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  • Can we make our prototype out of paper?
  • Is there a strict set of metaphors to use when thinking about interfaces?

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  • Chapter 13

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  • Seeing the international stadium.
  • Good afternoon.
  • Professor.
  • Professor.
  • Writing it's a good thing right. Happy Friday. Somebody rather Mike on all the moving things around in their place. Sorry, I was gonna remind you to talk this afternoon. But now I can't find the link to it. physics, but not Professor says about science in stem. i'll try and send you an email later on, so find it. My computer's not very happy today. And running a lot. Just slow. So here I am sharing my screen with you. So under administration, I have a link here for the center's returns, with a comment about the weather outside today. Then they went see Alfonso days goal for Canada on Wednesday night. Thursday morning to see that clip. If you missed it that there's a link there that goes to the CBC story. And there's a little video clip of that goal. So we talked earlier in the Semester about whether Canada has a chance to advance the World Cup. So they were doing well, by being unbeaten before, but now. They actually want to gain. At home, and be in Toronto. For one against, Panama. Do you think there are chances have improved. So Martin, let me ask you do you think canada's chance qualifying for the World Cup.
  • Yes, they will.
  • Do you think they're on the way now or just better chances.
  • They have good players, they have this player is playing with the band Munich. Which is playing really good. This year they have good options. And I think now the third or the fourth so they have good good chance to go different.
  • yeah, so I think they're in third place in the top three qualified. yep so.
  • yeah there was one question.
  • Anyway, okay so. Then going on to the other question and answers the password. and hope. Okay. there's. Anyone so the marks for the individual sangha one were. posted I think earlier than than Wednesday when I send a notification on Wednesday after class, you can see that. One thumbs up, but I can see. it's good news.
  • Okay.
  • So I have them markers email, you can send me an email to the marker that's on your courses link there's in your courses. Hello sending. Okay. Let me go back to. There, a couple of responses from last meeting I thought we comment on here. So question was can we make our prototype out of paper so yeah the low fidelity prototype. is intended to be. Something you're not. you're not investing a lot of time. and make it perfect because we invest a lot of time and running a bit of code to the position the elements on screen and. So on, then the less the less. inclined, you are to make changes to it. In the week should still try and use a ruler and. and print legibly and all those kinds of things. So the way you do the low fidelity prototype so you might have more than one screen, so you drive screen. On separate piece of paper and then. When they're testing it you say. So, if you look at that testing video. Now, had a chance to look at it already but. that's a nice introduction to how to do tests so that's testing a website that you can imagine that if you. If you present a picture of the interface. Over zoom. And then you. get people to talk about what they're going to do, like they didn't. Say press a button here, and then, which would advance to the next screen that you have them show the next piece of paper. With a drawing of that screen and so on. So that's how it can be a cast of the low fidelity prototype. That answer your question or concern about. The low fidelity prototype. Okay, seeing one will say yes, it is addressed. Now, but we can revisit it. And then the other question is there was, is there a strict set of metaphors using thinking about interfaces. So I would say not. Because. different communities might have. Different metaphors. Some of the metaphors that. And the graduate students who are. So we talked about. Application maybe like faith. Well, Facebook or snapchat. Facebook is becoming. A little more onerous to deal with me. and using it less frequently. There are a lot more options in. My perspective and. So the metaphors but snapchat let's say. There might be a metaphor.
  • That that.
  • becomes well known in that interface that may not extend to. Another group. So that i'm saying snapchat that there are lots of possibilities, so that. might have a reference for something that. were some jargon that. Particular Community understands but isn't so well understood outside that community. And so those can be metaphors as well. So the purpose of the metaphor is to help. develop some structure for losing the new user. so that they can relate the new capabilities, the interface. or just the capabilities in interface. And how to use them to a familiar structure for them. So using. Looking at the meetings on my web page is like looking at the calendar. Words like looking at a. list. With something like that. So wondering have a metaphor, we can. bring in some other details that will. help people to understand how to access functionality. If the metaphor. isn't familiar. or it's not used consistently, then I can introduce more problems. So the answer that I would say, is there isn't a strict set of metaphors fees are thinking about interfaces. That we're not just restricted to. graphical user interfaces or direct manipulation gestures. Okay, I feel like i've been on i've said enough. Mr show stop talking. about that. Okay, well, no response to the way for that. Any any thoughts about theatre the metaphors used in Facebook or snapchat. Whether whether they're successful. Okay, so i'm going to ask you to do your. Your breakout groups here. so on should look at the design of my. course page for the Semester. action. So this is what the course page for the offering looks like. So I was thinking about metaphors for meetings. If you can think about metaphors. that are used in. On this page or. Are on meetings, particularly. So you can focus on any part of. The design, so what metaphors are being used or could be used. So if there are metaphors. which you can you can identify are the used well. it's something to be done better to. improve your experience on the page pages. on my website here. The question makes sense for the breakout groups. thumbs up in one yes so. On I have a yes from the chat as well. Okay, so i'm going to create breakout groups. On other thumbs up okay that's great. So there's 29 participants in 29 students in class today so let's do for breakout groups. So we can have a lively discussion, which you know. So. i'm gonna try assigning automatically today, so we get a bounce. distribution. Center as last day we had one that was much bigger than the others. So let's take about 1010 or so minutes now think about that and then. we'll get back together and continue our discussion. Okay. Here we go.
  • I just noticed your shirt is sort of have that. same look as the background of your website. Sir, excuse me, anyway.
  • For the the teaching part of the website yeah. So, is that a good discussion about things.
  • yeah we had a good discussion about the metaphor of your website.
  • So.
  • So in our discussion we we are thinking. About calendar you showed us in your website and. In this, in this case of the calendar, it seems like it's the calendar, but it's the number of classes, we are attending. I mean, first class second class third class something like that.
  • Would you like to. share your screen. i'm gonna let you share your screen i'll stop sharing mine. If you want to look at a particular example.
  • Okay, I can do that. So for this part of the calendars here, we see that 15 1617 so at first glance, it seems like this is the first day of the month. Is the I mean this is the 15th of October 16th of October, when we actually go deep and understand things know properly, then we see that yeah it's 19th 19th class and is actually Friday 15th October. So that's kind of a issue if we consider it. But. There is no other way, I think there is. There is a way to solve it, maybe. But I am not i'm not so. comfortable that. And another thing like in the upcoming events we can. We can consider it like yeah it's kind of a plan for meeting is kind of a to do list for us in the course. Am I going to the right track or am I lost.
  • No so. So is it helpful to have meetings presented this way.
  • yeah you said earlier it's like yeah what we have to do what we need to do, what are the task left we we we, we have to go, I mean we can have a clear vision of that.
  • Any other thoughts about this, I mean.
  • Oh no that's it.
  • No i'm i'm in from other people in class.
  • Okay.
  • turning off my sharing screen or I can keep it.
  • You can keep it for now okay. So there's a question about screen sharing in. breakout rooms.
  • yeah.
  • So. I don't want to put people back in breakout rooms now but i'm not sure that.
  • It was talking about in the breakout room.
  • or knee.
  • They screen sharing was not enabled in the breakout room so.
  • No i'm just i'm not sure that it can be.
  • It can be done.
  • So yeah we'll we'll try and i'll try and remember that for next time okay. So anyone else have thoughts like to share from your breakout discussions. One person so. It doesn't sound and listening prevent me encouraging evidence that you had a good discussion about this. One person. is going to talk to me about it. So let me Let me pick on somebody who commented on my shirt not pick on. The Jeffrey do you have any thoughts from your groups discussion. or. If if these meetings were okay this meeting setup is okay. or were there other ones that might be as good or better. or their metaphors.
  • Just Professor for our group, which is group one also have Jeffrey we thought of other metaphors like one with talk about was agenda.
  • mm hmm.
  • If that would be a different metaphor, then also Bulletin. Somebody suggested will attend. Okay, another one was called organizer. Those were the tree we briefly discussed.
  • So again, can you tell me a bit more about Bulletin.
  • So, in terms of bullets and. we're trying to relate it like normally when you have like. Your typical bulletin, if you. Like if you have like your news bulletin, like the kind of like what the plans are the former kind of.
  • Okay, so. Just Bolton, is it something with bullet points.
  • Not bullet point pass fail. No. just the same way, I mean I. I wish definitely could also add four more points here because he was the one who really mentioned the option of Latin.
  • Okay. Okay. So maybe I should ask nashville to stop sharing your screen in case other people want to share their screen. Please. Okay, so thinking about a particular page for meeting. So I have the the summary and the responses. For each meeting but. Would it be better to have links to go beach to navigate between them more easily. Would it be better to have links. To the previous me if I said before, upcoming events. upcoming events and then summary of last meeting and responses to last meeting. As links. In order.
  • summary of the meeting is not generated yet as the classes already happening, so I think the link of the last meeting. Maybe helpful in this page.
  • yeah okay. So this is from last meeting, and then I can go to the summary. And then so two people look at this. This a useful thing. And then I guess their responses to. That the thing I noticed is that there aren't any I don't have links to navigate amongst these would it be good to have the same idea of. The response of navigating to the responses, but having. pagination control. or. Going back. So if I do the previous I did navigation for the responses, so I could go amongst the responses. Like for meetings. And then, so this is more like a calendar isn't this view. So the Monday Monday the 30th of August was our first meeting, and here we are down on meeting 19 halfway through. So, the reason I made these links to. I did it this way so that i'm not. Changing the content. Based on when reading is generated, but just as a summary of meeting 20. There is no some because it hasn't happened. that's so that I can. use these links in. This is the page that I copied into your courses. And if you record recommends it. The list of meetings page in your courses Jared from this page and the website. So I haven't seen as a key and the main theme of the class, so what i've. indicated as a theme for classes.
  • So yeah right on top, where you have Friday 15 October 2021 so probably. You mean topic that we're going to discuss from it's helpful like even when we're studying back from maternity or anything like that, rather than clicking on the drop down to see what we did, I could have an all of you, at the very top.
  • So the theme here. yeah so I notice. I didn't want to. Go back tonight. So the theme here, so I could put that ran right up at the top. So.
  • yeah just minimizing the number of clicks trying to, for example, navigate to the different meetings to find content.
  • Okay. Or maybe Is it better to have it. displayed on this page.
  • yeah then works to like it's like a quick summary at first glance, on everything.
  • Okay. So I see him out of time again. So i'm. i'm surprised that there was. I guess I wouldn't i'm not saying that this amount of discussion was. equivalent to the number of comments people have I. Maybe it's not so easy to share and discussions about my website, but i'll tell you that i'm not so attached to it that. i'm interested in your comments about how to improve it. So i'd welcome those. either in class or on your courses form. So with that i'll say goodbye for today have a good weekend take care and i'll see you on Monday.
  • And i'll have a little.
  • thanks you too.
  • bye.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • Happy Friday!
  • Good Afternoon Professor
  • Good Afternoon Professor
  • Good afternoon
  • hey did you guys get the passwod?
  • nope
  • Student password
  • yes
  • just saw that
  • breakout task make sense?
  • yes
  • can I get my breakout room link due to some problem I lost the connection
  • is it possible to enable screen sharing in breakout rooms?
  • ferrering to the "15 16 17" at top of page
  • *referring
  • Anyone else have a good discussion?
  • more like a bulletin board?
  • Yes, Michael
  • that was what I was trying to explain
  • Thanks
  • Yes
  • previous meeting and next meeting control
  • I think having the main theme of the class right beside the date when we click on a particular meeting will be helpful
  • thanks you
  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • Thank you


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • In today's lecture we discussed about the metaphors used on Dr. Hepting's website and how they are bad.
  • we talked about Dr. Hepting's website and the possible ways to improve it.
  • We discussed the metaphors about Dr. Hepting's website. They were accordion, calendar, meeting plan. We had a good discussion on all of them.
  • We discussed about website design in the breakout room today.
  • In breakout group we had a great discussion about the metaphors of the website of Dr. Daryl Hepting. The class list seems like a calendar is a good example of metaphor.
  • Prototyping out of paper is a completely ok concept in the early stages, as it allows for speed, and lets the team grasp what type of direction the project is going towards.
  • Seems i finally get the whole metaphor concept
  • In today’s meeting we discussed about the metaphors of the Dr. Heatings website and how to improve it in the breakout room
  • toady we talked about the metaphors the connection between U of R digital library and metaphors. we selected some related metaphors for this interface design.
  • More detailed discussion on Metaphors
  • We had a discussion in breakout rooms about how to improve design of Dr. Hepting's website, what metaphors are used or can be used.
  • We talked about metaphors on Dr Heptings website
  • In today's meeting, there was a breakout discussion. In breakout discussion, we discussed about what the metaphors could be used in a Dr. Hepting's page.
  • About the metaphor in applications like snapchat and facebook. We discussed it in breakout rooms. It was a great experience.
  • Discussed design metaphors about the course website in breakout groups.
  • The lecture was great, professor discussed about the prototype we have to make for the project and then about the metaphors. Also we had a group discussion where we had discuss about the types of metaphors. Later on we had some design discussion about the UR course where we are able to see the responses of the meetings.
  • Alternative design means sub-zoning design methods such as conservation design, transfer of development density, or similar zoning and site design techniques that protect open spaces and natural areas.

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • the metaphors for the hepting websites
  • What are the metaphors used in professor website?
  • I'm still a little confused about metaphors.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • Grate class today, i was wondering if you could explain what you expect from us in the next group project assignment.
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the page design and metaphors.
  • When you are working on your website who is the prominent end user in your mind?
  • Why did Facebook transition from calling a Facebook page a 'wall' to a 'timeline'? Has the language used to address its functionality change thing for the end user?
  • I would like to see more examples about application of metaphors in various software application and how it could be used to improve the overall design


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