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        Zoom Audio Transcript

        • Typical.
        • So I muted everyone, because there are some mics open like when we started but. Because can unmute yourself and. participate vocally, if you like.
        • hi how are you doing.
        • Good Thank you.
        • Very good, thank you.
        • So my health is fine thanks I hope everyone else's is.
        • Also, good.
        • there's been a lot of discussion in saskatchewan here about. Vaccination and. Public Health orders and how long are they going to be in place or not. So it's. interesting time certainly. Okay. So you see my note over the weekend I think was only the weekend, or maybe was yesterday. That I sent it about the final exam. Okay, so let's talk about it, so we can finish up that discussion finally. So our regular our scheduled time for an exam is. April 21. At 2pm. Central standard time so that would be. In about an hour from now. or three hours. So if. We can pick a different date. But the process, it would involve a memo and proof of everyone in class agreeing to the different date so we an unscheduled. final exam. So the April 21 at 2pm. Is the spot, that we would take. US use. Without any other agreements, but if we can all come to an agreement about another day. For example, April 19 at 9am. Then we can make that change. So I want to. Make sure that you understand. Their needs some. I need. A letter from everybody. That says, you would like to have exam on April 19 at 9am. To noon. So. I don't see any replies to my announcement, can you reply. reply to the announcement so here, let me share the screen. So in this the page i'm showing you now for the announcements, can you reply to final exam scheduling. and say. Can you reply to my note and say. That April 19 at 9am. Is between 9am and noon is. acceptable to you. Does that make sense, so I have an email record that I can put together with a memo so that we can. Have it scheduled properly. Okay. Any issues and replying to that discussion or announcement. Can someone go ahead and do that now, while we're here just to make sure that processes.
        • The reply button is not showing up saying.
        • The reply button session yeah.
        • yeah so I was wondering about that. because it shows it shows me replies here. And I was wondering whether or not it was. Okay, so let me. check the settings. yeah okay. So it's a special time. which I thought was correct, but then the fact that the interface displayed. replies made me think that replies are possible. Let me see if I can change this. I don't think so okay. So let me. make a new form. What is going on. Try the third time. Maybe third time's a charm. Let me see if I can move this just like that. Okay now reply should be possible. So i'll just write a sample here, please state. Okay, does that make sense. In the Zia reply button now appear for you, yes.
        • Yes, okay.
        • hmm. So there are two people who have. appeared since last time. So need to get all 17 students to agree to this. date, so the check on. On those two new people. Okay. So if you know people who are. In class but not here today. But the know. it's let's see, so we have 14 of 17 year in our meeting. So if there's a problem with the date that we discussed last day. Please let me know. because everybody needs to agree to it. I suppose. In a. there's an alternative if there's maybe one or two people who are. we're not able to use when we're not able to gain a consensus, then. We could. make a second. time for the exam or maybe leave it for the 21st for those who can't make it on the. On the 19th at 9am. Okay. So. Okay. So let's do our. attendance. I forgot to say happy Tuesday February 1. here's our attendance activity. So any thoughts about those examples we talked about last day those design examples. Apollo 13. So I just hope oh okay somebody sent me a direct message. So this is why it's good to not send me direct messages. Because you send me a direct message, then my chat is going to be set to message you. The last person who sent me a direct message. And so it ends up being just a private communication instead of everyone in our our meeting. So, is that a reasonable way to to think about messaging or chatting that. we're going to be. Having a private conversation. If you if you send me a message, then. by default. Then i'm entered into a private conversation with you. Is that. Sound makes sense that we think about chatting. or. is another option. we're consistent with your mental model of chatting. Anyone have some thoughts on that.
        • Is everything for zoo I don't know why it does that, for whatever is in darkness, which is someone just music like you want to keep up to that person. Well, I feel it should still go back to everyone, because then you have to cautiously go and change it, and then you can speak on send the message to a direct message, instead of everyone so.
        • yeah.
        • So it would be. So maybe in in the list of options. Instead of. Having just everyone listed there. everyone's individual names. So I can. chat with everybody in the meeting. or me and then. Maybe it's. keeps track of who sent me direct messages. so that I can select them from the list, but I started out with everyone in meeting. Or, and then. The people who have sent me direct messages. come up as options in the menu. Okay. So it's maybe possible to automatically. set to everyone let's see. See if there's a way that I can do that. What if I change. If I change this to everyone, instead of everyone, and anyone directly. So now, for example, can you send me a direct message now. Well, yes, you can. Okay, so. And can you pick another. participant in class and send them a direct message. Okay. Okay, can you now now you i've reset it to. Let you do anyone directly so that's. There I can do. send an emoji. So I don't see, let me see if it's under more. meaning in. reactions Okay, let me see what. we're talking about emojis or some other setting for chat. yeah okay. Okay, so. who happened to this. discover how to. So i'm not sure about this. chat setting here, so if anyone has. comes across this in their travels let me know. No it's not a problem to bring it up. it's good to test these things. Because. It would be nice thing to have. option to reply to. switch to person sending direct messages or. Wherever keep your replying to everybody. Let me see if I can. let's do this in. On a whiteboard here. Okay. Leave that there and then. And then maybe. We have a list here. of others and then. We have direct messaged. US before. And then we can have. So. So we distinguish between. chatting and direct messages. turn on annotations yeah annotate on shared content so. If you want to make notes on this page go ahead. Nobody. Okay.
        • What does this mean that there will be like a separate storage for each other, because how is currently detach just keep going have an agency which is things previous not spoken. English I understand this particular and then I do the research good story for direct message you have to disperse on them.
        • So. I don't think it necessarily has to. be about. Changing the storage of messages in the way that you can scroll through them. I was thinking about. Here, let me add. On the chat interface there's this. At the bottom of a warrior above where you type A message it says to and then everyone or and then it gives a list of. Participants in the meeting. So i'm suggesting that this box would be a reconfiguration of. Of the to drop down. And you can't see that, right now, can you. Let me take a picture of it and share it with you on. Okay i'm gonna share. Share when we share, we share my whole stream for a minute. Okay, can you see my screen now.
        • Okay.
        • So.
        • Now we're. There it is okay so here's what I captured from this plane so under the two. I get choice of everyone, and then individual names following that. So what i'm suggesting. lost my whiteboard or not here. My computer's arguing with me a little bit here. Okay, anyway, so seen them at the screenshot they want to show you. i'm going to go back to the whiteboard I hope. So instead. chat with everyone and then this venue original names, I propose that we say chat with everyone. Direct message with dot dot dot and then the names of. The people who have sent me to move started direct messages sent direct messages to me in this meeting. Or maybe. Maybe a. Direct message with. And here, maybe a better word is. Just to make it a little more. legible. And then. Okay how's that for. Better sketch and better design. So we can. So the nice thing about this is if it's tight I can type. So you don't have to deal with my. handwriting which is not always legible. My handwriting would go would suit me if I was a medical doctor writing prescriptions because they all seem to be legible and i'm not very. Good with writing notes that are super clear. I think I do okay in a whiteboard. In front of a class with. For a large enough. Anyway, I digress so The advantage of this approach is that it's easy to. make changes so this the same approach, we could do a sketching on with a pencil and paper, for example. So the advantage of. This is making. So some advantages, I see. That we had advantage of not of staying and chat with everyone mode. And then. But we make it easy to switch to people who have sent us direct messages already. Because they're highlighted in the second section. And then the last section, the other participants in class, to whom we could send a direct message. So. Maybe. Some other slight into iteration here. Excuse me. yeah so it could. We could reply to you or send. Okay, I mean. make one more change them. More change in two places. second place yeah I was gonna say send to. can understand when. Selecting. Okay it's not copying and pasting like I thought. there's two goes over there to. send to. So i'd like your help here justin what to call this. Is that label start messaging that work. So yeah I appreciate send chat to. And I thought, maybe it was an important distinction to make. That. People here have already. sent me a direct message. And then the these other ones haven't so we haven't there's no his. So the people in the third section here and send me a direct message. So, but i'd like to send them a message so to initiate a conversation. or initiate a message I use messaging. Because the direct message. label is attached to. things in the chat that aren't sent to everyone. So. So, the reason I said start was to say that. There isn't a previous history, and the reason I chose messaging was to. emphasize a connection with a direct message that appears in the chat window. So make sense. Do you agree with. So any other. Any other suggestions about. What i've sketched here. Okay, so. Because it's a bit of a hands on. So here's a. reference to an example in the design of everyday things. So. The design of light switches. Are you doing and getting. getting access to the resources for the class. Like the design of everyday things. So the link here, so the first link. Is no website for the textbook second like this on your already things is kind of an ad. For for the book. And then Nielsen Norman groups web page. And psychology. Is the link to the book. And then encyclopedia of human computer interaction so so the link to the book. Well it's an online book. Sorry. Okay. So interaction design is the website that I looked at before designer everyday things, this is a link on to the Nielsen Norman group website. This is the link to the textbook psychology textbook. And then. sacred PDF human interaction. Which is an online book. From the Internet interaction community. Okay, so. he's talking about the scourge of these kinds of light switches. When you have a bank. switches with no indication of what they do. So if you flick a switch and nothing happens, then you. You don't know. The les Paul might be burnt out. Or, I mean there could be a number of things. going on. So, especially if we have. If we have it C three. So is eight switches and that bank of light switches. And here, they look like they're all turned on. So if you want to turn out. He was me he will turn out a particular like. You have. One in a chance of doing the getting. The right one. And what about. arranging the switches in the same configuration as the lights and then mount the switches. The same spatial plane, as the lights. So what does that mean. looks like something looks like something. like this, so. So the switches make. A better connection with. Her function so. If we see. The switch indicated here, we know that's going to. Are we have a good understanding, we can make it a good guess the turning that switch on. or off is going to impact lights in this part of the room. And so. so on and so forth, with the other switches on the diagram. So here's another example. Of. An implementation of the previous sketch, but a similar idea. So that. The floor plan is indicated. On the face of the switch and then you can touch in different areas to turn on the lights. So. This one's not quite as Nice as the. As the sketch. Because we still have to. orient ourselves. To our place on the map of the floor plan. ahead of time, so I wouldn't. want to keep you too long, especially since it's late at night or very early in the morning for some of you. So let's leave it there. and I have an office hour 230 to 330 so in about 10 minutes I have another office hour, if you want to talk about anything. Otherwise we'll see you on Thursday okay. i'm just going to set up the. response for today's meeting.

        Zoom Chat Transcript

        • How is everyone today?
        • good sir
        • How are you doing?
        • sir we are fine
        • Very well sir
        • how is your health
        • Fine sir
        • hi sir .ok
        • Great sir
        • good
        • yes sir
        • yesterday
        • 19 April is better
        • yes sir
        • yes
        • 19 th is better
        • 19 April works 9am-noon
        • Yes!
        • It would be very difficult for me on Apr 21. My flight is on Apr 22 7:30 AM. With Covid test before the flight and all these processes.
        • yes
        • yes
        • options is not there to reply??
        • reply button not showing up
        • I don’t see the reply button
        • Happy new month
        • Password?
        • Student password
        • Student password
        • I think it’s possible to set to everyone automatically even if you receive a direct message.
        • I might be wrong
        • we can send to you but no one else
        • I can’t send msg to anyone else but you
        • Yes! now there are only two options
        • 🙂
        • Its available in Reactions
        • Raise hand option
        • Seems the feature is not there
        • Sorry for brining it up. I thought I saw it before
        • Better than what Zoom currently offers in my opinion
        • isn't that too long sir
        • I understand this better than the previous..
        • An option to continue conversation makes sense. In my opinion
        • direct msg is very good
        • 😃
        • Or just Reply to
        • Start a new conversation with
        • Send chat to?
        • yes sirrr
        • Yes please
        • yes
        • yes
        • I am seeing the whiteboard
        • Thank you
        • Okay, thank you
        • Thank you so much!
        • Thank you sir
        • Thank You Sir
        • See you Thursday. Take care/
        • thank you sir
        • Thank you.
        • Thank you sir


        The most important thing that I encountered:

        • A better interaction with zoom . Different and less strenuous ways one can chat and respond to direct messages on the zoom application.
        • hi .this section is about Design examples like Apollo13,chapter6 (industrial).also you are talking about chat with everyone and Direct message with..., and Floorplan light switches.
        • The most interesting thing I found in today's class was about zoom interface in messaging and how it can improved for ease of access
        • What I learned most from today meeting is thinking about the designs of every existing things.
        • I understood a better way in which zoom can present their conversation interface between everyone and when its a direct message.
        • Today i learn that how important it designing is as any direct response on zoom meetings give idea about whole UI design of zoom as well as learn about different chatting system
        • In this meeting we discussed some design issues in the chat option of the zoom application.
        • In this meeting I have learned about various interaction designs examples that we encounter on everyday basis.

        The most difficult thing for me to understand:

        • Today I learned about the floorplan light switches that Don Norman designed back in 1988. He claims that his "natural mapping" between the controls and the lights removes the confusing element from the traditional array of switches mounted on a vertical wall. In my opinion, the inclusion of a floor plan is phenomenal. However, unlike him, I am not fully convinced that installing it on a horizontal or a sloping plane would be that helpful.

        The thing about which I would most like to know more:

        • we discuss about the final exam first and then we how and came to know how to activate private message in the tab. it was an good day for learning.
        • It was a great learning session for me today. I would like to know about how somebody (designer) creates a perspective or view about user's requirements before introducing any product to users i.e. a game or any application which became successful or flop.


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