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  • Good afternoon, everyone and happy Friday. let's see. Okay, see how smooth things will go here. something's not happy that I didn't catch. I don't see what the problem is so. we'll go wash. Have Halloween party plans, this weekend. Anyone playing can dress up. So for Sunday night anyone expecting to get kids trick or treating. Make it go and get some candy for our House but. likely it'll be in by the occupants the House rather than. kids. When when my kids were little there were a fair number of trick or treaters around, but last year I don't think we had any. So it's kind of sad. anyway. So I think i've updated the dates everywhere, for the assignment to. So we have our meeting now then your opportunity to respond to meeting 20 foot this meeting so open until midnight. Before the night. Now sure I changed that group rating oh. So that's this is funny. See, if anyone else thinks this is funny. So I created the century CEO groups rating of view. As a way to. have something appear in the gradebook. So you can see the value calculated based on your group members rating. So I. there's two parts to this, so I changed the ratio group assignment due date to Monday. But I neglected to change this. And this one. doesn't have a submission, so the seer groups rating of you. Is do it's not do because there's nothing to submit. Is anyone appreciating the humor just so far. If following my explanation of. what's going on. So i'm curious if there any. responses. I don't see any. So for the gallery view of class now. When I. When I click to open it I don't get a very big one. So if i'm starting. From the hide thumbnail view some non occupying screen space, then they go to the gallery the grid view pardon me. Then I get six. Six of you. Six participants at a time. Okay, so Martin, what is the attend come. And I can take a guess at that, but you have to explain your question a bit more. Oh code okay yeah i'll get I haven't done it yet we'll do it very shortly. So that's. That makes our discussion in the chat here about attendance. makes me wonder if it's. it's it seemed like a good feature to have. If people joining a meeting could. join the chat. That has existed for the whole meeting. So you wish, you could scroll through the scroll back through the comments that were made. So it's not clear. When people join. Because. we're talking about. code at 1239 and then. Also 1239 every done with attendance so. It would be nice to have the chat appear for everybody in that. Was joining the. The meeting or yeah this session. anyone have any thoughts about that. I think we should suggest that to zoo. Anybody want to use their microphone. So, yes it's a great feature a great feature request you think. Or is is it or I mean that would be a great feature.
  • I think it depends on the context, but it should be an option to enable it if the host wants to.
  • Okay. yeah.
  • So.
  • That would be a. possibility.
  • I think this is a case where someone will channel i'm not sure I could see the previous chat we have never experienced it but based on that if they can do it in the chat room I think it's possible in the meeting room as well, but they have been implemented it, yet I don't think so.
  • Okay.
  • So I so. The comment from Ashley about. Whether. It would be. You get our different class meetings run together. I think, because we terminate. The meeting and. We have. single URL for meetings but. You we start them up and closing down. And so we. We have separate records so. I think. The continuation over meeting boundaries wouldn't be a problem as far as I understand. So. It took me away that the chat. conversation took me away from the communism to make about the grid view of participants so. If people. and your reactions were. So i'm gonna. This is the audience participation part so get your reactions winded dialog box palette whatever out. Okay, first of all give me. Please. Okay. I wasn't talking to Ashley was that request. So what I observed. Is that in the grid view.
  • and on my personal view, I see disclosure human computer communication class, this should be in person discuss shouldn't be reminded. You need communication if people need to see people in person. So. I don't know there were so many classes were delivered in person, this semester, they were able to do the squares, not many people here, not many students will not even 20 students on your with 30 students will they were able to manage this class in person.
  • Well, thanks I appreciate that comment. So there's 49 students all together class.
  • Still, they were able to break it into two sessions everything were possible. But again, you know, sometimes things so not easy We do understand we are in a pandemic. But. You know everything we're manageable there are so many pluses are delivered in person, I hope, next semester. We are coming back to school. and, hopefully, things will become better yeah.
  • I agree. So. One class i'm doing online, which is meant to be online so irrespective of the pandemic. And the other one is going to be a hybrid. Offering so half the people in person.
  • yeah.
  • it's good it's good to at least you're seeing someone.
  • yeah I know. it's tough, I find it tough as well. Because we're whereas beginning of the Semester so as as of August 16 I was able to come on campus. The. Well, I was able to come before that. But they were checkpoints at the entries and I had to sign in every day that I came. So I was excited that staff are coming back on the 16th of August. But since then. I mean I expected that there'd be more activity on campus than there has been. So I come to my office and I. Do my. zoom meetings from here in my office, but I really don't see other people. Occasionally, see a colleague in the hallway. So. it's better but it's. I would like it to be better, more quickly than it has been. So I I empathize with with your sentiment Martin.
  • Thank're welcome.
  • So. yeah so that's an important perspective. That we can talk about. The details of interfaces. That. We can remember to connect. These details of interfaces to people. And we're not we're not just talking about. Some abstract concepts. we're talking about things that have real consequences. mean last day we talked about. life or death immediate life or death consequences. But there. There are other sometimes more subtle consequences. That we have. To deal with we're dealing with technology. anyway. So. Anyone who wants to talk about that some more we can do that. So what what i'm what I was getting at. Is when you react. So if you click on an emoji to react. Something I say. And if any does anyone can anyone. want to try that again. So do give a reaction Okay, so I see 12345 okay. So what I notice about. So my expectation is. And I can. Because. reactions are. All available on the same. dialog box or pop up window. So now we did emojis so. Now i'd like you to do, yes or no. Is Friday your favorite day of the week, yes or no. i've seen. Oh it's one. One no vote at least. That doesn't give me. doesn't take me to people love answer yes or no. And so here's another design feature suggestion I would give to zoom. Instead of requiring me to set up polls. For impromptu questions if I give me a yes or no question. How about. giving me a summary or running total of yes or no votes. In the. In the chat. So if I said yes or no is Friday your favorite day of the week. Then we could just see. people's reaction to us that could be just a very quick form of all. That would be a good thing for me. Because. No matter how much I think i've got things sorted out ahead of time. There are things i'd like to do in class and. And then, if i'm going to create a Pole and it's just. So frustrating to do at the moment. anyway. So, the last thing that I want you to try is. raise your hand. So. Now now my display is reacted differently to this. Because when you click when you raise your hand. Your rectangle goes to the top of the list. So I think Nicholas was the first one. So what I. What I can observe is. So my expectation is when you react. I because everything is on the same. same dialog box all those controls all those reactions are available at the same spot. Then I I figure if you're reacting in any way i'm going to see that the rectangle is going to be promoted. To the to my view but that's not the case. Only raising hands changes. promotes your your. rectangle. So you can turn them off now, if you like. Okay, so before I forget let's do the. So as a key and avast you so. Do you have something. To add to the conversation.
  • No, I just forgot to lower my.
  • Okay. there's the password for attendance. So. Following from last day. I found one article one blog post about dark patterns in advertising. So i've included the link here. I feel like. There can be some. Investigation about. How many times people. click on ads they don't want to, especially on a mobile device. Trying to scroll through something on your phone. And many times you get. taken to an ad that you're. That you're not interested in. That also leads me to the thought of. We think of this as a game. what's a mobile game. Using. guess how it is using adsense or like sort of like having a blog. and Using the Ad placement algorithms that Google provides you. or. Whatever whatever ad. and services, there are. We can sell space. And allow you to sell advertising space. To have those ads is sure that the minds are the traps in the game and you got to go from one from top all the way to the bottom. Without getting caught. I don't know. If it's a one like that. idea for a game. Nobody likes my idea okay now i'm hurt. Oh, is that is that, yes, about my idea okay thanks thanks to boss. If it wasn't don't you don't need to clarify. Okay. So I posted the link to the acm code of ethics into the chat last meeting. But here, it is here, it is again. So it's not really about patterns. But I wanted to include it, because then the acm case studies, a cm code of ethics ethics case study about dark ux patterns. is about what we've talked about, but I just I wanted to create a separate link provide you with a separate link to the acm code of ethics. So one pattern, I wanted to talk about so in the textbook we talked about the Swiss army knife. navigation pattern. Has anyone. heard of that before.
  • So.
  • If you have the latest edition of the book it's on page 45. So. At first I thought. And you are courses, with the hamburger menu. they're not you know they're not using the. The pattern correctly here. Because the. it's not how I expected that the hamburger media to react. But then occurred to me that Well, this is really maybe the Swiss army knife navigation pattern. But it's not exactly like it's illustrated because. Oh wow a new version of Java is available i'm gonna. hold off on that. So in the diagram in figure 13.4. The menu. is hidden on the side and so. So. This behaves. A bit more like the Swiss army knife navigation pattern as described on that page in the textbook. What have boots illustrated in the textbook is the icon moving as well, so we. So. The hamburger icon would be around with your courses. Is in the header so. The header would also be animated. So when the menu. pops up POPs out of the side. The icon would slide over as well, everything was slide over. And then return when you click on this stuff to hide the menu. So i'm prepared to give you our courses or moodle get more credit. Through the use. Of this. navigation after. anyway. So I was talking about. Ethics case study. And it's already 10 after. So i'm going to. Create for breakout groups. And i'm going to give you. let's see some will say seven minutes. will make make four groups so they'll be about seven. per group. You can assign yourselves to the group. and discuss the ethics case study that link there. And then we'll come back for. Three minutes discussion. Okay, so the room should be open. To discuss. Slow take up the breakout rooms, I see. there's still 15. Okay 14 scan better now so discuss the link case study about dark ux patterns and also common about the ui. Or the case study. turn on screen sharing. Okay, any thoughts about that case study. anyone think of gambling is a especially dark.
  • yeah like I guess like this is a study of those options those icons are those links which we see in all of our site which are intended. Which are region made to trick us users. and Like. It will take us to that link, which is, which is harmful, which may harm the user, maybe by any fault. program or maybe any virus, it can it can it can be harmful to the US so so these dark. You expectorants are maybe for. like this study is for. Like design designers who are designing in these patterns to trick users.
  • Case day is presented. So my thought. Because i'm sure you're interested to hear what I think all the time. Is that there's no information about. This specific principles. And the principles that they're up listed here. aren't links are clickable links to navigate or getting pop up. A detail about. What the principle is. So it's a little frustrating and it's not as useful as it could be. If it. If the case studies talked about. The. Applying. The code in more detail, I thought. And maybe. The relevant pieces of the F code of ethics. Part of the document. Here are the principles that are most important. And here's why they. they're violated by this kind of example. Okay, so i'll ask if anyone who agree with me or not so give me a yes or no, if you agree with me. about my. idea for presenting the case study. 1266 yes. Oh, and once somebody's crying. Well, they stopped crying go back again. I know are those tears of joy or. tues a sentence I don't know. open for interpretation I guess anyway. Thank you for joining me today for our 25th meeting this semester. I appreciate everyone's involvement. And I wish you have a great weekend happy Halloween and we'll see you on Monday. Okay, thanks, a lot take care, everyone. And if you'd like to turn on your cameras wave. Before you go for the weekend that would be fine too.
  • Have a good weekend.
  • thanks you too.
  • weekend.
  • Thanks i'm gonna go dressed up as a grizzled old man. Nice you if you think i've got look for that. anyway. Have a good weekend everybody take care.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • Happy Friday Professor
  • Good Afternoon prof
  • good day
  • Good Afternoon Professor
  • probably not lol
  • what is the attend come?
  • code lol
  • are we done with attendance, I was bit late
  • ok
  • is a great feature
  • It would be nice but if different classes use the same zoom room it might carry over
  • I didn't realize you could choose more emotes to react with lol
  • Attendance have been done? I was bit late
  • not yet
  • Ok thanks!
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • yes
  • I find the view of participants with the screen share very inconsistent.
  • Student password
  • yes
  • I like your idea
  • no
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Yes
  • yep
  • thank you, same to you
  • Thank you
  • thank you
  • thank you


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • In today's lecture we discussed about Ux dark interface's case study but in the main zoom room only not in the breakout rooms because nobody discussed anything.
  • discussed about dark UX patterns in advertising
  • In today’s meeting we discussed about dark ux patterns
  • grate meeting today, i got an insight as to what it is like being an meeting host on zoom as i have never been a host before, also learnt about the redesign opportunities for zoom.
  • Todays we had discussion on the ACM code ethics and also the dark UX pattern in breakout rooms
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the dark ux partterns and ACM ethics.
  • Today's lecture was about a case study on dark UX patterns in continuation of the last lecture.
  • In today's class. we have discuss about some zoom function what changed can be done in pattern. Discussed about Dark pattern and ACM in ethics.
  • We talked about the reactions in zoom meeting and the ACM code.
  • In today's class, we discussed about a case study about Dark UX Patterns. In the case study the referencing was not done in a user friendly way.
  • What was discussed in class today was the interface of zoom reactions and whether reaction buttons with emojis makes more sense than a simple yes or no response as it maybe tries to capture a more broad range rather than a binary one.
  • Zooms organization of participants...and case study on dark UX
  • Dark Patterns
  • The most important thing that I learned was about the additional features in Zoom Meeting.
  • In today's meeting, I learned about dark patterns in advertising, ACM codes of Ethics and ACM Ethics case study.
  • For our today meeting we talked about the dark web ad's patterns. How our case study is presented? There is no information about the specific principles and navigable click and the details about what the Principe is if the cases studies talked about applying the code and more details. The relevant pieces of code ethics are part of document.
  • Today’s lecture we have learnt about acm ethics and discussion about urcourse page design.
  • Tricks set up by developers on the web applications.
  • Today we discussed about ACM ethic and case study on dark UX pattern also we had a breakout room discussion on that.
  • We talked about dark ux and ethics
  • I learned what is Dark User Experience
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the dark patterns in advertising. Also, the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
  • Was about the changed that can be made in zoom for better experience of the user. Then we did breakout room discussion.
  • Today the Professor discussed about the ACM ethics and also let us all in the breakout rooms to discuss about it.
  • discussed about Dark UX pattern.
  • The things that stuck out to me in class today were Dr. Hepting's jokes. I don't remember much else from today's lecture but they were a nice distraction from midterms.
  • Humans interact with computers in many ways; This is considered the interface between humans. Duplicates desktop and internet browsers. Used for speech recognition and synthesis systems, the graphic and media interface allows humans to interact with embodied agents in a way that cannot be achieved with other paradigms. The growth in the interaction between interaction and the computer has been in various overlaps in its history. Instead of interfaces, adaptive interfaces, rather than passive interfaces, dif

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • today I learned about the case study of Dark UX done by ACM. We come across various kind of tricky advertisements daily, which don't notice, that they are tricking us, and redirecting us to some other site, which causes harm to our system or data.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • in this session we continued our last session lecture and explored deeper about the topic.
  • We discussed about Zoom - "Reaction" interface. Topic I would like to know more bout are the consequences to the company when they have dark interface on purpose (similar to case study from breakout room)
  • I am curious to know who the designers of Zoom intended as their audience. It does not seem like it was intended for a classroom setting. Is there a better solution with the classroom setting as the intended application?


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