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      Anonymous Annotation in Zoom

        Zoom whiteboard with annotations
        Zoom annotate interface from iPhone
        Zoom annotate interface from MacBook desktop
      • The mobile annotate interface doesn't seem to have text (but typing text is still available through chat (accessible from a different screen)) or stamp
      • How many people are using a mobile interface like the one above (that doesn't allow for text or stamp?
      • My first thought when we started to look at this last day was that we could have quick polls by stamping checkmark (for yes) or x (for no) -- but it doesn't seem possible :-( but text posted in the chat can be copied by anyone (?) and pasted into a text annotation
      • Where would you look to enable anonymous annotation? What would you say about the consistency of the interfaces? The arrow in the desktop/macOS client resides under the 'spotlight' dropdown menu (and this label will change depending on the selection) does not seem to comply with hiding the annotator's identity but the mobile one apparently does comply
      • zoom-security.png
        Zoom 'security' menu
        Zoom 'more' menu

      Zoom Audio Transcript

      • Good afternoon.
      • hey.
      • hi. i'm just doing a quick poll here. So I just want to get a poll about how things are going with your testing groups. Okay, good afternoon everyone. i'm. Here in my office. After spending and seemed like an hour shoveling myself out of my driveway. And I thought. That I only. brought my power adapter home yesterday. and a few other things, and I would not have gotten as much. Cardio exercise, as I did today. But I guess it's. it's. for a good cause, I suppose. I was doing with a storm last night any any problems. Any stories. Anyway, okay so first thing, let me do the. poll about group testing. gang stalking Nice. I was worried about. just got our friends steps redone and i'm. But despite being told it was good to get done right away the East troughs. Were. replaced so there's still dripping onto the steps so i'm. Extra concert of being extra vigilant about ice on my steps. Because I have a history of falling on my face. done it twice and I don't, as I said, to somebody on weekend I don't. want to make a third time for that. anyway. i'm sure you'd love to hear me talk about. My history of fine on my face. Anyway, so here's the poll i'm going to launch right now. So. says pick the best answer. Okay, so one person as replied yet. I think. Okay. So I think i'm in the number of participants, but I can't. Answer reply to the poll so it's a little confused. That the numbers are off by one I believe so. Just one person who hasn't replied. let's end the poll and. Share results, there we go. Okay, so we have a third of students. here to view reported either having a test complete or scheduled. And then. 36%. So roughly the same number. haven't. haven't completed any tests, but some are scheduled. And then there are. I guess roughly another third so it breaks out, a third of things arranged or completed. A third of one test arranged or completed. And then another third. So have to complete any any tests. So. Let me switch to a list. And I conserve get a sense from the group if. Things are going well and. So did you see did you see my forum post yesterday about. Testing groups.
      • Yes.
      • Okay.
      • Thanks. I thought, everyone has to see that. Those announcements. So it's good to are aligned for today. let's do attendance, for I forget. Try that again. Okay. Yes, and happy Wednesday. Okay, so i'm just going to go through every group and. If I can get a report about. Whether things are. progressing or. We would like me to. Be more involved. In starting out communication issues. Okay, so testing group a.
      • While sure the did send out an email she's not here in the classroom and she hasn't responded to my email. As for. pray right. No, no communication so um yeah zero. Tests have been scheduled or completed. For testing.
      • Actually, the meeting has been scheduled after the class with dion and i'm waiting for this most from Wilson. yeah then then only I get my answers to the question, yes.
      • Okay, so.
      • Like we are going to meet after this class.
      • yeah so the three of you.
      • i'm on only deion.
      • Oh okay. yeah alright so. Okay. Testing group see.
      • We are done testing.
      • Okay puberty.
      • Yet opposite we're also done. So i've got my data and Brian also has got his data, so we just have to provide some meeting scheduled after the class, so you know the third person was not ready, last week, so the meeting scheduled right up to the class step two yeah so it's all.
      • Okay, good. He. He.
      • said, one more one of mine and I need to do one more that I haven't been able to haven't had a response and Sunday from the HR department.
      • Okay.
      • For me it's done because I think I did it with Michael. And I think that's the one that is like her free car, but I guess she replied like yeah before Sunday and she said that the timing would be like from Monday on which is free wish I did I don't think she would have got back to us specifically Michael are unworthy.
      • Okay.
      • Yes, Sir i'm also done.
      • I didn't see who that was.
      • i'm a more deep. Okay, and then yeah.
      • you done to.
      • yeah.
      • Okay. So, Mr deep is done to and serve and Michael done one.
      • I know I am also done with two so that leads me to believe that i'm or the somehow got in contact with her preet car.
      • yeah.
      • Maybe.
      • Okay, so. If. If anybody is in contact with. Anyone who's being identified is not being in contact with the group. Please. encourage them strongly to. To respond to the emails or whatever else it is. The other form of communication, using. OK so. Maybe Mr deep and serve and Michael can. Have a quick conversation about getting in touch with our preet. As needed so everybody gets two tests done. Okay.
      • Martin.
      • So you be scheduled, but not completed.
      • So one is completed and one is, can you.
      • Okay.
      • Do you know about is Martin here. Okay. Okay, so. No to group gee.
      • I have long schedule, right after this class with a regular and I did not hear back from the other team Member yeah and he sent me her phone so i'm going to talk to her about that as well, so we have one she has one scheduled meeting scheduled with her.
      • Okay.
      • So party is not. And then communication.
      • Yes, same thing. haven't heard back from her, yet I have sent out from to both for me the testing would be is just a word Doc that. With the prototypes in it, you will just need to fill out a questionnaire and response with the time frame. But I haven't heard back from 30 pm, so I don't know when they would fill out that questionnaire phone yeah.
      • So. The intent is that you're actually talking to. The other person, while they're going through that. Your interface. Not just giving them instructions and asking them to. follow through. asynchronously.
      • yeah like I have shared the file before, but we do have a meeting after class so. I and my other group member is so key to Kenya, we have a meeting, right after class So if I was just send out so that they are aware of what this to be done.
      • Okay okay. Ah.
      • Oh so as made and I have been in touch in the last week and they talked about assignments, and a few minutes after the class, you are going to have a meeting to connect that up. But civic wouldn't connect the other guys, so they have sent him several messages, but not a single respond has been received so far.
      • So. Please bias bias.
      • yeah sure.
      • Anyone want to help me with my pronunciation there I feel like I did a bad job.
      • I don't know if even is attending class or not, because the other day I was trying to find his name and sent a message, but I couldn't find his way.
      • well. As far as I knew there still had 49 people in class. So I don't want to do. Look, through the. Two participants with everybody's was my screen shared. i'll follow up on that.
      • Okay, thank you.
      • you're welcome group I.
      • All three of us completed all the required test for each other's groups and we've all received the data.
      • Okay.
      • Thank you.
      • J.
      • yeah I was very responsive already collected all the data.
      • So ever everyone in your group is.
      • very responsive, so I already connected on the data.
      • You know if. All the group members have collected all their data.
      • I don't think so because. I didn't participate in justin's study.
      • So I completed a bosses this thing and i'm planning to complete haunt us this afternoon and then i'm going to meet with both of them later this week to complete mine.
      • Oh.
      • But we've been in constant communication.
      • Okay, so. I can put a checkmark beside group J then.
      • Right.
      • Okay, thank you. justin group K. So kumar and Ashley.
      • Yes, Professor it's all going well after the class we organize week today and, hopefully, we will cover the project so. it's all good.
      • Okay i'll put a checkmark decide Okay, then, thank you. Group L. Anyone here from group bell. Okay, I won't put a checkmark beside group. Group and
      • The the communication on Monday to the rest of the group, for us to agree on a date and time said before the lecture started i've had nothing. assume is just contacting me now, oh no I have not gotten any data from him or her, so I don't leave a framework to add a comment on that, but basically we've not done anything with no started.
      • Sorry, yes i'm just working on that I just got busy and i'm i'm working on that.
      • Okay, so that's one. One test okay how about harsh anyone been in contact with harsh.
      • After putting it on the roof of your mouth effect on email have not heard anything.
      • Okay. Thank you group in. Oh.
      • Yes, Professor is like communicating good there's no problem with that, and we have scheduled for tomorrow, and by end of tomorrow will be collecting the data there's no problem and it.
      • will give you a checkmark then. In group p. Last but not least.
      • Yes, Professor I didn't get any response from any of my Group members there single numbers yet so I haven't contributed for any of any one of them.
      • Okay, so i've made it.
      • twice.
      • i've yet to receive any message I was trying to reach out see if you could just message me right now in the chat and we could connect i'm free after class.
      • To meet you I just checked the communication from and. I have time after this class.
      • Oh okay that's great.
      • yeah so I just thought I posted in a testing group forum but I haven't gotten a reply so.
      • Okay. So group he is on the right track Now I understand.
      • today.
      • Okay. So any. So I see that now there are 40 students that in our zoom meeting here, are there any. People who've arrived, would like to update the status of their testing groups.
      • So I want to know that what should we do if one of the participants is not responding, and we can collect data.
      • Well that's discussion topic today. Any other updates to testing group status. Okay, seeing. Hearing no. No other updates and. let's go on to. So I wrote down what penalty for non responsive testing group members to spare. So. This is that the right way to approach it talk about penalties. So I think I hear somebody making phone call. When just check. That you're muted if you're not. Talking. anyway. So if you're in communication with one group member, but not the other. So as an alternative would be. To do to test both interfaces. With the Member. That you're in contact with. So that's the case we've got one test. To make it into two. There are some suggestions for going from zero tests to one or two. Anyone have some. thoughts about. The best way to do that. equitable ways to do that.
      • My suggestion would be like if anyone else is willing to do like more than one testing or million to testing so that. The person who's not getting response from the group member could reach out to the other volunteers to have his or her testing done. And then, for the group member, that is not responding to have some kind of percentage penalty or something like that, so in that way, that the other person doesn't get like shafted back or something like that.
      • yeah okay so. What if we set. Friday, the beginning of class is the cutoff for. arranging testing group appointments. So if you haven't been in touch to schedule a meeting by the time class or be time before our class meeting on Friday. Then.
      • Professor this pizza I will I will definitely say. By Friday the all the tests should have been done, and not just tedlium because. If we say by Friday scheduled. Somebody might decide on the Friday to feel less schedule it for Sunday morning and by then, if I start doing my testing on Sunday morning, based on the schedule I wouldn't have enough time to walk with the rest of my team. together. So. me Buddha said before by Friday before class everybody should be done with the testing and not necessarily discussing schedule for the testing.
      • Okay.
      • Yes, I agree to parenting has better because we have to integrate our work with other group members and submit their assignments, and everyone maybe is busy on the weekend so it's better to finish it on Friday.
      • i'm just thinking about the case where. People have scheduled meetings. After class. So do you want to say. By 430 on or by five o'clock. On Friday, oh. test need to be complete.
      • Yes, if possible.
      • Okay. So let's set a deadline of 5pm. protest to be complete and then. So if people. discover their communication. The time we have our meeting. And there's a bit of time to schedule. To the same forum about what we've agreed upon here. Anyone. Not. not getting. The announcements or having difficulty accessing the forums on your courses.
      • Professor mandate something here. shirt for group as the other guys is now responding to me I think it's good.
      • Okay. yeah Thank you thanks. So, between now and Friday i'm not sure. Okay, let me back up, so I suggest communication. By 1230 on Friday. And testing to be done by 5pm on Friday so we'll have those two parts. So that we can. coordinate. If anyone is in a situation where they have zero tests. We can do something to get one or two sets of data for them. How does that seem. So I guess i'll follow up on the chat comment about penalties should be losing attendance marks.
      • or participation either.
      • Okay. So I don't know that we're gonna have time to do a breakout. room about this, but I just want to go through some options. Some things that i've I found in. The interface the zoom interface for annotation. So this is a screen that I had on my desktop. So I made a whiteboard and then. I put the text on. And I did some annotations so I did a stamp. So the text and the stamp I did for my macbook. And then the hello, I wrote from my iPhone interface, and this is how it looks on the iPhone. So my first feeling when I see color. The red dot the red circle. It might. be reflective of color but the red circle indicates record. that's my first feeling about that. You can see there's no. No text entry here. And we can do an arrow you can erase things if I wanted to make a comment directly on the screen. I could use the pen. that's what I did to make right that Hello. there's a different screen. This one has the annotation. Or the whiteboard. whiteboard. interface, so I notice. If i'm just. I didn't capture this, but if i'm just sharing my screen now I see annotate with a pen. On my desktop. writing on the whiteboard annotate changed changes to the whiteboard. And so, if I click on that whiteboard it can do a selection type text, I can draw stamp spotlight use eraser. format. And I can clear different parts of. The annotations. So if you're using the mobile APP. You can't type text into an annotation, but you can type text into the chat from a different screen. So if. If text is typed into the chat than anybody, I believe. Can you see my chat nah I guess not you don't see my chat. If you. hover next to somebody. amen and chapters dot dot dot. Which if you click on it says copy. to copy that. And then paste it into the image. So that.
      • Okay.
      • So, in terms of making annotation anonymous. here's a security menu, which I thought would be a good place. To have. This setting. For annotation anonymity. Because here i'm able to select annotate on shared content. Something that participants are allowed to do. More mormon you. And then there's a section. Little dividers. This menu. This is disable annotation for others. and show names of the tables. So if I click on show names of validators. Your. turn to hide names of activities so. again. So this is this behavior is different, between the two menus. Whereas I get a checkmark to save and this is. enabled. can hear the text changes so. If i'm looking for check marks. to indicate the same ideas between the two menus that that doesn't. So. Our testing group. Discussion took a bit more time than I thought it might. So here we are again class today or meeting time today. So i'll say that. On Friday we'll. Have a breakout discussion to think about. The difficulties that were opportunities to redesign in this aspect of the zoom interface. Anyway, and with that, I wish you. Continued happiness on your Wednesday. The testing meetings go well. And i'll send a note around to everybody. And if you know people who aren't in communication you refer them to the email about. Female in the forum. Okay, anyway, so, if anything, comes up, I have an office hour to. Today, two to three and. Failing that i'm can see between one and two tomorrow as well and, if not we'll see you Friday. Take care and have a great day stay well.
      • Just me Professor.
      • I just want to discuss something and just wait for five minutes until everybody. Or you can put me in a breakout room if you wanted.
      • Sure i'll stick around.
      • Yes, yeah.
      • Thank you.
      • Thanks.
      • Okay, anyway.
      • that's it for today.
      • yeah. Go ahead. Oh thanks you too.
      • Thank you.
      • Okay, for those of you who are left. Any other questions. Any questions Martin. No, I forgot. to congratulate the Canadian men's side for beating Mexico with me to us like. continuing our discussion about. The unlikely journey of the Canadian men's team to the World Cup.
      • I can just discuss. that's all i'm.
      • not sure i'm not sure whether they're. soo Robin Martin are really there.
      • yeah I think so.
      • So. Here I can. Second, here I can. Okay, go ahead.
      • Do to interface to like to test with two people. And I wasn't sure that do we have to use the same interfaces that we did in the last assignment, or we can choose a different one, so I thought we can choose the different ones, and I did for a different like a different interface for that. And all done with the data collecting thing, and after I discussed with my like original group and they said. We have to do for the the interfaces that we did in the last assignment, not the one you did so, can I use that or Do I need to do everything again.
      • Sure, so how did. How did this not come up in conversation with your group when you were designing the test materials.
      • Like I thought we can do like that's what I thought I thought we have to do, different interfaces and then we have to decide from those that which is best, and I just did where the testing groups, a different interface and that's why this whole mess creator.
      • well. It would be. would be helpful if you could. clear up the misunderstanding.
      • Okay, so should I do that again like for the interfaces that we did in the last assignment on that thing.
      • So. Good. Did you work, did you create a script with your group with your project group members.
      • yeah that's what i'm saying that I got confused here that I thought we have to do, like all the four Members have to do differently different interfaces for different as groups. Like that so that's why I just made a script for my testing group and I asked them those questions and. Like a message down that can I use this interest and nobody replied to me, so I just assumed that that's how we are going to do, and then, when I did everything, and then they said no, we don't have to like this fee. So that was my stick to that I haven't read the instructions properly.
      • well. It seems that your project group is also not being communicative.
      • He yeah like I don't wanna say that, but I feel like that they just want to discuss and see off them, not with me but it's all right it's just a class.
      • well. So is your group working. Well, or not you're probably.
      • Late yeah they are doing well, but while discussing when I asked them a question they don't reply to mind and if anybody else asked the same question within that group, the answer to their question so that's The only problem.
      • Okay. So do you have copies of the script that they've used.
      • i'm, like the other Members.
      • For your project group do you have the. Project group script. that the other group members created and have been using.
      • I don't have any four days, but I do have mine, which I made for my testing.
      • yeah but the idea is that everyone in your project group has the same script. Okay, and then you go test it with different. You get a variety of feedback because you're going to different. different groups. Just the two interfaces that you design you created in Part two
      • yeah okay i'm like I don't have any problem doing that again i'm just about those.
      • There are a couple issues, I guess, so.
      • yeah.
      • So getting. Getting the script that that the rest of you have used.
      • Like they haven't done any script, yet they are just deciding what you use. And I just did everything so earlier that's why. They haven't decided the script yet.
      • project.
      • Before. Ashley and Nick.
      • Okay. So. I get in touch with them.
      • Okay.
      • And then the person in your testing group. The two the two. People in your testing group with whom you've had meetings and done the tests yeah. Can you. approach them about doing another session I guess.
      • yeah I can do that. So, should I discussed with my group, first that were scripts we are going to use and then should I approach them.
      • Yes.
      • Okay.
      • Okay, so um other than that.
      • Okay.
      • yeah.
      • And if. So things may come up but. I would say. The best course of action is to. Work with your project group members on the script.
      • yeah.
      • And then do do tests do another test. test your age, a newbie interface with. within your testing group.
      • Okay, so Okay, I just wanted to confirm, so I will just tell my group members and my testing members for them so it's all right, you don't need to manage it, thank you for advice me.
      • Oh you're welcome so. yeah so that's the that's the preferred course of action and if. There are problems. The rise.
      • and
      • reach out to me well.
      • yeah sure like they're not i'm not saying that they're doing maybe in things i'm not sure, but it's just whatever it may be my mistake as well that I haven't discussed them before so i'm not blaming them.
      • Okay, but it's definitely time to have the scripts organized.
      • yeah sure I will do it with them.
      • Okay, keep me keep me. informed of developments okay.
      • yeah sure. You have a good day.
      • Welcome, thank you take care yeah.
      • bye.

      Zoom Chat Transcript

      • Good afternoon!
      • afternoon
      • good afternoon professor
      • afternoon
      • not gd
      • surprised there was still power when I woke up
      • Glad I don't have to drive in to regina to come to class, highways are pretty bad lol
      • Me and my friend got stuck in ice.
      • Commute from Downtown to North End took nearly an hour after work.
      • 2 hr and 30 min thats how long it took for me to go to work yesterday from 25th ave to 4th ave
      • it was no real life yesterday…felt like a disaster movie
      • Yes
      • yes
      • yes
      • sure
      • yes
      • yes
      • Yes
      • Yes
      • Student password
      • for a sec i thought we r calling the cops for penalties …lol
      • that lined up perfectly
      • Penalties should be losing attendance marks.
      • Thank you
      • thank you, have a good day
      • Thank you professor
      • Thank you
      • thank you prof
      • See ya Friday!
      • Thank you Professor
      • thanx have a gd one
      • thank you professor.


      The most important thing that I encountered:

      • talked about testing group communication
      • In today's lecture we discussed about the progress of testing groups that which group has completed and which not and what problems they are facing.
      • Thanks for allocating a deadline for the group project testing.
      • In today's meeting, we discussed about the testing group progress and penalties for non-responsive testing group members.
      • We talked about the group testing for project part 3.
      • Testing group discussion and zoom annotations
      • We have discussed about the testing group responses and penalties who don’t give response.
      • We scheduled the meeting with testing group members.
      • Today the professor has helped all the students to communicate within the testing group. It was really helpful for collaborating within the testing group.
      • Todays class was a status check on the testing groups and how many have scheduled or completed the tests for the low fidelity prototype for part 3 of the group project assignment.
      • Need for everyone to be aligned on due dates to get testing of interfaces done
      • Today we have discussed about the group testing meetings and annotations with shared content during the zoom meeting
      • For today lab, we talked about the testing groups and test schedules. At the second part of the class we worked on zoom whiteboard to figure out how we can draw shapes and hoe this interface works regarding class contents.
      • Todays meeting was very useful as we finally get some response for testing our interfaces and at the end of our lecture we talked lit bit more about annotation.
      • Got in contact with my testing group
      • Progress of the testing groups
      • Today, we discussed about the testing groups and the penalties for non- responsive testing groups members.
      • We discussed about penalties for the students in testing group.
      • Discussed project status, and where our test group member status is currently at.
      • Todays meeting was about professor talking to us all if we had any problem with our testing groups and which was helpful and then had a few discussions about annotation on Zoom.
      • Discussed about project part 3 testing meetings.
      • Most interesting part about todays class was about penalties on individual who would not respond to the Survey for the Part 3 Submission
      • the meeting today was good as I got in contact with my testing group and we now have figured out what we're doing for our testing.
      • During our meeting today, we discussed how to complete our testing of interfaces before the next part of the project is due on Monday.

      The thing about which I would most like to know more:

      • The main discussion of the session was about participation of testing groups.
      • I would like to know that how many the iterations of "Understand-explore-materialize" should be generally used to get a good design.


      Link to the UR Courses wiki page for this meeting