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  • Good afternoon. For the last time. For this class for this semester. don't want to be too definite about. The. being the last one. share my screen. Doing this. Oh here, let me show you something fun I think it's fun anyway. Can everyone see the Red Square, with the line and.
  • Yes.
  • it's a little video here we go. it's not quite done yet. there's no sound. So it's not quite finished yet so there's not about another two seconds, so it ends up with. Where it started from the line. Any thoughts about that. Anyway, so it was doing that for that and then my appearance social media for the department think we'll see. Anyway, so that was the. One of the fun dip. he's going to share with share with you so i've done that thanks for your. Your feedback. That was something I started doing with my master's degree research. which I finished here. Just over 30 years ago I. defended in March of 91. When I complicated in May of that year and. Some other things anyway. So I want to get back to the class stuff here. meeting today. so happy Monday last time. Well, you won't be meeting on the 22nd. i'll be around that during the final exam. Anyone go out today so minus 32 with wind chill. When I was young. going to elementary school, maybe, maybe high school as well, they would. They used when show them different ways that. Often in January, well, maybe December to January, February there'd be warnings exposed pleasure trees and less than 30 seconds. and wind chill is minus 100. So they agree calibrated the venture warnings, so the less scary and maybe more believable. anyway. So here's attendance. This is a student that's why. So, give me a second here, while I show you the student. And I want to show you and then. i'll switch back to teach instructor and we, the attendance password. Okay, so here's where the link in the meeting will take you. To that final exam online. You click on it. it'll say you have one attempt allowed. This is not be available until December 22 9am to noon. So will be a three hour. window there. Okay, so that's what I was. Showing off my student role. what's. missing the ass but nothing else missing, yes, my chat box there. Okay, so here's the link to that final exam. I showed you a moment ago. So I want to get your feeling on. It. there's a miscommunication with you my wife them all. On the weekend, I was out doing stuff and I said i'm going to go to save by. Anyway, so here's. here's this screenshot from. So, protect the names and. ingredients. The innocent the news. People and the. Items well. anyway. So i'm going to make a stop or safeway and then my wife text me things that I should get it safely. which you don't care about the details. But I was driving so then replies. i'm driving focus turned on i'll see your message, when I get long going so it seems like it's coming from me. But it's not. Anyway, so the one item that all I leave here is, I had to get more close on next. When I saw that, and so I gave the thumbs up. I thought, everything was fine. I didn't see this part. Because I thought here's me giving the last message. So without without. Without reading carefully. I saw that. and I was to get more calls on next. Because I had I had written this thing about safeway which I thought was here. And then I saw the then my wife added another item from the list so. here's where things things, why should get it safely that weren't called small next then here's the cost on nexus mentioned after I stopped driving, so I saw that right away, I said thumbs up okay i'll get that so I got that, then I go home I. realized, I was in trouble. So if I explained that situation clearly enough. Anybody. Okay. So I wrote this to my life i'm going to go to safeway. And then she wrote back and said here are things I should get that you wrote back, while I was driving, so the system replied. That i'm driving focus turned on i'll see your message right you get one going. And then she send it an additional message. So. Not referencing this other thing that she. She sent me she sent me a second message after I was driving focuses turned off. Well, close on next project saw. And then I replied back and getting that it's fine when I got home, I was in trouble. whoa okay. So how many any. Anybody. willing to defend me on on this. Yes, so that's right I missed the previous message, because. I thought I looked at the screen, I thought this was not, I was looking at it carefully, I thought this is my message here. So I said I thought Jesus you're buying with safeway. one item I can handle that will be fun job. So no I didn't get any other notification so. So, Michael has a good suggestion thanks Michael. We have a different color. For the autofocus message. automatically message that comes up. That would help indicate that. This is not the knee and was so. My wife to realize that. i'm not replying to her. and When I look at the screen i'd say Oh, this is mine. So let me see what happened, while I was away, while I was. Driving my little seen this message the odds new scheme of things I should get at safeway message would have increased substantially. The other thing. it's mentioned digestion well I understand justin's comment is that. If. If the message sent. Well, focus was on appeared below the. appeared again. Once the focus is turned off or. Some appeared below this last message. What would it be possible. So I didn't get a notification. That anything had happened. differently accepted this. This message appeared in my. In my chat with my wife. Any other questions. i'm thinking i'll just put a whiteboard up and you can. Or we could annotate screen here actually. yeah i'll do that. By the names and haters and just. How about you give me it. Anyway, so if you're able to give me a checkmark or. or some kind of. If you're. If you accept if you could stop my argument with that's why I didn't see this list of things to get at safeway. or giving an x if you. think that I should have. shown that non to do things differently.
  • i'm a little ignorant because I don't know now iPhone, but I do ipads. Does focus mode not have. Some sort of indicator on the top right corner of the phone. Like a half moon or something. Or am I mistaken, it was something else.
  • yeah so that would be do. not disturb. I think. So my phone tells me when focuses on. That I don't see any should say that i'm working on I will see where that's. see if I. focus. Well okay. So I have a choice between do not disturb driving sleep work or personal. anyway. So I know that it's not going to lend. To me this isn't a question about indicating focus and having me look at someplace else on the screen to see whether do not disturb or different icon is up there it's about. just looking at. So my attention is that on this window here about. here for the backs of the arrow somebody do is not as lined up properly. So my attentions on this chat stream with this i'm message screen or whatever. And i'm wondering if there's a way that an indicator could. Something could be indicated. To me to. Some to make the. To focus my attention on the message above the i'm driving the. i'm not seeing messages when i'm driving. message. One point to hear here, you can see my cursor right. So, to me, the issue is. This. Blue bubble look like something when I had written. Just before. And I took it that way, instead of realizing there was another message after my last message. That make sense Jeffrey.
  • yeah.
  • anyone else have questions.
  • I do have a question on the group project.
  • Okay well i'm not i'm not going to spend the whole day on this. But so i've got it looks like four people voted. and the others who want to. I just. want to ask if there's questions about. My miscommunication with my wife over the weekend. My description of it. And so, if you have a checkmark. you're agreeing. you're not agreeing with me, you can see, my point of view, want to say that I was right. Certainly i'm not asking them for that kind of commitment from you. If you can see my point. Market checkmark or some kind of. Positive symbol. or scribble scribble. And if you. don't see my point. But an ex or something else. So i'm not calling them precisely or they're not 3232 marks on the screen yet. anyone else, want to vote. So if i'm. If i'm taking my wife's perspective. I should read my text messages. Not just react to them. So there's all the information there that I need to find her original message in my list of things I should have gotten safely. But then. that's that's putting a little bit extra on the user. To. deal with the shortcomings of the the application on the phone, I think. that's my perspective. don't get very far with that at home. Maybe she won't believe me that that. Well anyway let's take a picture. kind of this discussion and. Well, maybe i'll I won't report back. Okay, anyway, so Jeffrey you had a question about the project.
  • Yes, very short one do we submit. Or is it okay to submit a YouTube link.
  • yeah.
  • Okay that's mainly the only sq.
  • And then you can choose just make sure that. Well, I guess.
  • it's Either that, or like.
  • No just.
  • One driver or something. that's all.
  • Via YouTube link is fine, but I just if you want to restrict it just make sure that I have access to it. yeah and the marker as.
  • Well, that sounds good, thank you yeah.
  • you're very welcome.
  • I just wanted to add to that question, so all we have a YouTube link for the video, but we also have like a PowerPoint presentation, but the video on commerce the PowerPoint presentation and everything to do, which is summit both or just the link.
  • Link would be fine.
  • Okay, thank you.
  • you're very welcome. Any other questions. So the exam will be some. mixture of. Multiple choice some some things that will be straightforward to go through. it'll be marked by the system. But but checked by me so. If there's a situation where there's a question. you'll be able to ask questions of me after the marks are done now, we should make sure to review them that i've set things up. That you haven't been cheated out of them are marked by the system. And then there'll be. one or more questions that have involve you. Writing something. And then. Well, more. Maybe some kind of design oriented questions. some kind of analysis questions that will won't be able to mark by the computer by the system. But i'll i'll mark. foley on my own. So i'm. so open to suggestions about questions on the exam so beyond multiple choice questions. Charles popular. So specific quests specific questions about specific topics. The kinds of. form of the question. The material that. should be tested by the question and so forth, those kinds of. Suggestions i'm i'm open to receive. So I have a list of. Previous exams. And it's fairly complete. it's available, both on my website and through a link on your courses, I believe. So I can keep my office hours, going from. Between now and the exam salvia help. Tomorrow, have an appointment. That intersects the office hours so. So. Maybe not tomorrow. Another in general, I would be able to keep my office hours. that's a help that's really have your hand up.
  • So I have a question about execution, we expect them. To.
  • Somebody got somebody else's your microphone on.
  • Like.
  • Okay, go ahead and small.
  • So, Professor I was asking about the execution so should we expect the instructions from the topic we have learned in this course and. The topics we have we have been taught or like from the.
  • From the whole book so it's based on what. What. we've done in our meetings, particularly we've done in the project. And assignments, and so forth. So if if we never touched on it that won't be something that I would ask you about. That make sense okay. Any other questions. Jeffrey do you have any other questions.
  • nope just brainstorming. Okay.
  • So.
  • Abraham.
  • brings it over yeah. yeah yeah so. I promised to change the wording of the breakout room rating. And I was looking at it, then I saw us. Some people were doing. Doing different things are some people have done some things already in some, some of which were more like we discussed on Friday. So. Here, let me go to the. Can you switch to that screen. Go ahead zakiya.
  • I just had a question about the final exam format So are we going where they said open book or closed book with Procter track just wondering about that.
  • No we're not doing proctor track. So the idea is.
  • So is it that we will be able to refer the notes for. All we should expect to be treated like.
  • Well, I think it's. Multiple choice questions and. and so forth. and So I. had intended to to make it a two hour limit. But if I can. apply that just to the. The short answer questions that are. means so you'd have some extra time to do. so that you can serve complete the. short answer multiple choice questions in a subset of the time. And then we deal with the longer design oriented and analysis oriented questions. After completing. The. lock that would be. more profitable for me so i'm. So it would be more. The idea is that the bulk of the exam will benefit from. Having an open book. or not so it's based on. you're putting into practice the ideas that we've had already discussed over the Semester. So that makes sense.
  • yeah. One question I have for the exam is is it sequential or. We could just access any questions we want. At a particular order.
  • So. they'll be different for everybody. I think you can you can read through them all. and answer the ones you want to go back.
  • Okay yeah.
  • I believe that's.
  • Because i've written final sequentially in a nightmare to me. yeah.
  • So I won't make you do one question and then. And then. The next one, and the next one, and so on. Okay, so let me. Get back to her it's. REACH your breakout group. Change the question. So I will. revert the ones that have been submitted. In case you'd like to change them when you're not required to okay. So I have a direct message about how many questions you can expect. yaks he sees see. The xp CTS no no so then. expect. i'm not sure about how many short answer questions will do. But there will be the one or two. That would be a bit more involved deal with analysis and design.
  • sounds fine to me. Okay.
  • Thanks Jeffrey. Okay, well, I guess we're a minute charter of our ending time but. there's no other discussions. No, no other questions. i'll just say thank you very much rear engagement, the Semester. and hope to see you in person. you're on campus winter.
  • Time, thank you, Professor for the class that was a great support from you. toward the whole semester.
  • No thanks very much.
  • Have a good day and good weekend.
  • If you need to reach me. Aside from tomorrow. for Wednesday and Thursday this week and then for next week, also have my office hours and you need to get Ahold of me use that link on on the your courses web page send me a note okay.
  • Thank you.
  • Welcome take care of that one.
  • Take care.

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  • Good afternoon prof
  • Good afternoon
  • Happy Monday for the last time 🙂
  • Good Afternoon
  • Good Afternoon
  • Good Afternoon and happy Monday
  • ooo fractals
  • It looks niceee
  • loved it
  • was cleaning my cars interior…and boy oh boy it was a bad idea to do at this time
  • lol
  • 😆
  • one hell of a lesson 😂
  • tudent password
  • im bit confused
  • Sorry could you repeat the scenario?
  • You’re not the first person to have this happen to you 🙂
  • if the auto message was a different color )or some oher indicator) it would have avoided the confusion
  • Oh got it now
  • maybe you should have scrolled up.
  • So you missed the previous message because of auto-focused turned on
  • lol happens with me all the time
  • Did you get a notification for the previous message after focus was disabled?
  • Yeah, that's correct. There should be some type of notification once focus is disabled. Either as a sound (like a new message), or a visual indication (appear first once the chat is opened).
  • No . I am good
  • hey how do we rate our break out room
  • their are too much members
  • Thank you for the class
  • Thank u for today and this semester.
  • Thank you
  • thanks for the semester, have a good holiday break
  • Thank you professor. Take care😃
  • Thank you Professor
  • Thank you professor
  • Thank you professor
  • Thank you for the semester professor.
  • Thankyou professor
  • Thank you Professor.
  • Thanksso much professor


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • discussed about the final exam links on ur courses
  • That was our last class and we had a great discussion and I would like to thank you for this amazing semester.
  • Thanks for Upating the content of the breakout room, i learnt about the content of the Final exam.
  • Is the entire of this semester and the teaching Daryl had taught me.
  • In today's meeting, the professor discussed about the details and question types of final exam.
  • We talked about the exam today.
  • Last day of the class we discussed a bit about final exam.
  • Details of the final and a method to submitting the group project video.
  • In Today's class we have discussed about final exam doubt and what kind of questions going to come.
  • We talked about the format of final exam.
  • In today's class, the professor discussed about the final exam pattern and what types of question we should expect in the final.
  • Project and exam discussion.. as well as loophole of focus mode
  • Today, professor presented some texts which had some misunderstanding about interpretation
  • Today we have discussed about the exam pattern
  • Last day of class
  • The most important thing that I learned about today's class was about the discussion of the final
  • It was a great class. Professor is amazing!!
  • Today we discussed the pattern of the final exam. Also we got to know what type of question pattern is going to come in exam. Lastly, I am really thankful to the professor for all the help he provided during the whole semester.
  • Thank you professor for your teachings this semester. will see you in office hours if need be :-)
  • Today we cleared our all the doubts related to exams and presentation video.
  • We talked about the focus feature on iphones
  • in today's meeting we discussed about the format and time of final exam.
  • Discussed the possibility of missing a notification when a phone is in a do not disturb mode. Also discussed the course final exam.
  • Ws about how the final exam will be. I had a great semester this fall. Thank you.
  • In todays class professor discussed about the final exam and somewhat the idea of the pattern of exam and also the design of auto replies from iMessage with complete example which was pretty good.
  • We discussed about final exams, What kind of questions can come
  • the most important thing I learned today is that user interfaces need to have sufficient ways to show the user if there's the possibility of an error, such as missing a text message because of an automatic response
  • This one was our last meeting we have disscused how the final exam is going to be and what time. It was a great semster! thank you Professor

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • When we are talking about improving the interface design, does it enough to follow post task measures? If so, what about the things that are happening in the midst of interaction process?
  • no confusion today
  • Today we have discussed about final exam.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • The power of miscommunication and how to phrase things better to carry the full meaning and have the other person understand clearly as well. I ran into these issues when discussing our group project and divvying parts to my group members. It is something I need to work on, but all in all things ended up fine.
  • The Focus feature was interesting to note.


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