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Outline for Today




  • Happy Monday!
  • Attendance
  • Testing? Part 3 due in about 11 hours -- so far 1 submission and 1 draft


Baking Bread

  • I baked some bread yesterday and I looked in 2 cookbooks by the same author for a recipe. In one book, I found 'Yeast breads' under 'Y'. In the other cookbook, under 'Y' I found 'Yeast breads -- see Breads, Yeast'
  • How would you rate the index (as an interface) to 'Interaction Design'?


  • How would you use zoom to make the most of breakout room discussions?
  • What features, metaphors, would you imagine to be helpful?

From Responses

  • how many iterations of Understand-Explore-Materialize should be generally used to get a good design?

Zoom Audio Transcript

  • Good afternoon. How was your weekend. Okay, so. You can just not happy with me again today, and since. let's do our attendance, to begin with. Okay, so there's the password for attendance. Okay, so I just want to do a quick check on. assignment part three project part three. So when I. Looked. Not too long ago there was one assignment submitted. And one assignment as a draft. So I just want to. touch base, we have about. 11 and a half hours to go. For its do. Any questions or concerns. Okay. spears group is fine. anyone else any other groups like. Report. Okay. that's good to hear. Things are going well. Okay. Thanks for those quick responses. So. Alright, so I didn't say happy Monday. so happy Monday. Now this next one is maybe a bit strange. baking bread. So I. And bake bread for a long time I hadn't baked bread at all during the pandemic. I didn't do sourdough I mean i've tried sourdough bread before but not during the pandemic. And it just struck me because I. got some more, but some flour from the grocery store and I thought I should try to some bread. So I had two books to serve general cookbooks. And then, one of them in there, by the same author and. And one of them. I found the recipe, I wanted to use under yeast breads under the letter y in the index. And then the other cookbook I looked at, I thought well see what kind of. recipes they have here. And so I looked under why. And there, I found. The heading East spreads but that's it see breads calm a yeast. So i'm inclined to think of this as a an interface issue. So that leads me to question. For those of you who have the interaction design book. The most current edition, but. me and this isn't just for for the. interaction design textbook but other ones as well. So if you don't have that book if you don't have that book. You can you can look at think about your experiences with other textbooks. So the question is, how would you rate the. Books index. as an interface to the contents of the books. So if you have experience with the interaction design textbook. let's discuss that but. If you have other examples of of really good. of other books having a really good index. or a really poor index or some memorable feature. So a question makes sense. Anyone still with me. Okay, so my question is. how'd you. From your experience, no. i'm not sure how many of you have the interaction design textbook but let's think about that one if we can. But the question is how do you rate the index of that book or other books. That he. That you've used during your studies. Or maybe compared to other books you've used for yourself. In your studies. As the interface has the interface provided by the index. being well designed. Or is it been frustrating. that's not exactly repeating the question but. that's that's the idea i'm thinking of. So, for those of you had the book with you. here's a here's a test. Find fits law fits law in the index.
  • So, Professor. Yes, so what you mentioned was exactly the example I wanted to give so I came back after the first little head on, fifth slot actually tried looking for it in the textbook in the index. i've not seen it and I don't think it was only fits law, I know there's something else i've looked for another thing which other item which is actually the textbook but either, so we bought fifth place very good one, I know I looked for that I cannot remember seeing in the index.
  • yeah it's there now offhand I can't remember where it is. i'm just gonna. have seen it Oh, here it is. it's on page 625 in the second column. it's in a towel next just below field study.
  • Oh OK.
  • So it's mentioned in three on three pages. But see. So. The issue is. There are so many layers of invitation it's not clear under what. What heading, it appears. So. So it appears under evaluation.
  • Okay, what the web, I probably looked like then i'll check in for it on the F, so my go to F then look at it Alphabetically and probably why I missed it.
  • yeah. So. Police they could do, I think. would be to say under F for fits la. See evaluation comma. Oh no it's not clear. No, I guess that's clear not. it's not under case data Center evaluation. See evaluation college fits law. So it's okay to have. The con the main. Entry under different heading under and maybe a non standard heading to have it under evaluation that's fine. But. To have them. To have them appear only in the in the unusual place without. References to. or references from. references to the unusual place from. The North state standard place. That that's. That omission is a problem is problematic, I think. anyway. I don't have the pdfs of the textbook. For the soft copy. Are the page numbers, the same.
  • I think I have an older version, so I could see the index, but on. Well there's different to the patient number, because I have an older version.
  • yeah.
  • So, can you find slide the index.
  • Yes, I can, how are really sentence a soft copy would have been helpful if there was like a way to click on it and it takes me to that section, rather than calling. I think that's that could be an improvement, but yeah I can see it's like now for medical order, we have three columns and into the second one under F. And it has a page number right decide which is a range of REACH numbers.
  • So, in your addition it's listed under fits law.
  • Sorry.
  • So fits law appears under F and your version.
  • Yes, okay.
  • So that's another reason to. To have. A marker under F. Because people who have used earlier editions of the textbook. and have looked at the index. and know that it was in the index the earlier versions. Seeing nothing under F or fence line this edition. would discourage people from looking for it. I think. Okay. share. will try this annotation. So feel free to annotate the whiteboard screen there. Oh pardon me wait a second to like turn off. Names okay. So you can also see you haven't used the index. Okay. six out of 10 okay. could be improved. Anybody want to use your microphone.
  • One comment I have on the index is. At least on the addition i'm reading. Like there's no in index for laws so you can't find like maybe you remember. fits law is the law, but you don't remember the name.
  • Yes.
  • That look in the index is for laws and then find fits laws, so in that way, the index could be somewhat useless.
  • mm hmm. I was thinking. of laws is a good example. Of a place to put information on fifth slot. The current version of the index either. Okay. Okay, so save the. post. So this is a comment in the responses from the other days meeting. How many iterations of understand explore materialize should generally should be generally used to get a good design. Any thoughts about that. Okay, so. I would say. That it depends on how well. We understand. Who are the users of the interface what they. would like to accomplish. If. If we have a good understanding. To begin with. And I think. We might come up with something quite reasonable after one. one. Once through the steps. If we have empathy for the users and we understand them. Then I think we can come out with a. Good design after one. wants through the process. that's, not to say. We. won't learn some of that through testing. And that might. So what we learned through testing might indicate the opportunity to. introduce some extra features that weren't contemplated, to begin with. And so, then we might. Take those new ideas through another iteration of the process to improve the design and get a much better product for the users. So I would say, maybe to be careful, though, because we don't want to. Especially if we're thinking about a commercial product or. Well, any kind of thing that will be used. By people. don't. want to spend all our time. perfecting something. That may not. perfecting some new features and they may not really be so important in the long run. So I think if we. Have a good design that. That that doesn't. break and doesn't have major usability issues. It might be beneficial to put it out. For her use. To get some. Actual data some actual experience with the product with a piece of software, with the interface. And then see see what's needed in in future steps. So make sense any comments or questions about that. So i'm going to instead of actually having a breakout room. let's try another. annotation session here. The whiteboard okay. I saved that already. So now i'm going to. Clear at all. Now post. questions on the whiteboard. So i'm clicking on the whiteboard. icon in the main zoom controls that doesn't give the whiteboard focus so that's. A. little bit concerning. So the first part first question was. There, the other day. What features and metaphors would you imagine to be helpful. So what kinds of things. You can imagine any. setup. What would help. improve the experience breakout room discussions. So that people are. Not. not discouraged from participating, but they have a number of different ways to interact you contribute to the discussion. So. Before. I do that. Oh quality sure Okay, I understand that now. Okay anyone else, like to. Okay, so take turns. So I noticed in my workshop last week or not last week over the reading week. They said, I have a moderator a note taker and a reporter so somebody who reports on. The discussion back to the larger group. So those things. didn't really happen. In my breakout room. There are a couple of people who. made some comments. And it was not so easy to get everyone involved. So I. I put the wiki page wiki page under the. Meeting responses. Maybe there's a better place for that and. Could that be a way to capture discussions more than having a discussion forums. just have a place to write. Some ideas down. When I think of the quality circle metaphor ideas that. there's a discussion. And people that was in the quality circle. are trying. are working to. create the best version of. Discussion the topics, and so I thought was. To have. That kind of. mechanism setup to. serve annotate the discussion that was going on each day. In our class meetings. anyway. Does that make sense. Anyone still there any any of the 25 of you who are still here okay I got a couple yeses all right thanks. Oh, that was one thing. I forgot to mention the workshop that I did the breakout groups over the reading week. Those docs set up. For the different groups. i'm not sure if they were for the different groups, but they had a Google docs URL. And I don't know what was done with that I didn't recall seeing. Anything that came up. Anything more permanent came out of that. anyway. Okay i've had this other bit on. Okay, so if we collecting data. let's say we take. We time. people trying to find fits lie in the index for. The fifth edition of interaction design. So get a list of numbers. So we can find the mean, which is the average of the numbers. And that might be helpful. But if we have two groups of. responses that. Very. it's a very quick. and very slow. Then mean might not be representative of the data. let's say we have five people who. Who do it in five seconds. Now i'm trying to do math here, let me. again. i'm going to say this. To men i'm going to clear. 150. divided by. Now the mode what's what's the mode. So we have five and 25. Because they both occur, the same. And the median. what's the median. mediums also 15 because. it's the order the elements. And then we find the ones in the middle and the case we have 10. We don't have one it's in the middle. So we take. The five. And 25. Descriptions descriptive. Statistical test that's mentioned in. The interaction design textbook is the T test. And since we're out of time today I will. Just. give you. I will write up what I was going to share with you. That a Python example. Based on the. worst example in that she test Wikipedia page. Okay, have a good day everyone. Take care stay safe. and good luck wrapping up the assignment. And, just to be on the safe side, remember to hit this hit the submit button. And if you don't remember to hit the submit button don't. Suddenly, remember, after the fact. If it's a draft. At. midnight tonight, then don't worry about it. This is going to change your do your submission date. If you hit the submit button after the fact. Okay. thanks again see you Wednesday.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • Good Afternoon
  • Good
  • not bad
  • got a cold so it kinda sucked lol
  • Student password
  • None from my end
  • All good
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  • my group is fine too.
  • just compiling everything together later today for submission
  • all good
  • Yes
  • could you repeat the question?
  • Trying to find the index in the book.
  • Okay it thanks!
  • are we talking about the soft copy or hard copy?
  • Hey I came in a little late have we done the attendance?
  • 11lhbz
  • In my version of book, Fitt's law is in the 14.5.4 section
  • White Board, Post IT Notes
  • yes
  • yes
  • lol
  • yeaa
  • yes
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  • 15
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  • thankyou prof
  • Thank you professor
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What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • discussed about mean, median and mode
  • in todays meeting ,we just did that feedback thing of interface and i think it is quite fair to use that.
  • Using the new way to do class group discussions via whiteboard on zoom.
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the features and metaphors to help us to imagine.
  • We talked about indexing in interfaces and saw an example by searching for Fitt's law in the textbook using index.
  • Even things like indexes ought to be thoroughly evaluated to be useful for users. ie Fitt's Law
  • In Today's class, we have discussed abut the baking bread index is an good interface? and how many iterations of Understand-Explore-Materialize should be generally used to get a good design? and did breakout discussion about Zoom interface.
  • We discussed about the index of a book which is the interface of system.
  • In today's class we rated the index of the book considering it a interface. Professor also discussed which metaphors can help the Zoom breakout room more useful to the users. I find this discussion very interesting.
  • indexing for interface design and the usefulness.
  • The annonate feature during Breakout is great
  • Discussion on how breakout rooms are useful to us in the zoom meetings
  • I leaned how we could use statistical concepts to obtain the analysis of time taken.
  • Assignment and recipt book
  • The most important thing that I learned in today‚Äôs class was about the recipe book
  • Today lecture was about the zoom break out room design and provide some metaphors that are related to this design.
  • Today we talked about improvements to be made in the index (as an interface) of interaction design book and also discussed about metaphors of how to make a use of zoom for discussing breakout rooms what improvements to be made for that.
  • Fitt's law example using index of the textbook- how easy to find the fitts law section from the index?
  • we discussed about the index (as an interface) to 'Interaction Design' and we discussed how many iterations of Understand-Explore-Materialize should be generally used to get a good design?
  • Discussed user experience of textbooks index at the back of the book. They vary between textbook editions.
  • In todays class we had discussion about the good and bad index design of our HCC textbook.
  • discussed about mean median mode
  • We discussed about todays assignment due questions then also most interesting part was about the cook book index menu for bread - Yeast recipie
  • I thought an index would be something straightforward and didn't realize it could succumb to bad practices in user interfaces, but judging from the textbook's index it is very possible.
  • That the user should always be able to quickly undo what they are doing. This allows product to be explored without fear that actions are not adjustable. When the user knows that errors can be easily undone, this encourages them to explore new options. Conversely, when actions are irreversible, the user will be overly cautious, which leads to anxiety and a slower exploration experience. Probably the most popular user interface where users have the option to 'Undo/Go back' are text and graphics editors, Und

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • no confusion today

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • Today we discussed about the interface design of index in the book. We rated the interaction design using annotations which is always interesting to do. We little bit discussed about submitting the assignment and also about whether breakout rooms are good for discussion or not and what makes it good.
  • i was going to ask for an extension for our assignment but not anymore. The lecture was grate can you explain what we need for the next and final project .
  • The idea of how we would be able to use prototypes in real place scenerio for jobs.
  • In this session, we continued our discussion about annotation and talked about some new aspects of it.
  • we rated index for interaction Design and I would like to know more about Project part 4 and final exams.
  • I would like to know more about the proper use of Understand-Explore-Materialize, and what to do different in separate iterations in order to get a good design
  • Hypothesis testing when conducting experiments
  • What to infer from the result of a t-test?
  • Is about our next project.


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