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Outline for Today


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Mental models

  • understanding the best design choice for the coffee machine
  • my own personal experience with twitter
  • what metaphors are helpful to bring in new users?
  • how to know if we have succeeded?
  • metaphors for organizing meetings

Zoom Audio Transcript

  • So I just added a couple things to. yo line here. Maybe has regenerated yet, let me check. We share the screen first. Okay, so their responses from last meeting up. and as well. Okay, so let's do attendance first. So look right so we're crew to do attendance. Okay. I don't think I think i'm still let me check well. Sure, let me check on the status of my post question to Google. question. yeah. No, nobody likes my. Most. Let me add it to our. URL to our. pages, so you can have. So a question. About that so adding at view equals one. seems to give. The best display of information, so why is that not the default. Why do we default two weeks. worth of sessions and week and then we have to. Perhaps. Then we might end up with. Like me, clicking on the wrong line and that could. be confusing for some people. In some ways, maybe it's a bit like. And the choice between cream and milk. and pressing the wrong one and spilling either cream or milk. Is a capitalist and under the right spouse. anyone have any comments about that, I guess, to finish that thought okay. So you got the pastor Dan. And this is done. Then I lost my place. Okay. tense. up here already. And i'll publish this, this is my local web my. My laptop. Now publish it after the meeting today, so far, one of the product is due today any questions about that. Would anyone like to have a bit of a group time today. Let me do a poll see what works. So I don't know why can you can you see this poll window here.
  • No.
  • No.
  • So I don't know why. It came up with the previous one. I didn't. get a chance to. create a new one, so. Now i've got. Things. As manage my screen space very well zoom. keeps popping up and wanted places over top of the things I want to type in. Maybe let's just me. Okay. All. Let go up to a minute here. Okay, so got 32 out of 34 or 33 I guess because. i'm included in the 34. So we have a two to one. To two votes in favor of group time. versus to everyone says we don't need group time today. So. we'll spend will reserve some time for that. So I just wanted to say, also about office hour we'll do an office hour today, immediately after class. To make up for the one that I missed yesterday because my appointment. And then the department meeting that we had. Okay. No i'm not sure i'm getting spitting beach ball death of my MAC here. not sure why that's happening. stopped spinning. My still sharing Can you see you see me go through that. I don't have a little okay so many other women. Why don't we take 10 minutes now for group. group time. And then. Then we'll finish up with our rest of our discussion today. Okay. So i'm gonna make 13. You can choose your own based on your project groups.
  • hey.
  • Excuse me. Okay, so any questions or concerns that came out of your group.
  • Time today.
  • not really. One thing. We can't help but notice is that. Like it's a for me, as well as a nother member of my group. Like in comparison to our project groups and breakout groups. Like we're actually able to talk and work together sort of deal because our breakout. groups. are really small, because it is listed that there's eight people in our breakout groups, but maybe only two people show up so to do. So yeah we were just thinking about that there's nothing that concerns me about our project group so okay.
  • So. Last semester when winter, I tried. breakout groups that were generated random. And I tried different sizes. So I started with think five or six, then I made it up to about 10. But I thought. It might be helpful to have a Brit. A breakout group over the Semester, so that. Some discussions could be carried on. So this is a perfect example of what we're discussing. In terms of an interface. So I have. It as a designer for the class i'm thinking of. an outcome that i'd like to achieve. And i'm which is. Discussion in small groups. and I have had some experience with the platform over the past year. And thinking that. Having. assigned breakout groups through discussions. might be more helpful than having them formed a random. But I understand. We don't have all 49 people.
  • yeah.
  • Here today so there's. there. In my. Maybe maybe a good trade off would be just to say. You can select your own groups. But make the number of groups. dependent on the day. And maybe not have. breakout group discussion forums, but have maybe have maybe that's the place to put the wiki. associated with breakout their discussions. And then, if we have like we do today 31 students. And then we could say do for breakout rooms. So I know not all I have a feeling that not everybody is actively participating people login and they go do something else. I have that suspicion, because some people don't go into breakout rooms, when I say going to break up go into your breakout rooms. That might be a better approach. So i've given you my designers perspective. And from your user perspective, you see. Oh there's only one person in my breakout room and it's not fun, or maybe two people. And it's. it's not a good way to do discussions. Like. catch.
  • My drift and. I just I don't I I do do not know, like what could be a potential solution so ideal to that it's like do you just merge assigned breakout groups that are less active than others are sort of ideal I don't know.
  • yeah. So. Maybe after the long weekend when I do breakout groups i'll just i'll make up a number. Based on the attendance for the day and. invite you to. US and maybe still lets you choose breakout room, so that you can. So actually here's a question, do you do you see who's already in the breakout room when you join when you select it.
  • You can through desktop i'm not sure mobile.
  • OK. So maybe. We could just do. group breakout group MOD. Whatever we have so people are in breakout group eight or seven I guess or seven parts and we have three of them so. Seven month three is. one. Right. So you could. could do it that way. Not you could do it, we could do it that way, we could try that. make sense.
  • It does. Hopefully, would work. abraham's a more straightforward with a no but yeah.
  • So Abraham we were talking my thought was if if we have seven assigned breakout groups where. People are. You know, given ideal circumstance everybody's there, we can get together with those five or six or seven people. and have discussions, each time and then we can continue the discussion. So sometimes that doesn't work, though, so when we have. Not as not full attendance we. could make up a number of groups based on the attendance, so we have 32 let's say. Then, that would make for groups of eight students. And then. Still, let you assign yourself to one of the group pointed to a breakout group. breakout room pardon me. And if you're in breakout group number seven a suggestion that I had was. Use the modules operator. So this different math is time so I said four groups so that means we want to have. 123. or four so seven divided by. Four has remainders three, which is what the modulus operator does so, if you're in group seven you could try going to group three. I don't know if i've made that more clear, I hope I. I improved the clarity, a little bit. But we can. Oh. Thank thanks for that comment. Okay, so. I have an error that I can't. spot. So i'm not i'm not showing the stuff on my. On my locally hosted web page so here's the raw source code that i've just talked about. So this is it. There is a response from last days meeting that said something that was most difficult to understand. Who is that the best design choice for the coffee machine for the. cream and sugar dispensers cream milk and sugar dispensers. So. Is there always a best design choice. yeah so maybe for a given user or. A given group of users, there might be one that's better.
  • But.
  • We don't know offhand. Design involves a lot of trade offs, so we talked about. Trade offs and metaphors. We want to have a metaphor, to help people understand. The new functionality that's available. So this is like. So, putting sugar into your coffee in the lab calf it's like taking a spoon and you putting. As many spoons of sugar as you'd like. it's not exactly like that, because the spoons are different sizes, based on the different cups sizes, you have. So we don't want to make it too specific. And we don't make it too general either. And so the purpose of having a metaphor is to help people understand the new functionality. So we can. We can force them to think about in a certain way. We can encourage them. So, so there are a number of trade offs there so other other trash might be, there are some limits on the design of the milk and cream dispensers based on. How. The dairy provides the milk in the cream. or. It might be some other technical issues. So these are. pieces of. These are different pieces that we have to win against each other, I guess. So what the second point I wanted to talk about. So okay understand the best design choice, so we have to understand the users. And we. need to trust the process. The creative thinking, the design thinking process that we've. discussed and seen examples of. So if we trust that process. Then we'll. we'll come up with a good decision for the the people who are. we're trying to serve by with the interface. So I want to talk about my own experience with Twitter, this is a few years ago. And I haven't gone back to Twitter sense. So I was trying to advertise an event one day. And I want to make sure that certain people receive the notification. So I sent the same tweet. With with different names in the Ad side address two different. Different accounts are different users. And I ended up. Having my account locked on Twitter. So I had to scramble with them. To. Traffic to have the account restored that day and I. promise to not do it again. But where the problem occurred, for me, was. I was thinking of Twitter like email, I think. That I need to address messages to people, and so I didn't know how to. achieve us or direct message kind of I wasn't I don't think I had. No oh. So there, there is a mismatch between what I thought I should be doing in the interface, and what Twitter thought I should be doing an interface. So. I ended up with a not a great positive experience and then. I decided that Twitter just wasn't. A crucial part of my. Online presence. So. I can see a show of hands or. A yes reaction. How many people you are using Twitter reasonably regularly. No okay. No. Who knows, one yes. Two yeses. So for the people who are using Twitter, who are the two of you who answered yes. What kind of how. And you wanted to tell. New people about it. Somebody you want convince somebody to join Twitter. How would you describe. The interface, what kind of metaphor, would you. use would you you'd say Dr happening, you can. Twitter isn't like email it's like. Something.
  • Well, one of the most interesting point I would like to talk about is that any time if we hear some new news. Most of the time from the social media it's always like rumors and fake news, but if someone from. Like a celebrity or a well known person who is verified on Twitter they post something officially that is like considered as a news. So for the part why I use Twitter is for stock market news or let's say some for cryptocurrency the best was when Elon musk tweet something the cryptocurrency price rises so Twitter was the best part.
  • Okay. I appreciate that. you're using a. service, so I guess. that's the modern message service that's way news is communicated.
  • Okay.
  • Now, but from a user perspective. it's not like email it's like. And, and you use it you just reading Twitter. You reading other people's tweets or do you tweet yourself.
  • No, I don't tweet myself, but I use it as like a from user perspective it's like discussion forum kind of thing, so if someone posts, and then we can reply on them like I had to most of the time I replied on post my own tweet. But that's how it would, if I personally feel as a user perspective it's like a discussion forum kind of thing, so there is a main like. author, who posted and then other one other people have to like take and reply or respond or the poster quit.
  • Okay.
  • So.
  • If people retreat, I understand that, so you can pass it along to people you it's like. Marking this is more important because you're retweeting it. But you said now but. it's like a discussion forum, but if you don't write your own tweets you read you retweet. So, but if you reply isn't that like Kurt writing a tweet.
  • Yes, we can relate it as writing or tweet but on the states like a nested in it, like the way it's presented on the wage it always shown in nested form. And also, you can read it, a comment, if you if you want to do that, but yeah so it works both the way you can also consider it as a discussion forum like what also buskers like a tweet.
  • huh.
  • But there's one of the most simplest form of like social media.
  • Okay. Any other comments about Twitter. Okay, so I guess we're out of time today. So we had some good discussions about a few things. So we'll leave you. And i'm going to switch over shortly so i'll be available in my office our. Starting at 132 30. In my office zoom meeting. Anyway, for those who don't won't join me there or won't see you there have a good long weekend and happy thanksgiving. Take care and see you on Wednesday next week. enjoy the last bit of warm weather more much whether I guess it's I have 17 today, I think. Anyway, take care, all the best see you on Wednesday bye.

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  • Good afternoon professor
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  • my zoom freezed for a min.
  • ooh okay, that makes sense now.
  • yes!
  • best design choice for a given user maybe
  • not really lol
  • no
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  • no
  • Id recommend it based on the trending page. Its based on the users location, but you can filter to global topics.
  • My use case is the exact same as Vharsh’s
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  • Thank you professor
  • Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving
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What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • discussed about metaphor for new users.
  • Today’s meeting was not about any specific topic , we finished the class after attendance and few minutes discussion for the project
  • i like the idea for the new breakout group, my break out group is good, but not everyone communicates, it's usually just 3 or 4 people
  • Today we finished the class early to complete out group projects.
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the breakout room issue.
  • we had discussion about twitter also about student not actively participating in breakout rooms.
  • In Today's class, we had discussion about the group interaction. we had also discuss some points on metaphors and best design choice.
  • We discussed the group project and talked about some social media.
  • Today we had discussion about the group project assignment in the breakout room. We also discussed about the user interface of Twitter.
  • Clarification on how to define metaphors
  • today I have learnt about the metaphor of the twitter and also discussed about the project with group members.
  • the most interesting thing I learned in today's class was about the twitter thing we discussed.
  • I learned about how a software company can flag, if our action can be interpreted wrongly with the interface reaction they are expecting. This shows the importance of interface in everyday activities.
  • about twitter
  • Today we first had a our project breakout group for project discussion to resolve our confusions and then we had some discussion on twitter.
  • We talked about twitter
  • Discussion on project and design principles using Twitter example
  • mental model
  • In this meeting, we have a project breakout room where we discussed about our project. also, professor checked the question about attendance on Moodle. Also, we discussed about the best design choice for the coffee machine
  • Discussed our part 1 of our project in breakout groups. Also discussed the metaphors of Twitters design and functionality.
  • In today's class we discussed about how Twitter is used or considered as Good Social Media Platform. Along with we were also in our Group breakout group where we discussed about today's project.
  • Our group decided during the meeting time some important details on our group project, and handing it in.
  • Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 separate sessions. The meeting host can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically or manually, and can switch between sessions at any time.Breakout rooms can be used to send participants into small group rooms. Their time in the breakouts can be limited (e.g., five minutes to discuss a specific question), or they can be given indefinite time in the breakout.

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • I am not sure which breakout group to join (project or discussion)?

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • Today we discussed about break out rooms that how people are not engaging in this activity and what better approach we can use to get best out of the break out rooms. We also discussed about twitter's design which was quite interesting and I would like to know more about it.
  • in this session, we continued our last session discussion and also talked about group assignment in separate groups.
  • I would to learn what we are going to study for the exams as well as more about empathy maps
  • More interesting metaphors to bring in new users.
  • Group Discussion
  • In the Nielsen Norman Group page, there is a sentences that says "pages load too slowly". What if this problem is coming from server side when webpage tries to load the data?
  • how the breakout groups will work from next class. Today we were assigned rooms to discuss our project with teammates.
  • The details about the project and today we discussed about twitter.


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