Mtg 29/38: Mon-15-Nov-2021

Outline for Today





  • mean, mode, median, t-test

Discussion of Feedback

  • what did you think of the online version?
  • was anyone unable to access the questionnaire?
  • learning, prototyping, breakout rooms
  • I attended an EDI Workshop in the Faculty of Science where anonymous annotation of screens was used -- will try it here!


Zoom Audio Transcript

  • Good afternoon. Everyone have a good break. did anyone have a good break would anyone like to say. That the break was good or not. Not like you're reporting for almost everybody in the class. So maybe a smaller shrinking portion of the. population is interested in the rough riders one, so they have a home playoff game this year. I went to the game, on Saturday in the snowmobile suit and it didn't freeze, but I wasn't. comfy cozy all the time either well mostly my gloves were not up. Today is a little bit more slushy. strange to get a fog alert. Yesterday, from. The weather network. But again, strange weather is the new normal. So I went to. An equity diversity inclusion workshop for science. Over. Well, we could go yet tomorrow on the ninth was. So they used. zoom in some interesting ways so i'll try and do one of them today. They. shared this. Is a shared screen. And then. Sorry, I was just so the comment about being muted and I thought I don't think i'm muted. And I sure, as I can tell i'm not so i'll continue. So I didn't mute participants because. There seemed like somebody had their microphone by mistake and that was. Because there was an assumption on my part, but you can unmute yourselves. And I certainly encourage you to do that. When you have something to share. Checking the website didn't build. today. Okay, so i'm not gonna. Take a more time in our class meeting. issue. let's do the attendance. So I want to. talk briefly about the formative feedback. I got so there were 11 responses another 49. And I think, regardless of whether you. submitted a response which is bottomless. We should still change the setting now, so you should be able to. see this on your own computer. So this is a summary. So i'm not sure that the average rank is very helpful indicator. With the average score so. By being always in one being. Never. gets a bit long maybe a bit more. So. I do worse. It using class time effectively. Along with the best. With encouraging student participation and treating students with respect. So here's the breakdown of responses. In case you're interested. So I want to. Talk about what would you like to change about the courts. So the first comment. I understand that to be a little bit more structure. Less. variation on. Learn. Less improvisation, perhaps. So. I feel like things are flying around today because. Like yet. Though I have. The plan in mind. Something comes up so it's not working. The technology is not working for me like today, a little bit. Then I. have to. improvise or debug. In the class time. And I must say that. doing it. talking to my computer and Sam now. is leaving lot well. there's not the easiest thing to do it in Washington others. So I would say, though. That. The experience. That we're having with the technology on my laptop here in my office. Is what I think usability designs about user user interface user experience is building design. design of interfaces and thinking about. These real life issues that come up. This is really. Not a not. The central and not tangential course. Okay. So instead of changing i'd like to add prototyping using software, such as adobe and fig. Yes, the password is just. yeah thanks. So a question. That we talked about. before the break in. terms of zoom interfaces before. joining a meeting. A class meeting or any kind of meeting in progress. Did we. Is it possible, or is it. Something to consider about providing. chat history, from the start of the meeting. So people can. scroll through and. catch up by reading the chat. Okay. So prototyping software. i'm. Like my first inclination to adobe. But that doesn't mean.
  • That.
  • If you're comfortable that you shouldn't use it, so I. am thinking more. More about tools that are free to use and. Possibly. Free as an open source. Okay, so. So I know you can do a prototype. In PowerPoint as well. that's not a free tool but. that's something that a lot of people have access to. Okay, sometimes. feels like classes are not content rich. and discussions revolve around science. So I guess that's both a feature on the bug. What. I mean. So, in general, the courses range to to go through this design thinking process. i've tried. To bring up materials that support the different stages were in. boss, you had your hat, you have your hand up.
  • Yes, I have comments about. This feedback i'm just wondering, and this is not so true because we already have on the materials for this course. We do we have to do something practical in class if we want to do, practical works in class, so we have to talk about the projects, the details of assignments, so we can easily access to the contents of discourse but it's hard for us to figure out how we can do our work. that's why i'm deciding this feedback.
  • Okay. i'm not trying to. We got some feedback going on here. than me. Trying to. say there is a problem with any comment i'm just. So if we're meeting in person, sometimes I would play the videos. I would play videos in.
  • class.
  • And do more work on the whiteboard. and try to. write legibly and make comments about my struggles with writing clearly on the whiteboard. So it's it's a challenge. So I would say, I feel like they're content rich, but not. Not in terms of. yeah not. Not in terms of package media. anyway. Okay, so the comment about. direction in the class so. The direction we're following is. Based on the project assignments. And we're halfway through the Semester and. I haven't learned anything new. That feels just the same as another class i've taken with Dr happening in the past. Okay, so we're actually more than halfway through about three quarters the way through. We have 38 meetings in today's meeting 29 and. So. feedback that i'm collecting it's. about my. Is what my heart in your learning. But i'd say there's also. A role for you to play in your your learning. So. So anyway. i'm open to suggestions about. make things more. more interactive and I know that. For example, I. Like William shatner. tend to have long pauses at times when i'm talking. And that's whether i'm in front of class in person or. I think it's only worse sometimes now that i'm. Talking head. Poorly lit with the fluorescent light bouncing off my. receding hairline. So. So I. I have the same a similar outlook in different classes, that I teach. So i'm trying to also. encourage student participation in those other classes. So I. appreciate everyone's comments, and I would. encourage you to reflect on. opportunities. I don't want to feel like i'm getting. Sorry, to. get off topic this as much as I am on topic. Some days. So the breakout room discussions i've tried a few things differently. And I was in a breakout room discussion in my workshop. And I. I felt. I felt. The same. I was not. eager to volunteer things. Within the breakout group and then. But I would have done it had there not been other people. directing the discussion. So understand the dynamic. And i'm. Trying to experiment with. With ways to. Make the remote online. Experience better. So it's still working progress. will be fine, of course, can be conducted in person, I think it's more fun in person. And I miss being an. front of. A group of your smiling great. room full of your smiling face. guess anyway. When I learned to do is next was show you this. idea of. annotating. Security. So what i'm looking for is a way to make. Make your annotations anonymous and I don't see that as an option.
  • you're muted.
  • yeah.
  • I saw that this.
  • Thanks Jeffrey. So zoomed in like me. sharing my whiteboard Let me try that once more. text. So I think. You can annotate on shared content anyone like to. Try that out. Okay, so ice I see there's one person is able to annotate but. Nice, I saw your name as well there. Is there an option for you.
  • I don't think so let me try again.
  • To hide your name. Oh here hi Dan names of vanity. Well, that was so under more. Okay now you're. To annotate anonymously. Okay. So this might be a. Better approach for breakout rooms, that I can. write the question, not in here. you'd be able to see it. Okay. yeah. start again. Okay. So i'm going to save this picture and post it. So I feel like we. made some progress with. chat is far more convenient okay. that's. that's point well taken, so I think. What the opportunity is. With the annotating a screen is you can do it anonymously. Well i'm just seeing that. I see somebody's name.
  • Okay.
  • So you can also annotate by. typing you have. If you click on text.
  • text doesn't seem to me. I don't know why. Maybe only one person can enable it other time.
  • i'm not sure. Well don't erase those. picture oh.
  • Okay.
  • alright. So any. Coordination issues with your testing groups. or any other issues with the projects before we. Before we say goodbye for today. So. Is there a chance, the project we pushed in Monday. I think that would not be a problem with that would be helpful to you. tried to copy somebody direct message into the. into the chat for the didn't work so. i'm done fighting with zoom today anyway, so I hope. got a little bit of a. Better ending than a start and that's that's how I felt about today, so thank you for your. participation. And so i'll make the change. To the part three to. You, on Monday. and we've got office hours tomorrow. And then we'll see you on class or class time on Wednesday. And they care everyone. bye. Thanks up. Stay say.
  • Thank you so much. Thanks.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • good afternoon
  • Good Afternoon
  • Good afternoon
  • good afternoon prof
  • Good Afternoon
  • Good Afternoon Professor
  • good afternoon! Happy Monday!
  • Good Afternoon
  • Good afternoon Prof
  • sure
  • Happy Monday! You’re muted!
  • Hello,
  • yeah it was a good break.
  • Student password
  • Hey have we don’t the attendance yet, I was a bit late.
  • jd9tl9
  • I think marvel is a free tool
  • any other tools that you can suggest or tried?
  • I don't agree with this comment, discussion about the topic of assignment makes the course more interesting and we can apply what we learn from discussion.
  • Exactly!!
  • I agree with Nazmul. We are going through a process together in our group assignments. There are some readings from the textbook that complements the class.
  • can you try annotATING? PLEASE? Please :-)
  • typing in chat is far more convienent
  • Thank you
  • Seems good
  • No, all good
  • yes
  • thankyou
  • Monday would help
  • useful, thank you
  • yes
  • Yes, it will help to summarize the data collected
  • yes very helpful
  • Yes
  • Thank you
  • Thank you have a good afternoon
  • See you Wednesday! Thanks! Take care!
  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • Thank you
  • Thank you


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • talked about students feedback for CS428 class.
  • Today we somewhat discussed about assignment and about the deadline for which I am very thankful because I haven't started it yet.
  • In today’s meeting firstly there was some feedback reviews discussed and then we tried that annotation thing for chat, it was the fun part and i hope would be helpful for us.
  • In today's meeting, the professor showed the Formative Feedback.
  • the interesting thing for me was that part we talked about annotating.
  • Today the formative feedback was seen and we were asked to annotate. Students gave their suggestions too.
  • Used anonymous Zoom annotate interface. And have discussion on feedback responses.
  • Getting good feedback from users (fellow peers)
  • Today, we have discussed about the formative feedback from the students towards professor. Learned about mean, mode, median, T-test, and also about the prototype named as figma and Quant-UX.
  • We talked about the feedback questions about the remaining semester.
  • In today's class, professor discussed the feedback and took opinion from the students to make the class more useful to the students. It is a great attempt from the professor.
  • Today was the first class after reading break and it was about the formative feedback from students on the class.
  • We had a discussion on the feedback responses and atlast we tried the feature of annotating in zoom.
  • It was good to view the responses of the course feedback and learn about Dr.Hepting's views about it as well
  • In todays class Dr Hepting talked about the survey conducted by the professor regarding the class
  • Today professor commented on the feedback provided by the students
  • Discussion about class
  • For today meeting we talked about the fall break feedbacks that provided by students in the class. Also, we discussed about the search interface design and how we can improve the design.
  • In today's lecture we have discussed about the course's feedback and comment.
  • I just wanted to convey that, figma is a free tool and is an online web application. So no need to install it like adobeXD.
  • Today we talked about the feedback of the students.
  • in today's meeting we discussed about the feedback of questionnaire and i learned about figma
  • Was about that we discussed about the feedback from the students given during the break. Methods of interaction were also discussed in class.
  • Discussed fall break feedback. Than learned new functionality of zoom.
  • In todays class we had small fun in annotating the screen to check its function and then discussed about some of its drawbacks.
  • We discussed about the Class Feedback then also were looking at Dr Heptings website as it had some errors also mean mode median and t-test and also about prototyping
  • We only really talked about the questionnaire today, but seeing the annotation feature of the whiteboard in action was interesting

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • good meeting, could you please extend the time for our project, its been a struggle for my team members to meet with their testing groups.
  • The different type of prototyping websites and the best way to utilize figma and quant-ux
  • How can we ensure all testing group members make themselves available for testing
  • Today professor discussed about few changes that can be done to make interaction more accessible. I would like to learn how different ideas can be formed in hi-fi prototypes.
  • Regarding the test script for project 3, do we need to change it?Or we can just use it.


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