Problem 2:

Learning the concept of "Japanese Economy Car" (continued)

Features: ( Origin, Manufacturer, Color, Decade, Type )

Origin Manufacturer Color Decade Type Example Type
Japan Honda Blue 1980 Economy Positive
Japan Toyota Green 1970 Sports Negative
Japan Toyota Blue 1990 Economy Positive
USA Chrysler Red 1980 Economy Negative
Japan Honda White 1980 Economy Positive
Japan Toyota Green 1980 Economy Positive
Japan Honda Red 1990 Economy Negative


1-5. See Version Space Problem 1

6. Positive Example: (Japan, Toyota, Green, 1980, Economy)

New example is consistent with version-space, so no change is made. G = { (Japan, ?, ?, ?, Economy) }
S = { (Japan, ?, ?, ?, Economy) }

step 61

step 5b

7. Negative Example: (Japan, Honda, Red, 1990, Economy)

Example is inconsistent with the version-space. G cannot be specialized.
S cannot be generalized.

The version space collapses.


Conclusion: No conjunctive hypothesis is consistent with the data set.