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My ferret page is in a state of transition. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here are a few links to enjoy in the mean time:

My ferrets:
Pics and videos of my guys, Loki , Kody and Abby.
I'm very sad to report that Loki passed away of lymphoma on October 17th 2012, just two weeks short of his 4th birthday. I will miss my sweet kissy little boy.
And now Abby has passed away of lymphoma as well, July 19th 2016,
And sad to say, Kody has now passed away of lymphoma as well, August 22nd 2016. I am without ferrets. :-(

Ferret Party Pictures:
Over the years, I've known many other people with ferrets. Sometimes we've gotten together for ferret parties. Here are pictures from those parties:
Party1 - Party2 - Party3 - Party4 - Party5 - Party6 - Party7 - Party8 - Party9 - Party10 - Party11 - Party12 - Party13 - Party14 - Party15 - Party16 - Party17 - Party18 - Party19

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