groups, so the project groups coming together Okay, are you coordinating. So the first issues are you communicating with your group members okay. and would like to give me a thumbs up or. thumbs up. For for at one point. You may have more like okay so here's another issue. Let me do a screen grab of this. Our. Okay, Sarah go ahead.
  • yeah I have a quick question regarding the project so we're working on that yesterday and we had a question regarding the section that says that he have to describe the user. And we're not sure what it meant exactly so like because there are like four of us in the project and we're doing like same thing, but like different activity on the same webpage that we choose and. There is a section that says that describe the user right So are we describing each of us, or are we describing what the intention of the user is just a little bit unclear, for me, if you could clarify that thing.
  • Okay.
  • So.
  • So the idea is.
  • To describe the characteristics of you as a user of that interface of that piece of software So what are the, what are the important. characteristics. You have as a user. That that will. be important to understand. So, so that. You can do what you. You get some satisfaction of using the interface so it's not a. You can have a more positive experience. So that we understand who the users are. What their needs particular needs are. So, for that was looking at your courses. It might be an important distinction to say. undergraduate or graduate student. Whether or not you've had. Experienced using the interfaces marker. Or, as they call it in your courses one editing teacher. was a good. and worthy of different whether you're going to use it as a student or they had some experiences of marker or live instructor. And, and whether or not. You have experience with other learning management systems, maybe that's important. To think about the things. Come. That affect how your. describe the position from the. position from what you're approaching the interface. That makes sense.
  • yeah it does, and it also raises another question let's see like we choose a topic on Amazon the E commerce website and all of us, like all the four Members are like a. participating in terms of a buyer or like a potential user right, so we will all four of us will have, then the same description right the user description that we're only on the buyer side, and we have the same characteristics.
  • So I don't want you to coordinate too much begin with one that you can eat write your own description of. and So what i've said before it's too. To do some things on your own to serve maybe decide. Which kinds of activities you're wanting to take on for each of you, using the interface. But then. You do that. Each group Member does that on their own. And the description of themselves as a user. What are the important characteristics. They see. determines their. Each person's usage of the system, and then, once you have those things, and you get together and do the empathy maps for each of the. everyone's task. and get that data, then you can together. It may end up you end up with one description one sort of profile, but of the user who encompasses or that encompasses the for the three or four of you. In your experience or maybe there might be. Two different kinds of users, there might be. In your courses let's say a student user and a. Student marker user maybe there's enough difference between. Those two different. categories of people that. You have a description of. You. Know you'd like backtrack from considering them separately. keeping them separate.
  • Okay, now, it makes sense perfect.
  • Okay.
  • Thank you.
  • walk.
  • So any any thoughts about how the projects going so I know there's. There are a couple issues. or questions about picking a website or a piece of software and interface. So maybe i'll just go through these, and then we can talk about them. smarter further questions. So how can we find it interesting target. know and missed an article there find an interesting target in the Internet about our team project that perfectly cover all related redesigned suggestions. So I don't I don't think we need to. see ourselves as perfect. So it's a process of discovery so. And we can refine things as we go along. But I would say. Find semblance of interest so. by looking by thinking about which kinds of the kinds of applications, you use on the Internet. So maybe it's a streaming application like netflix or prime video. or there's some other ones apple. apple TV. we're Disney plus or fx or. i'm sure the list goes on quite a bit longer than like go. Think about the things that. That. The things we. Were you spend your time. In your experience with those interfaces. So think critically about. know whether you're. Whether you say you have a good experience with the interface, because your standards or. has been lowered by years of computer interface use. So talk amongst yourselves and your group and discuss the applications and interfaces and your experiences with them. So. To talk about Amazon. And prime video so that connection prime video. But to me. The Amazon website and. Then and prime video. has a certain feel to. feel to them that. may appeal to some people, but I find it less appealing. Things like this the way they say their customers have you. So the way they're. talking to me. Is not. it's not the most welcoming to me I find. So. So that that can be an issue for. Well, an opportunity for redesign I guess. So other specific example, so I mentioned, you are courses and and zoom. So if you have a SAS tell. account. invite you look at science count, so I had. explained my recent. run in the SAS tilt so. I have an account for my mom. because she in her new residence she has she doesn't know. She can't get access communication she has to sounds tell. So that's a whole new box and a whole new. remote control for her to. Look at. So I have a. tried to do some manage features online so. When I look at her account it says that she has. The standard package. Instead of the basic. So I wanted her to have a standard package because it came out a few few weeks after she started with the basic package. So I did a chat with SAS tell online. and I asked them to. You know I said, the situation that you know clearly on the online system, it says that she has the standard package. And the person, the technical support person said well no it's not showing up here. So you have to call the billing department and find out why it's what the problem is. So. first thing I thought is why aren't why isn't SAS tell. finding out what the problem is instead of. offloading it on to me. But then it came up with this feature. They have a currently they have a callback system. So it says, if you want to call back from. from them from the support. group, then you just click a button and enter your phone number, so I I was impressed with that that that was quite a nice feature. Then it didn't work. and I did not get it to work till three different times. And then, trying to find my way around the website is. The challenge, I find. It may be the different signal. That i'm not the kind of user they're targeting. But on the other hand. This should be a little more. I guess i'm curious if other people have the same kinds of issues there. Anyway, that says tell, and I think my SAS health record is also a. possibility for examination. There might be some opportunities. Does that. give you some more food for thought in terms of. Where to look and how to look at with. Think critically about the software that you're familiar with already. Anyone like to give me a thumbs up. Again, now i'm. one. Okay, thanks. So now I realize. For the reactions, I have to scroll through. The list of participants to see who's reacting. So in zoom I don't know why putting your hand up is a. higher priority response. Then. Give me a thumbs up. And again, the reactions will be. useful than going to the front and going to the top of the list. So okay. Good Center for that. So I have a column some pictures of interfaces here. I thought, maybe we just do a breakout activity we haven't done that, for a little bit. To discuss these a bit further, but. This is a foster that I encounter. I think it was but somewhere in Toronto. So instead of them. enough to turn. The joystick to the water. So, which direction if you want to. All lots of hot water, would you. How would you manipulate. The joystick. They wouldn't like you. The answer in the chat. yeah Okay, so that towards the mirror away from you is the pressure. I think, so if we start out a zero pressure than pushing it. Back it's going to give high pressure. But then I think it if you want to hot water, you have, I would say, go to the left and cold water you go the right and for. tepid water you just go straight back. it's not clear. Whereas, if you have. A lot to turn. The idea of having a simple controls is convenient. Instead of having two knobs here individually control the hot and the cold water. So here you have one control that mixes them. But then the knob. It gives you otter quote by turning left or right. And then. Lifting up. Lifting up and back is controls the pressure one of what are you getting. I think that's. Maybe better constrained. So it doesn't let you do things that are possible, but less meaningful. Whereas I think with the joystick you could get into some combinations. That are ambiguous. anyway. I have another view that. will show you. So this is where this I think it's still there, but we haven't had access to the love CAFE coffee stick station, for a long time so. here's a nostalgic photo. that's no good. sort of fixing that right now just get you. will share my screen of a window preview. here. Does anyone remember this. feature of the coffee station. Okay, so. We have no no volunteers to admitting having coffee in the live calf.
  • I used this. an airport I think in Toronto. that's my only memory of using one of these.
  • Okay.
  • So.
  • On the one, so it says step one add sugar step to add creamer milk and step three or enjoy so step three is done off to the left somewhere. So we're dealing with steps one and two, this interface in these two interfaces. So, on the one hand. So, depending on the size of Cup, you have. So the implication is, you can have a small, medium large extra large Cup. And then you can decide to put in one sugar. Or if you hit So if you hit the button once and get one sugar. And if you did twice, then you can get. Two sugars put their relative to the size of cup so. If you. And I don't know the relationship between small and extra large with the other small cup and you hit. Extra large toys, you get more than a double. You get a very sweet small cup of coffee. So does that seem like a reasonable way to dispense sugar. Okay um. No, I don't want to make your answer right now, we will talk about will break out and talk about this. And then step two cream and milk, so if you want to make a double double for. A large cup of coffee. Then we can. So in the panel, in the middle sisters loved ones select cup size. Extra small. Small Medium large and extra large. So I noticed right away there's not an extra small coffee on the. On the sugar dispenser. And then select the amount of you dispense single double or triple. And then select cream and milk. And then press dispenser Council to start. or spread press cancel to start over again. So the spence button is worn out from use the text is gone, I can see is that late underneath of it. So. So we have a different process of going through. So our consistency isn't great between step one and step two. But i'm interested to know what you think about the inner how we could improve it, what possible problems could arise from this setup. Okay, so i'm going to do our seven breakout groups. That makes sense as a question.
  • Repeated.
  • i'm going to say. What. Whether how could this interface be improved. If your goal is to make a double double. what's a potential pitfall from this design. Or are there any potential pitfalls from this design. Okay. OK, so the breakout rooms are open. One person's join the breakout room.
  • Okay.
  • Here we go. So, should I put a link to the breakout groups in future so that you know that is a reference. To the people who are still there in the main room. Okay, so how does that go.
  • pretty well.
  • Good.
  • So I didn't I said, make a double double that so do do do double double with cream or milk.
  • Usually.
  • Work to do one of each, I guess, if you want to. Richard and not. immediately. So what are the what's a pitfall from this interface, especially with this step two. So I, I see this, I even did it once. But some people tell me on. i'm just over analyzing things. Does anyone see any issue.
  • I personally think. that there should be a different. Different settings for the o'neill can cream. super senior citizen.
  • yeah so. So that that's that's possible I mean, and it could be more consistent with the sugar.
  • Like What I mean is for double double double cream and sugar so cream and milk is optional, like, if you want to put cream or, if you want to put milk.
  • yeah.
  • it's it's not confusing like if somebody saying double double. So. Some men in the kitchen can predict it like double cream and double sugar that's an audible milk or troubleshoot it like he will ask you like you want to put milk or you're going to put cream in it.
  • yeah, so this is, this is a self serve, so this you have access to this in the lab cafeteria. When it when it's open again you'll be able to do this yourself. So there's not not an option for double sugar yeah so you have to understand that you need to press the button twice. for sugar, but then you don't there's a different set of options for dispensing cream. So why is, why is it different to dispense cream or milk than sugar. So maybe there's some important reason why that's not being communicated. it's different. And so, like the sugar, where the spence dispensing buttons are. Right above the. Sugar so your attention is where. The sugar is coming out. Here the suspense button you're selecting cream and milk and then to dispense button. So. The issue that i've had and i'm not going to. leave this as a parting thought for you. So sometimes you might have the cup under milk and you press cream, or you press now can you put the cup under cream. And you get. The tray full of of milk or cream. Does anyone ever had that happen. Anyway, we're out of time for today, thank you very much for today and. So keep our discussion, you have questions post them to you our courses. and we'll we'll pick up our discussion on Wednesday take care, have a good rest of your Monday and Tuesday and we'll talk about cool town and. Knowledge navigator a bit on Wednesday as well alright thanks again.
  • Thank you. My pleasure.
  • Have a good day take care.
  • Have a good one.
  • Thanks.
  • bye.
  • bye have a good day.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • Good afternoon prof
  • who else is having issues with WhatsApp/facebook/Instagram?
  • yep…the whole network is down
  • Yes, WhatsApp is down
  • They are currently down
  • insta whatsapp fb and oculus
  • they are down since morning
  • all of them
  • Yeah all of them are down
  • It's DNS issue for their Servers across the globe !!
  • Yes its not working since morning
  • Yeah they are not working
  • Yes
  • Student password
  • bad design choice
  • back towards mirror
  • tilt right or left?
  • Trying moving all the direction.
  • well the ans depends on everyones familiarity
  • not found is more nostalgic i guess with UOR courses
  • yep
  • yep
  • yeah
  • simple and clean…hahaha
  • I'm too anxious to use these lol, worried someone will see me being confused
  • happened to me at CO-Op
  • lol
  • ended up getting only black coffee without any cream or sugar
  • 13 groups
  • should be.
  • ur audio is breaking badly nazmul
  • How would be make a large double double (cream or milk?). What potential pitfalls with this interface?
  • there is not option for double sugar (1,2,3...
  • sugar just goes by size of cup
  • thank you
  • Thank you professor
  • Thank You.
  • thank you professor
  • Thank you prof.
  • bye prof
  • Thank you Professor


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • we discussed about the interface of self serve Tim hortons coffee machine.
  • Today’s meeting was quite interesting one as we have discussed a lot of stuff. One of which was tim hortons interface design. In the breakout rooms we have also discussed the major limitations in that interface.
  • The new design implementation to the self served coffee at Tim Horton's. and ideally it should be from left to right in steps and not right to left.
  • We learned more about metaphors and the new topic we discussed today was Mental models.
  • we had a discussion on joystick-tapes and how it confuses user. Also same for tims coffee machine from lab café - for milk and creamer.
  • In today's class, we have discuss student's doubt about the project, that how to describe in a user's perspective. What sites student can select for their project. At last, we have discuss some points about Interface Affordances.
  • We discussed about the group project and design issue of the coffee machine.
  • From the interface of coffee, the potential pitfall I found in the discussion is that the setting for milk/cream and coffee should be consistent, like the sugar. Some may do not want to take milk but may end up taking the milk instead of coffee. Therefore it should be made clear to the customers with an easy and not misleading interface.
  • Discussion around interface i.e. faucets and coffee machine
  • The most important thing I learned today was that facebook was down globally
  • Today I have learnt the most important topic about the project assignment. Also, we discussed good and bad design of a tap and Tim Hortons coffee machine
  • Today we talked about a Coffee machine design and what are the weaknesses and how we can improve it. I learned a lot about this topic when I was discussing with my teammates.
  • Today we talked about different project topics and then we discussed about problems in faucets interface of the image provided by professor. Then we had a breakout room in which we talked about the interface of a coffee machine, the problems in it and how should it be redesigned to make it convenient to all kind of users.
  • We talked about the Tim Hortons coffee maker and how its interface could be improved
  • Bad design examples like joystick tap, lab coffee machine.
  • Is about the design and the way it matters for a person with different needs. We had an example of tim's coffee machine for this.
  • Went over group project and discussed questions asked by students from the previous lecture. Questions were related to activity description, individual description as well as potential topics.
  • We had some discussion about the project assignment. Then a topic about good and bad design of tap and Tim Hortna's coffee machine. Later on discussion of the same in breakout room.
  • We discussed about the global outage of Whatsapp and other social media outage. After which the most interesting part was discussing about How the Self-Serve Tim Hortons Coffee machine works and their user drawbacks and how it can be resolved in our breakout groups
  • I learned that the dispenser for sugar and milk in the lab building is unnecessarily confusing and could use an interface update.
  • In today's meeting we did an exchange on how to improve the design performance of Tim Horten's coffee making system. The exchange of different opinions helps to develop work dynamics and obtain excellent solutions to improve the performance of designs.

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • The delicate role of the balance between a simple interface and a complex set of features desired with a coffee machine

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the good and bad designs.
  • in this seesion we continued our design interface discussion and explored it more deeply.
  • How websites we use everyday could always be improved or adjusted to better serve the user
  • Pitfalls in Lab caf


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