Mtg 33/38: Wed-24-Nov-2021

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Opportunities for Redesign

  • of this course!
  • and of my website for this course!
  • How to use turnitin to (better) support your learning?

Zoom Audio Transcript

  • Well, good afternoon. Okay, so, first of all happy Wednesday. let's go right to the attendance. OK, so now it's in the chat easy access. Okay, so the next thing is. So you've done project project part three, and I just wanted to take a minute to check about. well. That was being fancy there, I thought. huh. Okay. So my apologies. Is not gay to it here. Thanks Jeffrey. So by specifying a certain slash teaching. In some cases that. When the website when the links get built there. There are other pieces of the the building environment that makes the full URL the correct one. For the destination, where the websites being deployed. But I think what i've done years. i'm not. Where I put that URL. It doesn't cost you any processing. And I neglected to account for that so. that's why the broken. Link i'll fix that shortly. To my list to do. Any questions about. These last the last individual. And the last group project. heart. So. Okay, so let me address this two questions so it's meant by high fidelity prototype. So. there's more. Higher fidelity prototype. is one that looks like it's running on the computer. or on the intended device it's not. Low fidelity is a sketch. Maybe a wireframe. So there's a bit of a continuum there. But higher fidelity prototype is one that looks like it's running on the intended device so in our case, if we're looking at a website for. example that's running in the browser.
  • So we will. Make web pages. or something of the like for our video presentation.
  • yeah so.
  • Rather than a sketch.
  • yeah so something so you might. You might includes. Some of start with screen grabs from the application and change them a bit. So. it's not so much. coding per se.
  • yeah.
  • But it's it's just assembling the presentation so. You go through the steps that a user would. Follow to complete the task. That you're demonstrating in the interface, and then. So the high fidelity prototype makes it so that. It looks like that. it's being executed in the software.
  • Okay, thank you yeah.
  • And also, I had a question so on our video should only focus on our high fidelity product not like a comparison of both of them would you would just need to focus on. Just the prototype that we are going three or doing to show this is what the original look like and that's what we did.
  • Well, so what i've done in explanation I realize now that I didn't fill in the rubric so i'll do that. So. create a five to 10 minute video to present your project. identify your project in your opportunity for redesign. discuss your too low fidelity designs and metaphors. describe what you learn from your evaluations. discuss how your high fidelity and corporate prototype incorporates what you learned. And then demonstrate your high fidelity prototype. So. i'm asking for some background so kind of tie in. revisit the steps in your project. To. That led you to this. prototype of your redesigned interface. So. So, demonstrating a high fidelity prototype is your your high fidelity prototype is the main thrust but i'd also like some supporting materials as described. So that makes sense. to Kenya. Okay. So, then, for the individual assignment. they're different between 428 and 828. So 828 is pick a pick up paper. A conference for from the past year. and write a summary as outlined in the description, the assignment. So I sent an email to 828 students. Asking. about your. Success and finding papers from the past year. And I gave a bit of a different link into the digital library. So the link that i've included in the assignment description is. we'll get you pointed to the. conference proceedings, but then the one in the email as well publications from the special interest group on computer human interaction. And this. That leads to a wider selection of papers but. So I I leave you can find their. papers from. That are. At least eight pages in length. So for a 28 students is that. Is that been. possible to locate your paper. And was the email helpful, I sent the other day. Okay, I know there are so many 28 students there we go okay. Thank you. So if there are issues you if you want to ask me about selection of a paper. You can send me some email or come to my office hour to today. And i'll be happy to talk to you about that Okay, and for for 28. So i'm asking you to consider the class themes that we've discussed in. and will consider, so the topics for the course. it's me, maybe the list of topics. that are on the. At that link don't fit exactly with our discussions, but. So if there's something on that list that we didn't talk about too much. You can still use that as your you can still choose that. As a topic. But you don't have to. Do an essay you can. do some other for. You might do an implementation of some of the ideas. You could. If if your song if you're so inclined, you could do a. pull request on my website. implement some other features so. So in in broad strokes that's. What i'm looking for some trying to give you. as much. Freedom in your selection of the topic you'd like to explore, so the topic and your deliverable. In terms of to give you some. Freedom there yeah i've said that before. So, based on some interest. As a personal connection to you. So, the key is that answer your question about the 428.
  • Yes, it does, thank you.
  • you're welcome any other questions. Okay. yeah so i've said 1000 words, both for for 28 and 828 but. Before 28. I will also said equivalent. In case you're not in case you do something different. If you fall if you do some quote or. Something. So I have given you some alternatives and for 28. Do something that is interesting to you. that you have a personal connection to. relate to the class. Okay, so if you're writing something. Okay, thanks for. me. to that. Okay, I see that it's not set to. Be subscribed so that's an interesting. feature quote unquote your courses there that. didn't. So, looking at this, I see that there's some optional subscriptions chosen by default, for us to serve subscription or auto subscription. So i'm i'm going to check the help to see what the difference between forced and audio subscription this. It would like to predict what i'd see here. Okay. So forest means that everyone subscribing cannot unsubscribe audio subscription means that people can it will start out subscribed, but can unsubscribe later. So that. This help box was fairly good. pleasantly surprised. So i'm going to say for subscription. Let me see if I can copy it. Okay, so within five minutes five or 10 minutes, by the end of the class today should see. an email from me. So. Your comment and asthma all about the steak me not turning on a subscription. So what was. When something presented to when one such as opposed to the form. That you could that you realize that you. can turn on or off, you have the choice to turn on a subscription.
  • Your Professor when you were actually showing that there was. an option for automatic subscription, then I actually found that yeah I can turn on a turn it on and off.
  • yeah but not anymore. course.
  • yeah that's I think that's helpful because sometimes we may forget to turn it on.
  • yeah so I didn't realize I, my understanding was the subscription was forced to begin with, so I. I made an assumption, based on my previous experience with this. That subscription is going to be. you're all going to get the notifications by email. So. that's an issue. That couldn't be more made more clear.
  • yeah and always good Thank you.
  • yeah you're welcome. Okay. So I there's been some discussion. About turn it in. and turn it in flagging material in your submission, but you didn't create. A safe and people who have talked to me about it are there, others who found this. So I think it was. i'm going to speak to specifically about it but. People who. When you send out questionnaires here testing group members. And they've completed questionnaires some of that. Some of the responses may have been flagged so that's. that's a case that I can think of. So it might be incidental. Well, if. material is. This was copied from web pages. His responses to questionnaires you're doing for one another and that's still an issue. Right to. Vote and misrepresentation of. Other content is your own. So. i'll go through.
  • Okay.
  • yeah so we'll just we'll go through things. and go through things with a marker. And just to see what. Things have come up.
  • I think in our cases, well, it was the. The question that we had for, for example, interface quality. That was flagged, for example, how easy it is to user interface, like the park how easy it is to use with frank and also the quality tracks link was flagged as well, so it was just those things that are very common in different studies, they perfect.
  • yeah.
  • So. I just wanted to to raise it as an issue. well. As a consideration. And then I wanted to talk about. So opportunities to redesign of the course and my website for this course, but we were specifically and as as a specific example that how to use turn it into better support your learning. So i'd like to have a. Discussion so i'm gonna. write this on the whiteboard and.
  • Have a quick question.
  • sure.
  • Does the submitters Internet in. are able to see what precisely is being flay. But the other group members cannot.
  • Join I don't know if that's.
  • yeah so I I saw it like we cannot the submitter only can. See into it the file what are, what are the, what are the like which other data are actually plagiarized and we cannot. can see.
  • Okay, so, even though we submitted it as our we just can't yeah.
  • I tried. I tried several times, but it won't happen.
  • Okay, so that's an interesting. feature sloshed bug. Okay. So maybe maybe. yeah so so we can certainly. highlight that. and bring that up in the conversation. We can also think about what it is. How we could use turn it in. Well, when you're doing individual assignments or exams. So, for example. And a final exam for the class if resubmit do it with turn it in. and Instead of just. submitting the report or getting the report and either changing things or. or not. With your submission of the exam. i'm considering. An idea that i've had is. for you to. reply to the. To turn it into report. So if there's some percentage of items matching or. It seemed to me. there's been the case where. You students of reference, something. In their answer but turn it in it's gone and found another source for that. Reference that doesn't match. The students source so that could be an issue. So I don't want to just. limit the discussion to turn it in but that's one example of an opportunity for redesigning the class of it.
  • i'm.
  • Sorry just I just get my sentence finished verse. So the opportunity to not assume. To make to reconsider how tools are used. So they're not just used to. make it easy to assign a mark or make a decision. But actually. contribute to your learning so go ahead sookie.
  • So, in the case of 2017 I was just thinking i'm, is it not better that it flags it and the ta or the mockery or is it rather than it not flying it and that majors hundred academic integrity. Because I think it was a common practice for ta. So whatever they would be like all that talk even you could say 98% flat, but its original work, you see, like know the percentage being flagged. As long as when you go through the paper and you see all this is just like a source that has been cited and that's why, in fact it compared to, for example, you have yours 5% flag, but it was an actual plagiarism compared to the 90% flag if that makes sense.
  • yeah so I. And I suppose that's the question of how it's set up. So that. And in terms of said configuring the options it's also. there's also some room for improvement in terms of. making clear what what the impact of different selections would be. So. In the case you said suggest you know when it matches the whole submission but there's a reason for that. And a much lower number could be more a more serious infraction violation of academic integrity. So it's about. So it's. I think it's about. Making better decisions. Well, supporting better decisions. Through the people marketing. And also. well. So I agree with your point that. The turn it in is not going to say whether this is. 5% is more serious than 98%. So. How how best to use it. To support people making decisions with that. turn it in being another piece of evidence along the way. Does that make sense.
  • Yes. Okay.
  • Okay Now let me make an anonymous. annotation possible. Okay. Okay, so you can just have a discussion or. write on the whiteboard. As you see fit to. With ideas about. Improving. Your learning in this class and the tools that can support it. On your courses and on. and on my website as well. that's. Okay that's interesting I didn't think about that. So can the submitter of the turn it in report. You can download it and copy it to. Group members is that a possibility.
  • Okay.
  • So maybe that's a process. Okay, so can you give me a bit more. Feedback or. some more detail about improve the marketing protocols. Given the option for more than one author. Can you read a bit more about that, please. Okay attendance through a quiz like other classes. So do you mean instead of having attendance your port your own attendance. to complete a quiz during the class time. So what the tends to a quiz like other classes means. yeah okay. Okay, so come on moodle. So moodle is open source, we can try and work around or. of having an option for groups where the specific submission can be done by the whole group or that assignment. So i'm not sure. If it's that's a moodle. moodle fixed like that is possible or not. Any other thoughts. Whatever. So. it's a quiz better than. Writing responses for the meetings. responses to the meetings. Yes, okay. So what if I did a quiz like what was the most important thing you learned today. Think polls will be better. yeah so. This is a zoom. feature that I would suggest improvement on is. Just being able to. to write polls, without. Great calls without having to go back to the website and. pop up a few like quite a few different windows to. create a poll on the fly.
  • yeah and I think the pole is like better in terms of checking their attendance itself like we're actually paying attention and stuff so like the poll could be random as well, like some questions or anything like that.
  • yeah okay. I think if if i'm doing it use if they're being used to. Encourage engagement with the meetings, and I think it's probably a better thing to do, inside your courses. As a quiz or a questionnaire. So. going through this exercise with a different website. Each week perhaps taking some time each week to do this. or. we'd be here. At least anyway.
  • Maybe it's not done so, we can also find some websites from our part to discuss like yeah I found this website interesting and this part can be improved, like this.
  • Okay, well, I see we're out of time. Any other. Last thoughts you'd like to jot down in the whiteboard. And i'll save it and share it with everyone later on. For next meeting. Anyway, if not. So Questions have come up, I have an office or two to three. and otherwise, well, I have an officer tomorrow at one to two as well and otherwise we'll see you on Friday. So take care and stay well. Thanks for today.
  • Thank you have a good day. Thanks.
  • You too.
  • Thank you have a good day.
  • thanks you too.
  • Thank you so much, oh good day.
  • bye.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • GD afternoon
  • good Afternoon
  • afternoon
  • Student password
  • thanks
  • What is meant by a high fidelity prototype?
  • sorry I joined 5 mins late, can we go over the last individual project?
  • so do we code it?
  • You can use a software like Adobe XD or Figma to create High Fidelity prototypes. Both of these tools do not require any code.
  • okayy
  • yes
  • ok Thank you
  • Yes professor
  • Professor, I rechecked my inbox mails, however I did not find any mail regarding the papers for 828.
  • soo 1000 words for 428
  • Check discussion
  • Dashboard
  • @Nazmul
  • Thanks rahila
  • I mistakenly did not turn on the subscription. That's why I didn't get any notification.
  • thanks man!
  • Don’t know what is being flagged.
  • In our report the Likert scale was flagged.
  • let me check
  • Yes, you can export the report and share it.
  • yes
  • for the turnitin report
  • submitter can download it under current view
  • Instead of trying to change how Turnitin Works, My suggestion is as we know Moodle is an Opensource we can try to workaround of having an option for groups ( Where that specific submission can be done by whole group or that assignment submission module is visible to that specific group) This will help us in better keeping track of which group submitted & also other members can see Turnitin reports !!
  • the text are highlighted but it is not very interactive as the web view
  • Yes
  • I think writing response is better because everyone's understanding is different with others.
  • Finding out opportunities for redesign for a website interface every week just to talk about it, may develop our thinking of redesign opportunities.
  • Bye! Thanks!
  • thank you
  • Thank you


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • We discussed about improving the interface design for this course and your website and also about how turnitin can help us in understanding better.
  • i learnt about the necessary details needed for the final project and individual assignment.
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the individual assignment and the last group project.
  • We discussed about the literature review, and feeback.
  • Helped in suggesting new ideas for improving student learnings on UR Courses,
  • Expectations for the high fidelity prototype for the group project.
  • Today we have discussed about the individual assignment and turnitin flagging material. Opportunities to redesign Turnitin.
  • We discussed about the individual assignment and redesign of the course website.
  • In today's class, we learned about the requirements of individual assignment. We also discussed the opportunities for redesign for this course and for Turnitin.
  • paper review.....improvement opportunity of the class website and use of turnitin
  • Clarification on project assignment 4
  • we discussed about individual assignment
  • Discuss about final and many more
  • For today class we talked about the opportunities for redesign of this course. There were some suggestions about the class like having dark mode, having quiz, and group members can see the turnitin report.
  • Today’s lecture we have learnt about individual assignment and group assignment in detail. And comments for improvements of classes
  • In today's lecture we discussed about our last group project assignment and individual assignment which was very helpful. Also we discussed about improvements of the course.
  • Requirements for the individual assignment and project part 3
  • in today's meeting we discussed about the project 4 and individual assignment , also dicuss about use of turnitin to support learning.
  • Was about the upcoming individual assignment and group project.
  • Academic integrity and the use of turn it in software.
  • In todays kecture professor explained about next group assignment and individual assignment along with that also about some design improvements for the course and turnit.
  • We have discuss about individual project and last group project. At last we had discussion about turnitin…

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • no confusion today

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • in this class we talked about different topics from next assignments to engaging in class
  • For the 4th group assignment, For which interfaces do we have to draw low fidelity prototypes?


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