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  • Good afternoon, or whatever the appropriate citation is in your time zone, good evening. Good very early morning. how's everyone doing today. So i've been working on my website and. i've gotten i've made some progress. and part of that was because. I transferred a subset of the files to begin with, and then I realized I didn't transfer style sheets that. made things. made important differences in the way that it appears for you. So i'm i've updated the whole thing now. Well, I should share my screen. Excuse me please. So when i'm sharing my screen on zoom. I can Double Click. The source so i'm not sharing my whole screen. So I think that's the way. My sense of that is it's a way to. bully or dominate the person who's in the in the meeting with you. Because. Then, if you have lots of different windows open let's say you're reading an email or replying you know doing something other than just being in the zoom meeting. And maybe this is a commentary about. The ethics of. Or the etiquette for. Being in a zoom meeting they you should have your full attention on the meeting. But anyway. So everyone in selecting the source for the shared screen, I can Double Click to open it. But in zoom interface. And my desktop client. I have a list of meetings like my office hours and different classifieds and so on. But I cannot Double Click on that. link to open them open the meeting or start the meeting. I have to select the meeting of the list and then go to start. you're actually Let me take a screenshot of this and i'll share with you. So what i'm what i've captured here. And what i'm going to show you in a second here. This. Instead of. Sharing just that i'm going to share them. And so, sharing the picture right now let's see. So. i'm looking. For the APP for my zoom client, so I can share its window, but it doesn't. Because it's not presented as an option. So that's maybe another issue. So I will share the picture. Okay, so i'm in the process of getting. The picture ready for us to look at. So, in terms of fun hdi fundamentals. it's a better approach to think about. How we're going to. Think about situations and concrete terms. Because a designer may say well i've got this great idea for how this is gonna work, and I can. click on this or do that and everything will be fine. But the designer and the developer. are not the same as the user and so. We consider experience. Of the user and doing things. We need to understand the issues and. We. need to think about the issues with empathy for the users. mean. So we could. Do something other than empathize with these it's you could sympathize with them. Where you might have apathy towards them. You don't think appetizers a word. will have to explore that. I just realized that my camera covered i'm sorry about that. So if I do one more thing here. Then I should be able to. share this link with you, and it will work. Okay, so if you have a peek at that image. kindness as well, but. So our 730 meeting or Tuesday and Thursday meeting. In which we are right now located. So in my list of meetings, it comes up. What is this, so we talked about evaluation and execution. So what is this. What state of the interface. Can you gather from looking at this picture. Question makes sense. Sure, so i'm wondering. So we talked about. The conceptual distance between user and computer or the interface. So part of that is understood, so the. User needs to think about what which commands he or she is. they're going to use so once those commands are issued the state of the system will change. In the state of the system is depicted. and In this screenshot that i've shared with you. And how do we make sense of. The state of the system. represented in this screen capture. Okay, so as my explanation of the question. getting more clear.
  • Yes.
  • Okay. So if you see this picture what. Do you infer. From that what. what's The next thing to do, or what. What would you do Based on this information. say if you were me. Now actually. Maybe let's put. i'll share my screen. yeah so i'm just.
  • Okay.
  • Okay, so my question doing this is. So the first time out when I clicked on that. It had a different behavior. That seems seems to be an edge case it's causing problems. Okay, so here I am 730 was going. And then. After this, I have an office hour so good. Excuse me i'm going to. switch to this one. So let's say. it's say this an hour later. And they're just so ready to start. The office. Is there a way that's the you can see. To under to to gather the commands when you to execute. In order to start the office. office zoom. At 230. So I did this yesterday. i'm. sure that I did something a little differently. I was able, when in my recollection I was able to click on start here. And then, it said, do you want to leave the other reading if there was one active. yeah so the interfaces and show the time but it says recurring. So I can either have a specific time meeting. Or, I can have recurring. Or, I can have recurring. So there they don't have any. Any security I guess. Excuse me again. Oh okay anyway so. So what I thought happened yesterday was I had one open cooked on another start with That said, you want to leave the first one and join the SEC start the second one. But here It just shows me the start button is grayed out, so I understand that that. OK. So. The calendar view might be interesting. But I think it's still the same issue let's say that we're on a Thursday afternoon and it's getting close to the end of our meeting time. They say come see me my office, if you want. And I want to go and switch start the office. Meeting. But I see that it's not available. and looking at this display it doesn't tell me. What is going on. precisely so that I can understand which actions to take. To allow me to get into the office zoom. Does that make sense. So notice that, on your courses or moodle. A lot as well. There are different features. Are. Different features which seemed conceptually similar. implemented differently in different sections and so instead of having a consistent interface. Across everything. Then there are. Then there's a lot of. places where. Something works one way for assignments let's say and then for wiki works, a different way and. so on and so forth. Okay, so I, I do have. A different meeting setup for the office. When i'm. curious what I don't understand from this interface is. Why. Well, I don't understand what I need to do to make the start button. available again. So this i'm double clicking on the screen on the button for the zoom office and nothing happens well do I think that happens is that. The window in here will change saying go from meetings. To my newsroom office. So, can you see me move the window around. No. well. yeah so that's another thing. it's another thing here about. Understanding what's what other people can see is important. Okay now i'm not sure about the yes and no. So they answered, all I can see is the editor. And loss gun said yes son said no, and I do and i'm not sure what those yes and no are for. So. yeah okay so i'm. glad to see that. So here's the password. With the attendance. So. If you if you click on that attendance think for yourselves on today's meeting page. they'll take you to a place where you can enter and record your attendance for today. We can use a password but just to chat. funny not particularly humorous story. That happened earlier today. says so I set up the same process for CSP at here's the link for the attendance. Go do that. But I brought in. From. My last offering link to do attendance. That was set up somewhere else it on the page. And so once they activated the other attendance. Neither of them. The link that I put in place clicked on here to get it. stopped working. And so, when I realized or explanation I came up with. Was that the ID the attendance module. So he can see. This will give you the password. For this session, if you. Pure I clicked on it another day. Well, you wouldn't be able to see it, because your students. was going to illustrate. Is. This number the ID number. For the attendance. changed. So work to begin with, and I added in error, a second attendance module. And I removed the second attendance module. But the impact was that the idea of the first one change so. I had to go in and Edit. This ad that I have put in place. so that I could click click one thing. and Have it come up just like that. So i'm going to. Contrast that with. To look at the class calendar for today. So attendance, we only have attendance. Oh, I haven't set up. response to meeting so we'll do that very quickly here. But I just wanted to look at the arguments here. So view equals de. Time equals. The number of seconds. Since January 1 1970. The have. laps until midnight. Now I haven't tested. If the day is going to work. Regardless of what value can mean. That. That timestamp this should be midnight. Local time and central standard time and Regina. So I haven't tested. The impact of giving it. A few more a few less seconds. In turn, specifying the date. But here we have day and then equal to the timestamp. And then the course ID. Of course ID that's pretty straightforward so that's our ID on your courses. The time. it's not. Time is not for the faint of heart, I suppose you can't just say. 20 January. 2022. You have to give the number of seconds and it's not straightforward process to give the number of seconds I find anyway. But the thing is they, the way to specify the vehicles day. is different in this screen. Then our in our attendance screen. Because if you save you day equal or our new view equals one. And you get the day. Okay. So let's go back. So one of my accomplishments earlier today is I. got. Video working. Properly sized. So I would like to spend some time today. are now doing. breakout rooms. to explore some of the big ideas in the videos okay. Now let me see.
  • Okay.
  • So we're going to make it anonymous you want to add something to the screen. And i'm also gonna let you share your screen. As well four classroom group plus work groups. So please join the room. which you, of course, why you the group to which you belong. OK, and it will take about. 10 minutes, in the meantime i'll set up. The sponsor today. Okay, so let's see all right. Excuse me. Okay. So I have this little. stuck on. camera cover it's becoming unstuck so that's. that's gonna. fall off completely soon. anyway. Any good discussion, it was a good discussion. Okay, so how about the first video, which was David Kelly. Thank you. Okay that's right. I agree with that. i'm gonna sing.
  • I cry when a question so. Sure, unless I do want to ask about the final exam mean how he's gonna take some getting again and solution, because the piece of the military vehicles right.
  • it's a little hard to hear you.
  • I just want to go onstage on can you. Give us the pattern of the final exam because data is mostly theoretical theoretical right.
  • yeah. So. let's take time on Tuesday to talk about the final exam the assignments, and any other questions okay. Thank you for your question. Any other any comments about the videos. Okay yeah there's a separate video where he talks about. His his own experience with the redesigning of that machine. or he had. Not so much machine but. Putting the machine into context that the kids can deal with and and be excited about instead of scared of.
  • It.
  • OK, so the MRI example is. is a good illustration of the fact that when we're creating interactive or designing interaction. it's not just somebody writing code. But there's a lot, there are a lot of different. opportunities to get people involved with different skill sets so graphic designers psychologists. Just to name a couple. And what was the thought about. or any thoughts about the Malcolm gladwell video about happiness and spaghetti sauce. Was it really just about spaghetti sauce or. Could you take, could you take some ideas about design. From that video. Okay, so no really said not really. So I understand that perspective that. it's about people's preferences. And, as in terms of designing interactive experiences and designing interaction. For different cases. it's important to understand who who the consumers are the users are. And to make. Make attempts to understand that maybe don't just have one. homogeneous group of. People using the system but. There might be a number of smaller groups so it's not a question of having. A perfect drank but as having perfect drinks, so we can segment the population and understand. What makes each. Each group within the larger group. Special and. cater to their. Their needs. So to me that's one thing about design is understanding. Who is for whom you're designing. And the other thing about. design is maybe less obvious. But so when they're talking about preparing. dif different. sauces. For the focus groups test. They didn't have just. A million different alternatives, did they. I think they talked about hat, although I think Malcolm gladwell says that they have. Every possible combination of ingredients. From that limited set they're working with. Even that's not the case. I think they ended up with about 40 or 45 if I remember correctly. So. it's the role of the designer. To make choices. So so. Just like we segment the user, the consumers. So we understand which. Which Pepsi will be perfect for them. So we can segment. segment our. design of. Different spaghetti sauces and then pick. Good representatives of each of those samples so. An idea of how we construct. and partition that space of spaghetti sauces. is an important part of. The work of the designer. So the common knows people don't know what they really want. And that can be very true. So we can engage people in conversations. about what they would like to really see in an interface or in a product. And we can. get much further, I believe. By having. thoughtful conversations. With the people who are going to be using the products. And the people using the products don't have to be design design experts. But we can empower them. To do the kinds of things that David Kelly talked about. And I think. Having some sense of a design thinking kind of approach or process. Can elevate the conversation. and make it easier to find. find much better solutions, so I mean we might not find. The best solution for a group of users in this way, but. it'll be I think much better than. If we don't. engage in this kind of process. So we're out of time for today. So I just want to say thank you for today. and we'll continue our discussions on Tuesday. at which time we'll talk about. A file and all the other details the assignments, and so on okay.
  • Okay, thank you.
  • you're welcome. So we'll take up the comment about if we allow an option for customization, then we can satisfy every user. will talk about that. Okay. thanks again take care. Have a good weekend.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • Good evening
  • Good Morning
  • attendance passwords
  • for today
  • Can you please see if you can access that image?
  • yes
  • Yes
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  • yes
  • yes
  • Pardon me. Can you please repeat?
  • Didn't quite get the question?
  • I don’t understand the question please .
  • As a user?
  • The UI doesn’t show the time
  • Maybe a calendar like view would have been nice for the user
  • Yes, you may need to set another meeting up entirely for the office link
  • The screen is probably somewhat stuck. I can see the cursor moving. But not seeing the Zoom app.
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  • no
  • All I can see is the editor
  • yes
  • no
  • Now I can see you’ve open UR courses
  • Student password
  • Any good discussions? David Kelley and creative confidence ?
  • Yes, some lessons learnt
  • Do you think that anyone should design?
  • yes sir
  • Yes I believe that anyone can design and not be discouraged to try it out,
  • Let ideas fly and be bold was a key take out
  • The MRI reference was great example
  • yeah I was typing the same
  • Yes, with the little girl
  • No really. It’s about people and how they are different and can have different taste or preference.
  • Question: as a designer can you really satisfy all users ?
  • i believe No
  • Also, people don’t know what they really want.
  • via adding option "Customization" we can satisfy every user
  • Thank you
  • thank you
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  • Thank you sir!
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What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • This was a very insightful class, thank you. I learned a couple things from the video, "How to build creative confidence" which i will name a few ; 1. Let ideas fly & be bold, 2. Don't be afraid to be creative
  • hi sir .i lrearned about localhost .IN the break out room I learned what were the big ideas in the videos.
  • The videos by David Kelle and Gladwell gives great new perspective in design and interaction, the reference of little girl with the MRI machine shows how a design can change the perception.
  • How to get the proper idea of designing and how to make a product which is customer centred.
  • From Kelly's presentation, I learned that people are not born creative, and anyone can be a creative person. Likewise, Gladwell's speech taught me how people can have different preferences and why it is essential to understand variability instead of looking for universals. I also learned how people do not always know what they really want.
  • As a designer you need to understand who you are designing for.
  • so today i learn many things but here i would like to talk about TED talk videos.
  • I talk in the breakout room with my group and discuss about the tge video that we seen on the previous meeting link. It was an nice discussion with all the group members.
  • I have learned about the importance of design and from videos I got the information on creative confidence.
  • Refering to the breakout room question : What were the big ideas in the videos? Everyone has a different levels of satisfaction from their perspective and to get out of fear of being judged is more important.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • I would like to know more about how the deal with the complicated interactive designs ( i.e. if it is taking much efforts and cost. as loading time and browsing will require more time for enhancing the User experience.)


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