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  • Attendance
  • 2nd individual assignments (different for 428 and 828) posted on UR Courses
  • Flight 401 (from Meeting 22)

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  • Good afternoon. Yes, thanks Jeffrey happy Monday, yes, well, I have happy any day that we get the chance to meet like that's right. shouldn't just be reserved for friday's. Any day of the week is class for some celebration, I think. So Jeff a good weekend. rough riders one Finally, why I feel goal after losing two straight by a field goal and each. I thought it was going to be. quite so close on Saturday, but. they're getting close to snatching. defeat from the jaws of victory. So. wow I didn't realize, there is an event going to that in saskatoon. With it, I guess, there aren't any. Public health or restrictions. Did they did they show you the did you have to show the vaccination. Well that's encouraging at least. Okay. Okay, so. let's talk about. it's not the second individual assignment. And next project installment. Which is due, on Friday, I believe. let's do our attendance first. There is a password for today. switch the student. So I can show you what you'll see. Okay, I guess, because i'm not an either of these groups and I don't see the due date that's why. So there is a. Okay, because i'm not in those groups I can't even do it. So let's. let's switch back to my normal and go through the process of adding me to those two groups. So I can click on the links. The settings. users. And groups. myself to this group. Now, is where the market as well, just to be safe side. groups. do the same thing for the other. The Grad section here. switch my role back student. Okay, so that I didn't know that submission status was clickable there. And i'm not sure why. The first one is. As blue text on grey background and the other one is white text in the Gray background. anyway. So this should be description. There we go for undergraduates. Then here is the description of the graduate one. Okay. So if anything's not working, I think i've got things linked correctly, with a few most any problems I won't go through and test them right now. Well, maybe I should. So you can search within Chi confidence. So there's that. link to the acm digital library. This one. yeah so that works too. Okay, so I think this should be good. So for the students in for 28 and giving you the choice of what you'd like to do. It doesn't have to be. written report necessarily. i'm open to your suggestions what things and i'm given a few examples there. So it just needs to be related to some of the topics that are. on my list for our course okay. So I included here a link to the video. About flight for one that I mentioned on Friday. So the heading is now broken by our land caused. This massive group just crash into in Miami. there's some other. There are some reenactments of the sequence Canadian show called mayday. did a piece, but. This is maybe a little more to the point. Okay. We talked last day about that Harvard. Open data catalog. So, as you think about how we might presented. A catalog. Okay sure let's talk about project, part two. So the idea is. Once you do think about. Okay, so we help to help to get the exact idea. What what. is not exactly. What what part of the.
  • So I was a little confused when going through the project so first in the first two, paragraph it says that you get to have two metaphors and then. Based upon those two metaphors design like choose one activity from the project and then describe it, and then in the rubrics direction it gives like two different ideas it says like. First sketch your first idea and described that idea and there's a middle part that says iteration of the district, or something like that, so I was like a little confused, are we supposed to like. kind of like. give it up metaphor first or just go through by the rubric presidents and even in the rubric I was a little confused about the second part that's the iteration of description I didn't like understand what it means.
  • yeah okay. So the idea is. is to think about two different start with two different metaphors come up with two different metaphors that could help to organize information on the interface. So that help users understand what's available and what they can. Do with the interface, and how they interact with them. say if it's a calendar. or an agenda or Bolton board. To you, if you say it's like a Bolton Board of said calendar it's like an agenda. Then there are certain things expect to be able to do with those things and then. So you present information. According to what. People are. you present the information in a way consistent with metaphor. So. The trade off that if you make it too precise then people might. Have. To specific an idea of what they can do. With the interface. If you have it. To to general. Then doesn't provide enough guidance so. So they just pick up pick out two different metaphors and. And the different let's say the calendar and the agenda or. Will keyboard. And how. What what come at what capabilities does that interface make available. Consider concert in in. respect to that metaphor. And how does it present information that metaphor, so that the gap ghosts of execution and evaluation are reduced. So I think the records consistent, the only thing that i've talked about. differently here it's. The interface process description iteration. interface a iteration process description interface be iteration process description. So the idea is maybe you don't. You don't need you can acknowledge that you're not getting. The complete answer the first time around. Or maybe there's some improvements that can be made. If you're in your first idea, and when you present so it's, not to say that. You have you have to get to the point of. perfection. But you might want to. in discussion with your group say well Maybe this could be improved or. use a different label here for this controller so on. See. See you don't have to. argue that you've come up with the perfect solution. or. were to say admitting that you. You had some discussion about these things. And maybe it's not maybe it's enough to say here are some questions without even a face that will test. will explore during testing. So if the ideas you're not. risking marks by admitting that. This isn't the finished product that you're presenting here. That make sense.
  • Yes. So just to like sum it up so first we have like draw sketch let's say like from our group project we made like four activities and we choose one activity from that. and based upon that and how we think about like how to improve that we are giving two ideas of improvement and we're sketching those two ideas onto paper or maybe on any interfaces or something like that and we're saying we are giving a metaphor for that to ideas like this is. Maybe like according to this this kind of metaphor, will help the user to understand the new idea or activity that are we are proposing like and after that we'll.
  • start with the metaphor, and then you're going to try and think of the metaphor after you created the interfaces right. Okay, so think about. The activity, this is like. Using account here.
  • Okay.
  • This is. This is like using a jet, then the phone way. So. I just want to. In case, our. So it's important distinction. We start with the metaphor, and then we sketch the interface that. Are the interfaces that go along. well. An interface for a metaphor, so the idea is to have two different interfaces for the same activity same task. But the different because they. fall different metaphors. Okay.
  • yeah that makes sense okay.
  • So. And I know some people are scared of. That scared but. or Mary of drawing by hand or. ruler, and so forth. So if you absolutely need to do a sketch in some drawing tool red lines of restraint and. The text will be nicely labeled. that's okay. If you have to do it. I would understand. But don't get attached to. i'd say don't do it in a tool that allows you to convert that into. To code or or things like. I don't want you to come to attach to your. sketches that you draw this point okay that makes sense. That was response to Peters question.
  • Yes, thank you.
  • you're welcome. OK, so the iteration process description is is just. it's an acknowledgement that. you're not finished designing yet. When you design at the stages and have to perfect. me I guess you'd like maybe the issue, the little red flags that you. Might notice. With your sketch at this stage, they could say well. Once we did this, I realized, we discussed it and we realized that this should be a little different. me. know or we we started out by saying. submit. let's move on the button, but then we enter change to enter or something. My I don't think i'm adding any value discussion anymore. You have any more questions about the assignment part of project, part two.
  • Is Professor one last question. For the metaphor, that we are choosing so let's it. doesn't metaphor always have to be related to a real life situation in the sense, not a digital. But can we also give the metaphor as a like a digital let's say we are doing an e commerce website designing and something like that and we're giving a metaphor, maybe for another. digital platform, and I say we are giving a metaphor for Facebook so would it be validated it or do you have to give like a real world situation that's not digital.
  • So is the example. So I would say. When you if you have something that. The target group of users is familiar with, then you can use that as a metaphor now it's going to say about Facebook, is, I wonder if. If they have consistent metaphors. You can say it's like. Adding to your story or whatever.
  • yeah.
  • I mean is that do they stick with. What my feeling is that Facebook has changed quite a lot over the years.
  • yeah no I was just giving an example like.
  • I just I understand that, but so. I think anything. That that's a reference point for your target. User group. is fair game is can be used as a metaphor, you know it's like. liking things on Facebook or. Less moving more stable one is an example. yeah. So you're not stuck with. Having. To think of a non digital reference. I mean that might be appropriate that maybe it's not. But again, everything is it's. You want. To be able to transfer. The idea of making the connection is helping the users to transfer their experience. With this other setting. From this other setting to the new one. so that they understand what kind of capabilities. are available in your interface by thinking about connections with. The metaphor you're making. The metaphor you're using.
  • yeah that makes sense perfect.
  • Okay.
  • yep Thank you.
  • you're welcome. Anything else it could. come up. So we started talking last day about. What we might do or. What kind of metaphors there are valuable. And I thought it was just looking. i'm scared and can you see the suggested list here. Thank you can. i'm never sure what's going to come up and since. That is a catalog there we go. So. A catalog is a complete so whenever dictionary and says well okay so it's from Oxford. Maybe. it's interesting how they had different spellings you know. As part of the entry and then the examples. Of course, being Canadian this is. The puppy you and after the gene. Whether the party. So complete list of items typically in alphabetical. order. So it's not quite clear what systematic order is in. Your is for these. items. So here's one we haven't looked at the morning. fitness classes. So that link promised us to download something. Are we down now. Well, this. is done. To stop moving one still loading. let's finish. Well, maybe not. yeah I think it's downloading. Not as far as. The graphic is concerned. it's happy to see that TIM hortons is we open on campus. Maybe starting today. OK so again it's lying about download. So if we're looking at. The definition. catalog a complete list of items typically one in alphabetical order or other systematic order. So does that seem like a reasonable definition. So does it seem like we could. create an interface that. That embodies that. idea. of a complete list of items typically not work, wherever systematic order. So what are some. Everybody. This is page reflect a complete list of items. it's featuring dozens of publicly available data sets around Harvard. That include. Since being complete.
  • There is no categorization by the alphabetical order of our by category I think. Some important features.
  • yeah so. Okay, so we're not getting the list that you have a complete list. So, with the idea of many more to come what's. yeah that sounds that. doesn't really encourage us to think that we've got the last. mean that the list is changing that's fine so today they're say 150 data sets. And tomorrow, there might be 200 or next year next semester, there might be 300. So that. So if you wanted to think about. A complete list of items, so you might think of. How many different. units, there are. On campus which would collect data like published data. and Maybe give a fraction say. I don't know let's see. We could explore that a little bit might say. Still learning. Look at the source side for the greenhouse gas emissions, so that goes to the office of institutional research. And then, it has a factbook. So the fact brokers and tenants of general sources of information that the university if you're part of a Harvard office looking at institutional data to support a specific. Business process or questions, please contact us circle back books are available for download, although they may not be accurate are consistent with definition current definitions are reporting practices See also harvard's common data set and other resources. So the fact book, we could say is see how much of that is published. Then, before we go into that the common data set hmm. What does that entail. see more information about the data Center initiative. So that this feels like kind of maclean's survey of universities kind of data set. We can Canada. I could be wrong, but they haven't. Is common data set, and this should have this really. Very detailed explanation. let's look at what the common data set for Harvard is for 2021. you're not going to go download that considering together paged. Never to load anyway. Here we go. Maybe I can post this file since we're. Basically, at a time now. So I just. want to get back to our idea here, so a complete list of items. Because the catalog is a complete list of items. In in some kind of systematic order. So, of course, being a certain age that I am. I remember when going to libraries and actually having to look through card catalogs. Reading. books and so forth in the library. We typed on two cards that were placed into. order. And I want to say by library of Congress number University of Regina. There are other ways to urbanus books as well. So the advantage of having a digital version. So it might say the day the catalog catalog is like a library catalog except that we can change the order of. Change the criterion, by which we're ordering. The entries. For example. Okay. That makes sense. Okay, so. we'll see you on Wednesday, I also have an hour tomorrow one to two. And if I don't see them see you Wednesday have a good day take care. and we'll continue with a thought or two more about. This interface not not to pick on Harvard but. let's make some connections to. topics that are of interest to us. Okay, thanks again have a good day have a great day take care, see you Wednesday.
  • Thank you, Professor.
  • thanks you too.

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  • Went to the Van Gogh exhibit at Saskatoon yesterday. Pretty good!
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  • Are we going to discuss about project part 2 today?
  • yeah it would be helpful to get the exact idea
  • of the project
  • like
  • Please the prototype, is it mandatory we manually draw/sketch by hand or a tool could be used for the sketch
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What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • discussed about second individual assignment
  • In today’s class, we discussed about second group project.
  • In today's lecture we discussed about the next project which was very important to discuss.
  • In today's meeting, professor explained the next project and the data catalog.
  • In today's lecture we had a discussion about the next step of our project that is the second part of group assignment.
  • We tried to understand and related what we have studied so far in this course with HODP website.
  • Details on the assignment's expectations.
  • In Today's meeting, we have discussed about the new individual assignment which has been posted. And talked about the ghost flight 401.
  • We discussed the second part of group assignment.
  • In today's lecture, we got to know some important ideas about the Project part 2. Professor also discussed about the features of the Harvard catalogue dataset.
  • my doubts were cleared regarding assignment 2
  • The class discussion centered around the Harvard open data project website. Comparing how the metaphor of a library catalog holds upto the data catalog.
  • Catalog...How interface could be designed as catalog and when it can be called a catalog
  • Clarity on assignment 2 based on question asked by another student and a question also from me
  • Today we have discussed the topic “Harvard college open data” and its metaphors. Prof had also discussed about common data set initiative.
  • The most important thing that I learned today was how broken $5 light bulb caused a massive Jet to crash in Miami.
  • in today's lecture we have discussed about the Harvard data log and some other website.
  • About assignment 2 and data catelog
  • Today we had discussion about individual assignment and project part 2 and lastly we discussed more about catalog of Harvard open data project.
  • We talked about data catalogs
  • In this meeting we discussed about the individual assignment and the assignment is posted on ur courses.
  • was about the individual assignment and the group assignment.
  • Discussed part 2 of the project. Also discussed Harvard website further.
  • Todays discussion was about the next assignment project which helped me and my team members get a clear idea about the task and then we had discussion about Harvard Data catalog.
  • discussed about project part 2 and carry forward to Harvard open data project.
  • Today's class was most interesting with that video being showed to us, Those cool 3D rendering looked so real that we are present in that moment and was very interested to know that how a Broken $5 Light Bulb Caused this Massive Jet to Crash in Miami on December 29, 1972
  • we talked a bit about the next project assignment and the requirements are more understandable now, I am just worried that the due date is going to come up quite fast
  • At some point, it emerged that Eastern had reportedly salvaged parts from Flight 401. Many of those parts were fitted onto aircraft 318, another L-1011 in Eastern’s fleet. Coincidentally — or maybe not — most of the ghost sightings occurred on aircraft 318.  The idea that departed souls might be able to retain some relationship with inanimate objects — like salvaged airplane parts — is known as psychometry. “I do believe in psychometry to an extent,” Sprague says. “I have several colleagues who claim [to h

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • Hey, i didn't really understand the project assignment 2 cant you re-explain that and is it possible le to get an extension on the assignment as most of us only realized it was due Friday today.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • we continued our last session discussion and explored deeper about it with some real examples.
  • I don't know how to divide the work in the project. Should everyone do the same job? Or divide the task equally among each team member


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