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  • You should get a bachelor's in Trading Okay. Okay. So what's the trade off? In design or what what do you mean by trade off from both of them are the best part of sacrificing one attribute for the benefit of another okay? So we're comparing two things so maybe it's not just two distinct things but they're
  • on a scale. So we might say. So for illustrating metaphors in the picture of an interface, let's say a car just a generic car may not communicate enough information. To the user. On the other hand, picture of Lamborghini. Models All right red. So that might be too that might be too specific. It might might think, Oh, we're dealing with red sports cars. Some missed the opportunity to get the car, you may be able to transport people. Not a big group of people. A big group of 32 is a big generation does that makes sense? My my camera might quit on me. I forgot to plug it in. Apparently. But I have my case of emergency. So that's my one. Attempt. At a mock Oh, I forgot the microphone.
  • Okay, we'll try that. Does that help? I thought it was working better. Okay, so this was my multiple choice question. Can we design somebody's model of an interface can we say you're going to think about the interface in this way can we influence person's not a model? Yes. So one mark for that. One mark. Any questions or comments? A seat?
  • So far, Claude ready sir. Says fields so not everyone liked this question. This was a way to encourage a little bit of out of the box thinking that was the intent anyway, so I put all my stuff in the box if you can.
  • Morning, so that's all I think about the connection to the usability and user experience. What is things not user experiences? Absolutely yeah, I think it's great to. User usability is part of the user experience.
  • Everything. So usability is about having things that are easy to learn some qualities like that, but user experiences above the fields as well. hear your thoughts, what are your thoughts plus feelings just like this one on this front desk I think the usability, the user experience can if we're gonna have a good experience but the interface not may not be so usable.
  • I think it's important it's possible to separate them but I'm not going to be tyrannical in my I'm not going to one day, encourage your input and then say you're wrong Yes,
  • you don't have to concerts for capitalization.
  • We have we have that's a second question.
  • So for the second question. We have a sentence that reads the mental model to our to users. So the point that the writer defines that you can only design something you cannot directly influence the belief. So I think for this question, maybe a better answer is you can design what you cannot directly influence the belief. design experience just influenced this notion. That's sort of what I thought what answer that question is like, you can design concepts to have like a big sum. But you can't. You can. So you can put a design in mind and you can correct answer we do see. I think well I just create that one really comes down to definitions which by the way that we're throwing away is that you dictate how somebody things where you can design an interface they'll get a quote, it's just become a straw.
  • You're distracting from the other conversation going on. Do you have some comments for class? I don't. Okay, thanks. Sorry to be heavy handed. But okay, so the idea is we can't tell people what how they should interact, how they should view an interface. So the the issue is coming up with my choice of words design and influence. So yes, as designers we're designing parts. I agree. There. But So in English there's an EDL you can lead a horse to water but you can't make a drink. So that's what are in the Jewish state of people?
  • You heard that same before. I think it's a quite common universal thing.
  • I never heard that a bit as a Jewish proper. I've heard a lot
  • so As designers, we can make theater. We can design the interface using a metaphor that
  • that's helpful. For people for its users to interact with the system. But we can't make them we can't we can only go so far in don't know I think the phrase so we can or design can set up the user. But we can't make them work with the interface now. Yeah,
  • so is this is this sentence correct? We cannot directly influence user because mental mental model relates to believe is incorrect.
  • Should have been prepared for this? So it's not incorrect. So I would say that as designers we can influence how users come to understand an interface and develop a mental model. So the users mental model is formed in an ad hoc way, by what they experience get to be interacting with the interface. And so if we
  • want to if we organize the interface around a metaphor that's presents capabilities of interface in a consistent and unified way.
  • Then our use of the metaphor because our as designers our mental model is detailed and much more complete. Because we understand how the different pieces can fit together.
  • So I think clearance, these inter relates to the mental model or Umeda designing an interface
  • so I'm talking about the mental model so this justifies we can't design a mental model by definition.
  • So so it can't relate design can relate to a mental model because a mental model can be designed.
  • Yeah, so you can design an interface then he lists the influenza user but yeah, by designing an interface, you can influence user you cannot directly design design somebody's mind. I'm just talking about the term design. When we are talking about design mostly we are talking about designing an interface. So that's the way we can influence user.
  • Yeah. Okay. So is there any, any disagreement about our discussion?
  • I just think we're too focused on the semantics of the wording
  • or two marks on an exam or 20 marks and what else do we have to do on Friday morning? So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna finish the question that I have referred to Mark, I'm gonna send the mark so if you have concerns about what I've done, you can resumes great scope, suddenly asked me to look at the question again. And I'll do that okay. So worrying could be improved ideas. Are are clear. Okay, I appreciate the lively discussion. I also
  • I know the origin of the horse material
  • been posted online. That would be great. What was it okay. So, exam question uses recall what calorie caution did our presenter on Monday where the class know what is the correct answer anyway. So asking a question on an exam to recall is maybe a good way to access your understanding of other material? So, I just wanted a question that uses recall I believe it's heuristic six prefer recognition over recall. So in user interface design, recognition is better because it puts less load on people using the software. But for exams, maybe recall this better? Because it means that you're recalling things and in a particular context
  • in the context of an exam, I think it's very closely intertwined. Even if you do recognize property, even if you're going off for recognition, you're probably going to recall it anyway. Because you've already supposedly have gone over this in class. So assuming you've attended at least one class there should be at least some part of the exam unless you designed the exam to be completely devoid of material
  • do you think that's what I did? Anyway? So some people talked about recognition. gave examples with recognition. I just wanted a question that use recall can be like question. This is four. So three. Three is question users recall or you can make up your own question and then discuss whether having using recall over recognition is preferable. Yeah, I keep using this question. So I asked for an example that uses recall. So
  • question four would be very good, especially for itself because this is using a vehicle not recognition.
  • I need some more coffee. To deal with that question. This morning. Okay, so anyway, I was trying to allocate one mark for the exam. Question then one for a discussion about whether it's
  • so this was one mark and one mark for why so allocating between good and bad towards bad. ideas and to create an engaging puzzle that will keep you alive for hours on end. It's a way it can be fun in the right circumstance, but the idea is we are designed to the door should should support the way we use it. So for example, it's a push door. We don't need to handle that looks like we can pull it push door as if it has a flat panel. Without the word push on it should be clear to
  • is it an accessible door with a giant wrapping either wheelchair people fly or to challenge their strength and the timing test to see if that make it to the door.
  • Yeah, so our our well door, the main floor of the building here as the button and forgetting them along round. So that I have the staff over the break see if I can test them. I painted a conformance door so the normal door is a bad design. So bad that it requires additional signage that those people do not do what it appears you should do is open the door to something else instead.
  • Okay. So that's how I broke down the marks was a why question. If your answer was Okay, give me a mark for that.
  • If it was inspiring, I gave you two marks and an exclamation mark that's how I set it up there. Okay so how do we how can we write more answers so that it's clear that we're talking about metaphors.
  • You our courses attendance module is what's the next word? Like. So not everybody answered that way. So, I tried really hard not to use white because I wanted it to be a metaphor
  • Yeah, okay. give you permission to use the word lake when talking about your experience
  • yes, if you're thinking about bringing in prose a metaphor is using like as a simile and metaphor is. So, you are of course as the interface. Your courses attendance module is so
  • we're almost out of time here so the way I'm doing Question Eight is golf execution. First heuristic is landmark execution. The second heuristic is landmark called the valuation heuristic first juristic is one mark golf revaluation second year as thick as one.
  • Okay and we can discuss continue this discussion online. And as you got your exam your graded exams back later today. So I just want to is anyone stuck with the project? Thinking about metaphors? Okay. Anyway agenda for today but thank you for your engagement and the lively discussion and vote. All right.
  • Okay and we can discuss continue this discussion online. And as you got your exam your graded exams back later today. So I just want to is anyone stuck with the project? Thinking about metaphors? Okay. Anyway agenda for today but thank you for your engagement and the lively discussion and vote. All right.


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