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  • afternoon.
  • Professor.
  • it's a little cooler today, I heard on the radio that it's going to be snow before too long. Right. Maybe some rain and then maybe some snow. Soon afterwards. getting us to this nice fall weather. Okay, so after. Our meeting. The other day. When we share my screen. Had a bit of technical difficulties here. So the website is an updated i've gotta figure out a couple things. So again, have been travis documentation isn't always the most clear. So. I struggled my way through that and we'll get this content up on the website soon. So I was going to say is that I did. Do. Some research into. We looked at all the show attendance to to you and to me. So I have a new. URL variable to put on the end. This. Page. You can see it's view equals one. And then that. corresponds to selecting days. i'm curious whether it's going to skip the next session day or. click on this hero. yeah. So this fit about how to display the current leading is not walking and. So I that's investigation and I made a forum post on moodle. let's see if I can find it. see if I got any responses to my. question. And I haven't yet. So i'm trying here to add another tab to. window that i'm sharing. here's a question that I asked what when I. was a situation extract and asked the question. So I discovered that I could do a current date. and give it the current dates. This is a timestamp unix timestamp. As anyone ever run into those. So that's the. Number of seconds since January first. 1978. So not only not very well documented and then looking at this. I can guess it's a timestamp. But it's not it's not very clear. What. You do with what like what date it specified. and similarly. Vehicles one. seems to do the track that was extended my investigation with the other day. But vehicles one seems to be. doing the right thing for us. But again there's no documentation about. about it and. there's no. Vehicles one is not. No. Self explanatory. So it doesn't. disagree with it sticks. anyway. So here's our attendance. So that's a little better display that it gives us only one meeting so we're not. One the wrong one. So we had the idea of going to a different screen to to get there. Alright, so last day we talked about. TIM hortons. pain and sugar dispensers cream, sugar and milk dispensers. So how many people, the show of hands or some kind of reaction. Many people could see. trying to get cream and. Being an under dispensing milk or vice versa, to. Have a. dispense dairy product. miss the Cup. How many people can can see that as an issue potential issue that interface. Okay, a couple people. So what kind of metaphors are at work in those two separate interfaces. let's go back to the picture. which I should I should have corrected. Levi correct attracted. Okay, so. We could do a high tech. solution to say that there's a cup that's the right size under the. Under the proper. Milk or dairy milk or cream. spoke. let's suppose you could do the same with sugar, although it's. It seems a dispensing the sugar. The Cup, there is much less likely to happen. So if you're having a sensor under the under the milk and the cream this spouts. That. fixing the issue, the potential for the air or is it just. going to put a bandaid on that design. So we're going to protect the user from. Making that mistake was you have a comment.
  • or not I just had my heart for your inquiry.
  • Okay. Thanks.
  • yeah I have a way. Like what kind of metaphor you're talking about.
  • Well, so how do we put sugar and milk or cream into.
  • Okay.
  • Why is the coffee, by the way.
  • Sorry go ahead.
  • I see sugar, I see milk ice ice cream, but I don't see the coffee, the main. thing is missing actually.
  • yeah so the coffee is off to the loft there were. I think. Your pod for the cow. well.
  • Actually. The metaphor, which I think is like it's very common like when we see. medium devil devil it's understood the head it's a medium curve and devil agreement devil's river.
  • Okay.
  • there's a normal and.
  • I think those settings should be separated for milk and cream, because they are, I mean the setting is put in the same place, so it may confuse the user, which one i'm sitting here i'm in selecting selecting the meal or am I selecting the cream. Maybe they can be consistent, like the sugar.
  • You know, so what i'm. Getting at tues. And so the concept of a double double is isn't necessarily hard to promise. So we might be familiar with that, but then it's a question of executing it. So if we have a medium Cup. When you take the shoot, what are the sugar Spencer first and step one. So. What has to happen to get a double. What do you do in step one to make a medium double double. What do you do on the interface.
  • jambi first select a medium from step one to step three. And then.
  • Step one.
  • poses the medium and step one.
  • We just best medium instead of one that said.
  • Why do you press it once or depressive twice or three times.
  • Have you press it once already.
  • You know, getting a double double.
  • yeah, this is the thing.
  • yeah. It actually refers to the size of the top.
  • So.
  • So I would say, like one of the negative sides of this design is, they are not assigning a certain amount, or like the quantity of the certain item so you're just clicking medium. And just they are measuring medium we don't know what's what's the quantity we don't know it's double double maybe triple triple some people they like, maybe triple triple others they want just single others, maybe they want sweetener they don't want to drink sugar.
  • So it's.
  • Just like limit limited options.
  • yeah so. If they have a preference for other sweeteners, I think there are pockets of sweeteners. On somewhere along the way there.
  • yeah but it's still like the process is not domain it.
  • No. So you, it requires some focus, so the first time, so I would say, adding sugar, you might say. You might think about it in terms of spoonfuls of sugar if you're at. The full of sugar with.
  • Maybe five grams when it's book.
  • yeah but then the question is. The amounts being dispensing press Small Medium large extra large are different. Right and it's not clear. So it'd be nice maybe if they said. If they had the idea of spoonful and you could say one spoonful for small to medium three for larger for for extra large. With something like that. Because I think.
  • yeah I think the interactions that reference is not clear yeah the reference of home how much sugar we've already know it's not clear like putting Small Medium large extra night is not enough instead fun.
  • Well it's it's enough. If you wanted to do a medium double double. If you stick with the medium double double.
  • yeah there in that case only. If someone wants paper, then it will have to think or.
  • Even for. Even for a double. yeah the person has to realize that you need to press the button the medium button. Three two times, or three times to get a triple. Two times to get a double and three times to get a triple.
  • Okay, that makes sense.
  • So. What kind of metaphor is this so it's. it's it's not like putting spoonfuls of sugar and. it's. it's not transparent, so we don't know how much sugar we're getting.
  • So can we get a fair does limited functionality.
  • Can you tell me more about that.
  • Like their function is not hundred percent clear.
  • Right. So. there's a. golf of. execution and their goals are not as small as it could be. there's a conceptual distance between. The user and the sugar dispenser. Yes, we have to understand. What. You have to press the button multiple times to get no sugar, so if you're. If you really wanted something sweet, you might press when I started the median cup of them press the extra large button. So it's. So without any other information, we could make some inferences about. So we could do it as we develop a mental model say. If I have a medium cup and I press extra the extra large button. Maybe i'd like to do that because. I just want to press the button once. And I want to get as sweet as sweet a cup of coffee as possible. it's so I don't know how many how many grams of sugar i'm getting from that. And that would be in a nice bit of information that. i'm thinking about whether we need to have that extra bit of sugar it to. Get the required energy for a cup of coffee. So it's to me it's like it's like adding spoonfuls of sugar, but. We don't know how big the spoons in. And they're all different. There are four sizes of spoons are doing a hobbit they're. Small Medium large and extra large. Anything else any other comment about step one. Okay. So then, what was. So just ask the question why is the sugar machine, depending on the cup size is in the double double standard of two packets of sugar. So this. So that highlights an issue so, whereas we think. We understand double double in a way that. your respective of upsize. Then. practically speaking if we have a smoke, if we want to have the same. flavor in a small cup as an extra large cup then wall. proportions, have to be different. Is if we put the same amount in this between the small and the extra large cups. Smart same amount of sugar in each of those. Then the extra large Cup is going to test taste sweet, because the sugars more diluted. Well it's not clear there. Okay let's move on to step two. And cream or milk. So you can select the cup size and right away, you notice there's a difference here because there's an extra small Cup. i'm not sure if there's an extra small. cup of coffee or whether they just have. A. cup size of extra small for.
  • Because it ties.
  • it's a which. translates oh. well. Then we get to the question why are we feeding kids coffee. I suppose it because they wouldn't add milk too hot chocolate. But anyway.
  • where's the sugar for extra small come.
  • by me.
  • Why is the sugar for the extra small, there is no standard for extent some small in the sugar, I mean step step one.
  • yeah so I just looking at this, I realize. There is a button to the left of S. And i'm not sure what it does. When the lab calf opens again i'll have to test that button. So actually there are five. Because I was focused on the number of labels there.
  • And that might be for access mode.
  • So May. or might be matching the extra extra small size. So, then, the amount of you dispense need to say single double or triple. And then we choose cream or milk. And then dispense. So here we're deciding. What we'd like to put in. How much we'd like to put in before and. So we're selecting single double or triple. And then dispensing. The by pressing this button. So, because our attention is up here. may not be focused on. So we selected Caribbean milk instead and is the third step on the checklist here. Then cream and milk is. Our attention is on the dispense button and less so, on the creamer the milk spouts. So that's where. The milk or cream get spill. So when I was thinking of this earlier. I thought about. The sugar packets being available might. ask for two or three sugar packets with your coffee you getting it in the different from a different dispenser or. cafeteria. You might have a collection of sugar pockets and cream. Small creamers. So we still don't know the size, the amount of milk or cream we're going to get spence. And i'm not sure that we don't. We can't do. A double triple we're request dispensed whites. And I wonder, this is maybe more. an audit the stories information about. The contents are dispensed or not sure like it's technically better to have this setup. that the road buttons like this, like on the sugar to sponsor the five buttons. Across the top of the milk and cream. So we have the five buttons across milk or cream. No Entry so we have two sets of five buttons. Without the. More approachable.
  • I think that the COP says is not necessary here the amount, I want to take the milk or cream, that is, the necessary thing the COP sizes. Just evil in here.
  • well. Yes, and no, I think, I think that if if you wanted to say. Like double doubles whatever size, it is then going to get. Then I should know that i'm going to press. i'm making a large double double or medium double double or small double double. So i'm going to press account size and i'm going to say double and that you want to choices. Left is whether it's cream or no. So is this a good interface if you're doing double doubles. or double cream or. The double milk or triple milk or. If you have the idea of ordering coffee like we do at TIM hortons say. Please double double and so forth. So do you think. to sponsor. When problem would be better if you only had one place to put the Cup. With that help things.
  • yeah maybe that will be also a tool, because we are all already selecting which order you want to take so if there is one place to actually put up that would make less collocation. Otherwise, someone can see like cream and take them in.
  • yeah. So. There might be a. constraint of how. The milk and cream are made available X I think they're just in giant. will not.
  • Maybe.
  • you're in big plastic bags. In the. The dispenser that comes out the bottom of the boat that comes up the bottom this baby part of the bag just gets. With into the. machine that way. So it might be difficult to. make something that's easy to clean and to keep sanitary. would have just one spot for the dairy to come up. With conceptually. So I think it's. For me it's a question of attention. That the spence button, we were doing the dispense activity your attention isn't where the cup is placed. So much as you're focused on getting the amount. For to cream let's say for a large cup of coffee. And you might put a couple hundred milk. or vice versa. So does anyone have. Whether the comments of. The interfaces from your personal experience or otherwise.
  • Okay.
  • So I wanted to revisit the videos I. shared with you, the other day about the knowledge navigator from apple and cool town from HP. So, can you could you identify with. The metaphors being used in those videos. Did you enjoy the videos. Look at the videos.
  • Yes, Professor I did, and I enjoyed the videos because, if I look at the HP cool Tyson that was done in 2000 and asked about when I just started walking.
  • So.
  • yeah it brings back for memory, but what I find interesting is for the hitch be cool town, some of the devices, there are currently use like the fall detection, for example. I believe that X is correctly.
  • yeah.
  • And then they could. You go to a. specified location to read her data and get her medical mystery. yeah so it's like having a. URL on the semantic Web. Well, so it's reminiscent of Internet of Things kinds of technology that we're we're. Becoming immersed in now. So cool town, the one that I thought was least cool is the heads up display in the car. I mean the fact that they could. Help him. navigate. To the gas station and get this problem resolved it's good but. So, having having it, but having a heads up display for mail messages and. All these other things, that the dragon is doing. seems to be a good recipe for distracted driving. Of course. I mean, now that hasn't stopped people because. I heard about last year there's. A new luxury car that has. The whole dashboard being. display screen and not sure which model Carla was. But there's certainly making the dash. The dash display screens bigger and. Putting more activities there so. You seem to be not so concerned about distracted driving. I would say. We thought about that. Okay, so that's the Mercedes eq is the one that's got the giant. dash sighs display screen I guess okay. So, if we so the other nice thing about those videos they. Help us. they're telling us stories. What how technology, like the US so it's not. it's not so much about. the specifics of the interactions but the general. On services that are provided by the technology. So it can get. Information and we can. Imagine how a vigil or virtual assistant could involve us schedule activities and. do some asks for us. So we're thinking or. Our first idea is evolved. What the technology will do. necessarily how it will do it. So I think if we get the what. We get a vision of. What we'd like the interface to do. What the capabilities are that that's a good first step, and then we can work on. Why do you design the information display. And the commands to make that happen. So we do the integration design and interaction design. From the perspective of. What things would like to be able to do. The interface. And then, how do we. How do we make them consistent, I guess, are all the aspects of the interface consistent, so I designed the sugar and the milk and cream dispensers. They have the interfaces and consistent but. seems like it could be. That could be helpful to reduce. Problems or spills of milk and or cream. It so that's why we can think of a metaphor is being. A good way to unify things in the interface that are features so. Like if we think about online shopping. it's like grabbing a cart. Filling it up with the things you want to buy. And then going to check out and paying for it. So that that's a helpful metaphor that. Trains the activities that are available, but it's not too specific. That we were lost without a car to push around. Or to general that we don't. We don't get enough information to. To apply with to the specific interface for encounter. So metaphors of. ideas to help the user understand where the wall of the mental model of the interface. We can design. You can't force users to particular mental model. We can encourage it by having metaphors that are. Appropriate. at the right level of detail. So make sense.
  • Yes. Okay.
  • So see right of time. So I was going to. I think I suggested it in in the next assignment. If you want, if you're looking for something next look at next is probably chapter 12. Will text to be a. good thing to look at. Anyway, so that brings us to the end of today. i've got an office or two. i'm going to have to. Do a small office or tomorrow, because I have an appointment of campus and then, I have a department me. So maybe we'll do it. In the morning tomorrow, like a loving. Or you could do it on Friday. And maybe i'll. send a note, but if you have the preferences for tomorrow or Friday, let me know okay. So, thank you very much for today. Take care.
  • Thank you.
  • enjoy the Nice weather, while us and we'll see you on Friday. Welcome thanks. thanks you too.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • good afternoon
  • prof
  • hello
  • Good afternoon
  • Good afternoon
  • have we done attendance. I was a bit late today
  • no
  • not yet
  • yes
  • Student password
  • There should be some IR/SONAR sensor to recognize that cup is placed at right position before dispensing anything !!
  • oh, for the sugar option you'll have to press it twice lol
  • but for the cream and milk you select the amount (single, double, triple)
  • Why is the sugar machine dependent on cup size? Isn't a double double a standard of 2 packets of sugar?
  • Or the sugar packet size?
  • Merc?
  • Mercedes-EQ
  • "search engine" is metaphor
  • thank you
  • Thank you
  • thankyou


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • Today we again discussed about the coffee machine that how a person can make a double double or triple triple. Some people suggested that there should be options to doble double or triple triple but then if a person only wants double cream how does that going to work. So it was interesting to discuss about the design of coffee making machine.
  • Today we discussed about how Tim coffee machine interface could be improved.
  • We did quite good discussion on the limitations in tim hortons self serve interface
  • i like how you used the coffee machine to explain the class topic.
  • In today's meeting, we discussed the coffee machine and how to improve its interface and design.
  • in this session we discussed the design interface of Team Horton's coffee dispenser. We talked about possible improvements that can be done on such devices to increase their proficiency.
  • We had a discussion on how the milk, cream and sugar dispenser machine can be improved.
  • importance of design interface and metaphor for self serve coffee machine.
  • The importance of communicating with the user more clearly on the function of a system
  • In Today's we have discuss an example about Tim Horton's like how it interface while making a coffee or drink.
  • We continued the coffee machine today and talked about the metaphors.
  • In the class of today, we discussed the metaphors for the interface of the lab caf coffee station. The gulf of execution is not properly minimized for the interface of the coffee station.
  • We talked about our project in group discussion
  • more clear on the metaphors and coffee machine example was more clear as we progressed
  • Metaphors in Lab caf
  • I learned about different aspects of designing a vending machine, there should be lots and lots of thinking process before designing, like empathy map and gulf of evaluation.
  • Today we had a detailed discussion on lab-caf interface model with lots of new ideas.
  • today´╝îI dont have much to say
  • Was opportunities for re designing the tim hortons coffee machine.
  • Discussed the design aspects of the Lab Cafe Coffee Machine inside of the University of Regina.
  • Todays class we discussed and was the most important part was about the Tim Hortons Self-Serve machine in our university, What are different possible scenarios and their Metaphors & also About Electric Car Dashboard with big screens to control
  • Today we were diving deeper into the possible solution for Timm's coffee machine. We address a great point about the quantity of sugar. the flaw is we do not know the specific amount of sugar. the possible solution would be by disposing the weighted amount of sugar

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • understanding the best design choice for the coffee machine

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • The metaphors were really interesting. I will look more into videos to better grasp this concept
  • Not sure at the end of today's lecture i got a clear idea on what the metaphors are to describe the Tim Horton's machine
  • I would also like to analyze more interfaces of different products to make the concept strong. Today, we talked about coffee machine interface, and analyzed its functioning.
  • For today class we had a coffee machine case study, I'm just wondering why is the machine dependent on cup size? Isn't a double double a standard of 2 packets of sugar? It would be better if the machine was labelled with single/double/triple.
  • More examples on Metaphore concept
  • I am curious what some "metaphors" could be for the cream and sugar dispenser interface, as well as which user needs are unmet by such a design.


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