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        Card Sorting

        Zoom Audio Transcript

        • Good afternoon, everyone. and happy Friday. don't start off top of that. So I was doing a little fiddling with your courses and. It got the better of me so sorry for being a couple minutes late. zooming in here. Okay, so it seems like i'm not quite up to date on my. own I pushed changes to the website, but they're not. available yet. Try once more here. Okay. Let me share my screen. yeah let's do our attendance first. This Friday before the fall break.
        • Alina customer unless you see Lucy. Last. Tension map Joe bowler here because I took a class attendance Alice. Plus.
        • Your microphones open. Okay, so i've muted everybody, just to be on the safe side. But if you. Welcome to. speak about. Anything that comes up. microphone. Okay, so there's the password for today, should we. done the attendance now, so the thing that I was fiddling with in your courses was giving you an online version of formative feedback. me. should be in the bank. So just so you know this is set up to be anonymous. just go to the settings with you. So just get a sense of. Some of you may have seen the paper version of the swarm. Before. All good. So response options. To respond once and then respond and type is anonymous. So there won't be any record of your answers. You can you'll be able to see all the responses to the questionnaire. Once you've completed it. Okay, so it's just for my. For my information so that. There are. things that we can address the last. stretch or the last than. do that. do my best to. Take take on the issues you've identified. So it's. set to be available from. Immediately after classes 120 until noon and then next Friday. And so, our next meeting is done, the 15th of November. Seven agree with that. So you don't. So you have to get feedback from after class until next Friday. So it is he wants to the break.
        • sounds good, to me, I was just hoping that we could get every single detail about the project today, so we don't have to like. struggled throughout the weekend and contact you, is it fine.
        • I thought we'd talk about every single detail but similar questions.
        • There are some so my project needs were like a little bit confused about the script that we want to provide I know you already cleared it up and actually it is clear, like to say, like.
        • I didn't mean to discourage you from asking question but, so let me know what the gaps are and we'll talk about them to hear your set here working over the break.
        • Sure sure.
        • Greg.
        • Like give me like one or two minutes my project minutes i'd like sending the question and stuff so maybe we can just toss it in the chat and just answer it.
        • Okay.
        • All right, thank you.
        • Any other project questions. Anyone see aurora aurora borealis last night.
        • I tried and failed.
        • To no to. My wife and daughter, you went out. really go for it Saudi. was about 20 minutes out of town north of town. And we saw some good some reasonably active lights on. Wednesday night was quite a bit colder than last night. So. Why hasn't had an iPhone eight my daughter took pictures in her iPhone 11. which apparently quite nice, but she hasn't shared with me yeah. Maybe I can share one with you. Go ahead, sir.
        • Yes, so I do recall the question that we want to ask, I think we cleared up about the script that we want to make about the project but we're a little bit confused about the data that. you're supposed to do it like let's say like a one on one basis we're asking the other user like. Like do you have a specific category like do you want to ask some this kind of like five category question like a how accessibility in in terms of accessibility or usability or. kind of like difficulty level, so should we categorize those in this kind of level or it should be unique for every single group and we should come up with our own.
        • Okay, so. So you don't have to look for standard. measures. So you can ask questions. Okay, so i'm just trying to think of how best to answer that question again. So, within your project group i'd like you to think about what kinds of information. you'd like to collect from your participants. To help you evaluate your interface to wines. So you might be interested in saying what's this. Was you know, Richard agreement with statements statements, when I have a statement like the interface was usable was easy to use. I could. And then you could say. Like we've talked about either have a four five point scale. so strongly disagree disagree. neutral, if you have little white. degree and strongly agree those could be that could be scaled the tree using was reading kinds of questions. You might also ask. we're open some open ended questions, but what did you. What did you think about this certain feature. Then you might also collect data about. Whether they. completed the task. So what whether they came to found the information that you expecting them to find. And whether the. event in this. certain amount of time or. My time at Tucker the amount of. Access token. Today, that they have. problems finding buttons to click on the interface to get the information you want one of them to find. So if you're doing a big study. Might. Say do do what's called a pilot. run through your study and 10 to. 10 for the larger participant. bye body that. recruited that you might. Take a couple of them. and run through it first. see if there are any issues with what you're collecting and whether you're. whether there are any things that are missing that you might. want to refine or tweak. The actual state that you're running. So we're not doing that here. So if you make some. So make your best effort to. include the measures that you. Think are going to be valuable for evaluating your interface designs. And then make notes about. What. might have been. What wasn't you formally collected, but participants are. were saying in their comments. That make sense it.
        • Does.
        • So so within your group decide. The things you'd like to collect.
        • But.
        • be open to. To. Revelations you get from actually running study. and make some notes about what. So this isn't intended to be. A formal user study. we're not trying to have. We won't have enough. Data to say we've got some power to make some. US we have significant results. about different features and we're exploring. So it's. it's the have some experience running it. steady and. watching data and presented and using that data to make some. Some refinements to your designs. After the fact. That make sense.
        • Yes, it's clear, and all I guess completely. Thank you for that.
        • So you said it's clear you guess, and then you said completely it's completely clear you guess. well. So is it completely care or you're not quite sure yet.
        • I know it's completely clear it's just gave up like complete complete definition what I was looking for, so it just completely cleared it out yeah my English is a little bit wacky today i'm sorry, but then. yeah.
        • So in the chat clear as mud haha so is that.
        • Over.
        • Any any. clarifications possible. To make that model less dense. I know I know it's a phrase and there's also the afterwards, so I don't want to. The German spot. But if there's some something that comes up it's coming up right now, and while we're talking about it, please let me know. Okay. Nice scribble on my screen or did somebody else do that.
        • I guess that's me I don't know, like my computer is not working so i'm currently logged into my phone and that's not even working as well, so that's my bad apologies for that.
        • Sorry. Remember. way back when we first started on zoom that that zoom bombed and somebody was. Writing things on the screen that weren't appreciate it. anyway. and actually de gras.
        • That was not me drawing is just my fingers rolling from my phone and the pen was on.
        • yeah.
        • Okay. We talked about designing user studies. And I thought we could have a little. fun today. we're doing. One by consensus. This is a DEMO for something called card sorting. You see, that on my screen. You think that's. that's being shared properly. So the idea of card sorting is to understand how people group terms, so it can either have an open. Basically, the idea of an open card sort or closed carts are. So an open one. means that we can. we're asking people to. put them into. sort the cards. into groups and then to label the groups that are created. If we have a close card sore then we. Have. names for the piles. So if we have let's say five files and we have. A name, then we're going to ask people to put. The cards into. files that best match. we're dispense idea of what. what's conveyed by that card. So in this case, we have a list of cards on the left hand side of the screen. So this is not a such a current example because it talks about 3G cell phones. We have this communication it's company called bananas calm. So. When we do the doing the open card start with this DEMO example, so you start out with a card drag it out. into the area here. And then we can create a. file. And then we can rename it. So you can give it a name so maybe this one is now. So the next thing is an online form to request a plan upgrade. So what is that. That doesn't that sound like email. You know it's put into a different one. You want to suggest the name for the online frontier plus plan upgrade. You can do chat or audio. So this is this one sound like maybe cell phones. Okay, so the next one is the email address used for banana. help. That seems different than other set up my own banana COM email address. You call that one pill. purchase a cell phone online. that go with request to plan up graders. That a different. one.
        • could be like devices.
        • shop devices okay so that's. My shop devices. That i'm serious is from my home phone. home phone. National calling makes my home. You like home phone home phone for that or.
        • Maybe we can rename the home phones to like home phone plans or home plants and put it under their name.
        • Okay well. How well let's. do that. list of the most popular cell phones. devices okay. The best cell phone plan for me. that's the. Use of new handsets.
        • Let me go to the health. devices.
        • change my home Internet plan online. Okay, so maybe that's a new.
        • One plans me as well.
        • On the Internet fine. hey the price of 3G broadband data. Over there.
        • yep.
        • You can just see that smile.
        • No, I guess, maybe on the Internet plans, because it's a broadband data.
        • Yes, broadband.
        • Does for the cell phone, it should be like wireless or something I guess.
        • yeah second 3G that's made itself on. The table prices for cell phone plan options.
        • Are you should be a little choppy basis.
        • Many cell phone plans yeah.
        • cell phones yeah sharp devices, but it also says plan options so which one is more important.
        • I think the cell phone plan will be more suitable yeah.
        • So everyone else who's on the zoom meeting your input as welcome also. I know the few. is coming up in chat So if you wanted to chat or you can. Use your microphone. So next one is paying my bill online. To suggestion my profile.
        • You know, it can be my account.
        • Okay. Two tone ring phones I combine. tone ring tones I can buy. Okay.
        • Maybe optional. Information for my my account, I mean if I want to buy it I can buy I can keep it as it is.
        • um. So is not clear whether the ring tones are with a device or with the plan.
        • Maybe it can go to add some.
        • Which one.
        • I mean we can create a category ads add on I mean. For X X X 10 extension of.
        • You. got stopping. accessories for myself on now is that under shop where add ons.
        • accessories. should be device under device.
        • Okay, so there's a comment that we can do this. make this a shop or. A store. And then we can put the add ons back into them. Under the shop, because there are things you can buy. Now discounted cell phones.
        • devices.
        • Okay it's a good choice. comes free phone number. That feels like to help.
        • yeah.
        • My cell phone.
        • It kind of go to add ons.
        • Okay, 3G coverage.
        • can be your. cell phone plans.
        • Okay, so let's review. So email how to set up my banana COM email address. You think that my go under my account or. Under health.
        • category, because how to set up my Bangalore come in and it just it, it is a maybe it's a tutorial How should I set up the email address.
        • So let's. try and get some other input here. So we leave it the same move to help or my account. says. who's who says keep it as in a separate category called email. Whenever we raise your hand. that's the best way for me to see. Nobody wants to keep it an email. likes to help. So good 234. Okay. So now, who would like to move to. My account. So we have some of the same people voting for health and my COMP. Okay. So what about the rest of you.
        • Are.
        • You getting much participation and. See if there's any. A couple of comments in chat. I think. There is a slight. preference for moving it to help so open it there for now. Okay let's review the other ones. So so under cell phone plans. We have the 3G coverage map to the cut the best of one plan for me online form to request a plan upgrade table prices your cell phone plan options. That seem like a good name for that. That time. cards. Okay, and home phone plans. International calling rates from my home phone is a 3G broadband data. Add on services, my home phone. So there's a 3G broadband data, along with home phones or cell phone plans is a 3G. What is the the to 3G cards belong under hope that helps. Maybe. This changes the sharp and then we can. consolidate. Two here. say.
        • We can remember it. was an Internet.
        • Internet. So then it's the question about. Maybe some of the. The action items. Maybe they would go into my account. They could could argue that as well. So we started doing this by consensus. not sure that we had a very strong consensus because we didn't get. Many comments here that. That does this. make sense as a way to get some information from people about how things are structured. we're gonna take that as a yes. Anyway, thank you for hanging out with me on Friday afternoon. So, have a good. break. Take care everyone. will see you on the 15th. will be around if. You have some questions have come up. Okay, thanks again take care bye.
        • Have a great vacation. Thanks.
        • So, if anyone wants to turn on the camera and wave. goodbye for the week. Welcome to do that and then we'll. See you on the.
        • Have a good vacation.
        • Not so much vacation but anyway.
        • yeah.
        • Good break take care.

        Zoom Chat Transcript

        • goo dfaternoon
        • good afternoon prof
        • Happy Friday Prof
        • Hello, Good afternoon.
        • Student password
        • my bad guys for the mic
        • on YouTube🤣
        • Sounds nice!
        • Clear as mud haha
        • No further questions from me
        • Plan Upgrade
        • Yeah Mobility plan may be
        • Shop Devices
        • shop devices
        • yes
        • My Profile
        • Yeah my account sounds better
        • could be under shop devices
        • or we could rename it to Shop only
        • Move to help
        • could be move to my account
        • yes
        • yes. it's helpful
        • Have a good break!!
        • Thank you
        • Thank you
        • happy break
        • Thank you
        • Thank you
        • Thanks
        • have a good break


        The most important thing that I encountered:

        • in todays meeting we did fun activity of sorting the random items into different groups and then rename them suitably.
        • discussed about formative feedback
        • Grate class.
        • In today's meeting, the professor showed us the optimal sorting participant demo.
        • Learned some things about the project
        • In today's class, we have about the Fall 2021 feedback and discussed about the sorting cards.
        • In today's class, we have done an online card sorting which is a great way to have helpful information.
        • Todays class discussion was clarifying the doubts regarding the project part 3 before fall reading week break.
        • Optimal sorting and categorization of options for building a communication website
        • The most important thing that I learned about today’s class was about the card sorting
        • We learned about how we can evaluate the user experience with the interfaces.
        • In today lecture we have learnt about the how to use optimal solution workshop and test different ux tools.
        • Categorizing things and tasks based on UX.
        • We talked about optimal sorting taking an example of cellphone and internet plans. Also we cleared our doubts of project assignment.
        • no news today
        • In today's meeting, we discussed about the formative feedback and also about the online card sorting.
        • was about the next group assignment and the things which are expected from us to be done.
        • Discussed methods for collecting data on part 3 of the project.
        • The class was about demo of an online card sorting from the link
        • We have been showed how to fill the Formative Feedback at Fall Break.

        The most difficult thing for me to understand:

        • In today's lecture we had a discussion about banana site and we discussed about the design criteria for that and that was interesting to discuss and also important for our new project assignment.

        The thing about which I would most like to know more:

        • The discussion today caused me to think twice of the people around me, and the ideas ones have. I would like to know more from other people.
        • in this session we talked aout the next assignment and started a new subject.
        • Part 3 project.
        • What other means of evaluation can be done without the explicit feedback of the user? (i.e. judging user behaviour)
        • Other possible features and types of configurations to use on bananacom
        • More on usability testing


        Link to the UR Courses wiki page for this meeting