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  • Good afternoon.
  • Good afternoon, Professor. Your office today.
  • Did you get my email recently. Where you just noticed by the background that i'm not that.
  • I noticed by the backdrop of so.
  • So I I tried to. I was a bit late doing this i'm stuck at home today because of. Its kind of look at our roof. Getting some water in around the chimney. And then, it just wasn't worthwhile to go into the. anyway. So I thought this might also be a good day to. spend some time in in group project groups. either for today's assignment or for planning for the next bit. That was the purpose of my note, but by the time that. I got it sent it was probably not too much at a time when you were coming. Already. Or you shouldn't. Anyway, not. That I was trying to discourage you from coming to class today, but I just wanted to give a heads up about what I thought I always thought how I thought we might use today's time. Anyone go trick or treating last night. did anyone have kids come to their house. or dwelling apartment. So my wife said she expected no kids and I said I expected one family, so we exceeded both our expectations we had one family and two kids came on their own. So we had three people and I tried to load them up as much as possible with candy. But we still have a lot left so. See, this is the. This is the real tragedy of not having face to face meeting because I could bring. leftover goodies to class today and share them with you. So i'll i'll take them to the computer science office. So. How many of you are getting on campus these days from time to time. Okay, so. tomorrow. will supplement the. The supply of candy in the office. So if you if you're going to stop by there. Might he might have. Some extra goodies there to be found. So the other feature of being at home is my puppy is that my feet trying to get my attention. Here, maybe i'll give you a chance to see him. camera shy. There we go his name is l gar. he's just over a year he was turned one years old. could go, we go Friday. anyway. is generally pretty nice he's a little bit. he's still a little bit full of energy. Like a puppy so he didn't go away when he had his birthday. Okay, so. You would really enjoy coming again a topic of. If he could come to class meetings and. Come by and greet everybody every one of you. Looking your face or. jumping out anyway, trying to get him to be a little more calm. Anyway, I digress. So let me share my screen. So here's my I didn't say that in class but happy Monday. First of November today. it's good to do the attendance. Okay, so you got that out of the way. Anyone. think that the renaming of Facebook as Meta. is going to mean a big change. or. Perhaps even an improvement. So. Do you think Facebook hasn't Facebook hasn't already jumped the shark. And for. So I noticed that they're not rebranding the Facebook APP itself it's just. The parent company is being called Meta. So, Michael mentioned jumping the shark. Do you or anyone else know what the references or. Where that phrase jumping the shark comes from. Yes, so there is. An episode of happy days which this film TV show in the late 70s early 80s, I think. came out of. the heels of. American cushy movie I think there was a connection there. The main character Arthur funds rally. Was water skiing and. In his leather jacket, as I recall. And there was a shark in the water, and he jumped over the shark. So, to have him water skiing. And jumping over a shark was seen as a desperate ratings ploy. So this is. That phrase it comes into. Our modern lexicon. Okay, so. I suggest will go into. will make breakout groups make 13 of them, so you can get together with your project group. And i'll enable screen sharing. That will be here in case you want to ask them questions.
  • Could you go over the next group assignment that what is the general expectation of the next group is just that we have an idea.
  • Okay sure. So, now that. With the due date for the project this last part of the project. Or, part two of the project do today. Then i'll create testing groups so. You doing. These children on a chair. it's a little too much enthusiasm from the puppy. He. is also this chosen to chew on baseboards. around the House so that's. it's not a welcome behavior. But. he's generally adorable. anyway. So let me go to what I have written here for the project for this next assignment. So the idea is that each project group has two interfaces let's call them A and B. You have low fidelity versions of the of your interface. So the different interfaces because they have. Their based on different metaphors. But they allow the user to complete the same task. Right, so you have these two interfaces. And so what this is going to do is. allow you to engage. Other class members. In evaluating your low fidelity prototypes so. So, most of these testing groups will be three people. So I made an example here. With Bob fanboy on Prem la. So those three three people are in the group so there's probably going to be one group of four people in it. So that doesn't mean you have to make extra appointments it's just. it's just a way to structure things so that you're not testing with your own group members and you're not. So you're not testing your own group members and the people you're testing with their from different groups as well. So that gives those other project groups, maybe more experience. collective experience with the different interfaces. Around in in. Amongst the projects. Is that if that makes sense. So, in trying to. engage. As much diversity of. opinion as possible, without making this. too onerous. So three people in the group ID. But there may be four. So Bob fan one pamela that's what i'm showing on screen here. So when you have a greeting. So there's. In a group of three there's three pairs. So each pair you can arrange to have a zoom meeting. And then. You present one interface one of your interfaces to the other person and then. So you then you're running the evaluation. And then. And then, once that's done the other. person in the pair. is going to. run the evaluation of his or her interface with you as a participant. So the idea is you're going to have one so each person is going to. Do one test. Other it a interface of the group's a interface and one test of their groups be interface. So that's. that's the idea. I hate this feature. Where if I inadvertently have. two fingers on that touchpad, then I can. jump back to. Previous screens I. lose. Potentially lose work that way more than once. Okay, so that's the idea of running the tests. So before you individually do do the test A and B tests tests of your amb interfaces as a group, then you create the script and the. The questions and the instruments you're going to. use to collect the data during your your meeting. Okay, so. So you're not each do it all your group members aren't doing their own thing in terms of collecting data but you've got a script. That you agreed on within your project group. That you're going to present. To the people in your testing group so when you do the interface, and the the interface you're going to have the same script for those two tests. And everyone in your project group is going to have the same. script as well, so all all. All three or four of your. And B tests are going to have the same script so you're going to collect the same kinds of data. Each time as well. Now, I think I have. I. think this link is, let me just check this link to documents related to the. Video. Okay, so their. documents. To that test. So I think we. Okay i'm not sure. If anywhere I posted the link for the video but. Like i'll post to the chat. Here today just to make sure that it's covered. it's a good illustration of how to conduct a test. Their testing a. An active website that same idea could go for. Your low fidelity prototype. Just instead of sharing your screen you're sharing. pictures that you drawn. Of the different. elements of the interfaces you. anticipate them. Okay. So. You go back to them. So you should submit all of your raw data and submit a summary of all is collected by whom, from whom when and where it should be group rose will collect one test of interface a one test of your face be. All tests, we, the same script and other materials. So you shouldn't sin submit your. I can clarify that should submit the script in the. Data Collection instruments as well. So revise that. description. So provide analysis of your data, the data that you collected from participants reveal any agreement or disagreement about your interface designs were there any results that were surprising in any way. And then, finally, based on your experience with your project in your testing of your low fidelity prototypes. create a single interface design that combines the best ideas. and new to low fidelity prototypes in any other sources.
  • i'm a little confused here. Could you clarify. This this particular assignment, we have a testing group and we have a project group so. from at least my reading of this assignment description. you're suggesting that the testing group is making. A single interface design that combines the to. know all the prototypes or is that the group project.
  • Is the project group.
  • OK so.
  • The testing group is. is a way to manage the people, so you don't have to. Take on survey asking different people. To test your interface so i'll make groups based on. The project. i'll mix up. The project groups into. Groups of three or four, so the each of those. So the testing groups will have people from. All different project groups. Not all different, but they won't be there won't be the same project group represented more than once in a testing group. So the idea with the testing groups is say. If you and I, and so, here we are in the testing group and we're all in different project groups. Then I would arrange to meet with you Jeffrey. And then I would show you my interface a. And do the test run the test of that using the script. And then you would. run your test of your interface a. Using your script and then so that way we each get. One test and way in working after are.
  • Okay, I think I understand, so people that are in the same testing group they don't need to interact at all with each other. Correct.
  • Not not to produce anything for the assignment.
  • yeah. But, but the project group still has to collect data from them and everything.
  • yeah So the idea would be. whoever's in your testing group so if there's three people in your testing group. The other two people in your testing group. Will you will interact with them to run a test of your interface. One one person you'll test your interface a the other person with with. With the other person you'll test your interface be.
  • Okay yeah okay so you're testing each other's. prototypes.
  • yeah that's right.
  • and I guess. That will be all I guess. It seems sounds consistent Okay, thank you for clarifying.
  • you're welcome. thanks for the question. Any other questions. So I need to update the testing group members link. With the. submitted by Wednesday i'll have the testing groups made up. No link will be updated.
  • One of the question.
  • yeah go ahead.
  • The last sentence or says, based on your experience blah blah blah and then create a single interface design is this what you're referring to in materialized part two, as the high fidelity prototype. Last the last step of the project.
  • Right.
  • The high fidelity photo.
  • yeah so. i'm. i'm trying, a new fourth part of the project. So the idea is that you should say that maybe you can. outline it. So I had some better language at the end of this assignment. So you can sketch sketch of what changes, you would make. To universe after your testing. And then. In the last part. Of the project to create. A video that. shows a demonstration of the. Of the single interface design. And then you're presenting in the last. part for the project you're presenting. The final interfaces nine you have. In in some kind of simulation of interaction. And you're also sort of presenting the background. Of the steps that led you to that point. Does that make sense. So i'm.
  • A little unclear about when we submit the high fidelity prototype as part of the last stage or as part of the third stage.
  • No inspiring the last stage okay.
  • So the Korean single interface design the you mentioned and the next submission is actually going to be essentially another iteration of the low fidelity prototype we've been working with. You know reading everything. yeah okay. So it's going to be just a pretty a wireframe drawing or something to that effect.
  • yeah so it can be a sketch, just like the other your interface A and B.
  • perfect.
  • Okay, thanks for.
  • If you.
  • A question. Okay, so i'll create these groups breakout rooms, the 13 for the project to correspond to the project groups. So you know which group your number you're in. Or you can. well. Surprise yourself. meet some new people today anyway. So i'm going to create those and then i'll turn on the sharing screen and i'll be around here. And if you have questions, let me know. I can come and join your breakout room, if you have a question. Okay.
  • Hello. meeting you. And all those. breakout rooms mahaney. Meeting. breakout room meeting with. Seven number join. me the new man today.

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  • good afternoon
  • Good Afternoon
  • no
  • no...
  • nope
  • yes
  • no
  • yes
  • Yes
  • haha cute
  • wow so cute
  • nice puppy
  • so cute
  • so cute
  • He is so cute
  • soooo beautiful
  • Very good doggo!
  • he should be a regular participant
  • hahaha
  • He seems so friendly.
  • Student password
  • or it's fb jumping the sharl
  • shark
  • They just want to redirect the collective hate towards the Facebook brand.
  • yes
  • most likely lol
  • No to me, just reacting to the negative press lately
  • happy days
  • Just googled it
  • do you need to update the "Testing group members" link?
  • Yes.
  • prof we have some confusion about scripts can you discuss more about that
  • See you Wednesday! Take care.


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • In today's lecture we discussed about the project assignment which is due today and also about the next project assignment which was really important.
  • In todays discussion we mainly got information about the next project assignment
  • Discussed about next upcoming assignment
  • grate meeting, thanks for discussing the next assignment, if we have further question, we'll make sure to ask.
  • We had a discussion for project part 3 and later breakout room for project group discussion. Our group choose other platform for discussion over zoom.
  • Details of Project Group Assignment 3, and the importance of scripting to make consistent data between fellow group members.
  • In today's meeting we have discussed about projects and desgins.
  • We discussed about the group project in breakout room today.
  • In today's class, we had a productive group discussion about our group project work.
  • We have discussed about Project 2.
  • the ability to identify and avoid dark patterns in UX advertising
  • Today was mostly discussions about the next part of the group project and subsequent breakout discussion with group members.
  • Some clarity on expectations on the project assignment fore the remaining part i.e. part 3 and part 4
  • Today we have discussed about our project assignment 3.
  • Today's lecture we worked with our group to make the project
  • Class we dscuss about project
  • The most important thing that I learned from today's class was about the group project that is due today.
  • So in today’s lecture, professor gave us time to have some group discussion in the allotted group. It was really a wonderful time while having a discussion as well as debate.
  • For today meeting, we talked about the details of our project and how we can finalize it.
  • About Group project part 2
  • Today we discussed about the project assignment part 3 in the meeting and also in breakout rooms.
  • Requirements for the project part 3.
  • today, we discussed about the project 3. also, there is a discussion of dark patterns in advertising.
  • was about the next group project. The things which are expected from the testing group was also told in the class.
  • Talked about part 3 of the group assignment. Also had a working session for part 2 of our group project.
  • discussed the project part 3.
  • In today's class we discussed about the Group Project and also planning for Lo-Fi prototype and Metaphors
  • In today's meeting we were talking talking about how to do software testing. As a part of this activity we are going to test each others samples.. This one helps us it helps us to write and conceptualize  Ideas about how the software circle works… therefore we need to gather with our groups and give ideas to each other about the activity

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • What has to be done in the next part of the group assignment?

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • In today's meeting, the professor showed us the details of next project.
  • the most important thing we talked about was our the group assignment. We considered how the ways of doing that.
  • it was interesting to learn about about future group projects and the team brainstormed the methods we will use to collect data
  • We got to know more details about Project 3. It gave me an idea of what the professor is expecting. Moreover, I would like to know more about the process of making hi-fi prototypes.


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