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Fitts Law



  • metaphors, good and bad, consistent and inconsistent
  • how does adding themes to meetings page relate to a metaphor?

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  • Happy Monday.
  • Hello good afternoon.
  • hi. Good weekend everyone.
  • At least.
  • that's good to know Peter.
  • I was just doing the assignments so many insights.
  • I did some yard work. yeah laughing and a few other things. But I watched my wife and I watch squid game. This weekend.
  • same as I.
  • So i'm not sure what's. points I thought I. understood what. The message it had another points it wasn't quite so sure, so I guess that's why they. Have the season two coming up. anyway. So let me. share my screen and then we can. Going here. Well, Nice. So I noticed that the first comment here was. Most important thing I learned is how bad Dr happens website is. i'm paraphrasing there but. i'm not. i'm not hurt by that but. I think i'm just thinking that there might be a few good things about it too. But anyway, do you need more characters to respond to, so you can give a more nuanced reply. Sorry, I kind of took a detour they're. Picking us up looking like sense of humor on you, without warning. Anyway, so. handsome responses from the meeting last day. That our meeting today it's.
  • The 20.
  • Well, the things that. I see that didn't get started on regenerating the page and. later. They didn't hit save. The guests. Okay, so let me give you the attendance password. going directly from your courses. Okay, so let's resume our conversation from yesterday about. And then it flows, so not all of them are great. On on my website. We could be more clear. Will it give us more consistently so one thing I notice is. My go back. we'll start from here, I say today is Monday October 18 2021. And then next class meeting is today, then I have a 20. So just so happens that. well. The section of meetings looks like a calendar, this could be the 18th 19th 20th 21st one second. well. Then you start to wonder why I have meetings on the weekends. They would have. It would be. Better to indicate that this was a meeting number. Would you agree. Next class meeting is number 20 on Monday October 18 2021. Anyone like to make a comment about that. So here's what I show my age and let's say things like to remind you that, seen a movie Ferris bueller's day off anyone. Anyone. They will never heard of Ferris bueller's day off. Okay, so the question from nonsmoker what why the next meeting is on the same date. So i'm not testing the time. during the day, so this is when. This integration is, and always up to date, because. it's one when the site gets published. So I could I could do a better. more responsive thing to do would be to have a javascript routine. To read the to find out what the current time is. And then, if it's after the meeting time. then go to the next meeting time without. Having that work independently of one. The. The site's been published. So the message as it is on the page works if you're coming to this page before class on the day of class leading. Or maybe. it's like that I could say it's today next class meeting is today. So just repeating the same date string. Anyone feel like. gauging me in this discussion. In chat or an audio. My answer makes sense as well.
  • yeah Professor that makes sense.
  • Okay.
  • So are we discussing metaphors here in the. context of meeting.
  • yeah, so I think there's an opportunity to continue our discussion a little bit.
  • Oh. So. yeah go ahead.
  • You. Please, the control that i'm using here to provide the numbers. And so, and the next. Week, this is just go back one yeah. Well there's a that's an issue. jump it shouldn't have jumped the different page. would have been nice to stay on the same page, as we had before. But this control is. Based on a thing it's called the pagination. My computer's not happy with me today. I haven't. I haven't spent enough quality time with it. it's acting up. So this is the kind of market that I have so. controller So here we see there's a previous page link. And 123. So these are all page links in the next. Page like suddenly. classes page item. lincoln's page link. And then we.
  • Have.
  • An ordered list is a class pagination. And then inside outside of that is the now. We have an area label. This is to do with accessible. Accessible rich Internet applications. and always referred to it as. Mario anyway. and use it was an accessibility portion. anyway. So here are the meetings. As pages so each number number of meeting has its own page on link here. So what can we, how can we make this more clear. Is this idea of meetings. With each meeting having its own page. Is that sufficient clear. With this part. Of you see there's an issue with meeting number not being associated with the meeting date. So that I shouldn't, but I should maybe indicate. Next class meeting is number 20 on Monday October eighth 2021. For example. Go ahead and that's more.
  • So yeah at first glance, it seems like this is kind of a calendar, because there is 16 1718 1920, but when I mean we dig deep into it, then we can start that this is the plus number, so there is a bit. Confusion I feel from my side.
  • Okay. So Peter asks can simply use the days, instead of numbers. Well, we could use the dates in this. As as the page like here, we could say. Maybe not make them too long. This part it's an issue of screen real estate here. So I said I could say 18 October. The meeting 20. So the meeting numbers useful. For you, or just. The way to keep tracking things. We prefer to just stick with the dates. So. But I understand your comment, we have the month somewhere on top, so we just. We know the numbers for October. So we'd have to start. back with. See how. Many I can get on the screen. I think I changed it so that. This is as many as I can get. So. If i'm. Just bringing the month that month there the month here, the first meeting was an August, so this would be a 30. Then, to become one. And then three would be. three. Or would be six eight. So 30 138. That. That be clear. I think if you're looking at the whole collection of meetings with you some of the some of the month, and so September 2 OG an Arc and love and deck. Okay, any any. further thoughts about that Peter. No okay. So the other thing. of our discussion last day was. He had suggested getting the meeting themes. Along with the. On the index page, so that we could. get a sense of what things were what things are being discussed. In an overview. While the meetings. So that can be a useful thing but. How does it fit together with. What metaphor, are we basing that on. Only enhancing metaphor, the interaction by putting. The missing meeting theme for each meeting on meetings page. So we can be more clear about. Providing a. Consistent metaphor for Internet interacting with them. meetings. Okay. What do you think about that one. Does anyone heard it fits love before. Okay, so it was. discovered in the 50s I believe. My son named fits. And in terms of our. Our interest here, it says. gives us an empirical basis or. relationship between. Or the distance from. Where we have the mouse down where where we want to point. And the size of the target. So. And it gives us the basis this. allows us to say that. The speed with which we can click on a target is based on the distance. And the size of the target. So. If the target is further away. it's. well. So targets that are large and close by or easiest day that. And targets that are. far away and. Smaller are harder to hit take longer time to hit. So here's an example of 20 trials. You can try this for yourself as well, so click on the rectangle and then move to the click on the green one move to the red one so that was quite large so. So the idea is that, in general, there's a. going along the diagonal. So it's not. precisely that. My case. So that's one aspect of how we can. Understand what's going to be. losers performance, with an interface. So if we have. screen that's. We need to click on targets that are far apart and. rather small that's going to be a challenge for users. To think about designing things so that. You don't have to go so far. And the target we needed hip is relatively larger. I know there's a version of Microsoft windows for the MAC where it had. A long screen manipulation from margin sizes. It seemed to be only one pixel by one pixel those controls are very small and so it's very difficult to pick the right one. And so. If if you're familiar with the menu structure. might be quicker and more accurate to find them on the menu. The menu structure and then engine. New values on the farm. That the advantage of having them on the screen to. be directly manipulated it's. We can see. see where things are on the screen and. We can know what bodies there are to be manipulated. And in that version of word those they had a. bar for the similar to a typewriter. So that's something like to understand. That then. Well, I thought in terms of a typewriter. And maybe some of you have never really worked with a typewriter. So that's an issue of. Finding the right metaphor for. users who are going to be using the system. Anyway, so it fits law. Is an understanding of. grouping controls close together, making them. Reasonable size that can be. we're not going to make errors by. going over to one control and accidentally hitting another. So this might happen. On. touch screens, for example. What one phones where the controls are too close together and people have. You, not to say fat fingers but large fingers. And it's difficult to see where the. Where the point of contact is, and so it might be difficult to activate the control. So that's another dimension of. dimension, but another way to think about the necessity. For planning in terms of these the size of targets. Depending on the interface. So it makes sense. So another. Another predictive. goals operators methods and selection he stood keystroke level model. Because it's an idea about. The time it takes to. execute a sequence of commands. Of keystrokes and. In a. New windows. graphical user interface, where we have text boxes and buttons. So we might switch between the keyboard and mouse. to execute commands. here. So this doesn't give a lot of context, but I put this link up here because. It talks about. The relative timings. So we have somebody who's a very good typist they might have. lower. time for keystrokes. And then pressing a button is point one. missing a button on the most part one. writing the mouse is 1.1 seconds. And switching between the keyboard and the mouse is point four seconds. The time to think. What you're trying to do is want like two seconds. So this action is so you think about any point in press the button press the mouse button twice go back to the keyboard you think about. Which keys need to press, and then you have five key presses so that sequence to take 5.5 seconds. So that gives us. An idea of. How long. how long it takes to execute an. input a sequence of commands and in an interface. So what can we notice. What, what are the big items in this example of 5.5 seconds. So there's 1.1 seconds for the pointing. that's thinking about using. same ideas we talked about with its long. going from one point to another. And then switching from the mouse to. The keyboard will point four seconds so that's 1.5 seconds. 5.5 so we cut it down to four seconds. If we could eliminate that. So that's, not to say that. We should do that but. It gives us an idea about where the. Where time is being spent in the interface. So for comparing two interfaces you might say, well, one. This interface a takes 5.5 seconds and the other one takes. say we could we designed differently so. You have 3.5 seconds so. There might be some reasons. Think about. Maybe some reason to. Think about being quicker but. What are some potential pitfalls if. If you're doing things at so quickly and why it might be more prone to errors. Whereas the first interface is not. so on. Any thoughts about that. So we can use the Kalam the gums Callum approach to. Can you do an analytical evaluation of an interface, we can. We can do this calculation without having. Somebody. interacting. With the interface and. So we don't need. A user. To do this kind of evaluation or comparison between the interfaces. So we have a model that we can apply. So it's. If we do need to have users, what kind of evaluation. Oh, and how could we describe the evaluation, where we have users, like in that rocket surgery it's simple video, but the zipcar website. Okay we'll pick it up there it's 20 after time to call it quits for today thanks, very much for your. presence here today. So I encourage everyone to. comment as as you see fit. Anyway, have a good day see you on Wednesday take care.
  • Thank you.
  • front office hours tomorrow. Maybe an election, I think I have a dentist appointment, just before then, so I might be a bit late getting online, so all. i'll give you a heads up one morning. Okay. See you Wednesday bye.
  • Have a good day.
  • thanks you too.

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  • Why the next meeting is on the same date?
  • Can we simply use the dates instead of numbers?
  • We have the month somewhere on top, so we know any number is for October
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What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • In todays lecture we discussed about the Fitts' law.
  • today we talked about the metaphors of user interface design.
  • in todys meeting, we started with discussing about the metahphors of dr. hepting's website and then we also talked about fitt's law and KLM.
  • Today's discussion started by talking about the metaphors of Dr. Hepting's website.
  • In Today's class, we have learned about metaphors and how we make our prototype out of paper.....We will learn more points in next class as well.
  • We talked about keystroke level model today.
  • metaphors about dates and matching number
  • Today we have discussed about the keystroke level model (KLM) calculator’s interface and it’s metaphors
  • The most important thing that I learned today was about the human computer communication.
  • In today’s lecture we have learnt about different user interface like space game , and other web applications.
  • Metaphors
  • Today we had more discussion on improvements on Dr. Hepting's website and we also talked about keystroke level model.
  • We talked about consistency with the meeting dates and pagination on Dr Hepting's website
  • in this meeting, we discussed about the notes.
  • Metaphors were clarified In todays class. We also got a summary of examples on the class website.
  • It was a good session, the professor spoke about the website design related to the number of classes from the course website, then about the key stroke level model and psy tool kit and its design interface, metaphors.
  • keystroke level model and metaphors about website.
  • The amount of time it takes users to click or type to complete a certain action is important in ui design

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • Ws the metaphors in the Dr. Hepting's website. We continued our discussion from last class on the same topic. I would like to know more about what metaphors are. It was a great class today.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • We discussed about keystroke and that was quite interesting and I would like to know more about it.
  • i would like to know more about the keystone level model, if you could reexplain that, it would be nice.
  • In today's meeting, the professor showed us the fitts law and GOMS KLM.
  • in this session we discussed a the date bug on Dr. Hepting's website, and talked about the root causes of the problem.
  • would like to study/improve/talk more about the interface for your CS website:
  • In today's meeting professor discussed about Fitts' law and KLM. I want to learn more about them
  • Fitts's law
  • The thing about which I would most like to know more is related to the design of Keystroke Level Model (KLM) Calculator. Why this types of designs are still popular as they have obvious weaknesses and problems.


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