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  • Good afternoon. Losing which one is being shared. Okay. So here we are, on Wednesday November 3. and happy Wednesday, of course. let's do the attendance. OK, so the student pastors in the chat and it's also visible on screen for the moment. just going to close that window. Okay, so I. should have gotten an email from me just around noon i'd actually written it yesterday, but I didn't get I didn't hit send on it. You should be able to see your testing groups. Anyone see see that email for me this after they're just around noon. Okay. So. here's the testing group, lest he. Okay, so giving you have kept the link to the person's profile. Let me just see if that's not to compromise them. Let me switch to student. Because the first list had student numbers in it, so I took out student numbers. let's evaluate. they stole my being a student. hmm. I seem to have not made that visible.
  • Yes, it's hidden, for me, too.
  • Okay. So let's. return to my normal role. In turn, editing one. There should be visible now. Okay now i'm going to switch back to student. we'll try Jeffrey is just because he's first on the list. Okay, so no. amazing information here, I think. So i've. included everyone's email addresses on the website, we rejected at CAA so you can email, you can also communicate. via the.
  • That.
  • goes with it within groups communication forums. Now I don't know whether I can be able to see this because i'm logged in. And then put myself into a test group. yeah. So I i'm not able to create a discussion because i'm not a member of any group. So let me go back and create a group for me. So now, I noticed about this interface. what's there to notice in terms of. what's involved in creating groups and moving around, so the buttons at the bottom. Generally appear below the fold, so I have to scroll up to see them. Okay, so that's done, I want to go with have to go. Back to groups. You have to go to groupings now. greetings. OK, and now you can go back to. student. Communication Florence. So I can see my group here testy ah ah, so I can add. So here's the email, I sent us as the teacher earlier today with the group's being there and then here, I can communicate. it's not completely clear like can do this. When i'm doing this just with my group, but. I think that's correct. So if you go to the within group communication forums you shouldn't be you should see a group. let's test. Well, if I go to. return to my normal world here. I can write to all participants. And I can write to my group. Or, I can write to other groups. So there are 16 groups 15 or them have three people, and then the 16th group has four people in it. So let me. make sense about so for groups of three. You meet with the other two people. And you each. run a study run an evaluation and then. be a participant for the other for the other steady. So you give one, and then you participate in one. With each of the other two people in your group, those are for the 15 groups of three people. And then, for the group was for people. let's see. So yes, everyone should have a testing group. Now let me see where did I put you. Okay, let me. Okay, thanks nice room. gonna try something different here. Okay, let me. Let me finish my illustration and we'll deal with any questions No groups. was thinking of an easy way to do this, that would be legible and i'm not sure that I. Still could use some help. So okay in the group, we have four people so group number one. works with group number two. And then group number three works with group member for. And then also. Number one works with group members three. and group member to work with group number four. So one works as two and three two works with. one and four three works with one and four. Four works with three into. So it makes sense. Especially a group for who has the forum Members, I think, four or five I can't remember no not they're not. I didn't use numbers group he. Does that make sense that illustration. Okay. Can you see the picture okay.
  • it's clear.
  • Okay.
  • So we have group number one group member to group number three and group number four. So i'm suggesting. group member one and group member to pair or one pair so they. They do the one gives us data to. And then to gives their state to one. And then also three and four. can be a pair. So each administers their study to the other. And then. Remember one and group members Sri para. And remember to in group member for also para. And pure their studies to each other. So that'll mean that participant, the group number one works, the group number two. and three. Remember to works it's group number one and four. Remember three works as one and four. group member for works as two and three. So everybody's giving two studies. and participating in two studies. Which is the, which is the gold here we're just not. Not doing the diagnosis here the square or rectangle. make sense. Okay, let me go back to the group page here. So here we have a list of the Members in the Group. In the groups. So there's a link to to get to the your courses profile for each person, so if you want to send an email separately outside of your courses you just have to. copy. text and little editing. But I suspect if. If you go. Not to this testing group page, but if you go to the link that says. Within group. Communication forums. testing if you click on that link. post that link in the chat. At the same one as well, then. yeah. So what i'm suggesting is that you will. see your group. try and draw something here. yeah Okay, so if you click on that link, then you should see something. Next to two separate groups testing. You should see your group test and they'll be test a through. stage through test P, I believe. So if you suki if you can go to the link here. Okay, I was looking at the wrong spot in the chat so that clear now.
  • Yes, it is okay.
  • So I know it's kind of feature, and you are courses quote unquote feature that it's hard to see which groups you're in. So the. So the testing group list that I made up. I got directly from the group's page and I copied the html a portion of the html source and put into that create a new page, with that in it. The only thing it the link the list from your courses had your student numbers in it. So I removed the student numbers by hand. Otherwise I relying on your courses to not present. Inappropriate information to you, based on your role as students students in the class. So if you can find your name on the student the testing group list. You should be able to see. We are separate group testing with a test a through p. And that should be the same group. name, as in the testing group list. that's a way for you to communicate with. Your two. With two of your testing group. mates to arrange your your. Evaluation of your low fidelity prototypes A and B. The same okay. So I noticed that not all the groups that submitted, part two of the assignment of the project. So if you're still having problems with that. You want to see me in my office our day or send me a note or get in touch with me. Somehow to. resolve any issues you might have. So i'm I delivered my extra Halloween candy to the computer science office. So they had taken they switched over to Christmas or. Winter theme decorations. And I pointed out that all the candy that I had except for one piece was not Halloween related so I had these cookies and cream these hershey cookies and cream fangs. I thought otherwise. They were season agnostic the candies. Well, I noticed in the office today, they have a. Halloween candy bowl out on the desk so. If you're around the office you're going to warn you've been advised of. candy situation if you need to get a fix. In your around okay. So wanted to think a little bit about. Evaluation again today. and So. So that's that's covered in chapters 14 and 15. The textbook. So we've talked previously about how many participants to. To have or how many would be ideal. And so. One is certainly better than zero. And maybe up to five is a good number so in with a setup we have here you're either going to have three or four. People looking at your a interface and look and your be interface, depending on how many groups group members, you have so if you have a group of three you're going to. Get data from three other people. On your interface and three. People on your be interface. So if we show. So those will be different people. So that's called a between subjects design. Because we've got different participants in the. In our to interface conditions, so we can say. On the 100 evaluating interface a and the other hand, we're evaluating interface be. So we've got. Well let's let's say for participants. could be three, it could be four so. it'll be the same for A and B. Then three it'll be the same for A and B. So if you have trouble communicating or arranging. The opportunity to test. With two people with. Set up appointments relates to testing pairs. For your a&b interface. Then. there's an opportunity to. To give you that information. When you're reading those groups. So. So the way we're setting things up now is we're going to do between subjects. So what are some. advantages or disadvantages of having different participants. Look at the two interfaces that you going to provide. Anyone. Right, so now as well says there will be no learning effect. So that means. If we present both interfaces to the same person. Even though they're different interfaces. We expect that they may. do better with a second one, because they've. had experience with the task, and some of the ideas and the interface, and the first one. So we won't have that issue. When we do between subjects design. else.
  • Since.
  • Since we are talking about the learning effect. And each group has two interfaces. And we are testing two persons each. Would it be. ideal or maybe not ideal to. test interface A and B to person one. And then, for a person to be test be then a. Just to see if there's any bias. On. Which interfaces superior in terms of the learning curve.
  • yeah so that'd be another possibility of doing it. Another possible way to arrange it, and so, if you're doing so if we show this the both interfaces to the same participant. Then that's called a within. subjects design. And so we do have. And if so. varying the order. For half the people we chose a then B and for the other half would show be been a. And so that. That. We expect that would take care of the. Effective. and learning the second interface. If we always did be second nature, after a. Then we might. You might say, be is better. But we haven't accounted for a confounding effective learning that occurs. Around the task and interfaces. But i'll shoot bows doing them in a a first, then be second. So if we did it within subjects design. That would give us. More data. But then we're also what's it what's the disadvantage. Possibly of doing that within subjects design. Say that it takes a half an hour to do one interface just, for example. Then you're asking for twice the time commitment. From the participant. And so, their enthusiasm to provide good feedback good quality X actionable feedback. is decreasing the longer. longer the time we engage them. that's a possible disadvantage. So you want to agree with that. we'd like to discuss that further Jeffrey.
  • I agree.
  • I mean it's, not to say that within subjects designs aren't. useful and appropriate in cases but. I think in this. In our case. It may be easier to. Maybe easier to accommodate. Between subjects design and still get the. benefit of. running a test. I would say I. mean maybe maybe if we could. If we have a case where. well. Maybe we're paying participants or whether we're. in some circumstances where the time is manageable. I think now the time it's maybe. A bit of an unknown. So anyway, certainly between subjects design or within subject designs are. are possible. and And if we do the. Changing award rings. Then it's. Then, then we're protecting ourselves against. Some confounding factors that might appear in the data. yeah so. Some good discussion there, but that. Anything else. is maybe we can honor that being Wednesday November 3 well. And one two minutes early one or two minutes early. Okay, so I have an office hour today at two to three. You can find me at that other zoom link then. Any questions or concerns before I say goodbye for today.
  • I have one concern.
  • Okay.
  • let's say one of our testing group members is not cooperating with big time. Then what. We just don't have the data or. Well, I assume everyone's a nice guy but. But worst case scenario, what what would be the case.
  • well. So if we don't if you don't get the data from your signed in the assigned fashion. well. depends, so if you're having trouble get in touch with me. And I will do my best to. To. Encourage. everyone's participation. So I. If it's a real problem then. The people who aren't responding to the testing group assigned. aren't participating in their. Evaluation we're doing in this assignment. That will be. there'll be penalized for that. I don't want to think about it as a penalty penalty so much nuts in the worst case. So if you've made good faith efforts to arrange these. zoom meetings we can. test each other. Then. that's just. Something to just to indicate in your report. to people who aren't. aren't being available and participating in good faith. I will do my best to get them to participate in good faith. encourage them with some. emails and so forth. But if they. If they don't respond. that'll be. There last night yours. That makes sense.
  • But I think we do lose the data.
  • yeah.
  • We just.
  • yeah okay that that does make sense, thank you yeah.
  • you're welcome.
  • Okay. So I had a meeting where I had kept this morning we had 12 people, and we all had cameras on. My I was at home for the meeting this morning as a 930 and so way God made an appearance, because he was playing a squeaky toy when I was. talking to my colleagues. So we had the cameras on so I encourage everyone to turn on a camera for a little bit if you can wave. And then we'll say goodbye for today. and see you on. Still. See you Wednesday see you Friday pardon me. Take care everyone.
  • Thank you have a good one.
  • Thanks bye.

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  • Hello. Good afternoon.
  • Hi everyone
  • good afternoon
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  • Student password
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  • not yet- just checking it now
  • I do not have testing group (yet).. do all students have testing group?
  • yes
  • yes
  • est G
  • rahila you are in G
  • but I do not see anything on my course page >project>discussion
  • got it Nazmul thanks!
  • sorry could you explain it again
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  • yes I can
  • yes
  • There will be no learning effect
  • within subject design is prone to learning effect and order effect.
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What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • Today we discussed about the next assignment and you showed that you randomly assigned groups which is quite interesting and the criteria that you have asked us to follow to complete the assignment is also quite fascinating.
  • Discussed about project3
  • Grate lecture i'm guessing, i missed the class because i was feeling a bit under the weather.
  • In today's meeting, professor showed the test list and details of the project.
  • Testing group for project part 3
  • The system of testing our peers.
  • In Today's class, professor had a group testing where he has make several group of 3 members.
  • We talked about the testing group in UR Courses today.
  • In today's meeting, the professor discussed about the test groups and how they will function in this group project. We also discussed about the properties of within subject design and between subject design.
  • Todays class discussion was about the third part of the group project and description and duties of the testing groups formed.
  • the discussion of testing groups
  • Today we have discussed about project assignment 3 in the meeting.
  • The most important thing that I learned today was about the testing group
  • For today class, we learned about how we can create between subject and within subject study design. We also added to test groups to recruit participants for our study.
  • today we are assigned to the new groups which are called as testing group, we have give a script questions to them and also brief them about the new interfaces we have made, and then we have to take feedbacks about the interface.
  • Discussion on testing groups.
  • in today's meeting, we discussed about the testing group list and about project assignment 3
  • Was about the testing group. We were assigned groups and how the testing groups will work was explained in the class.
  • The discussion was about the next project assignment and the testing groups.
  • Today, we have been talking about the Testing Group List.

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • In today‚Äôs meeting , we basically go through the testing group list and got to know about the testing groups . But tbh i did not get the quite specific idea as how this team process is going to work
  • How the next turn of events of product and website design
  • Dr. Hepting created testing groups for the next assignment and we knew our teammates.
  • The group project in which I will be testing, and how well they have iterated it to prevent cons and improve the pros in their system
  • It was interesting to see the discussion about the testing group and the study design, whether it will be within subjects or between subjects


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