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            • Good afternoon or good morning depending where you are. I left my office our running. So I had to say goodbye to people who are starting to collect. collect their. how's everyone today. I should say happy Thursday or Friday depending. where you are. and So I think we have a couple new students in class. Oh wait Oh, we don't. They were there, the other day, another gone again. Okay, so that. That makes it easier. Let me just. Go to our attendance activity first. Let me share my screen. Okay, so here. Is our password for the attendance. which will paste into the chat. Okay, so let me go back to our. Well, to type it in going to say for any football fans. excitement is growing in Canada, because the men's team. or first place after call game 12 out of the norm to 12. and So they have 12 games they've done nine of the 12. No, this memory. And 14 games to play and they've done. 11 of them so okay anyway. Not now that i'm doing. math on the board, so to speak here, figuratively. anyway. So they they won their last three qualifying games and they're in first place and they're in concacaf. And they haven't been to the World Cup since 1986 which I remember watching on TV and thinking what a great thing, but they haven't been back since. So. Anyway, that that's kind of. Some good news going on in Canada. lots of other news isn't quite so good, but that that would be one piece, that would be worthy of a happy Thursday comment. anyway. So I hope news and other details are. My positive where you are as well. Okay, so I put in the. Class discussions link here. So i'm still missing one reply to this. So I don't know who exactly is not replied yet. missed the last trip by their. Okay. So it looks like we can proceed with. rescheduling of the exam. So they'll still be online so it's just in terms of procedure that. it's properly scheduled. Okay, so i'll take care of that today. Any. thoughts about our discussion from last day where we it's in redesigning of. The message. So i'm sorry I. have some screenshots from last day that I meant to post, but I haven't yet. So. If it's all right. Here, let me first post something in the chat here. So this is something for next period have a look at over the weekend. And we'll talk about it in some detail, then. i'll get the. I have. I have it on the plan for today, but I haven't published the plan from my laptop yet so i'll take care of that today as well, but just so you have. Access to it so that's the chapter five of the psychology second edition open stacks book online book that. Is posted in the links. Sorry i've gotten a couple phone calls here and I. didn't think that. They should have been blessing me. So no soccer fan say. This. This probably this question won't. help matters, maybe. There aren't any fans it won't. i'm just trying to get some interaction going. So one soccer fan no football fans. Okay. football fan, not a soccer fan. So. I understand the most people. Okay i'm glad that I got a little bit of activity going on chat. So i'm a fan of Canadian football but i'm also a fan of. soccer Chai call it here. To avoid confusion with the Canadian football. anyway. Okay. Let me just.
            • check.
            • Okay, so glad everybody then. Okay, very good. So does everyone have access to a copy of design of everyday things. All right, okay yeah i'll do it. Oh didn't I do that already I did, I think, so I should be able to. find it here. OK. OK so i'm just curious about whether you have access to a copy of does Zine of everyday things from 2013 that's the revised and expanded edition. that's by Donald Norman and it's got a picture of a teapot to handle go in, not the. not the best way. Let me. Show you a page for let's see. yeah so here's a picture of it. Anyway, so. She can, if you have a copy or you can get access to a copy. that's great. So i'll try and. find other sources. of things that are online for you to look at. So okay yeah so we talked about light switches the other day. And Norman doors. Alright, our doors that don't give a good indication of how to open them. there's a funny video. i'll post today. Okay well. So there's a copy i'm not sure if that's a. Legitimate copy or not. But it's available on the web so. i'd encourage you to get a copy at some point, because it's. there's lots of neat stories in there. Anyway, so there's a. There, let me find they'll give you the link right away in here, instead of. Now. Maybe let's do that so short one. And if you don't make sure that I got my I have my video. Sound enabled here. New option. zoom. Okay let's see if that works.
            • Lucy.there's this door on the 10th floor of the vox media office that I hate so much.damn read this you're wrong pretty regularly have you seen people misuse it all the time.
            • Okay we'll continue. With it, then it's five minutes long so.
            • Constantly to kelsey but here's the thing as soon as you start looking for confusing doors, they are everywhere it's push why.They like Roman Mars, but know that this is 99% invisible and those doors you hate are called Norman door.what's a Norman door don Norman wrote the essential book about design, he is the Norman of the Norman door all right, and where is this guy you must go to San Diego okay.hey i'm done Norman i'm.sure you know it's hard to describe, but I am well he's been a professor of psychology professor of cognitive science professor of computer science a Vice President of advanced technology at apple.But for our purposes, I was spending a year in England, I got so frustrated with my inability to use the light switches and the water taps and the dollars, even when I wrote this book.If I continually get a door wrong is it my fault.No, in fact, if you continually get it wrong as a good way of other people continue to get a.good sign that really.A Norman door is one with a design tells you to do the opposite of what you're actually supposed to do, or gives the wrong signal and needs assigned to correct it.instruction, that is, why do you have to have a sign that says push or pull.Why not make it obvious, it can be obvious if it's designed right there are a couple of really simple basic principles of design and one of them, oh cool discover ability.When I look at something I should be able to discover what operations, I can the principle applies to a whole lot more than doors.And it's amazing with many of our computer systems, today you look at it there's no way of knowing what's possible should I tap it once or twice or even triple tap so discover ability when it's not there well you don't have to use another is feedback.And somebody comes there's no feedback, you have no idea what happened.why it happened, and these principles form the basis of how designers and engineers work today.commonly known as user or human centered design, I decided at one point, the word user was a bit degrading, why not call people people.And it's amazingly simple and amazingly seldom practice we called inner circle circles around in a circle, we go out we observe what is happening today with zero people doing tasks.And from there, we say Oh, we have some ideas here's what we should perhaps propose to do, then you prototype their solution and test it.Quite often, these are wrong at first, but each time they go around the circle, we do a better job of making the device.Until the point we're actually making something that really works and this process has spread all over the world and it turns out it's improving line from better everyday things like the ones that Donald about.To using the same process to solve huge problems in public health and developing countries, water, sanitation farming lots more so, what would be a better human centered door and ideal one that is I woke up to it and walk through it i'm not even aware that I had open the door and shattered So if you had a door, which had a flat plate.Oh, could you do nothing, the only thing you can do is push see you wouldn't need to sign a flat plate you put this kind of pushed bar with the piece sticking out on one side works well, too, so you can see what side you're supposed to push them.A simple little hand thing, though sort of indicates, but we still have terrible terrible doors in the world.So many there are lots of things in life that are fairly standardized and, therefore, whether I buy this House or not, is not a function of whether it has good doors, and so, except for safety reasons doors tend not to be improved, but the tyranny of bad doors must, and I think that it really.wanted to push.andyou're right becky your God damn right, and if we all thought, like you, well, we might just design a better world.One on one because it's a security door.hey so as you can see, since I started making this video they have since changed the door a little bit.It gets it's a step in the right direction, thank you so much for watching and to 99% invisible one of my favorite podcasts was so much fun to collaborate with them, thank you and check them out on any podcast APP or 99 pm.So let's say you have to read an incredibly long email from your boss, that you have to finish before the meeting starts.
            • So is that. Was that fun to watch for five minutes. The link in the chat. message to do. So another word that we can use. For discover ability and. so forth, is an affordable. So a door that has a plot played on it. Before it's pushing. provides that capability. So we understand that that's what's going on. So the feedback was the door. Is. going straight forward, whether it opens or not. So sometimes.
            • there.
            • I close the wrong thing. So there's talking about bad doors or. are often doors I find here they're double doors so that you can have an entrance and an exit door. So in. In North America, we keep right. We have reality of keeping right and in England and other parts of the world. and keep left. there. So we don't have keep right signs. As there are keep left signs in England and other parts of the world. And so I think that. That. custom. is becoming less important. people choose whichever. Whichever. side they don't keep right they don't think about right or left, they just. Think about approaching doors, from whichever way is more. more expedient. And so I find that. If I if I try and use the right. The right hand door to go out to or to go in depending which direction i'm going. It might be that one of them is locked. So that's. And and, furthermore, there are ways. There are. handles attached sometimes push handles which afford pushing but they don't respect the key bright. intent that was present. When lot of these things were designed. So that's another aspect of. design. And the foreign service. So don Norman made another important point in that video about. You know it's doors aren't a huge priority unless it's for safety concerns so doors don't get a lot of attention for redesign. So i'd say maybe that's true for. Some parts of software interfaces that. don't get improved or. We can identify issues. You know so it's not a matter of just going through the door. without being aware that you're going through a door. So, ideally we'd like to have these artifacts that we interact with like doors and. interfaces. be somewhat invisible to us. The artifacts or tools that we use. should be invisible, so we don't think about. Using the tool or the artifact we only think about completing the task we want to complete. So maybe another example is if you're. doing some carpentry if you have a hammer and nails and some wood. And you're going to build a birdhouse let's say. In preparation for spring. We had come sooner than later. Things are going along you're building the birdhouse until maybe you hit. He missed the nail, and you hit your thumb with a hammer. Then it's. The activities switching much let far away from. Building the birdhouse to. swearing at the hammer perhaps or. The tools were using are no longer visible in that case. don't have an example for that. Can anyone relate to my story about hitting your thumb with a hammer.
            • Okay.
            • So I wanted to talk about another. interface it's a spin so I talked about Sunday news it's going on around here locally. So there's a lot of discussion about whether we should whether vaccines against covert are effective and whether. Pro vaccine should be any longer required. As a public health measure in saskatchewan. So, in response to that are. realizing there's lots of confusion about that. elected officials are helping to spread confusion, not to mitigate it, it seems. But, so what I did was I asked. A question of Google. Let me bring it up here.
            • I can find.
            • took a screenshot so I can share it with. So i'm going to share that instead just one second. Okay, so I typed into Google, how can I minimize my risk of contracting and transmitting pokemon. So this is. What comes up first for me. So this is clickable the coven 19. Actually, let me just do the query live for again here. that's better than showing screenshots. me switch back my share. So i'm. i'm interested in. In the quality of information I can get from the Internet. and And thinking about whether this is a gives me better information or. Good information or could it be improved, and so I noticed, first of all. Well it's about two over 2 million results available, so I noticed that crystal this coven 19. button is there and I can click on it, so let me do that first show you. So this gives a top stories about progress. So it's a little bit hard to. there's so much stuff going on with corvette it's hard to. It may be hard to make sense of it. So I was asking about how to prevent or minimize my risk. And there's also treatments button. let's see what it says under prevention. So this is. It looks like a Canadian flag there. let's see what more information comes up. advice for mask use. Now it is public service announcement. Okay, so. there's a little process that Google goes through. Okay, so that's a public service announcement that's what comes up by a public service announcement. So it's a little bit unclear how. Information is derived get gotten getting from who. I empty. To the page, it seems so Canadian flag on it, but I don't know where that. comes from. So get vaccinated when it's your turn is part of. The preventative measures, I can take to reduce my risk. So I wanted to. So I don't know. So this is a question for you. And i'd appreciate your comments so looking at this result screen, would you be inclined to click on the coven 19 button here above just below the results. And then, it says common question what are some preventive measures recorded 19. Preventive measures include physical or social distancing goes on. So what I notice, and please tell me what your sense of this is. Open the Wikipedia page here. So I was looking at. The quality of the answer from Google. And so I notice that. They have. cited their source of as Wikipedia but the sentence. they've included starts now the beginning of the sentence so. Preventive measures include visit so Wikipedia says other preventive measures include. And then the list. But it ignores the vaccines. So now, the question is. Is is Google within. Is Google providing accurate information by the quote here. they've done. Or should the Wikipedia. Page be improved to give Google, better information to work with. Would you like to share your screen. will stop my share. sure. anyone else have. Experience looking for information on the web and. If you found it to be. Good information or somewhat questionable. Okay, so, since I have you here, oh no i'm sorry. that's fine you don't have to do that i'm just i'll start i'll just re share my screen, since I have your screenshot. Showing now. Where did my soon go.
            • Okay.
            • So, so I see that it's a little bit different order i'm curious. If you click on the question what are some corrective measures recorded 19. Do you see something similar to what I had. So that's. yeah okay. So maybe there's an opportunity here to have a quick discussion about this in groups. So is does the Google information need to be corrected. i've already sent them some feedback about asking asking on in that direction. Because they they've totally. The miss the idea of vaccination as a preventative measure. So is it up to Google, or is it up to. Wikipedia to write things more clearly for. public consumption. So let's say that vaccination is. is an important preventive measure well, which has been demonstrated. So the most important one might be listed under preventive measures. So is that an issue with Google and the way they're extracting information from Wikipedia. Or is it. A cue for Wikipedia to. Or the Wikipedia is to rewrite. The entry so that it's more easily consumed by Google and other search engines. So that makes sense as a question. yeah interesting. But if i'm talking to somebody who gets her facts from social media, and I say look let's just ask Google, the Internet knows. And then, Google comes up with this, the answer that's shown here in the screen. And then I would then the person gets their news from. questionable sources says to me. i'll see vaccination is even recommended for as a preventive measure. Anyway, for the rest, for the other. 10 of you. who've been silent and so i'm not does that question make sense, where do you. Where where is. or where are the opportunities to improve the information that's available on Google. or other search engines. So that makes sense as a question. Okay, so. Let me open breakout rooms and you can discuss her. Okay, so is that. Is that enough time to have a couple. Ideas tossed around. Anything you'd like to share with everyone. If you can raise your hand, maybe, and then. I can call on you, or just put into the chat. Anyone. Well, I guess, if you have some ideas about this, you can put them on the wiki page under the breakout room for today. But we're out of time for today, so thank you very much for your attention. and have a good weekend and. we'll. we'll get into a discussion about that Chapter five from the psychology reference next week okay take care and have a good weekend. Okay, so there's a comment. So we should get information from who the World Health Organization. I think that's. that's. that's a good approach as far as i'm concerned. But then maybe also needs to be written in a way that. It can be easily consumed by search engines and. Because I know on that who who website that i've. The pages i've looked at on the website. I start with the idea of. Clear task in mind and then, when I get to the click on the link, then it becomes less clear because there's no. Immediate place for me to follow follow up on the. place. To find the information that I thought was gonna be on the page, so I get a bit lost in the transfer between one page and another. So we can talk about that. as well, I think that falls under the heading, maybe of information sent. Maybe that relates to discover ability in accordance in physical objects, like the doors were talking about earlier. Anyway, we'll talk about that some more in. days in our meetings to come. Okay, take care, everyone stay well. See you on Tuesday. bye. My pleasure thanks again for today. we'll see you on Tuesday bye.

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            • Good Morning..
            • Happy Thursday!
            • Good morning
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            • Any football / soccer fans ?
            • Do you say football or soccer?
            • Soccer fan but only premier league
            • We say football here in India
            • Love Soccer. Arsenal
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            • soccer fans
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            • Could you repeat please?
            • Copy of ?
            • Do you have a copy of Design of Everyday Things (2013)?
            • sir ,password for today's attendance
            • Student password
            • Student password
            • Student password
            • I don’t have it yet. But looked into the Norman Doors and floorplan light switches.
            • Are you able to hear the audio?
            • It's Audible
            • yes
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            • yes, it was
            • yes it was
            • When I search “How can I minimize my risk of contracting and transmitting covid?” I see different results
            • Give me a moment
            • I need to restart zoom to share the screen. Need to give zoom permission to access my screen.
            • Preventive measures include physical or social distancing, quarantining, ventilation of indoor spaces, covering coughs and sneezes, hand washing, and keeping unwashed hands away from the face. The use of face masks or coverings has been recommended in public settings to minimise the risk of transmissions.
            • From wiki
            • I think people who are willing to search Google already knows how to prevent it at this point. I think it’s when people get their facts from social media is the problem.
            • yes
            • I think these search engines should give these informations from WHO.
            • Thank you
            • Thank you.
            • thank you
            • thank you sir


            The most important thing that I encountered:

            • The most important I learnt today was about the Norman Doors , they are the doors that are confusing to operate, it is basically a flaw in the design process.
            • How design matters when it comes to usage and simplicity of it. Along with that , price and simplicity is dependent on each other.
            • In today's class, we watched a video that explained Norman Doors and how it translates to other everyday objects. I learned two fundamental principles of good design: discoverability and feedback. These principles vastly contributed to human-centered design. Designers nowadays achieve this via observation, idea generation, prototyping, and testing.
            • Your design should be so simple and understandable that anyone can understand how to use the product by just looking at it.
            • The most important thing i learn that how a door problem can build a creative mind and how designing is important in day to day life.
            • I have learned about the human centered design which are used on daily purpose such as Doors design. How doors are designed for humans in a way that its good or bad for its utility.
            • In this meeting we discussed how google posts updates over information on covid-19 and why vaccine was not in the list of the primary precautions.

            The thing about which I would most like to know more:

            • Selective selection
            • Would like to know more about industrial design
            • hi sir we are talking about Chapter 5 of Psychology 2e .I think it is very subject to talking.
            • I'm curious about how Google and other search engines get information from websites and how accurate they are, how to improve...
            • wee watch the video of It's not you. Bad doors are Everywhere video and had an great discussion regarding it.
            • How to think very deeply like sir where he made us think what's changes can be done in Zoom UI . It was so interesting and very creative session as sir taught us who to think creative everytime
            • Sir! Now these days people don't have much time to look over any design for too much time. Do you think the design should be simple rather than creating any optical illusions (complex) in logo or similar designs?


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