Mtg 31/38: Fri-19-Nov-2021

Outline for Today






  • How would you use zoom to make the most of breakout room discussions?

From Responses

  • how many iterations of Understand-Explore-Materialize should be generally used to get a good design?

Zoom Audio Transcript

  • afternoon. how's everyone doing today. Happy Friday.
  • Thank you i'm doing.
  • Good. So I was had my office hour from home yesterday. I decided to come back on campus today just. Usually, make the point of. saying how and in Regina saskatchewan we're not put off by the snow. just go by their regular business. So. Here I am in my office on third floor of college West. Okay, so let's go to. today's meeting page. let's do attendance, first of all. OK, so now the password in the chat. Alright, so before we get any further. Everyone get my email. On Wednesday, about the testing. being done. Today, by 5pm and. and making sure that appointments were arranged before class today. So let me do a poll.
  • Yes, I got them email.
  • Okay. So at least Jeffrey did.
  • I also got to me.
  • I was kidding when I said it was just Jeff for you got it.
  • Sorry bye.
  • So if you can see my screen now. Maybe i'll do is i'll take a snapshot and i'll post it. Good again an idea why don't like. To set up these polls, especially on the fly. Okay, so I don't want to get hung up on that. Well, you can't see it anyway, especially. Okay, so I just want to get a sense of. So there's three choices either you have two appointments scheduled or done by 5pm. One appointment scheduled are done by 5pm and zero appointment scheduled they're done by 5pm okay that makes sense. Launching the ball now. So looking for five more people to participate. One more. So on the top line it says. 29 to 31 participants participated and then on the question line it says 2929 100% answered. So I don't know why those two are numbers are different.
  • It says 32 participants are here.
  • yeah but that includes. 32 participants includes me. But I can't answer the poll. So that's why it. Okay, now it says 30 out of 30 participants. And then the question that's been answered by everybody okay so i'm going to end the call now. So i'm encouraged that 80%. said they got things organized. Well okay so i'm encouraged that 100% send have you answered the question. But there's still a 19 people in the class who didn't. Who aren't here who i'm not sure about so anyway, for our sample today of 30. Of you 80% so 24 to 30 said they've got everything booked. For 13% for the 30 said one appointment scheduled are done. By the end of the day today. And then to have 30 said they don't have any appointments scheduled are done by 5pm. So those last two groups I just. I don't want to put people on the spot in front of everybody, but. So we had any communication with the testing groups. You can answer in chat or you can send me a direct message, if you like.
  • hey.
  • Okay, so one correction. Okay, so. One person who entered you said zero appointments scheduled. understood to mean 0.0 appointments needed to be scheduled. So the other person who answered zero appointments. Can you send me a direct message. about your situation. What if we. start doing that let's try the. i'll do the sharing my whiteboard and you can annotate on it. i'm trying to get rid of this. And just so happened that. The control bar was over top of the buttons to distress the ball. Okay, so that's done now. Oh OK. So the two people answered zero. Let me just redo them. We do that pole in a minute. I names validators. Okay, so if you want to do some. Okay, so. Believe. We should be able to post things onto the screen or draw on the screen or. Okay, the people who have one so that from I understand there are no groups. know people who have zero payments arranged so that's good some most of two appointments done or scheduled to be done by 5pm today and. So that's still remain still these a few people with one appointment scheduled are done by 5pm so for the people who are. You can draw on the screen or type on the screen. Okay i'm. not sure what the comment in the chat for Martin.
  • amen. We cannot draw on the screen. Like for my team, we are already done, we don't have any issues.
  • Okay what's good. yeah Oh, if you.
  • click on, there is no option.
  • yeah we.
  • Are you on an iPhone or what kind of platform, are you on.
  • A laptop.
  • i'm on windows your windows laptop.
  • Let me join from my iPhone.
  • you're muted.
  • So when I logged in on my phone I kicked. Myself out of my desktop. or my laptop so just a minute here like it back. To that, with the shared screen and everything. Recording.
  • Now.
  • Okay, so i'm back unmuted now. Such a joy to use this platform. Some days. Okay. So, I guess, my concern is, if you only have one test arranged or completed and you don't have the second test of your other end. So you don't have a test of both of your interfaces range just have one test. So, based on notes that i've gotten that people are. there's there's nobody here, who has zero. Testing appointments arranged so that's good. So i'm just wondering if there. Let me just go back and do the poll again maybe that's easiest. We done okay that's good. Okay. Let me do the poll. i'm just gonna relaunch the poll that we just did earlier. So if you can answer again. I would appreciate it. Okay, still have a couple of people who haven't replied. So there, so there are still people couple people. Who said they haven't got both their appointments scheduled or done. So. possible solution. In that case, is to go back. To the person us. We can we've done a test and test your other interface with them. see if you can arrange that that would be maybe the simplest solution. Okay. i'm going to end the poll now. So i'm posting the link to the. image I shared of me editing the pole what my screen looks like them. And i'll share my screen. So anyway to pull that I was trying to edit this back here the untitled one. blocked by. A few windows here. Well, one anyway. Okay, so I wanted to do a breakout the other day, but we've been that time, so let me start that today. So the question I want to think about either think about in breakout and based on the things that I posted yesterday and our experience so far with the annotations and so on. question I want you to consider is how to use zoom to make the most out of great group discussions. And I will. Let. You share your screen in the breakout groups. So I think we'll try. and try for breakout rooms. While lets you. choose. Choose your room a try and stick to vote eight. People so if there's more than eight. eight or nine. Look, for somewhere else okay. Okay there's still quite a lot of people not going into a breakout room. is still six people left. That a breakout room so i'm getting. Okay, any. thoughts about. How to use zoom to make most of the breakout room discussions.
  • We had a discussion about data and. We thought that it would be great if the. Members are more engaging I mean if they. If they are engaged in the discussions and it will be. helpful to actually. make it more useful discussion forum discussion and also if the topic is like directed and specific to. I mean, understandable and interest to all the Members, then it will also. It will also get them to talk and communicate with each other and also sometimes we need to actually. give all the Members, some opportunity to talk and we should listen to them, so it will be helpful for other Members to communicate.
  • Okay, so that sounds like some good ground rules for. participating in breakout rooms. Any thoughts about. The capabilities that zoom provides. And ways ways to use zoom to help people be more engaged in discussions.
  • Ashley gave us a good point here in our breakout room. She mentioned that. While users don't seem to have the feature to create polls have their own. For their peers so like if we're in a breakout room we can't generate our own polls.
  • yeah. For discussion mm hmm.
  • and
  • Another thing that could maybe increase our. Dialogue, or whatever would be image sharing on the chat but we could definitely see where that could go wrong, but. We can already do screen sharing so. that's. They could go either way on that.
  • So when you in breakout rooms, when you can do the screen sharing, can you do a whiteboard as well.
  • I never tried that before. Let me.
  • Yes.
  • yeah so. The zoom interface is not so consistent, I would say, and it would help from some more consistency. and to be able to do polls more easily would be a certainly a big. help. To get them. To get people more engaged. Okay outlined my my idea my thought when we realized, we could do this anonymous annotation, even if we could do a stamp and with the checkmark for yes, and the next Renault. But there's no stamp on the iPhone interface for annotation so. it's certainly a problem, I would say. Any other comments about. Making breakout rooms more productive. More engaging. Seven feel like they're encouraged to participate. In my discouraging anybody from participating. Okay well. If that if I am. Let me know. anonymously, if you like. Anyway, it's 22 after so you done for time today. and we'll pick up. So we didn't talk about today on Monday, have a great weekend take care of everybody. And we'll see you on Monday. Stay safe and warm. I didn't know what the temperatures are protected. Through the weekend.
  • Thank you.
  • Thanks sushi.
  • Take care have a good weekend.
  • Thanks YouTube. Nice.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • Good afternoon everyone
  • Happy Friday Professor
  • Happy Friday!
  • Student password
  • Yes I did
  • yes
  • draw on screen ?
  • ^^
  • does professor post the password?
  • Student password
  • thx
  • I don't have the option but I think it's because my zoom is outdated
  • I can’t do it either
  • no its with everyone
  • same
  • i have the latest update still
  • no option to draw or write on laptop version
  • I'm on desktop and there's no option, I do have zoom downloaded so it isn't in browser
  • again google search to the rescue
  • lol
  • no
  • thank you
  • Have a good weekend!! See ya Monday!
  • Thank you Professor


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • Discussed about how zoom is helpful for us in completing the testing task .
  • In today’s meeting, firstly we did a poll for the progress of upcoming project due and after that we had discussion in breakout rooms
  • grate meeting, learnt more about the zoom platform
  • Breakout rooms could be a great tool to discuss projects in a bug group.
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the testing group.
  • We discussed about project group meeting today and annotation.
  • Testing
  • Tester feedback and breakout room experiences.
  • We have discussed about meeting scheduling for group project.
  • We talked about the testing group and discussion in breakout room.
  • In today's class in zoom breakout room we discussed how we can get the most of the zoom breakout room interface.
  • Todays class was again about the status of scheduling interface tests for the different testing groups.
  • Today we have discussed about the testing group appointments and how breakout room discussions make use to us in zoom meetings.
  • Today, I learned different ways to make breakout rooms more engaging and relatable for the users/students
  • For today meeting we talked about Zoom breakout room and how we can improve their design and effectiveness.
  • WE solve our problems of testing group and had a discussion about how can we use zoom to make breakout room discussions in breakout room and had various feedback.
  • We talked about how to make breakout groups more effective
  • Discussion on how to use zoom for productivity through breakout rooms
  • In today's meeting we discussed about the project testing groups. also, we had aa breakout discussion.
  • Discussed project interview status. Also discussed zoom functionality in breakout rooms.
  • Was about making breakout rooms more efficient. We also discussed progress of assignment.
  • Discussed about testing group and also had a pool to vote for how many test for each interface has been done in the zoom meeting.
  • Zoom has some limitations to meetings and breakout rooms that, if addressed, could make the platform more engaging for participants
  • in this meeting we had in survey about how the performance of peers was in our testing process. We had that many of the students well able to finish the meetings. Also, we had a few questions about suggestions that helps to improve the breaking old rooms. I learned that feedbacks help a lot in the process of and my circle all a software to get different opinions about designs

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • In todays lecture we did annotations but for today I was not able to attend the whole lecture because of some reason so I missed the other half of the lecture.
  • We mainly reported our testing groups and participations in the groups.
  • different types of analysis and the specific uses of a t-test
  • Some idea about the 4th part of the project assignment i.e. P4 e.g. are we supposed to build a high fidelity prototype?
  • I wish to know about the differences between requirement and design? I saw this question in the 2016 Final exam.


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