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  • Good afternoon.
  • Good afternoon, Professor happy Friday.
  • thanks you too. So I have my own experiences with poor interfaces today already. web now application that I was. Trying to use to compose a note to somebody. And not once but twice I. had written a bit of a message and then. I lost. My note without. saving a draft. realize it didn't say when I back. And I thought Oh, maybe I did save one. So I found something that looked like we really will draft most desired composed, but then I couldn't access the text from them. So it was a very frustrating experience for me. I have another example to share with you as well. The first one to tell you the story about Jeff raskin they will not as anyone heard that name before. So anyone see the Steve Jobs mood. Jeff raskin. So I was gonna say if anyone's seen the Steve Jobs movies. A couple years ago. You made a brief appearance and both of them. passed away a few years ago, but he wrote a book called the main interface. He was one of the designers behind the MAC the first apple MacIntosh computer. Well, and that one made me think of endless. So he proposed. As his first love interface design. Computer show. do no harm to a user's work or through an actual harm to come to a user's work. Does that sound familiar to anyone. way that's phrased no I haven't said the password yet. What did you think about that for a second, while I get the classroom. Just. Not sharing my screen, so you have to trust me. When I say i'm doing. So does that. Anyone familiar with. Isaac asimov story ago. Sorry, is what androids in the three laws around rights and the first one is. do no harm to people. or through an actual harm to come to people. So it's the same principle. That seemed like a good stay good first law for interfaces. of interaction design. So then these last cleared what other ones we said, the second one might be. The computer should be no should. not make the user do any more work things absolutely necessary. So there are some tedious tasks. The computer could look up one of my favorite ones as. well. Looking at postal codes and addresses. typing across the board. We should be able to get the address. For them, for us. Unless you want to make the people. Know unless you're testing the people. Make sure they're not trying to. Be somebody else's address or something like that. There are times when. We also want to. So maybe we shouldn't computer shouldn't require or interfaces shouldn't require people type in things that are easy to verify and. easy to pull from a database more accurately more consistently. than people might be able to take them themselves in the movie also less variable. data. So another example of typing impossible as one, so they won. encounter this problem, so when you type in possible without. I think we have an example, this semester. You type in the first one with small letters. or spaces are too many spaces or small spaces between them. So the postal code for universities as for s 082. So how do, how do we answer that correctly. So instead of. Testing users of all the to. enter the postal code. You can give some. Some hints or we could just reformat. brothers or lowercase uppercase. So just make as far as 082. And then we can also. Look, for ones that don't have spaces, or more than one space or. Some other character in between when. We can do our best to make them into the proper format. The way that we're not avoid we're not putting extra work on music. But I think an interesting interpretation of. The amount of work necessary is. We don't want to. disengage the people. Were interacting with the system, the point where they're they become. This is they're depressed the return key here is some tasks, but we don't we don't ask them to engage in. Meaningful cognitive creative work that's being done in the interface. So there's an example from. flight for one. night. just occurred to me as we started talking about my experiences with. Anyway, so there's a video on our most. Of the flight for on so this is a brand new plane. crashed into the Everglades on moonless night. Because, ultimately, the. indicator for flatlining gear. to evolve in your pocket. That would light up on the years down the burnt out. there's a host of. This was a system within a plane, with a new. autopilot system. So all the people, although captain. Captain. Captain. Well, focused on changing the ball. In the star tonight, what happened was there in a good mood disengaged. The autopilot. and Because they weren't. involved in wine, the thing that focused on changing the light bulb. We didn't realize the problem, the. wire situation they thought it was too late. So that's the case where we want people to do more things. The amount of work necessary for people to be. tips and engage. me activity during the CLS also on the new newer one, we also have. kind of haptic feedback the steering or shaker something if you going to do. Things like this, so. Make sure that you in the loop driver. So I had some links to that material. In the summary. So make sense. So here here's the other interface. With giving you some grief yesterday. Just gonna share my screen in a second. So I was I encountered this mercury open data project. It was pointed out, as an example of. What universities are doing want to provide access to open data. So just occurred to me. may consider. well. How well the. metaphor can conveys what's possible the interface so. You think about the metaphor. What it supports and what could be improved. make sense, so I just had this big one piece attacks. The copy the text from link here that we're going to visit in second school now. The description. So we're student talk to the group that aims to increase transparency and solve problems on campus these in public Harvard data. flagship product is targets first open data catalog when we gather dozens of public Harvard data sets and agreed upon story. use data science and data visualization techniques to analyze data on campus safety faculty gender disparity student government election turnout and trends and concentration popularity to name a few. So the ones that are going. To go look at the. The data catalog and second. When. So is this. what's this first at that Well, this is part of the open beta catalog but then, this seems to be separate it's wrong. So let's look at the trends and concentration popularity. So. That. that's a separate into comment. Anyway, so it's. So here's the open beta. So it seems to me the data catalog is a model for. You say there's a catalog. used to be, that is very exciting to get the sears catalog at home. And should be. thick book with 10 pages in full color pictures of all kinds of things. that are available. They don't have anymore. So i'm curious. So what do you and i'm going to ask you to maybe think about this. going to. Good schools. doesn't matter what you expect you to do with the data catalog So if you have any expectations and. there's the metaphor. Okay, so there is a question for breakout groups so it's. That seemed clear enough. So we have 36 participants so. Why don't we do five breakout rooms and then i'll let you choose you. So. let's aim for seven or eight people okay. So do 10 minutes for. The breakout discussion. So if you have if you're at the breakout room that's the number one through five. You can go to that one. And then, for the people who. were six or seven add your songs to one of the other five groups. and looking at the number of people in the group so. I think we should be able to see four. By. seven or eight people in my group of one of the five breakout groups breakout rooms okay. So I realized that i've turned my video off here and now i'm. Trying to resume and find where the button is under all windows. i'm back again. So any thoughts about my question. The data catalog.
  • We had a good discussion about it.
  • Okay.
  • So, from my group. We were expecting like. The data data will. Show us the data and will and, as there was a download option we thought that we would have the option to download some data set from this page, but there was no option to actually get. This kind of data set I mean wrote it as it.
  • yeah why I was trying to decide myself yesterday and I noticed that the first four or five links clicking downloaded didn't send me that didn't give me a bottle of fountain download. And if I i'm sharing my screen now I think stuff I click download download on the first one. I get a. spinning icon. So it seems like it's working but. I didn't get anything other than the spinning icon to say that there was. Something going on some progress happening. So let's just go back here and. So here's the. And the other thing about this is this first entry will greenhouse gas emissions, I go to the source site. It lands me at the office of institutional research. And then. I don't know which one to go to so. It shouldn't be an active link because it kills it comes back to the same page. So do I look under factbook accreditation people or contact us under the fact book. So I can instead of being directed to this link originally. The sustainability greenhouse gas emissions in the fact book. And up of the homepage of the office of it's crucial research and then I have to figure out where to go from there. So the click on what page. So this is really this. The same thing as a download link now. So I had that experience with a few things so. Anyway, i'm sorry I didn't mean to hijack your your conversation your comments about the your experience, so what else did you.
  • Know it's good, thank you for showing us what you have figured out. We also figured out something like that, but your experience was like in detail.
  • well.
  • And, and I also we also find out that in the category section they're actually filtering the data, rather than showing the categories. I mean they're making a combined starts like and operator, when we are just clicking one a category they're taking it as a filter search and just showing that specific thing.
  • yeah.
  • Oh he's not kind of category they're just making it like a filter. I think so because, when you start multiple topics I mean you select multiple topics they actually show nothing because they take it as an end operation, not a water person.
  • yeah so.
  • It was.
  • Yes, so that's right so good observation to Michael. So it looks like it's a menu. Then. We don't expect that. behavior to be able to click on these different things. and have them stay highlighted so it looks like one thing, but then it behaves differently. So that the system other way, to say that what you were talking about non-small. So what did you. Do you have some next expectations of what you could do with the data Calvin like.
  • For me, I sort of being able to open data thing is in a collection of open data they expected it to be kind of homogenized collection of different data points with possibly some nice visual representation of the data. Possibly a metric to comparing the different data sets along some common metric. I didn't expect an index of links, which is what it is.
  • yeah.
  • And then. We will. Clearly labeled links, as they are downloaded so our site.
  • yeah I think. there's more pointed that out as well that that's all the down there's nothing to download right.
  • yeah.
  • well. You think there might be. and see if I could go to this, the Harvard shovel API. I think that gives me a warrior. Yes, I can't be reach check there's a table and Harvard EDU. let's see if a person has been in data. So, again it's. This one is data but it's not. One of the form to download one thing.
  • yeah actually it, it could have named as a view more more information, but download naming about them download doesn't make any sense.
  • yeah.
  • And I was inclined to send them a note, then I can identify an email address when you want to be responsible for this. will be interested in hearing from my comments about. Your experiences with it. But very about my comments about my experiences with the open data catalog. So. Okay, so I wanted, I put down the assignments and projects. As. The theme for the day so. I. Put. The second individual assignment for for 28 and a 28 on my page not put the link in. should be there under assignments. Anyway, so there's that and. Maybe for Monday we can. If you have some ideas about where the data catalog could be and. Making that metaphor, more consistent and how you might. approach you redesign this. catalog for the people at Harvard. and any ideas that come up so we, we can talk about on Monday and we'll have some time for. Project work if you if you would like. Okay. Anyway, okay i've kept you now couple minutes late, I apologize. Take care have a good weekend. See you on Monday.
  • Thank're welcome.

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  • jef raskin
  • Student password
  • an important one
  • breakout groups: what do you expect fo be able to do with a data catalogue - if anything? Does the metaphor help you to understand what s possible?
  • Welcome back!
  • share screen worked, thank you
  • Yeah, share screen was amazing :)
  • I realize that I can broadcast messages, but there is not an easy way to get responses if I ask questions!
  • its presents as a menu but behaves like a search
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What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • discussed about Harvard College Open Data Project
  • it was a grate class, it was interesting to see the Harvard data and other related topics
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the data catalogue and metaphor of it.
  • In today's class, we have discuss about the Metaphors inn which we have discussed about HODP.
  • In today's breakout discussion, we discussed the metaphors of Harvard open data catalogue. We found out few issues with the interface and system which I will discuss at breakout discussion forum.
  • The most important thing i learned in todays meeting would be that of how metaphors used for design interface should convey what the actual capabilities are and it was made clear with the example of the Harvard open data project's data catalog.
  • data catalogue and how it can be utilized
  • In today’s meeting, Dr. Hepting talked about the steve jobs movie and humane interface. The computer should make the human do the work than necessary.
  • today we have look at the Harvard College open data project and discussed about how it works and what are the faults in the interface that needs to be improve?
  • For today group meeting, we talked about what do you expect to be able to do with a data catalogue and the metaphor help us to understand what is possible. We considered Harvard's first open data catalog for our topic.
  • Today's topic was on "Data Catalogue", I learned about the metaphors, that how a single metaphor can convey a lot of information. whatever is the design or prototype is but the metaphor , actually tells the information about that particular design , thing or prototype.
  • Today we discussed metaphors of Harvard open data project. We also had a breakout room in which we discussed about data catalog of it and improvements to be made.
  • Comparing Harvard's data catalog with some metaphor.
  • Discussed the design metaphors of the open source data provided by Harvard. This was done in breakout groups and summarized within the class.
  • In todays meeting we discussed about a metaphor: Harvard Open Data project and for the same we had a breakout room discussion where we had discuss about the data catalogue and how this helps us understand the problems. It was a good discussion.
  • Discussed about Harward students' concentration website.
  • harvard has a lot of data on hand, but it is not very accessible - at least in the data bank, there is a surprisingly small amount of data and it is hard to search for anything specifically

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • Why Harvard would have their site layout like that, rather than having an index of things to go through, but having it appear like a list while it actually being a search bar is not very new user friendly

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • In this session we talked about a specific problem and discussed it in the break-out group.
  • We were discussing Harvard student concentration.
  • Would like to know more about HODP and also about evaluation if interface
  • Another lecture to shed more light on Evaluation will help
  • I would like to konw how to use data as much as possible to help design
  • About upcoming project.


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