Mtg 34/38: Fri-26-Nov-2021

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  • Good afternoon. So good afternoon and happy Friday. Is the second loss well let's see. it's the second last Friday that we're meeting. it's the last Friday November. And it's reasonably warm up. And not too slippery. So it seems like a good day in the make. Oh yes, it's black Friday. So they will know why it's called black Friday. Okay, so give rob knows. we'll give somebody else a chance to answer though. When we can. anyone else, want to hazard a guess as to why it's called black Friday. Anyone. Okay, so it's related to. something that happened in the States. Yesterday, do you know what. happened in the States yesterday. And it's not just yesterday but it's an annual event that happens on. yeah okay. that's right. So the American thanksgiving. happens on Thursday. Okay, and black Friday is related to. That day because. Traditionally, people. go shopping for Christmas presents on the Friday after thanksgiving. Okay. let's try another hint. What color ink is used when keeping track of. accounts so maybe. To cut two colors of ink could be used. Read. As in if you say. i'm in the red, that means you're running a. deficit. you're not in a very good financial position. So the other color is black, which means. you're doing fine. Well okay that might be local or some over simplified. it's called brown black Friday because retailers in the States traditionally. start using black ink. On black Friday. make sense. Anything you want to add Sir off.
  • No, I think that's pretty much it apart from that fact of that traffic situation that happened on Black Friday, but I don't think that's realistic to its name.
  • what's the traffic situation.
  • Well, I think. it's also like, as the saying goes, that like between that black Friday time it was like the biggest traffic jam that was observed in Philadelphia, or something like that. Like people were out tried to buy, like all the steps and get achieve deals and stuff so that's why but I don't think it's related to the name.
  • yeah. yeah so black has black Friday has gotten. Some darker connotations associated with it, because remember one year, a few years ago. Some people died in. were trampled at a walmart as people try to get the. Exceptional deals. yeah so it's not always so much fun. anyway. Happy Friday. So let's do our attendance. There we go. Okay, so. last day asked about opportunities for me design. opportunities to improve the way the classes delivered online. Both in your courses. And online website. So I prepared a poll. So i'm. asking about how you access the quantum. So do you mainly use your courses, do you use my website. Or do you use both. More or less equally. Okay, so we have. let's see eight more. People yet to answer. Six more. Why or for more action. Five more for more. Two more.
  • Excuse me.
  • Okay. Different question let's. let's do this one first. So. So. The know is really was erased now does that mean that. Yes, there are issues. Are you. Okay. So if you have a few issues. This. Out there for discussion. them out there for discussion. Okay that's fair. i'm. I could be. I could have the details of our meetings online sooner earlier than. Then I generally do. Well, take. Okay, so we hit on a good way of. Engaging you. sign. Allowing for. anonymous annotation on the whiteboard. newest especially likes tracing out letters on your mobile phone. Drawing arrows. Okay well. that's good to know. Okay i'll give you another. few seconds here to. express yourselves on this topic. Okay, so when and when comment, have no. Can you. elaborate bias with something about. How, you would prefer to participate. Or would you. prefer to not participate. Any elaboration of the know. you're going to say that to know. Okay, so, then the know is about. Being anonymous. Even though zoom menu up a managed to hide whiteboard window. To the persuasion discussion so. I just wanted to. So. So these are the different ways. To get participation marks. One of them is just the exam questions. So I invite you to make use of. This forum. Okay. i'm gonna say. That i'm not trying to make difficult exam questions. For people who've been engaged engaged in. Our activities this semester. So I want to make them fair, I want to make them. A fair valuation. of your learning this semester. Okay, so I can do some multiple choice questions. So better yet. In saying multiple choice questions. Okay. So. You can do multiple choice questions and i'd like. Some justin's of question and answers. say. i'm not gonna give any examples, but what i'd like you to do is. come up with. Things. That are. fairly evaluate. What you've done this semester. If you don't come up with any that doesn't mean you won't have an exam. that's my standard. comment, which is my inevitable sense of humor. I think might cause a few smiles.
  • But.
  • that's not. My just trying to. make light of the process. Okay, so let me just. Okay, so that's that's a practical. consideration. So if there's a way to get marks for doing this. By all means so. You could maybe do both if you have. No idea.
  • Now.
  • If you have an idea, and you write it in the discussion forum and then. put it on the whiteboard. you're not anonymous anymore. that's an important factor. Okay. So quiz based is that to say idea doing. Your courses quiz. So yes, would do that. So i'd like to have some short answer multiple choice questions, this is what I think. The exam would have some multiple choice questions and short answer some things that can be.
  • marked.
  • online. And then. have something. it's a bit more open ended to ask to ask you to buy some design principles. Anything else. This. Okay. How about since it's Friday. i've kept you long. More than one occasion. will end early today. If you have some ideas. Did you even contribute to the participation discussion. give you a few extra minutes do that. Any questions or concerns about that. Anyone like to raise your hand and say. See you on Monday. Which means that we'll end our meeting today. Nobody wants to raise your hand and say. See you on Monday.
  • This hesitating.
  • it's like.
  • In the chat.
  • chat. Alright, so oh take that as a yes so. Have a good weekend take care. cheer for the riders. cheering for the rise is required, but. I. hope they can recover from the 2019 game where they were about to go into lead and the ball at the upgrade. From the quarterback. Make snuck into the Greek.
  • anyway.
  • see if we can. make some progress and. In reading that wrong. anyway. thanks for your time today take care, have a good weekend see you on Monday.

Zoom Chat Transcript

  • gd afternoon
  • Good Afternoon
  • good day
  • Good afternoon prof
  • Happy Friday Professor
  • Good Afternoon Professor
  • Happy Black Friday
  • yeah
  • No
  • Thanksgiving?
  • Thanksgiving
  • red and black
  • Student password
  • d6zrxa
  • well see u on monday
  • and have a gd weekend
  • have a good weekend
  • Thank you Professor. Have good weekend
  • Thank you professor
  • Thanks. See you next week.
  • See you Monday! Have a good weekend!
  • Thank you
  • Thank you


What important concept or perspective did you encounter today?

  • discussed about final exam format
  • Today we just did fe annotated answers to questions on whiteboard and summative evaluation.
  • Summative Evaluation
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the Summative Evaluation.
  • In today's class we have discussed about exam common Quetion.
  • We discussed about the question type of final exam.
  • In today's class we thought of some ideas for summative evaluation. In my opinion it would be great if we can apply our learning through this course in the final exam.
  • Todays class was a general feedback on how to conduct the finals and what kind of questions do we expect. This was done using the shared whiteboard on zoom.
  • exam question suggestion
  • Today's session was very interesting
  • Today we have discussed about grade evaluation and question patterns for final exam
  • we have discussed about course content and some poll survey.
  • Today we discussed about the exam questions pattern, also had manu feedback and poll regarding the course.
  • Reason behind naming "black" friday
  • In today's meeting, we discussed about the ideas for Summative Evaluation.
  • Was about summative evaluation and final exam's question.
  • Usage of anonymous annotation for class and discussed possible exam questions.
  • Todays lecture we had discussion about Ideas for summulative examination ideas.
  • Discussed about black friday.
  • The most important discussion was related to exams in todays class
  • today we discussed the tool of animation in zoom meetings is very useful to add the option of users to share their ideas. It helps to share ideas in the anonymous mode to help introvert students

Was there anything today that was difficult to understand?

  • How the final exam will be on what platform?

Was there anything today about which you would like to know more?

  • Today we discussed about which is the best way to communicate like annotations or something else and we also did polls about how do we access the course material from your website or from ur courses. Today I really enjoyed class with all this discussion.
  • Grate meeting, Can we get an extension on the last project assignment ?
  • the most interesting to me was the opportunities for redesigning Dr. Hepting's website.
  • I guess how in depth the summative exam will be, of course it will be on all of the course content, but how thorough it will be
  • For today class we talked about the ways that we can improve the search interface design.
  • what is the tentative date for the examination?


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