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    Usability Test Demo by Steve Krug

Zoom Audio Transcript

  • Good afternoon.
  • Professor.
  • Professor.
  • weekend.
  • Yes.
  • it's good.
  • Okay, so let's. start by me sharing my screen. Okay. So we get right into our administration so welcome back from a long weekend and did anyone see northern lights this weekend.
  • yeah I saw it was great. yeah it was I saw it first time.
  • my daughter, and I went out a bit later in the evening on Sunday. or Monday, I guess, yes, was Monday night everyone out. And I think it had. Calm down a bit by then. So it didn't see some of the spectacular things that. People were posting online. In. From further up even from saskatoon there's lots of. exciting things. I guess there's still some chances that. there'll be. Some more activity. So what I noticed. They have a lot of. Their different Apps and things to. To give information about when you might see the. aurora borealis and. It seems like that those things aren't. easily digestible who come through sample do you. The APP sorry and the APP that I saw was using utc instead of local time. So it's. A bit of a challenge to figure out what. figure out where to go and when to go to look for them.
  • But.
  • Some very, very nice pictures i've seen with them. Certainly okay anyway. attendance. is going to remember to do.
  • It.
  • there's a password for attendance. Look at the status of my question. about the URL parameters. So no replies for me. More or see my post about. The group assignment submissions. On Friday. Gemini problems with. With your group assignment submission. So this is what I wrote. describe it so. It turns out, so I said I said it to be. group assignment. let's duplicate this. ahead. login as a student, then we can look at the assignment. So I didn't include myself in the group, so I got this message, no one should have gotten this message. Before. Let me. Give myself a group. Okay Now let me so there, I have my group dh ah. So i'm going to add. myself to that. get into the right grouping as well. Yes, I did attendance. Okay, so now i've added myself to a group. With. It that's in the proper grouping, so let me switch back to. student. Okay, so this is the. comments I get. The interface so have a group. And the scooby attempt number one. That has been submitted, yet. Okay, so now i've found a PDF file. To. attached to my submission, so now it says draft submission draft not submitted. My graded. So, then, I can edit the submission remove my submission or submit assignment. Once this assignment is to maybe not be to make any more changes. So is that messaging clear. So I had some discussion during my office hours about. The expert. there being an expectation that until the due date. and time is reached multiple submissions could be made. that's not the case. And I see also there's no. question marks. For to access help such as is. So it doesn't the screen doesn't tell you. That you need to hit the submit button. So in my set settings for the assignment I said. That you students need to hit the submit button. But it's it's not conveyed completely clearly in this way is it. Is my microphone on.
  • yeah.
  • I.
  • thought it was. So let me see what happens when I click submit. Okay, so I know after click that. Then continue. Okay, so i'm going to ignore the turn it in message there because I just submitted the picture is a PDF. So what I notice here is that it's not. I can make comments about the submission. Afterwards, but I can also delete them. So does anyone have. Any observations about that process. Were there any problems when you submitted your group assignment. Is the. Are the prompts sufficient to let you know that you need to press submit, and that when you submit. It won't be you won't have access to. Your. submission for editing anymore. Now many people. know that you could I can revert your submission to draft if you need to. make changes again. let's move go ahead.
  • Oh, so I knew it after you mailed us about the. information that you can revert it after we stopped it I didn't know. before that.
  • yeah.
  • yeah and I don't think it's provided here either, is it. My submission statuses here. It says its attempt number one doesn't say how I can make attempt number two. And I think the attempt number is confusing because. If I don't require you to soon as I hit submit. and acknowledge that this is your own work, except for. or other work of others, you cited. I don't go down that path, and you can have as many accounts as you want. So I think the messages aren't quite clear. And also, here it doesn't say. you've successfully submitted for you. you've now submitted for your group and no nobody else in your group can submit or. anything like that. It doesn't the status doesn't reflect or the interface doesn't reflect the information that I put into it. In terms of. Who is going to do. Whether one person in the group submits for the whole group. and so on. guess, this is Wednesday after the long weekend. Okay, so i'm not gonna. go further with that. Okay, so I thought we'd have a breakout discussion about. Improving the. Either the assignments specification, which you can access on the experiment you, with your courses page. Yes, so I just have to talk to marker about. Some things about the first assignment. Then should get the MAC marks back soon. Anyway, okay so. Based on our discussion last day, so now we have 36 participants. So if I make. Make five groups. So then. From our discussion last day group six would go with group one. into breakout Room one and group seven would go into breakout room to. That makes sense. So I have a list of. The breakout rooms here. me share that on the screen as well. Okay, so the question is. Okay, so i'm going to create the rooms. Open them all up. So that's what we discussed the other day. On Friday last week. So if you if you can't see your name on the list of breakout groups. You can go into your courses and click on that link. The list of breakout groups. wow going to 11 people in the room, on. Okay, Martin. Any thoughts about. Anything anything interesting company or group discussions.
  • We had a good discussion and we found three. Three points that we know down. Man foster foster was like there was too many options at the submission portal that confuses us. Secondly, there should not be any Item number after submission because we, we are allowed to submit only one time.
  • yeah okay.
  • And the third there should should be some notes to clarify that we cannot revert to submission by yourself, or we cannot submit it again.
  • Okay.
  • there's their soul and there was another thing like we didn't get any notification after we submitted, I mean we sometimes most of the time we get a pop up message that your assignment is submitted, but when we submitted this project we didn't get one.
  • Okay, we look at the settings.
  • Actually we get a male we get a male then our assignment is submitted.
  • He did get one.
  • yeah.
  • This particular assignment I didn't stop me if I didn't get an email when my other TEAM members submitted for me.
  • yeah I got an email for the for the post that group rate rate your group one, but I don't believe It all went to the actual assignment.
  • Okay. So Lakshmi you got an email. Did you did you also submit the assignment.
  • Was purpose I got in.
  • Nobody really the one who submitted your groups assignment.
  • Oh yes.
  • yep.
  • So did I remembers David lakshmi's group get emails or other notification.
  • know the other users.
  • yeah.
  • Just the person will send. But I would say they have to provide an option to include another Members this like this. features missing from your goals in general.
  • Now.
  • Was the three assignments as individuals assignments, and they are missing a huge part.
  • With.
  • Groups assignment or. Even assignments.
  • Okay, let me look. Let me redo the settings based on that feedback. i'm still a student here. tonight. So i'm well i'm still a student, let me see i'll go notification menu. No notifications.
  • OK.
  • OK. see what settings there are here. saleability availability. submission types. A back types. submission settings require students to click on submit button. Okay. So students will have to click a submit button to declare the submissions final that messages and communicated on this submission screen isn't. To me it doesn't seem like it's there. Okay. So, this one is. A little bit ambiguous. it's not terrible okay. Maximum attempts and limited. group submission settings okay students to it in group yes acquire group to make submission yes. No notifications and see. Okay, so I didn't have the activity, the notification for students set the yes. So i've changed that now. It shouldn't make a difference for this one.
  • was sold, I think that is for after grading system might wind up SMS I created then we'll get a reputation.
  • That might be it's not clear.
  • Because I used to it sometimes.
  • Okay.
  • Okay, so we're out of time today and I want to leave you with a couple things to think about. So you talked about metaphors for Twitter and. Oh, I. got my. Self into some trouble because I. The metaphor, or the mental model that I had for using Twitter was not correct. And identified me as somebody who's misusing the system. So i'm wondering about. What metaphors are helpful to bring in new users to say Facebook or snapchat or. instagram or what are some other platforms that are. are used by you, I guess. Oh it's the Facebook messaging thing. what's that yeah that's it. So, think about these questions, what metaphors you have to bring new years into into some unfamiliar platforms. know how to know if we have succeeded, then think about the metaphors i'm using for organizing meetings here. And this goes to. To the meetings page for this offering anyway so i'm out of time, thanks for your engagement today. Have a good Wednesday so i've got an office are starting at two to three. And we'll see you on Friday.
  • Thank you.
  • Thank you bye bye.
  • Thanks good day. Oh, and there's a video here to watch to. That that's interesting. Anyway, thanks again take care, see you Friday. bye. Have a good day.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • ohh yeah
  • magnificent it was
  • Student password
  • are we done with attendance or not yet?
  • sorry I came late
  • can you share the code with me
  • Student password
  • Student password
  • thanks for sharing the password
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • no issues
  • No prob
  • i wanted to ask…when can we expect the marks for assignments and projects,,,,so we can have some feedback
  • breakout rooms - make sense?
  • slightly
  • BR: What can be done to improve user’s experience with assignment submission?
  • BG6 -> Room 1; BG7 -> room 2
  • we get a mail in wen mail
  • web*
  • we got mail but no notification on UR Courses
  • Yes I got an email
  • I didn't
  • under that bell icon for notification
  • I never got any notification under bell icon. May be you activated this setting @Rahila
  • instructor has control of that settings @nazmul
  • not that I recall
  • thank you
  • Thank you professor
  • Bye prof
  • Thank you!


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • In today's breakout group we discussed about the interface of UR courses submission page also discussed how it could be improved.
  • In today’s lecture we discussed about how we can make user experience better on assignment submission page which was quite interesting.
  • Grate meeting, my group didn't have trouble uploading the assignment, we just didn't get the notification when it was uploaded, so that had us worried for a bit.
  • In today's meeting, We discussed about the UR Courses submit issue and got some solution on how to better improve it.
  • we talked about the assignment we submitted on Friday and we discussed the interface of the U of R website.
  • We discussed how a user's experience could be improved when submitting assignments. There some good suggestions about drafts and auto-submissions.
  • Good discussion about submission portal on UR Courses.
  • Discussing the Interface of URCourses in regards to the submission page yields a couple curiosities as to what features are limited to the instructor over the user, such as auto-submission of a draft.
  • In today's meeting, we have learned about the Project submission what's needs to be careful of. Then What metaphors will be useful for new users in social media application such as Facebook, or Instagram.
  • We discussed the submission method of group project today.
  • We had a productive group discussion at today's class. We discussed about the user experience for project assignment submission. The issues we figured out are- 1. Attempt no 1 is redundant information after the assignment submission, as there is only one submission allowed from the user end. 2. There should be some notes to clarify the terms like "no resubmission allowed after submission". 3. All students should be notified when the group assignment submission is done.
  • The ambiguity behind the moodle and how they don't clearly state some times that they need to submit twice, or how many submissions are allowed
  • The opportunities to redesign the project submission portal
  • Today, we had a breakout room session where we discussed about the ways to improve the submission interface. Moreover, I would like to learn more about metaphors and its application in diverse field including, the submission.
  • In today's class Dr. Hepting talked about how submision can be improved on urcources. Discussed the design flaws in the project. in the breakout room we talked about how we could impprove the submsission portal
  • How can we imporve the submission portal was the main topic on conversation and the breakout room discussion was for the same. We also talked bout the project submission and dr hepting enhanced some of the points discussed by all of us in the breakout room. Our group discussed how we could change the color scheme to get it more appeling
  • For today breakout discussion we talked about what can be done to improve user’s experience with assignment submission? So we conclude that there are some problem with current design, such as two level submission and delay in nonfiction email.
  • We have discuss about the UR course assignment submissions's user experience and how to improve that.
  • In today's meeting we had a breakout room in which we talked about interface of project group submissions and points of improvements in it.
  • We talked about how submissions could be improved on urcourses
  • In video, Steve Krug describes why user experience is so essential and offers some pointers on how to improve your own experiments. There was a discussion of project assignment. Also, we had a breakout group discussion.
  • Discussed the design flaws of the assignment submission page in breakout groups.
  • Was about the experience of different student while they make submission for assignment. There were many suggestions and it was great to know about them.
  • It was a good lecture, professor discussed about the UR course assignment submission portal and then we were sent into the breakout rooms to discuss about the same and we all had discussion about it and then again with the professor some of us kept the points with which the portal can be enhanced.

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • Today's meeting was about the submission of the assignment and improvements that are needed in the course portal while submitting the group assignment.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • I need to understand more about the low fidelity prototype for the group project assignment, for example can we make our prototype out of paper?
  • Metaphores for social media platforms
  • is there a strict set of metaphors to use when thinking about interfaces or can we use almost anything to compare interfaces using a metaphor


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